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  1. Hue and the offense

    Yeah, I know Texas...those reasons are mainly why I refuse to give the Browns the nod this week. I just can't see a team like ours, who went full Retard, pulling a game out. Does anybody see us sustaining drives? Punching it in the end zone? Sacking the QB? Not turning it over? Cuz I really don't. The ONLY way I see us truly winning this game is if we get that "lucky touchdown" early in the game, either on a punt return, fumble-td, pick-6, or something like that. Something that gives us early momentum. Everybody here knows how slowly we start off EVERY GAME, so we desperately need something that gives us a giant boost.
  2. Rams 49ers

    I think we're starting to see why Hue Jackson was willing to almost sell the farm for Goff. Some of the throws he made last night were seriously impressive, and he looks to have quite a skill set. The one pass the threw on the run, off of ONE FOOT was incredible. It sailed down the field and landed right in the bread basket. The interesting thing to remember is...Goff looked like a complete bust last year, and he was VERY difficult to watch. I'm desperately hoping it has more to do with him being comfortable, and less to do with having a new coaching staff From what I've seen, he just appears more comfortable. Of course, he also has a RUNNING GAME, and this above all else is paramount to OUR young QB making strides. And it wasn't just Goff who was impressive either. Hell, some of the throws HOYER was making are far beyond what Kizer can do. Some of those passes were right on the money, and there's no WAY Kizer could ever make those, not in a 1000 years. Good God I wish we had Pierre Garcon. That guy is an ANIMAL, and he's exactly what OUR offense needs. I'm starting to get REALLY nervous about this game Sunday. I've heard several news outlets report they expect the Browns to get their first win of the season, and I don't like to hear that. I don't think we're ANYWHERE NEAR getting our first win, and I'm actually thinking the Colts might come out and give us a much bigger fight than the numbers suggest. For example, the Colts have one of the worst offensive lines in football, but guess what? We have literally the WORST pass rush in the league. Dead last. So who wins this fight? A pass rush who can't get home, or the OL that can't protect? I already know, and it's not our pass rush. I've watched our line play on passing downs, and NOBODY EVER wins a 1 on 1 match up...not ever.
  3. Next four games

    Ok, first things first: Hue isn't going anywhere if we lose all four games, and I don't think that's the right move anyways. Will things be getting a little uncomfortable for him? Yeah, probably. After all, we're not playing real powerhouses here, and it's about time we win a few games. I'm really not sure we're going to win this game Sunday, and as bad as the Colts have been playing, it's still a home game for them, and people need to remember just how difficult it is to win on the road. NFL road games are notoriously hard, and it just seems like the ball doesn't bounce your way, you don't get the calls, and things don't work out. The Colts aren't good by any means, but I have news for the world: Neither are the Browns. In fact, we're a LONG way from EVER being in the position of having "a sure win". I mean, there's a chance Kizer comes out in "buttfuck mode", and throws it to the wrong team three times. You have to figure his confidence is shaken, and he doesn't have his favorite receiver anymore. The perfect scenario would be for us to win this weekend, and also establish an identity. The identity we really WANT to have is running the ball, keeping the 3rd downs to manageable, and playing kick-ass defense. We could very well use that formula this weekend, and it can carry over for the other three games. What Hue has to change is this "vertical passing game" nonsense, and figure out a way to get the ball out of Kizer's hands quicker. Incorporate some bootlegs, some more draws, moving the pocket, and perhaps even some more read-option. We're going to have a few opportunities with Njoku down the seam...I feel it. I hope Kizer hits the throws, because I really feel like we'll get some decent chances for big plays.
  4. Browns @ Colts Practice Reports

    The Collins injury is the single biggest reason why I haven't picked the Browns to win (yet, I'm getting there). Burgess had done well in spot duty, but he's no Collins. I swear, the more you look at the numbers of these two teams, the more it looks like an impending "shit fest".
  5. Don't be surprised if Leslie leads us in receiving. Higgins did it last week, and I could totally see Leslie breaking free for a long pass. We're going to get a couple of opportunities to hit a deep one, and Leslie showed the ability in the preseason to make the plays. Apparently Jordan Leslie has been trying for over three years to make a roster, and he's been sleeping on couches and working out lately in hopes to finally achieve his dream. You don't want to bet against a guy like that. Something else for Higgins fans...the Colts are ranked dead last in guarding against slot receivers, and Higgins plays the majority of his snaps from that position. Higgins could possibly have another nice game.
  6. Hue and the offense

