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  1. It's really concerning to me that we don't have a pass rush without Garrett. He seems like the only guy who can make plays consistently. I really need to see more from the other side. On the plus side, Ogunjobi is going to be a star, not good, potentially a star. I'm also not sure we can keep Genard Avery off the field on pass rushing downs. He's physical and extremely potent. He could very well be the steal of the draft. We also need to continue getting pressure without heavy blitzing because that's what screwed us last year. I've always said I want Tyrod Taylor to be the starting QB. I do NOT want Baker rushed into anything. However, I'm not totally sure we can keep this guy off of the field. Baker has magical footwork in the pocket. It's actually better than I thought it was, ya know? He moves so well but doesn't take off when he feels pressure. I'm beyond stunned at how he operates, I really am. To be perfectly honest, I need to see Baker against the number 1's, and I need to see him play WITH the number 1's. I need to see him with the receivers who get open, the line that blocks, and the real stable of weapons we have on this roster. We need to see it. I'm not impressed with our depth and not impressed by our special teams...STILL. That concerns me. Special teams can win or lose the game, especially to a team like us that will no doubt be in close contests throughout the year. I stand by my word that Tyrod is the guy for us, but if I had a concern about him, it's what happens when we're down 10 points in the 4th and the defense knows we're throwing it? Can he take the chances and execute when the defenses are expect it? We're certainly going to find out.
  2. Nope, hopefully the baby is given a loving home that she deserves, away from spiteful, vindictive, and opportunistic pieces of trash like the mother. You don't get to receive $7000 a month a month for having a penis inside you and then delivering a baby. Child support laws and calculating formulas are based on near ancient legislation, and it's obvious to virtually anybody with a pulse that a person should NOT be paying that much. Congratulations lady, you had sex and had a baby. Whoopty-Doo. Now, had she asked for something reasonable each month, then yes, I'd be on her side. But she didn't, and she's threatening him with blackmail. She's the worst kind of filth.
  3. And she threatened to disclose embarrassing information to the public if Gordon didn't cooperate. If she wasn't a mother, I'd say I hope she gets a terminal disease and suffers a miserable death. THAT'S how much I hate blackmailing pieces of garbage. There's not much worse on the planet than someone who tries to blackmail another, and I wish her serious harm and misery. I hope she eats and never tastes. Breathes and never catches her breath. Drinks but always parched. She's the worst kind of scum, and karma will take care of her sorry butt.
  4. I hope this woman gets hit by a bus, and I hope the judge and lawyers do too. Charging someone $6800 a month for child support is complete crap. If he's truly ducking his child support obligations, then he should definitely pay A FAIR AMOUNT. You don't get to be knocked up and then rich for 18 years, all because you bent over for a professional athlete. It's ridiculous, and completely unfair. And screw you journalist for posting this story. Yeah, it's public record, but does everyone have to know about a person's private affairs?
  5. jiggins7919

    Landry / William's

    Jarvis Landry might be the single most important free agent we've signed in 17 years. His entire attitude is infectious, and while I don't want to see FIGHTING (I swear to God, if Landry breaks HIS hand, I'll go insane), I do want to see the intensity. Our practices are definitely intense. We're working to be better, to play harder, to make those game-deciding plays that we've lacked for so very long. A Jarvis one-handed catch, a Garrett strip-sack, a Denzel Ward interception...these are the kind of plays we simply have NOT made, and you just might see something different this year. Would I bet on it? Nope. I'm too smart for that, but I'd also be lying if I said it didn't feel different. Heck, it LOOKS different. But you know what? Browns fans, above all, know that the preseason doesn't mean JACK SQUAT. I remember Brandon Weeden looking pretty darn good in some preseason games a while back, and we know what happened there, right? (funny enough, Weeden played pretty well last week I think, LOL). Let's be honest, nothing matters until week 1. And it's against the Steelers...in Cleveland...and it's time to change the narrative.
  6. jiggins7919

    Cory Coleman Traded

    I'm starting to see more and more why we did it. First of all, we got a 2020 7th round pick for him. John Dorsey is NOT known to be a fool. Therefore, nobody wanted Corey at all. Hard to believe, but he just never had "it", and he may never reach his potential. And now he'll have a less than ideal QB situation, similar to last year. Corey was simply bad ju-ju, and now I'm glad he's gone. That being said, it's almost hysterical that the DAY we decide this, Callaway decides to stay out until 3am and drive around in his car with an old roach and bullets under the seat. You almost can't make it up. So before getting all the facts, the coaches and GM are now thinking they could be without Corey Coleman, Antonio Callaway, AND Josh Gordon. Obviously that's worst case scenario, but we're the Browns...we HAVE BEEN the worst case scenario. Fast forward to now and the Callaway situation doesn't APPEAR to be anywhere near as bad as originally thought, in fact the worst part of it was he didn't tell our organization. And you know what? I can see why. He was so terrified, so upset, and visibly shaken about the incident, that he just wanted it to go away. You could see it in his face. He thought he lost everything. During the entire episode of Hard Knocks I wanted to give the kid a hug! He's a young man who is trying to figure out life, and now he's literally down to his last strike before even making it through training camp. He needs to hire a "grown-up babysitter". Somebody to tell him when he's being an idiot. I'm not sad to see Corey gone after all, but I will be sad if Callaway can't figure it out and we lose him too. He looks special. I think he can learn everything he needs to from Jarvis Landry, and he really needs to imitate every single thing Jarvis does, on and off the field.
  7. That's a great point, Texas. Both our QBs have the ability to extend plays, and while Taylor is obviously the superior runner, Mayfield is also quite adept at moving around the pocket. Getting that chemistry of knowing when to take off, come back to the qb, or whatever is extremely important. And having Josh Gordon cutting it loose down field during a broken play is a nice thought. Oh, Josh just posted an Instagram picture yesterday of his portrait intertwined with the Lombardi Trophy. There wasn't a caption, but if I'm reading between the lines, I believe it means he's getting ready to come home. Be well, Josh. Please let the visions of Jarvis Landry, Antonio Callaway, and Josh Gordon come true.
  8. I'm really hoping to get Josh back for the 3rd preseason game. I'd be very surprised if he missed the entire preseason, and I really believe he needs to get some practice time with us in the field before the real stuff starts.
  9. jiggins7919

