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  1. jiggins7919

    Imagine Saquon at 1 and Mayfield at 4

    Never a chance Mayfield would be there. I can't prove it, but I have a suspicion many other teams had Mayfield number 1. I'm by no means a draft expert (duh), but even I was proclaiming Baker the far and away best choice before the draft. But Geez, having Baker AND Saquon? Yo! But we somehow got Baker, Chubb, and Denzel Ward. The Corbett pick remains a mystery for now, but gets a pass because he hasn't played much. The real "imagine" scenario for me is daydreaming about drafting Bradley Chubb at #4. As much as I ADORE Denzel Ward, the concussions are terrifying me. We absolutely need a rusher opposite Myles Garrett, and Ogbah isn't going to be that guy. Chubb and Garrett would've been nasty. If Ward shakes off the injuries, then we're good to go. Hopefully he does.
  2. jiggins7919

    Worst Halftime EVER

    I have no idea why people would watch, lol.
  3. jiggins7919

    2019 Mock Drafts

    I'd say about zero percent chance of taking a QB EARLY, but I can certainly see us taking one eventually in the draft. I think the backup QB is an extremely important position, and I'm curious what we're going to do about it. Heck, if Josh McCown still wants to play, I'd love bringing him back for a year. We're going to focus on DT, OL, and LB early on in the draft, if I had to bet.
  4. jiggins7919

    Of Course You Do Idiot!: Terrell Pryor...

    It was a bizarre scenario, and one that left Browns fans completely confused and especially angry, considering the whole Kenny Britt disaster. And the funny thing was, everyone KNEW it was bad advice from his agent. We knew Pryor wanted to stay here, he'd said as much, multiple times. What I cannot understand is how everyone can know it's bad advice except for the player. Still, I'd love to bring him in for competition. Pryor is a completely different player than anyone on our roster, and I believe comparisons to Derrick Willies are a bit premature at this point. Pryor isn't exactly an experienced WR per say, but a 1000 yard season is nothing to scoff at, and the guy made some plays for us. Additionally, he was terrific catching the ball and running with it, and Mayfield is extremely accurate and shines delivering the ball to people in stride. It's something to consider, and it's also important to remember that Pryor excels at high-pointing the ball, something we don't have other than Njoku.
  5. jiggins7919

    Jarvis Landry headed to pro bowl

    LOL! Yes! I thought there was NO way it had any CHANCE of going through, and the announcer yelled, "IT WENT INNNNNN!" So awesome.
  6. jiggins7919

    Jarvis Landry headed to pro bowl

    Awesome play to see live! That entire game was so very frustrating, right? We played like garbage the entire time, then we're down 14 with 7 minutes to go and here comes Baker. The Landry TD was absolutely sick, but don't forget about that 40 yard run he had! Lol! Little white boy was RUNNING, and then got drilled in the head, and THEN the refs said he was ALLOWED to be hit in the head. Wtf. And of course the 59 yard FG that killed us in OT. ARGH! Best play I was in attendance for was the Callaway TD bomb on 4th and 5 from Tyrod. That was AWESOME! However, it was another frustrating game, too. Hehehehe
  7. jiggins7919

    White helmets

    What a great post. Thanks for sharing! White helmets? Heck no. I actually think I like our current ones. In fact, I haven't even SEEN a proposed design that I remotely like. I'd be shocked if we change it.
  8. jiggins7919

    Jarvis Landry headed to pro bowl

    That's a solid point. Makes me happy for the kid. I met him a few times in Tallahassee when he played in college, and he was always nice. I'm not sure how well he's actually playing, but it can't be too bad, huh? A change of scenery can do wonders, but a change of coaches and personnel can help too. Remember how so many people wanted to run Hubbard out of town? Remember how poorly our OL was doing in general? 33 sacks through 8 games, then 5 during the last 8? That number still just befuddles me. I can remember everyone on the board was terrified (me included) that Baker would die or get ruined. What a difference a new coaching staff makes, huh? 5 sacks and Baker only got "hit" 9 times in those last 8 games. 9 hits was obviously tops in the league, and the next closest team was something like 28 hits. I know I've mentioned that stat several times, but it just blows my mind so completely.
  9. jiggins7919