    Hopefully Hue realizes that we don't have the personnel to execute a vertical passing game, and I don't think anyone starting a 21 year-old rookie QB would even TRY it. If (and it's obviously a huge if), but IF we are able to keep it close early and not get behind, I truly believe we're going to have a MUCH different offensive look. I think we're going to see a lot of Kizer under center, a lot of running off-tackle, and probably a lot of punts. Hue is going to do everything he can to make our 3rd downs WAY more manageable. Remember, we averaged something ridiculous on 3rd down against the Ravens, and that's a recipe for disaster. I mean, it was something like an average of 3rd and 9 for the game, wasn't it? Some of that was due to penalties, some of that was due to losing yards on running plays, and some of that was due to sacks. It was a combination of atrocious circumstances that really sealed our fate because there was never going to be a time when our offense consistently won on 3rd and a mile. It just wasn't going to happen. The elephant in the room isn't even Deshone Kizer's awful play, rather it's our defensive line being LAST in the entire league at creating QB pressure. Think about that for a minute. Out of 32 teams, our players are DEAD LAST. Yes, we don't have Myles Garrett, but if you think one rookie is going to be the magical difference between last and respectable, I have some bad news for you. Not only that, Garrett isn't coming back 100% healthy, I don't care HOW long he stays out. Will he help? I sure hope so, but Emmanuel Ogbah is having a terrible season, and it's not because he's getting chipped or double-teamed. He's straight up getting OWNED. Both he and Nassib are ranked at the bottom of the barrel, and that's just pathetic. Back to our offense. As I've said before, if you have Crowell in fantasy (especially PPR league), I'd definitely start him. He's going to get a TON of touches, both running and receiving, and if we can keep the score close, or god forbid have a LEAD, I see Crow busting the game open late as the defense tires. Like I said earlier, I fully expect a bunch of punts, and I'm fine with that AS LONG as our defense holds the Colts to FG's, punts, and two turnovers. We keep them out of the end zone, we have a chance to win. We can punt the ball and play field position, I really think so. That being said, this doesn't mean I don't want to see us take a few calculated shots. What we need to see is Kizer and our receivers WINNING on those shots, and really capitalizing on those few opportunities that present themselves. An example from last week that we screwed up (of course) was on around our 21st offensive play, and Kizer got sacked by Mosley. Both Crow AND Vitale screwed up their pass protection, and BOTH went to block phantom defenders. If we pick Mosley up, even if Kizer has to shift to the right or left, Coleman was WIDE OPEN down the sidelines for a probable touchdown. THOSE are the kinds of opportunities that we simply must have, but historically fail to deliver. I'm very close to predicting a Browns win, but I'm not quite there yet. If this game was in Cleveland, I'd already give us the nod (in my distorted mind). My main concern for not calling a Browns win are the PENALTIES, specifically holding and delay of game. I worry about how slowly we break the huddle, and this is a typical rookie problem. That being said, Hue Jackson said a few times this week that they will be working hard on this issue, so I'm somewhat hopeful we can improve, despite playing on the road. Furthermore, if we're going to run as much as I THINK we're going to, the amount of "drive killing" holding calls terrify me. We stay away from turnovers and limit our penalties, and we might have a decent chance.
  7. Kizer

