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  1. jiggins7919

    As Cleveland Browns fans...

    Well said. I think just about all of us were screaming for the FG there. It's frustrating. Very frustrating. Honestly, I think we'd be happier if we had won just ONE more of the heartbreakers. Losing like we tend to do just crushes everything. It sours the progress, drowns the hopes, and taints the team with this "they're going to lose no matter what" stigma. After Hue did "the cleanse", and we drafted Baker, I really hoped the funk that surrounded our team would dissipate. The creative ways to lose, the failures at the end of games, the snatching defeat from the jaws of victory...that kind of stuff. Before the season began, I even said one of our biggest hurdles would be to fight through that crap. To rid ourselves of the losing mentality and the end of game choking. We had to find a way to push through that intangible...."Browns-ness". It's not very scientific, but I feel it. I'm not saying we're "cursed" or any stupid crap like that, but there's obviously something wrong with the way we finish games. Is it coaching? Do our players just expect to lose, therefore it happens? I really don't know. The thing is, you'd expect to almost ACCIDENTALLY win more of these close games, ya know? Like, the deflection pick-6, or a fumble that bounces right our guy for an easy score, or a busted coverage down the field, or SOMETHING. For me, I'm most excited about having a QB I believe in, and I need to keep that in mind. We don’t have another year of watching the draft for QB’s, wondering who will be a free agent, or anything like that. We can now build our team AROUND a young, talented, and fiery QB. A guy that players respect. Someone who can throw with accuracy, zip, and overcome mistakes. Did you see that 2nd and 26 run? We just had a terrible penalty wipe out a decent play (shocker), and what’s he do? He runs for 35 yards or so, takes a shot to the head, comes close to getting a taunting penalty, but pulls it in. It was really something. Did we go onto score that drive? Or was that the 4th and goal debacle? How about that throw to Landry (and the catch?!)? How about after the turnover, Baker looks at Landry and says, “One play! One play, baby!” And then DOES IT. That’s what I’m excited about. How about Myles Garrett with the game-changing play? A true force to be reckoned with, every single play. Ogbah looking good, Randall playing well, Ward being a virtual allstar already. There is a lot to be excited about, and I get as frustrated as anyone, but I’m just pained thinking about changing coaches. Trying to fit new players into new systems. Our QB learning a second system in his second year. Another rebuild, another year of “patience”, and….and…you know the drill.
  2. jiggins7919

    Josh Gordon Traded to Pats

    You got me. I know the MRI didn't show anything, but the Browns didn't seem to question the injury. Nobody did. Gordon was hurt. Why would the guy make up an injury? Just to get traded? To get cut? With his reputation, he couldn't afford to do that, unless he somehow knew somebody else would pick him up. I never felt the animosity between he and the team. I thought he was happy. It's not big deal, like I said, we could very well come out winning this trade. Gordon could be gone tomorrow. Heck, he could be gone today. But there's no denying the fact that our team desperately needed WR help, and we never got to see Josh play with Baker. Having Baker and Landry on the field at the same time with someone like Baker? Jesus, I really wanted to see that. Oh well, perhaps we'll trade for a WR before the deadline.
  3. jiggins7919

    Josh Gordon Traded to Pats

    That's exactly how I feel. I never got the impression he didn't want to be here. The guy did a photoshoot WITH the team's permission, and then did something stupid by running 40 yard dashes and working out too hard resulting in injury. He made yet another mistake, and it hurt his team (again). Then he was 10 minutes late to a meeting or something, and somebody reported that he "didn't look right" or whatever. Josh Gordon needed money and needed it immediately. He made a poor choice to do physical workouts in the photoshoot because he needed money to pay a greedy woman who did nothing more than have sex and have a baby. Congratulations, you had a baby. People do it everyday. It's a beautiful thing, and no easy task. But it's not worth taking thousands of dollars from someone, and then trying to blackmail them if they don't pay up. Should he pay child support? Of course. But there's no reason to pay her what the court ordered. I think it was a hasty decision to cut him. At this particular moment, it's really costing us, and there's no denying it. But while we're definitely losing out on this trade now, the Patriots could lose Josh Gordon forever at any second, and we'll still have the 5th round pick. If Josh makes it through the entire year, well, we'll look like idiots. We traded an elite WR for pennies on the dollar, and it'll be just another sad trade in a long line of them.
  4. jiggins7919