    Cory Coleman Traded

    Honestly, I think Rashard Higgins made Corey completely expendable. Yeah, Callaway had something to do with it, but apparently Higgins looked far superior to Coleman and it wasn't close. This is just camp and preseason, which basically amounts to jack squat, but I've been saying for a while that it wouldn't surprise me if Higgins was a guy who made some noise. Kizer really screwed him over last year, and Higgins is a guy who catches the ball and runs good routes. Running good routes will get you receptions when you have accurate QBs. He also looks faster and stronger. And how about the 2 back shoulder receptions from the two QBs?! Apparently Higgins caught some nice balls yesterday, including a 40 yarder from Baker down the seam. At first I was really irritated by the Coleman trade. Now I don't care. Addition by subtraction. Oh, and apparently Ratley starting to make a little noise.
  10. jiggins7919

    Callaway Cited for Marijuana Possession

    He's completely screwed unless there's some sort of miracle bull crap we don't know about. Dorsey even said Callaway is on a one strike deal, so can't wait to see how he handles this one. It was really starting to feel good for about 47 seconds this year.
  11. jiggins7919

    Cory Coleman Traded

    He was cheap, working hard, looking better lately, and could have come into his own at any time. What's the value in trading him NOW? I just don't get it.
  12. jiggins7919

    Cory Coleman Traded

    I absolutely hate this. I said months ago, as did many of us, that trading Corey doesn't make sense. Why trade a 1st round pick who only played two years with a broken hand AND never got to play with a real qb? You're never going to get anything close to comparable value! What did we get? A 5th round pick? Who CARES ABOUT A 5TH ROUND PICK? How often do those guys make a difference?! So stupid.
  13. So, ignore my last post. Apparently Browns are going to waive the "report by Tuesday" stipulation and want Josh to focus on the treatment. If this is true, and if Josh is truly just trying to reinforce his sobriety, this approach and level of support is unheard of, and should be celebrated. Right now, fans are just too pessimistic to really believe ANYTHING we read about Josh, and for good reason. We've simply been burnt SO many times, and the last time really hurt us. We had Josh back, he just caught that touchdown bomb at the Tampa Bay preseason game, and right before the season started...he was gone again. So when we're told anything by the media or especially Josh himself, we tend not to believe it. Or at the very least, think we're not getting the full story. I will say that this entire saga does feel differently than years past. The biggest thing regarding Josh that nobody really wants to talk about is even if he comes back, there's a bigger chance Josh suffers a setback as opposed to remaining in recovery. Addicts don't typically do well in "ultimatum scenarios" (although some can), and make no mistake, he's in one now. "Stay clean or you're gone forever". Still, it's obvious he's a different person now, and he's someone who admits the problem and works very hard on it. That's all we can ask of any human, and I so desperately want to see him succeed. For his family, for his fans, the team, and most of all....for himself.
  14. Long story short, Josh has to report to the team by Tuesday or else Browns possess his rights for the 2019 season with his current miniscule (comparatively) salary of around $1 million per year. If he does report, he'd be eligible for free agency, which could land him a small fortune. Yes, he'd have to be on the straight and narrow all year, something he hasn't been able to do, and yes, any contract would be insanely worded to include protective language against a suspension, but if Josh balls out this year SOMEONE will pay him. Regardless of how Josh is doing with his recovery, he almost HAS to show up Tuesday. He's less than a year away from being able to sign a contract, and regardless of his demons, he'll still be in shape for a signing bonus that will eclipse his entire NFL earnings. He's on his way, boys.
  15. jiggins7919

    Updating the Depth Chart

    It's not a secret that our backers struggled in coverage, and Joe was certainly not an exception. At the risk of making excuses for him, it WAS his first year playing that position...at any level, and I believe he got somewhat better as time went on. Here's an observation that's not very scientific....Joe was often SO close to making the play or having the proper coverage. I could be mistaken, but I want to say in our first game against the Steelers Joe had a leaping deflection while in coverage, and then the ball still miraculously found its way to the waiting arms of none other than....Antonio Brown. See, that's what I'm talking about. Now of course, that's only play, but I remember there being others very similar to it where Joe was ALMOST there, ya know? I've heard from countless analysts who say the biggest difference in gaining experience is that the player plays FASTER after a few seasons. Less thinking, more action. If that holds true for Joe, he's going to be a helluva linebacker because he's always around the ball. We also shouldn't downplay the importance of Joe possessing the cerebral aptitude required to excel at the position. Gregg Williams said Joe excelled at this part of the game, and in some ways, middle linebacker is like the QB of the defense. While Joe doesn't possess elite PHYSICAL skills, he's a tireless worker and a smart player. He's also pretty durable (I believe). Now, when you see Joe standing next to another linebacker...like...Michael Kendricks....they don't look like they play the same position. Kendricks looks like King Kong, Joe looks like a strong safety. However, Joe can play, and play well. I'm interested to see how our backers play together as a unit, and how the coaches use them. Believe it or not, we may have a top 5 group.