    Here is a scary statistic I heard on our radio show: Deshone Kizer is leading the NFL in passing attempts over 15 yards per game. Do you have ANY idea how ridiculous that is when you consider we have a rookie QB AND we don't have the personnel to really go deep consistently? One of the more frustrating aspects of the Ravens' game was that their offensive game plan looked EXACTLY like what ours SHOULD'VE been. Flacco started off with quick, short passes, and then he also had several bootlegs and waggles that took advantage of our aggressiveness and gave him EASY throws to the TE. High percentage throws that are easy to make...exactly what we needed. So what do WE dial up? Why, we dial up long pass, after long pass which leaves are young QB open to making errant passes and taking sacks. I just can't understand it. I really think that if we're going to win, Kizer's stat line needs to look something like this: 15-24 for 165 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT. If he's going to pass it 40 times a game, I think we're in trouble. It also goes without saying that our running game needs to come to life, and I think it will. For some reason, I think we WILL open the game up with short, quicker style throws, and I think we'll actually use this quick passing game to set up the run game. If you have Crow in fantasy, I'd really think about starting him this week. Not only do I think he's going to have a solid day on the ground, I think we're going to pass him the ball quite a bit too. Crow is a far better receiver than he's given credit for, and I can really see him being the bell cow both on the ground and in the air. Crow and Duke will both have good games, as I don't believe we'll be forcing the ball down the field NEARLY as often this game. If you guys don't have access to the "all 22" view, consider yourself lucky. On about the 21st offensive play of the day, we had an 80 yard touchdown to Corey Coleman. I'm serious, you have no idea how open he was, and the reason you don't is because Kizer was sacked instead by Mosely. So how did we miss an 80 yard touchdown? Both Crow and Vitale mixed up their pass protection signals, and neither went to pick up Mosely, and BOTH went to the side of the pocket. It was one of the most "Cleveland Brownsiest" plays of all time, and it's literally the difference between having a big play, versus just being us. When I tell you that Corey Coleman was open and streaking down the field with NO DEEP HELP, I mean he was freaking open. Kizer could've just lobbed the ball up in the air for a huge play, and any decent throw is an 80 yard touchdown. Listen, this next game is going to be ugly, and there's no way around that. The Colts are a shit show, but they at least lost in OT. Wouldn't that be nice right about now? To actually lose in OT versus turning it over 5 times? Well, maybe it wouldn't be nice, but you get the point. I don't think the Cardinals are the bastion of talent and efficiency, but they aren't a total waste either. The Colts KNOW they have to win this game in front of their home crowd, so we're going to get their A+ effort. We only win if we change our offensive game plan to include more quick passes, some misdirection rollouts, a FAR better running game, and one or fewer turnovers. We all know Kizer played terrible, so there's no real reason to go back over it. Instead, let's focus on how he'll respond. What does he do after playing the worst game in his life? Will he hesitate? Will he hold the ball LONGER because he's scared to turn it over? Or will he respond favorably? Don't forget Joe Flacco had a 5 interception game as a rookie (I think...I could be wrong). Many rookies have shitty games. Let's see how both Hue and Kizer respond, and let's see if we can actually start the game off QUICKLY for once.
  8. Hue and the offense

    I'm pretty sure people on this board have spoken about this guy, but if you have 20 minutes, you're going to want this video in your life. I found this on Youtube and I was laughing pretty hard, which I needed after the Ravens game. It's a little dull until about the 6 minute mark, and then he picks up steam, LOL.
  9. Kizer

    I agree that our running game needs to be better EARLY in the game, but that's kind of tough when teams are probably selling out on the run in hopes of making us pass the rock. Unfortunately, I think we're in a situation where we have to pass to set up the run. Kizer needs to hit on some early passes, then Crow needs to hit on a couple of runs, and then the play-action game needs to hit the home run. I am so SICK AND TIRED of always seeing 3rd and a damn mile. Some of that has to do with the running game completely sucking, and part of it has to do with penalties. Regardless, we need to get in "3rd and manageable" or else Kizer is going to have yet another tough day. Like I said in another post, don't be surprised if you see us running the ball some on 3rd and longs (if the game is close). Sometimes punting isn't always the worst idea. I urge everyone not to be TOO down on Kizer. He's played two very tough opponents, and we know he didn't play well. Plenty of other rookie QB's started off just as poorly, so let's not hit the panic button too hard.
  10. Kevin Hogan