    ***Official Browns @ Buccaneers Game Day Thread***

    I didn't see it mentioned on here, but our last 3rd down in overtime when Baker got sacked wasn't actually all on the QB or the playcaller. Antonio Callaway ran the complete wrong route, which is why Baker was so confused and didn't get the ball out. Most important play of the game...and Callaway runs the wrong route. I just cant... Obviously we would like Baker to find a way to throw it away, but whatever. It's got to be jarring when you look to throw the ball and the guy just isn't there. It's almost unthinkable that 2 of our last plays in overtime were a fumbled punt and a receiver running the wrong route. It's hard to blame coaching when your players don't do THEIR jobs. I know our coaches are struggling, and I'm not making TOO many excuses, but Hue doesn't return punts, and Hue can't run routes for people. Just sucks man.
  5. jiggins7919

    Fire Hue now!

    I don't know if the "who can do worse" theory holds any water. We've been competitive in almost every game, and we're literally RIGHT THERE. Am I happy with Hue? No. Am I happy with Todd Haley? No. Never forget that players make plays, not the coaches. People are angry about Hue Jackson going for it on 4th down before the half, and honestly, I was furious with the decision as well. It could've cost us the game, and it totally SUCKS. But...but...Baker Mayfield got the first down. Hue made the decision to go for it, the pocket broke down, and Mayfield ran for the first down. Hue Jackson did NOT fumble the ball out of bounds. Hue Jackson didn't make the decision to run to the sidelines instead of diving up field. I realize Baker wanted to get out of bounds, but on a 4th and 2 situation when you GET THE FIRST DOWN and your team has a timeout, your number one priority is to ensure the drive continues. Hue Jackson didn't fail to secure the ball. I'm not making excuses for Hue, as he's made his own bed, but we also need to understand how mid-year coaching changes almost NEVER work. Once that happens, the wheels tend to come off, and it turns into a BIGGER crap-fest. I do NOT like Todd Haley, I think he gets too cute, I think he's inside his own head, and I believe he doesn't have the correct feel for the game. Even so, Todd Haley doesn't play football. For example, I was absolutely FURIOUS on our last 3rd down. We were in very long FG range in overtime, and we had 3rd and 3. To me, there's one option here: You run the ball. Now, getting 3 yards on a run is obviously no kind of guarantee, but you're probably going to get forward SOME. That would set up a 4th and shorter. Then you can either go for it, or kick the long FG. The one thing you CAN'T do is lose yards, and of course we did. Bad call on Todd Haley, right? Not so fast! The reason Baker didn't throw the ball and looked confused was because ANTONIO CALLAWAY RAN THE WRONG EFFING ROUTE. That's right, go back and watch the play and you'll notice a cluster-jam. Callaway completely screwed up and ran the wrong freaking route on the most important play of the game. Jesus. So yeah, I was angry with Haley, but Haley isn't running routes. Baker should've found a way to get rid of it, but he's not good at that yet. My point is, we have young players. It sucks, but there's nothing we can do about it. We're a duck snort away from being a winning football team, and maybe that's all on coaching, maybe it really is, but the coaches aren't the ones making plays. They're not the one dropping passes, missing FG's, committing penalties....that's the players. And I don't buy that coaches are responsible for penalties because their team is "undisciplined". These are professional football players, they know the dang rules people. What's a coach supposed to say? Don't jump offsides? Don't grab the DL's facemask? I mean, come on. I'm not saying we have great coaches or anything, and maybe it's time for a change, but it's certainly not ALL on them.
  6. jiggins7919

