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  1. Time machine Foles

    Dude, he put together the game of his freaking life, at home, on the second biggest stage in the sport. Yo.
  2. Todd Haley

    I'd be fine with it. Hue Jackson is an offensive minded coach and if he wants his quarterback to have the ability to change plays, then it will be so. Kizer did this multiple times during the season, with mixed results (remember the sneak with no timeouts? Yeah...) The difficult part of evaluating someone like Haley is knowing how much of the success was due to having such incredible talent, or if the talent thrived because of him. Something tells me Haley knows his stuff and we'd be lucky to have him.
  3. Are you all so sure Kizer can't be your QB?

    I think there's some validity to your statement, but I also have a difficult time believing we're going to reinvent the wheel on offense. For example, our I have to believe our language will remain the same (mostly), our concepts will largely remain intact, the majority of our players, our practice routines, etc. Regardless of our new OC's philosophy, Kizer will still have considerable advantages over any rookie.
  4. Joe Thomas Says Haden Release "Demoralized" Team

    It takes a big man to admit when he's wrong. It takes an even bigger man not to rub it in when he's right. Unfortunately, I'm not such a man. Hahahahaha, just kidding. I don't remember what I said specifically on this forum, but I imagine I wasn't happy about it, mainly because all Haden cost us was MONEY and that was actually something we had a lot of at the time. Seriously, what advantages did releasing Haden give us? He was the soul of the defense, he was finally healthy, he could actually play press-man, and he provided a veteran presence. Even Mary Kay Cabot harped all year about the stupidity of the move, and she's an idiot. Nobody understood the move, and it was yet ANOTHER move made by our office that was rumored to infuriate our coaching staff. I believe another was letting go Demario Davis (who had a decent year). Our team ended up being SO young and it appeared to be by design...which made no sense. But what many didn't fully grasp was the psychological damage caused by cutting players like Haden, and Joe Thomas has no problem telling it like it is.
  5. 2018 Mock Drafts

    I'm really concerned about Joe Thomas returning. I think he probably WANTS to, but he's not coming back unless he's confident he can play at a high level (obviously he didn't TELL me this, just a hunch). The injury he suffered was actually one of the worst ones because of the time and training it requires to come back from. He can't work out much of his upper body, and when he finally IS able to strengthen his injured arm, he's going to be starting from close to zero as I understand (from a tricep standpoint anyway). Building up that muscle is going to take a long time, and I'm not sure when he can even begin to do it. Just looking at Joe tells me he's lost about 25 pounds, and I'm officially worried about his return. Again, I think the desire is there, but a torn triceps is no joke. As many of you probably know, the triceps is a much larger muscle group than the biceps, and it's pivotal in "pushing" and bracing actions...something extremely important for OL. I seriously feel that Joe Thomas believes in Hue Jackson, and I especially think he's dying to play with someone like Alex Smith (or comparable veteran) at QB. Heck, Joe openly talked about wanting Drew Brees on the Browns and said he wouldn't be surprised if Drew played for another team because he hasn't signed an extension with the Saints yet, and many veteran qb's switch teams at the end of their careers. Now I can't see THAT happening, but I would have to think that one of the overriding factors an older, veteran qb considers is the strength of a team's OL, and ours is pretty good. Again, it's a zillion to one it happens, but fun to dream about!
  6. Mel Kiper says

    I will admit that I haven't scouted Allen very much, but just a quick review of YouTube videos doesn't do much to get me excited about drafting him, let alone with the first freaking pick. How many of Allen's throws were him leaving a pocket (sometimes prematurely btw), sprinting to his right, and firing a ball right before he came to the sideline? Seemed like it happened a lot to me. Like I said earlier, I haven't really seen any "film" on the guy, and YouTube videos certainly aren't a great way to scout a player, but I was disturbed by the lack of shown "NFL passes". I didn't see much scanning the field, working progressions, hitting people in stride, or whatever else I look for. Is he big? Yep. Does he have a plus-plus arm? Sure. Did he lose some talent on offense which probably hindered his numbers? Probably. But it's not like he was playing in the SEC, right? His completion percentage was around 56%, which by most standards is unacceptable in the NFL. What I don't know is how much of that number was his fault. Was he missing open receivers consistently, or were his players so bad they couldn't get open? I'd like to see a breakdown of Allen and really see why his numbers were so modest. 13 touchdown passes? Uhhhhh. This is Mel's first mock, right? So obviously things are going to dramatically change over the next few months, and there's not much of a reason to get worked up one way or another, but it is fun to talk about. After watching Kizer struggle this year, I think accuracy is going to be one of my biggest attributes I'm looking for in a prospect. Obviously not the only thing because Kessler could really spin the short and short-intermediate stuff with solid accuracy, and he certainly couldn't cut it. We need a guy with accuracy AND the physical ability/talent required to play the position. In that measurement, I'd say Rosen is #1 with Darnold and Mayfield trailing him. Mayfield especially completed a very high percentage of passes, but certainly some of that reflects from the scheme he played in. Darnold isn't a pretty thrower of the football, but it certainly gets there and he's a much better athlete than I thought before the 2017 season. His mechanics are "Ehhh" and his decision making is scary, but I think the fumbles can be cleaned up. Back to Allen. At this point, I want absolutely nothing to do with him. And can analysts PLEASE stop comparing him to Ben Roethlisberger just because they're both a similar size? Enough already. Big Ben completed almost 70% of his passes in 2003, with FORTY combined touchdowns (37 passing, 3 rushing). As we know, Allen had 13 touchdown passes, and probably another handful of rushing Tds. I don't know much about the talent each one played with and against, but I'd assume it'd be somewhat comparable. Unless I'm proven otherwise at the combine, senior bowl (is Allen even eligible?), and at pro day, right now I'm not drafting a QB at #1 who threw for freaking 13 TD passes...not gonna happen. I mean, how many did he miss? Were people open? Was his coach just terrible at concepts? Could Allen simply not scan the field and find someone, or did he have a terrible OL? These are things I know nothing about, and I totally admit it. The last guy I remember having tremendous physical abilities that made analysts and coaches salivate, it didn't turn out well. I'm of course talking about JaMarcus Russell. Now obviously Russell had other demons he fought against, and was known to be somewhat "lazy" and uninspired, but he's an example of a guy who can throw it a mile and has a large build. By all accounts Allen is the opposite of Russell when it comes to personality and dedication, but the physical comparison still exists. We don't need a guy who can throw it a mile. We need the guy who can throw it a quarter mile to the correct person.
  7. Are you all so sure Kizer can't be your QB?