    Hue Jackson was so completely pissed off by Hogan's interception that he actually said in his presser, "And that's why Hogan is the backup QB." He continued on to say if Hogan DOESN'T make that atrocious pass, and he just lets the time expire, we're down 14-7 at half time and the game is completely different. It was one of the worst passes I've ever seen, and when you do that, typically more awful shit happens next, and of course it did. I thought it was interesting that Hue would say, "that's why he's the backup" when Kizer basically did something equally as awful, and threw the ball 6 feet behind Higgins in the end zone. That was ALSO one of the worst passes you'll ever see. I don't have ANY idea how Kizer could miss a guy that badly, and that pass more than ANYTHING really scares me. We're not talking about Kizer getting tricked into new coverage scheme, or the ball getting deflected and then picked, or the receiver losing a joust. No, we're talking about an extremely inaccurate pass...and THAT terrifies me. It's the exact pass that victimizes us time and time again. How many times has a team had the ball in the red zone and their QB fires a dart across the end zone for a TD? Conversely, when is the last time WE'VE done that? Perhaps the biggest reason we need to play Kizer is playing is the ONLY way he's going to get better. For about the past 4 weeks, I've said Kizer is our future QB. It's the first time I can ever remember saying that. We don't need to get into the reasons now, or else we'll have another "Long-Winded Jiggins Post", and nobody has time for that nonsense. It's safe to say that everybody knew going into the year that Kizer was going to have some of those games like he did against the Ravens, but it somehow didn't make it any easier to swallow. Perhaps because despite ALL of the atrocious playing, we were still technically in the game (until Kizer threw that abysmal end zone pick, ugh). No, the kid has to play. I don't think he's going to "blow up" this weekend, but I also don't think he's going to shit the sheets, either. I have a vision of the game in my head, and it looks like an ugly mess of a game that we'll have a chance to win late in the 4th. In fact, I believe it'll look remarkably similar to the Colts' last game against the Cardinals. Low scoring, lots of punts, multiple turnovers for both sides, and FG accuracy will be the difference. I see our running game coming alive, and it wouldn't surprise me to see us actually running the ball on a few 3rd and longs. We won't get booed because it's a road game, and Kizer won't be throwing awful INT's against a dime defense with the ball on the ground. Also, don't be surprised if you see some gadget plays, such as a fake punt, onsides kick, reverse pass, or maybe something featuring Jabril Peppers on offense. This is our best chance to win, and we'll have something up our sleeve...I guarantee it. With the injuries we sustained last week, I'm not quite ready to predict a Browns victory. I will say that I'm somewhat leaning towards that direction, but with Coleman out (again), AND Collins probably out, we could be in trouble.
  11. Hue and the offense

    Canton just completely nailed it with #4. I've seen these work with OTHER teams, but I've NEVER seen it work with us. Although it wasn't a bubble screen, that play call to have Kizer run it in from the 5 was such bullshit. I don't mind the IDEA, but the play was so awful. He's not fast enough to really get the edge on that, and where is the hole supposed to be there? No, the PROPER play for Kizer to run it in would be a QB draw!! How many times has that effing play worked against us?! I know Dalton has done it like 3 times (at least), Ben probably has, and I'm guessing Flacco for good measure. QB draw...not QB hesitate and lose 4 yards. I HATE our red zone offense. Hate, hate, hate. In fact, I'm going to make a new thread topic that revolves around this, but I don't have the time right now (I know you all can't wait!).
  12. Kizer

    NO way am I ready to call the guy a bust. However, I think it's pretty obvious he needs to have a better week against a lesser opponent (finally). I haven't read a single thing that says Luck is coming back against us (although that's USUALLY the case), so we're going to have an excellent chance to "be in the game" with a chance to win. I think it all comes down to the red zone in this one. Can we get TD's instead of FG's, and can we PLEASE not turn it over.
  13. Sincere Apology

    If there's anything remotely "good" about Coleman getting hurt, it's that we'll have no choice BUT to keep Josh Gordon if/when he gets reinstated, LOL. Our WR's are pretty bad, so it'd be insane to cut/trade the guy. Regardless of how many times we've tried with him, right? LOL If that ain't some silver lining bull crap, I don't know what is.
  14. Kizer

    We're going to find out a lot about Kizer this weekend. Let's see how the kid responds after a terrible game and the migraine craziness. I have a feeling we're going to be happy.
  15. Fuck the ravens

    My favorite post in quite some time. Made me laugh and I needed it. "Just saying" LOL