    Hue's Presser

    You completely nailed it, and it's the main reason I'm so angry. ANY POINTS are good in that situation! 16-5 at halftime isn't "good" or anything, but 11 points isn't too much to overcome at all. I'm listening to a radio show guy who is livid about this decision. It's not that complicated, it really isn't. These are the things that we can't understand. Here's something else...the 3rd down at the end of overtime. It's 3rd and 3, and we're in DEEP FG range. Our running game had picked up, you gotta figure we're in 4 down territory if we run it, OR we can try and long FG and hope to heck it goes in. But on 3rd and 3, with the game on the line, we go shotgun formation and run a LONG DEVELOPING pass play! WTF!! Don't you try and run it there? You pick your best run play, you hand it off, and then you see where we are on 4th down. Why do you pick a long developing pass play on the most important play of the game when we've had such a hard time protecting ALL DAY? I don't get it, and it's infuriating. I've been perhaps the biggest "Keep the Coaching Staff" proponent on this board, and even I am beginning to understand why everyone is so upset about our coaching. And we didn't lose because of the refs, but I've NEVER seen more flags picked up against a team than I see with us. How many times did Myles Garrett get held? How many times was it called? The very last pass play that set up the Bucs' magical FG, I'm 99% sure Garrett got held badly. I need to see it again, but my first reaction was screaming at the television for a holding flag, and I couldn't believe when I didn't see it. Myles got held so many times....just....ugh.
  7. jiggins7919

    ***Official Browns @ Buccaneers Game Day Thread***

    Ogbah should've had another sack. That one that was taken away due to a Kirskey illegal contact penalty was horse crap. Winston went down right when it happened. We had a lot of penalties, some well deserved, but some of the same calls weren't called on the Bucs, and that's frustrating. I've had time to digest and post logically, if that's even possible, and I don't feel a whole lot better. On one hand, we fought our azzes off. We didn't fold like the Bolts game when the score was somewhat similar at half. On the other hand, I'm tired. I'm just sick and tired of not finding a way to win. I'm fed up with disgusting first half performances, and absolutely atrocious game-planning. I cannot stand forcing so many turnovers and doing absolutely nothing with them. I'm sick and effing tired of the cute stuff at the goal line. We waste a down with a stupid pass opportunity, and then we try a QB sneak when we need a half a yard. GIVE IT TO THE EFFING RUNNING BACK YOU COLOSSAL TURD. (I'm talking to YOU, Todd) How does Baker not know how to throw the ball away? Can anyone answer? I'm not saying our kicker would've made the 56 yarder, but who knows? What's the ONE thing, other than a turnover, our QB simply CAN'T do there? Take a sack. I don't get it, I really don't. Do not get me wrong, I'm not hating on Baker or anything like that, I'm just saying he doesn't do a good job of letting it fly when he needs to. Where's the single coverage deep? Maybe try a jump ball? Is there a check down? Baker also missed a potential game winner in overtime, and it'll be difficult to watch in film. Baker predetermined he was going to the 5 yard out route and threw it immediately even though coverage was perfect. There was NO WAY he could complete it. Had he looked at the OTHER receiver streaking down the sideline and WAITING for the ball, it would've been a huge play. The receiver had one guy to beat, and he was gone. A touchdown in overtime. Yes....those exist. I promise you they do. Believe it or not, you're actually ALLOWED to score touchdowns in overtime. I think the worst part is that Hue Jackson is likely toast. I absolutely hate losing a coach mid-year. It's the worst. I can't think of too many times it ever works out. You want Gregg Williams coaching? Todd Haley?! I sure as heck don't. I HATE Todd Haley and his approach. What the heck were we doing the entire first half? Every single 3rd down we threw short of the sticks. It was awful. Anyway, another game and another way to figure out how to lose. At one point I was just happy we came back, and if we lost ok that FG in regulation, I would have been happy with our performance. But going to overtime, choking again....I'm furious. Again. With some teams coming up on the schedule who will wax our pathetic azzes.
  8. jiggins7919

    Fire Hue now!