    This is something I've been coming around on more and more, but the problem remains that you can't bet the farm on Kizer being the guy. I would really like to know where this year's QBs rank with the past few year's QBs. That make sense? Like, coming out of school, head to head, where do Rosen, Darnold, Allen, and Mayfield rank when compared to...say...Wentz, Goff, Watson, Mahomes, Trubisky, and others? I honestly don't know. Kizer will get the full advantage of knowing the offensive system, the players, the protections, and a full year of big-boy experience under his belt. That can't be understated, and if the game ever slows down for Kizer and he gets his confidence, I DO think he has what it takes to make it. But even saying all that, we still need to take a QB early because there's no way to know, and we simply HAVE TO throw as many darts against the board as possible until we get it right. Another question is, do you still take a QB at 1 if we bring in a veteran QB? Obviously it depends on WHO the guy is, but even if it's Alex Smith at 35 years old, I happen to believe it opens up some options. Imagine getting 3 years of "No worry" QB play. Is it guaranteed? Of course not, but QBs that take care of their body can play to 38, perhaps a little longer if they don't get beaten up. In this scenario, Kizer is the backup. That's not too bad in the world of backup qb's, and who knows, maybe Kizer gets significantly better this year? All I know is, it's going to be nutso come March. We're probably going to draft a QB early, we're probably not getting Alex Smith, and Kizer probably won't end up being a franchise QB. BUT...I wouldn't bet against him either.
  8. The Jacksonville approach

    You make some good points and most of them are pretty straight forward, yet they are things that have eluded us for years. For example, we need our young studs to take a step next year, something that hasn't happened nearly as much as we've needed. This is where I feel bringing back our head coach and defensive coordinator will really shine. Learning the complexities of the NFL is something most rookies struggle with, but it's a huge advantage to them if they're coming back to the same system in their next season. Think about players like Schobert, Njoku, Ogbah, Garrett, Coleman, and even Gordon. They get to start the season already knowing what to expect, the language, the calls, and the other intricacies that are known to be difficult to master. It's a giant advantage and not something to understate. Heck, even Kizer has a monster advantage over any rookie coming in, and I can't see any of the rookies beating him out for that reason. Something else I'd like to do that Jacksonville did is copy their defense and running game. I know we need to draft a QB early, I really do, but I'd really like to figure out a way to get two defensive players in the first round and then figure out a way to jump back into the first round for our QB. Minkah Fitzpatrick and Bradley Chubb as our 2 top picks? Add another big name DB in free agency? Make it just dang near impossible to score on us....like the Jags this year. Myles Garrett is a beast on the inside, and you could line up Chubb and Ogbah on the outside, and figure out ways to get Garrett free on the inside on passing downs. Then we get a RB with a 2nd round selection. I know it won't happen, and I realize we've avoided selecting a QB with a high pick for far too long, but just because we need a QB early, doesn't mean that there's one who deserves to go that high. All of them have pluses, all of them have minuses. I'm just not sure anyone in the QB class is worth a #1 pick...but it's still January and we have a lot of time before the draft. I've already changed my mind 3 times, so it'll probably change 5 more, haha. Jacksonville gets to the QB and they do it without blitzing a lot. They also have a talented secondary that benefits from the lack of blitzing, which is something OURS doesn't receive. If we end up picking where we're slotted and we don't trade, I'd be happy with 2 of the first five picks being DB's. Get me Minkah Fitzpatrick (as free safety) and then draft a corner early in the second round. It appears to be a solid cornerback draft, and I feel we missed out last year with the Peppers pick (it's still early, but he didn't have the season we hoped for, obviously). If we do pick a QB at 1, then maybe we explore pass rushers in free agency? Those typically command BIG money, but money is one of the few things we actually have at the moment. Jacksonville made it this far with a decent QB. Heck, they just won a playoff game 2 weeks ago where Bortles had more RUSHING yards than passing yards. Kizer had a rough year, no doubt. But I'm not counting him out, especially if we can truly get a nasty defense. That's easier said than done, and I still have my doubts about Gregg Williams and his blitz happy style, but I expect a dramatic defensive increase in 2018, and that alone could win us a couple of games.
  9. The theory now is that management is going to hire an OC with a ton of head coaching experience, and then basically promote that guy as our new coach when/if Hue struggles. The last few names we've heard being kicked around all have a crap-ton of head coaching and OC'ing experience, and we'd probably be happy to have any of them. Now, I'm not a conspiracy guy like many around here, and I'm not so sure Hue is going anywhere. People need to realize that he made a bunch of mistakes, but he hasn't exactly been an embarrassment either. We started a 21 year old qb, we had some bad injuries, and let's not pretend Hue had the benefit of a great defense. The players like the guy, he's going to another draft full of high picks, and we might even have a legit all star at WR. I'm not trying to make excuses for Hue, and I know 0-16 is beyond reprehensible, but we're going to look different in 2018. Laugh at me all you want, and I won't blame you for being pissed off, but right now I'm feeling like we've got something coming up that will shock people. Starting with a QB, and I don't think we'll stop there.
  10. Do we know whether or not the new OC will be calling plays, or is that a stupid question? Hence, OC not doing real work?
  11. The First-pick Draft game thread