    Jarvis Landry headed to pro bowl

    I like that you brought up Perriman, as I'm excited to see if he was merely a flash in the pan (which we've seen before), or if he can utilize his vast physical skills to become the player many people thought he'd be. When you go back and watch his receptions, and granted there weren't TOO many, you see a guy running hard and making difficult catches. Some of his catches weren't exactly "simple", and what's more, he made "big plays". That touchdown against the Broncos was absolutely HUGE, and that's what I call helping out your QB. Baker didn't have his best stuff against the Broncos, but I tell ya what, THAT throw was amazing. Perriman isn't signed to a contract, and the guy definitely resurrected his career to the point that SOMEBODY is going to offer him something, but man...I really hope he's back. I think it's pretty fair to say that he WANTS to be back with us, but we all know how difficult it is to sign to an unrestricted.
  10. jiggins7919

    Jarvis Landry headed to pro bowl

    This. All of this.
  11. jiggins7919

    Jarvis Landry headed to pro bowl

    I absolutely love Jarvis Landry, and while I somewhat understand a LITTLE of the criticism, I have to say I disagree with it. For the money, you'd like to see eye-popping production...I get it. But you can't just look at the production of Landry to fully understand his importance, ya know? People need to understand that when we signed him, we were 0-16. We literally HAD to overpay this guy, as all bad teams do with good players. Not only that, Jarvis intimated that Gase sent him to Cleveland almost as a punishment. I don't mind what we paid Jarvis because in addition to his skills on the field, we desperately needed his MENTALITY. Jarvis was exactly what we needed, and he pairs extremely well with Baker Mayfield. He's great for the city (lots of charity work), he's only going to produce more on the field as other receivers get better, and Baker loves the guy. The only complaint I really have of Jarvis is the absolutely gigantic drop he had in our last game. I mean, I can’t think of a worse drop in the past 10 years. The stakes in that game were so high, we just had a defensive TD called back because the ref blew the whistle, and Jarvis likely would’ve gone 95 yards if he caught a deep ball with nobody around him. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a ball bounce off a pro receiver’s FACE. AHHHHHHHHHHHH! LOL
  12. jiggins7919

    Gerald McCoy

    I'll take either!!!
  13. jiggins7919

    Baker Mayfield Thread

    You guys been watching the litany of Mayfield highlight videos on YouTube? I don't think I get tired of watching them, haha. Baker kind of got screwed in that Tampa Bay game. I forgot we were down 14 in the freaking 4th quarter, and Baker shook off a rather poor performance to lead us into OT, where we'd lose for a variety of reasons (Peppers fumble, Bucs' 59 effing yard FG). And don't forget that 40 yard run he had, lol. That was terrific. I can watch that football fly out of his hand all day, and I'm always amazed at how accurate his passes are and how receivers generally don't have to make adjustments to catch it. Not always of course, but going from Kizer to Baker is like listening to a game on radio, then watching the game on HD flat-screen. Something else that was truly amazing was how our receivers got better at catching the ball. I think we still ranked towards the bottom in drop rate, but our drops definitely got better in the 2nd half of the year. The one that haunts me is the ball bounced off Landry's helmet for a possible 95 yard TD. Immediately after the refs took away the TD from Peppers by blowing it dead. I was a little shocked to see Bob Wylie released, and part of Baker's success obviously came from the OL. The same can be said for the OL's success, as Baker has exceptional pocket feel and is adept at releasing the ball quickly when need be, but I was still shocked to see Wylie go when his unit obviously performed well. I've said it a few times, but the job Greg Robinson did for us simply cannot be understated. Taking over the job after an illness to Desmond Harrison, recovering from off-season injuries, and essentially trying to fill the void left by a legend Joe Thomas can't be easy. And while Greg wasn't perfect and definitely cost us with his unnecessary penalties, these are all things that can be coached. Finding LT's ain't easy folks, and don't even look at the free agent class. Go back and watch all the highlights you can of our team if you don't have access to the games, and focus on Robinson. It's amazing to see his progression as the year went on. He's big, he's fast, he's very strong, and now his confidence is starting to show up. He's a free agent, but I'd guess he ain't going anywhere. Oh, and Baker likes him, which isn't the be-all, end-all, but it can't hurt!
  14. jiggins7919


