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  1. jiggins7919

    Time Running Out for Austin Corbett

    I'm listening to a post game podcast now and the guy speaking loves OL play and said Forbes more than held his own. Not stellar or anything, but definitely not a poor showing whatsoever. I'm regards to Corbett, the podcast (Dawgs by Nature) goes onto to say that they don't understand the logic behind the pick. Was he supposed to be our LT? Were we hoping for Guard, or did we think Center all along? Their point is that you don't want to select a guy at #33 overall if he doesn't have a solidified position, and I get their point. Nobody is ever going to hit 100% on picks, but many of us weren't happy with Corbett AND Chad Thomas, and you can miss on picks, but you really have to crap the bed when your #33 pick can't even find a spot on a roster in year two. That's just crazy talk. However, in Thomas' defense, I have been hearing that he's made improvements, so maybe we'll get to see him after the terrific news of his recent injury not being serious.
  2. jiggins7919

    Time Running Out for Austin Corbett

    The Cam Erving saga could be an accurate comparison, and to me it just goes to show how much of the game is mental. Cam got a fresh start and it probably revived his career. New coaches, players, and different expectations. It's insane what a new venue can provide, but I really hope Corbett doesn't have to leave to find his footing. As far as his play, I don't think the bad snaps were the biggest concern, as he routinely got beat and kind of looks overwhelmed out there. It's funny, I just never felt like Corbett had the LOOK of a tough guy, and I completely realize just how absurd that sounds, but when you go from Zeitler to Corbett, the intimidation factor definitely wanes, lol. My new fascination is Drew Forbes, and I'd love for someone who knows more than me about OL to provide a breakdown of how he did.
  3. No General Manager is infallible. The wrong players are drafted, bad contracts are signed, and trades can’t be completed. The pluses for John Dorsey, GM of the Cleveland Browns, are vast. Just to name a few of his accomplishments, Dorsey traded for Odell Beckham, Jr. and Damarius Randall, signed Sheldon Richardson, and drafted Baker Mayfield, Denzel Ward, and Nick Chubb in the 2018 NFL Draft. The missteps for John Dorsey have been few and far between, but Austin Corbett stands in the spotlight, on the 50-yard line, with a stadium full of Browns fans staring at him. Austin Corbett was drafted with the 33rd pick in the 2018 NFL Draft and there were visions of him developing into a Pro Bowl offensive lineman. Matt Miller of Bleacher Report wrote “he still projects as an early starter, but more so as a left guard than a tackle.“ and NFL.com’s Draft Profile of Corbett has a source sharing “He’s smart and just solid all the way around. Long time starter in the league. I think he’ll end up at center.“ Even one of my favorite prospect evaluators, Jon Ledyard, had this Tweet about Austin Corbett: At this point in his career, Austin Corbett has not lived up to his draft status or hype by playing on only 14 offensive snaps in 2018. The 2019 offseason has not been any better as the Browns have added Eric Kush and Kyle Kalis in free agency and drafted Drew Forbes. He struggled badly in the second preseason game. Corbett launched a terrible snap and missed on several blocking assignments. Unfortunately those are par for the course for what Corbett has done. There may be an opportunity for John Dorsey to save face and recoup some value by trading Corbett. It seems like a change of scenery might be the best for everyone involved. Unfortunately, the window to trade Corbett closes more with every snap Corbett plays and cutting him might be Dorsey’s only remaining option. https://brownswire-usatoday-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/brownswire.usatoday.com/2019/08/18/opinion-time-for-the-browns-to-bail-on-austin-corbett/amp/?amp_js_v=a2&amp_gsa=1&usqp=mq331AQEKAFwAQ%3D%3D#referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From %1%24s&ampshare=https%3A%2F%2Fbrownswire.usatoday.com%2F2019%2F08%2F18%2Fopinion-time-for-the-browns-to-bail-on-austin-corbett%2F
  4. jiggins7919

