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  1. I know, I thought the same thing. We needed Landry's intensity and attitude after coming off a winless season, but when you look at his numbers and then the production, it's a tough sell. That being said, should Landry blow up this year with 1200 yards and 10 TDs, then you can't get rid of him no matter what. LOL. He could easily have better numbers than OBJ if only for injury concerns. I certainly HOPE we don't cut him or trade him because I think he's good for our team, I really do. Good for our franchise in ways that go beyond stats and analytics.
  2. jiggins7919

    LT Trent Williams has demanded a trade

    I think so. I just remember Trent being drafted and the person who called his card said "Trent, The Silverback, WILLIAMS!"
  3. jiggins7919

    LT Trent Williams has demanded a trade

    I like any player that designates himself as "The Silverback." Lololol
  4. jiggins7919

    LT Trent Williams has demanded a trade

    LOL! Yep! Treat mostly spends his time now on the Hallmark Channel! 🤣
  5. jiggins7919

    LT Trent Williams has demanded a trade

    Gipper wins the internet today. We can all play again tomorrow. Goodnight and good luck.
  6. jiggins7919

    Greedy Williams - A+ work ethic in film room

    Tons of heart and he's a likeable dude. I really think he and Denzel could cause some problems this year, and our other corners aren't too shabby either.
  7. jiggins7919

    Weapons Production

    That's a fair point, but I really do wish everyone was there. It seems like a missed opportunity to build friendships and team unity. Like, if you're out there busting your ass and your best WR isn't there with you and is instead showing off his car...does that create problems? Eh, probably not. Btw, Beckham's car is so ridiculous I love it. Would I spend $500k on a car? Hell no. I'd spend $75k, tops, and then I'd donate the other hundreds of thousands. That's easy for me to say, but then again, I'm a social worker and that's how we think. Lol If you haven't seen Beckham's new Royles, stop what you are doing and go look. Back on topic now....our other receivers are apparently lookin good. Did you see that catch Higgins had from Baker? First the throw was just bonkers, but Higgins definitely caught it. Callaway being at camp is HUGE, and don't forget some people had him as the best WR in his class. Callaway will never face double coverage and will likely draw the 3rd cornerback. That's a great matchup for us.
  8. jiggins7919

    Gerald McCoy signs with Panthers

    That is an excellent point, I forgot about the losses of those players!
  9. jiggins7919

    Browns sign Kareem Hunt

    One quick tidbit about Hunt that I thought was interesting. Nathan Zegura of Browns Daily has repeatedly said that Hunt looks like a "Cheat Code" and is routinely making people look silly out there. I think I kind of forgot just how special Hunt can be, and maybe I figured anybody would produce in that Chiefs offense, lol. Anyway, Zegura and several other media members that watched OTA's have said how amazing Hunt currently looks, and I can only hope he keeps it together and truly is a changed man.
  10. jiggins7919

    Right Guard - it’s not just deodorant

    Yep, totally. I definitely don't want to write off the kid when we haven't even gotten pads on, but I sure would feel better if the early narrative was more optimistic! Go Brownies!
  11. jiggins7919

    Gerald McCoy signs with Panthers

    Yes, he can sign with any team but rumor has it that he will only sign with a contender and he's willing to take less money. I read one team not thought to be contending offered him over $11 per year, but he turned it down because he wants to play for Ravens, Browns, or Panthers. My best guess is that he goes to Baltimore, unfortunately. He wouldn't be a rotational player, they had pretty much the best defense, and he knows coaching staff very well. However, he could very easily play for us if he actually WANTS to be rotational. This would allow him to be fresher and provide him with more opportunities to rush the passer on obvious passing downs, something he loves to do.
  12. jiggins7919

    Right Guard - it’s not just deodorant

    That was certainly one option, as he obviously played LT in college, but nobody really had Corbett slotted as Tackle from what I understand. He doesn't have the right body style.
  13. jiggins7919

    Right Guard - it’s not just deodorant

    We picked two guys I didn't understand, and we picked them early. Austin Corbett and Chad Thomas, 2nd and 3rd rounders respectively. Neither really played last year, and while these picks aren't always going to yield starters, you'd like to see them get on the field a bit more. The funniest thing to me is the eyeball test regarding Corbett and Zeitler. I realize you don't want to judge a book by its cover, but Corbett looks like he should be playing "Magic the Gathering" in the basement of his best friend's mother's house while arguing about which flavor Hot Pocket is the best. Zeitler, on the other hand, looks like he's about to go throw refrigerators over a mountain just for fun. All kidding aside, what scares me the most about Corbett not starting this early is that the pads AREN'T on. I mean, if he's not starting NOW, that means he can't remember plays, assignments, or get out of his own way. He's not even being asked to BLOCK anybody yet and he can't hold down the gig. I remember thinking we wanted Corbett to possibly take over for Tretter at Center, but that's kind of pointless because Tretter had himself a fine year and basically played hurt all season. You don't mess around with your Center when you have a 2nd year QB, either.
  14. jiggins7919

    Gerald McCoy signs with Panthers

    I think his $13 million a year salary was too rich for us. We would've been on the hook for it in a trade.
  15. jiggins7919

    Gerald McCoy signs with Panthers

    Well, nobody REALLY knows that he's struggling because the pads aren't on, but Corbett was given every chance to cement the starting position left vacant by Zeitler, and by all accounts he simply hasn't done that. I believe I read that Corbett is playing a lot of "2nd team center", and he appears to be a better fit there. Now again, this is without pads, so how much can you really observe? I will say this, most fans I know of were NOT pleased by the Corbett selection, and while Dorsey has proven himself to be a good talent evaluator, there was definitely concern that he tried to be too smart for his own good. After all, the first pick of the 2nd round is a VERY desirable selection, and when you're a team that was literally 0-16 picking there....you don't get cute. You don't draft for depth. You draft a starter at a needed position. I liked Zeitler, a lot. He was extremely physical and that's something I place a very high emphasis on, especially in our division. Here's an exercise for you. Look up images for Corbett and look up images for Zeitler. Zeitler looks like Albino Kong, whereas Corbett looks like the fat kid in high school that hides salami sandwiches in cargo shorts pockets. What does all this mean? Not a dang thing. We're not going to know anything about Corbett until pads come on and he's truly tested. Would I rather him be grabbing the bull by the horn and own the starting role in OTA's? Absolutely, but I also know that Dorsey knows more about football than I ever will, so hopefully he's right once again.