    I was definitely in the "keep Hue Jackson" crowd, but now I don't know. Something is just wrong with our team. I know that's not very scientific, but something is wrong. This year, teams that are +2 in turnover margin are 35-2. We're 1-1-1. So over the crap.
  9. jiggins7919

    ***Official Browns @ Buccaneers Game Day Thread***

    He played well. But still made critical mistakes he can't make. He'll say the same thing in his presser.
  10. jiggins7919

    ***Official Browns @ Buccaneers Game Day Thread***

    The 24 hour no posting rule is in serious effect for me. As happy as I am with coming back, I can't believe the way we lost. But maybe I should. Before the season I hoped our losing mentality was over. A new team, a new persona. But no. We do nothing but find ways to lose, and it's almost unthinkable for Peppers to fumble that ball or for Baker to take that sack. And what about the Winston fumbled snap? We recover and we probably win. Do we get that fumble? Of course not. Did we lose OUR fumbled snap against Oakland? Of course we did. It's what we do, and I have no clue how to stop it. We just are....the Browns. And we lose. It almost seems like we can't help it. We had the ball at their 45 yard line and did nothing with it. It's kind of sad, really. There are a few positives, but I don't much feel like talking about them right now. I just went through all my texts from my friends and they all said they knew the Browns could do it. They knew they'd find a way. It's tough to argue with them I guess. I don't know when things will change. I don't understand some of the things the ref call on us compared to the other teams. Don't understand our coaches either. Baker Mayfield will say the loss is on him, and he is right this time. He fought and got us back into it, but ultimately he cost us with that ridiculous fumble that obviously had to go out of bounds before the first. He again didn't get rid of the ball, and he missed a wide open deep shot when he forced that uncatchable ball on 3rd down in OT. He's young and hell learn, but these opportunities are so rare, and he's not yet strong enough to overcome being a Cleveland Brown. Maybe he will be someday.
  11. jiggins7919

    Hyde traded

    Anybody have a feel for how good Chubb is at picking up the short yardage? I don't remember. Like, if it's 3rd and 1, is he known to move the pile and pick up the first? I guess I'm a little concerned he'll dance around a bit and try to hit the homerun like so many rookies tend to do. It's been talked about a little, but the fact that Duke is now the 2nd string RB could help us here. Screen passes, draw plays, wheel routes, or even just quick slants from the slot would certainly help us move the ball. I also would not be opposed to seeing a 3rd and medium draw play with Duke to try and catch them napping, especially on the Bucs' side of the field where we might go for it on 4th. I'd also like to see another direct snap to Duke...that play worked well the one time we ran it. None of this will really matter if Baker doesn't rebound and find ways to get the ball out quicker. It's what he's known for, and last week he wasn't himself.
  12. jiggins7919

    ***Official Browns @ Buccaneers Game Day Thread***

    I remember the last time we played there, and we had the game in control until Jake Delhomme fumbled with seconds before halftime and the Bucs quickly scored and we lost momentum going into the half. I kind of remember it being the coach's fault for not running out the clock, but I also remember Delhomme being an absolute idiot before halftime on that fumble, and then I think he got his ankle hurt to boot. Game, set, match. Lol! Let's hope this week is different. I'm tentatively excited about this game, but also nervous after what our defense did last Sunday. I see this being another game where our offense has to carry much more weight in order for us to win. We'll need 30 to win, IMO. Cmon Baker, bounce back and maybe your boys will catch it for you.
  13. jiggins7919

    Terrelle Pryor

    Yeah. You're absolutely right. I totally forgot he (and his agent) are the ones who screwed up.
  14. jiggins7919

    Terrelle Pryor

    And Jarvis Landry had 11 yards last game. No big deal. We never should have let Pryor walk and I think he's perfect for Baker. A big, reasonably fast receiver who can be a large target AND play the X position.
  15. jiggins7919

    Tampa, Who's Going?

    I lived there for a spell. Got plenty drunk in Ybor City a few times. Hehe.