    It's easy to say that our new GM won't trade down because it's what every other GM did and failed at, but these guys all believe they're the smartest person in the room, so I'm thinking there will be SOME shaking and baking in the first round. And why not? We have two insanely high picks...there's a chance it might make sense to gather a few more resources in 2019. We do this right and we could build a team full of 1st and 2nd round talent for years to come. I think the main thing is not to trade down TOO far. I mean, if we somehow sign Kirk Cousins, do we really need to pick 1 and 4? What if we could trade down from 1 to somewhere like 12 and get a 2019 first rounder and still get the #1 WR on our board? I'm the first one to say I don't believe we have a chance in heck to get Cousins, but I've been wrong before (ask my wife). More realistically, we're drafting a QB at 1, and taking Minkah Fitzpatrick at 4. It'd be pretty tough to beat that. Grab a RB, DB, and WR in round 2....and we're filling some major holes. And that's not even considering what we do in FA, which I believe will be a solid effort. Probably corner, WR (Pryor, Landry?), QB and who knows what else. I'm pretty stoked.
  12. Alex smith

    This. ALL of this. Make it happen FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. And I think it actually does happen.
  13. Mock Fantasy Trades

    I think it's tempting but we need the type of playmakers often associated with picking players high in the draft. It's been a criticism of our team in the past. We don't take the blue chip guy early, and we settle for quantity over quality. With the draft picks we currently have, it's entirely possible to fill virtually every hole we have on our roster in the first two rounds. Those picks, combined with free agency and another year of development for our young bucks, means we'll have young talent everywhere. We need to mix in some veterans, and we need to somehow grab the top veteran QB. We do that, and we could have a new team.
  14. I think Hue believed he could do it, and now realizes he has to change in order to make it work. He knows he's on a short leash and he had to do SOMETHING different, and I believe this would be a good change for us.
  15. Well of course some of us LIKE this idea, the difficult part is actually pulling it OFF. I know there was a recent article which stated Cousins would "seriously consider playing for the Browns", but I believe it's just lip service. Cousins is likely to be viewed as the #1 free agent QB, and how many times has the #1 available QB gone to the absolute worst team in the league? Maybe it has happened more than I think, but it doesn't make sense to me. Sure we have money, but other teams will find ways to make enough cap space for a starting QB, they always do. What makes Cousins so unique is his age and his health. He's probably the ONE guy who would allow a team NOT to draft another QB early. Even if we got Alex Smith, you have to think we'd still draft one early because of his advanced age. You could argue that Kizer would enough depth, but that's a big gamble. Sure he's very young, he got a TON of experience, and he possesses the ideal build, but he obviously comes with concerns AND you only get to pick this high in the draft so often (well, for us that's not so true). Just think of the backlash of not drafting a QB early, and then those guys turning into stars. It would be catastrophic. As I've said on a dozen threads, Alex Smith makes the most sense to me because we could TRADE for him, and not just hope to pull off a free agent miracle. We'd still have to get a QB early, but it's possible to get Baker Mayfield later in the first if we trade down a bit. The point is we have options, and it's safe to say our QB room is going to look a lot different in 2018. And let's not totally count out Kizer. Something tells me that if we draft a guy early, he won't beat out a determined Kizer anyway. Especially considering we're keeping the same offense.