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  1. jiggins7919

    Blockbuster Trade

    Am I the only one who doesn't think Stafford is all that good? I mean, he's alright, but he can't move, he doesn't consistently win, and he never struck me as the guy you'd really want leading your team.
  2. jiggins7919

    Quarterback Merry Go Round

    AHAHAHAHA. Omg, they are so screwed. Wentz was flat out broken this year. I know they're hoping for a "Tannehill-ian" resurrection, but that's some rare shit. Wentz holds onto the ball and that's difficult to fix, and I don't think he's that accurate to begin with. I realize teams like the Bears and Colts have to do SOMETHING, but geez...this wreaks of desperation.
  3. jiggins7919

    Quarterback Merry Go Round

    It kind of made me sick to see some Browns fans want Watson on our team. First of all, the guy has TWO reconstructive surgeries on his knees. He holds onto the ball forever. I don't want that. At all. My quarterback is on our team. I adored him the second he said he was the man who could fix the Browns, and I stood up for him ALL year. I remember some members of the forum asking me why I was so steadfast in my support of Baker, and if you remember, early on our QB play was a tad iffy. It's incredible to see how he grew and you can just tell people love playing with him. That second Bengals game drove it all home. Man, Baker is so freaking good. We've got to pay a BUNCH of people, and unfortunately we can't keep them all. But you know what? Next year everyone will be back, and we can worry about the money later. It's going to be very fun, and we're going to be a BITCH to stop.
  4. jiggins7919

    Dutch's 2020 Browns Questions

    So entertaining! How about that Bengals game? Titans? Steelers playoffs win?! So fun.
  5. jiggins7919

    Dutch's 2020 Browns Questions

    It's funny, basically everything was against Stefanski, and he had every excuse pre-programmed to have a bad season. I think the most remarkable achievement is not losing two games in a row. Think about that for a minute. After every loss, we came back FIGHTING. Not just fighting, but winning. I don't have words to say how I feel about Stefanski. The job he did, the offense he runs, the calmness he provided...it was almost perfect. Not only that, but he helped give us the QB we've wanted for years. Just wait until Baker has another year with this system...he's gonna get even better. Damn this was fun. And damn I'm sad it's over.
  6. jiggins7919

    Pittsburgh Issues

    I honestly thought they'd go for Sam Darnold. I'm not sure he's going to be good, but he didn't get much of a chance at New York. I honestly think Sam would excel in an offense like ours. He's built for it. You know who else is? Baker Mayfield. I beg people to go back and watch the KC game, as painful as it was. Some of his throws were stupid incredible. Just wait until we can stretch the field. Future is bright, fellas.
  7. jiggins7919

    Here is where we are now.

    The Chiefs game was the defining moment of "do we miss OBJ". The Chiefs absolutely defended virtually EVERY play well in the air. They did the exact same thing in 2019 against Stefanski in Minnesota, and it shouldn't have been a surprise to see our attack struggle because we had nobody who could beat man coverage. Most of the time the Chiefs didn't deep cover half of the damn field. Baker made some unbelievable throws against the Chiefs, but we simply didn't get enough possessions when losing turnover battle. We need speed on offense and defense, as well as DTs. We're close, boys.
  8. It's funny because he does some good things but he chokes too often in critical scenarios. I can't get over the 4th down numbers, the 3rd and 10 against McSorely, and the 3rd and longs with Henne. I'm not sure he has what it takes.
  9. jiggins7919

    I Donโ€™t Care What Happens! What a Season!

    Best season I can remember. Had so much fun!
  10. Goodbye Joe Woods. Not sorry to see you go.
  11. It basically comes down to turnovers and penalties. Both teams can score a shit load of points, but it'll come down to the extra possessions. Chiefs are among the lead best in preventing turnovers, but Browns are pretty good at not only causing them, but cashing in on them with big points. Are the Chiefs a better team? Yeah, I think so. Chiefs have the best player in the world at the most important position...that's a huge advantage. The funny thing is, the Browns are actually a good team. They're not just happy to be there...they're a comprehensive good team. They score multiple ways, they're very tough on 3rd down, and they're absolutely NAILS in the red zone, which happens to be the vice for the Chiefs (last in the league). Again, are the Chiefs better? Yes, I believe so, but I don't see a gigantic talent gap here. Heck, if Browns had OBJ and Vernon, it'd be VERY close indeed. Let's not pussy-foot around here, the Chiefs have some big time studs that are almost impossible to stop when clicking. Mahomes, Kelce, and Hill are terrifically frightening, and the way they can put points on the board is virtually unprecedented. If there's 30 seconds on the clock, they can score. Everybody knows that you don't blitz Mahomes. Good news for the Browns is they don't tend to blutz anyway. Chiefs have a hurt OL, and Mahomes does tend to hold onto the rock. Myles Garrett has been getting into better health lately, and it would not surprise me in the least for him to have a couple of sacks. Mahomes does some crazy things with the ball, things we never see from others, but Garrett is different and can close the gap very quickly. I see penalties playing a HUGE role in this game. If Browns don't get flagged for holding, and they got away with a couple last week, they're going to be able to move the ball and they will finish with 7. If holding calls rear their ugly heads, you could see some punts on the Browns side. Chiefs probably should win this game, but I'm going to be a homer here. Chiefs could be rusty and Browns are as healthy as they've been all year. Browns 36, Chiefs 33. In a hell of a game.
  12. jiggins7919

    Week 18: Browns vs Steelers Wild Card Game

    I have so much to say and no time to do it. I really missed everyone last night, but I was with buddies and couldn't chat. I'm just so freaking proud of these fools. I'm not gonna lie, I was absolutely terrified in the second half. I looked up and it was only a 12 point game still in the 3rd quarter! That's basically nothing in the NFL. Not then we had the response drive. The beautiful screen pass call and Chubb did the rest. I heard the collective exhales of millions of Browns fan around the world. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Oh, and my Baker man crush couldn't get more intense. He would have had a monster game if we could catch! Haha. He still had a terrific game and I'm so happy for him and everyone else. So much freaking fun.
  13. jiggins7919

    Week 18: Browns vs Steelers Wild Card Game

    Hehehehe. It's starting to get real, huh? I've come to grips on either outcome today. Obviously I'd lose my mind with a victory, but I certainly don't expect it. I guess the frustrating thing is I actually WOULD expect a win if we were full strength, but that's neither here nor there. I'm watching the game with a few Browns fans and we're having a fun tiny party that will have way too much food and probably more drink. Can't think of a better way to potentially send off a terrific year.
  14. jiggins7919

    Uniform for sunday ?

    I know. I wanted the whites too.
  15. jiggins7919

    Uniform for sunday ?

    White with orange pants? Let's goooooooo.