    I really didn’t want another NFL retread, ya know? Although I would’ve been completely fine with Arians and Kitchens as the OC, from what I hear it’s unlikely we would have been ABLE to keep Kitchens as a coordinator, as other NFL teams would’ve likely interviewed him for head coaching opportunities. NFL teams are transitioning from hiring coaching retreads to finding the next “young offensive mind”. I want to say that virtually all of the hirings so far have been largely offensive guys, and I don’t see that trend changing any time soon. People might remember the trick plays that Freddie implemented because some of them worked very well and they were splattered all over the highlight networks, but the only stat you really need to know about Freddie’s offense is that the Browns lead the league with the fewest number of QB hits allowed during the last 8 games, and it wasn’t even CLOSE. I’m not talking about sacks, I’m talking about just getting “hit”. Many of you already know this stat because it’s been posted in other threads, but during the last 8 games of the season, Baker Mayfield was only hit 9 times. The next closest team on the list surrendered 29 hits. Think about that disparity for a moment. Now obviously Freddie Kitchens isn’t the ONLY factor in this mind-blowing statistic, but when he was given OC duties, he inherited the exact same players that Todd Haley had. We remember the “trick plays” and the unusual formations, but does everyone remember the variations of max-protect Kitchens used? I have never seen an OC use more varieties of max-protect, and then have the confidence to send out only two WR’s. If you want an example, take a look at the first play against Carolina. I think we sent out Landry and Perriman deep and basically kept most everyone else in to block. Baker had a GIANT pocket, and Perriman beat his man deep. Freddie took a look at what Baker did well, and he leaned on that instead of trying to force the kid out of his comfort zone. To me, that’s what a good coach does, and he evaluates the talent at his disposal, and puts them into position to win. Even the last drive of our season against Baltimore, Kitchens put us in position to win. Heck, we COULD’VE won the game if we had a kicker that could hit from 56 yards, but on those last four plays, we had the look we wanted on three of them, and Baker just simply didn’t make the plays. Baker underthrew the first pass to Njoku by about a foot, and the defender blindly knocked it down. Baker almost always makes that throw to Njoku, he just came up a bit short. Then he had Landry open on the out pattern, but he left it inside by about two feet, and that was the throw that Baker said will haunt him for a long time. Again, it’s a throw we’re totally used to him making. The one that is likely still making him vomit is the 3rd down play (I think). Baker knew the pressure was coming and basically had to choose one side of the field to look at, and he chose the wrong side. Had he looked left, he could’ve hit Duke Johnson for a probable touchdown, and a 30 yard gain at minimum. Weddle blitzed HARD and timed the snap count perfectly. He thought Duke was blocking, but Duke slipped out as a receiver. Weddle knew he was beat and GRABBED Duke Johnson, but Duke ripped free and was so wide open that it’s still hard to watch. To be honest, I really don’t know how the refs didn’t call the holding penalty. I’m guessing it’s because Baker wasn’t even looking, but they called a similar penalty against us (Peppers) on a 3rd down when Lamar threw to someone else. Seriously, go back and watch it. I’m not exaggerating. I’m excited to have a first time NFL coach, and I’m further excited that my young QB doesn’t have to learn a new system or new language. Instead of trying to learn all the new jargon and concepts, Baker can now work to MASTER what he already knows. That’s such a huge advantage, and you already know Baker is going to have his receivers meeting up with him in the offseason so they can get some work in together. I thought Njoku kind of had an up and down season, but he rectified the issue he had with drops, and he finished very strong. He’s also like 22 years old (if that). I’d be surprised if he didn’t take a giant leap next year in both yards and touchdowns. In just one year Njoku’s blocking increased dramatically, and he might turn into a dominant force for us. The final thing about Kitchens that made me think we HAD to keep him was the red zone production. Depending on what metric used, the Browns finished in the top five in red zone scoring, and that’s just incredible when you think about having a rookie QB. Obviously Baker deserves a BUNCH of this credit, but Kitchens has to share in this because he just seemed to have a feel for what to do. Do I even need to tell you guys to look at our red zone offense last year? Yeesh. It's time to be excited, boys. Heck, it’s PAST time to be excited. I’m not saying we’re going to the freaking Super Bowl or anything like that, but it’s safe to say that we’re actually going to challenge for the AFC North, and that’s the first time in a LONG time I could say THAT.
  15. jiggins7919


    I think it really is, and I believe we're going to learn from past mistakes. It's already been reported that Kitchens will report directly to Dorsey, so that's a positive first step. The next biggest issue is to locate a badass defensive coordinator. I was also pretty shocked to see us let Bob Wylie go from his offensive line coaching position. Our OL was pretty amazing in the second half of the year, and we also developed Greg Robinson nicely. Additionally, our RT (Hubbard) was at first getting booed out the door, then got his act together along with Greg, so I'm pretty shocked to see Bob go.