    ***Browns @ Colts Preseason Game Night Thread***

    The Good: D'Ernest Johnson can play RB in the NFL, and he's going to be on a roster. Probably not ours, but who knows? He can run, he can catch, and he's tough. If he doesn't make our 53, somebody will pick him up. And hello Mr. Montgomery! That guy just keeps making plays at WR and our WR room is going to be cramped as hell. Gilbert throwing for around 150 yards and two TDs. This guy can really play, and I think he's making a serious case for staying on the roster as our 3rd qb. Nice arm strength, above average accuracy, and he definitely knows where to go with the pill. Yes, I know it's preseason, but still. Gilbert really made the game watchable and fun. The Bad: Our defense's inability to finish plays and tackle, especially in the back field. I saw 3 or 4 plays where we couldn't finish off the tackle, including a 4th down play where Mack Wilson ran right BY Brissett which allowed him to complete a long pass. I will never understand why defensive players don't try and slow down a little bit and grab the qb around waist or something. I didn't like seeing Jacobi Brissett look like Joe Montana against our 1st team defense. Penalties. Good lord the penalties. To be fair, some of the calls were total bull crap, but geez. I guess this is why you play preseason games, but I could tell Freddie was PISSED. The Ugly: The kicking game. This is the second week in a row where we tried to get a FG at the end of a half and screwed it up. It might be preseason, but it's getting about time to be somewhat worried our kickers. Many games in the NFL come down to the last couple minutes. I'd hate to be on the fringe of the playoffs and need a kick to finish off a contest. Our guys couldn't connect in a dome, and I was really hoping one of them would pull away from the other.
  5. jiggins7919

    ***Browns @ Colts Preseason Game Night Thread***

    I don't THINK Nelson is playing due to minor injury. I'm interested to see what our first string DL does because they apparently beat the snot out of the Colts Thursday.
  6. jiggins7919

    ***Browns @ Colts Preseason Game Night Thread***

    Nero, that sounds like an incredible trip! I want more details! Lol.
  7. jiggins7919

    Josh Gordon reinstated again

    It's no secret that I've always been enamored with the physical gifts possessed by Gordon, and even though we tried over and over again to keep him on our active roster, it never worked out. Maybe it's because I work with people experiencing addiction problems, and I know how much damage drugs can cause, and perhaps I just simply love a good redemption story, but I know I'll always root for this guy to get his life together. Has he been given a ton of chances? Of course. But here's the thing, and this matters...Josh has to pass a bunch of drug tests each month when he's reinstated into the league. He wouldn't BE reinstated if he hasn't been passing these tests and doing the work. Going to counseling, therapy, group sessions, and also maintaining a ridiculous level of physical performance is NOT easy people. This is a very sick man, and he's also dealing with child support issues, custody crap, and all the while trying to piece his life together. What he's trying to do is not easy, and I want people to understand that. To many, it might seem like "All he has to do is stop smoking pot", but it's so much more than that. Josh let us down, and nobody knows that more than him. He's a greatly flawed man, but you know what? So am I. I'm still rooting for him and I probably always will. That being said, I totally understand why our fans are over this guy, and I really don't blame them. The good news for us is that we got a little bit of compensation, and now the Patriots fans get to check the news wire every day and pray they don't see a Gordon headline.
  8. jiggins7919

    Sleeping on Ravens

    I still think the Ravens will be very tough this year, and that offense is an absolute terror to stop when clicking. A part of me believes they got exposed in their playoff game, and I'm not sure Jackson can consistently make the throws needed to win at the end, but I know they won't be fun to play, regardless of who they lost to FA.
  9. jiggins7919

    The Scary Week of Practice

    It's funny, I kind of thought that too, but apparently our version of camp is no laughing matter. Obviously I can't speak for ALL Browns fans, but I know enough that desperately want a TOUGH, PHYSICAL team, and we simply haven't had that. Now, I get the feeling that toughness and physicality are what we're hanging our hat on, and that's what it'll take to beat the Ravens and Steelers. Newspapers like to report on the dangers of our passing attack, but the real power of our offense will likely come from the ground, especially after the weather turns.
  10. jiggins7919


    Great find, Zombo. The biggest thing for Forbes is the NFL weight room and strength conditioning. It’s obvious that his frame is virtually ideal for whatever OL position he wants to play, but if he continues to get stronger without sacrificing his agility, I don’t see why this guy can’t get a shot at locking down a 2nd string spot, and who knows, maybe even start one day. I’ve heard this guy has a nasty streak and he’s very smart. I’ll be watching him tomorrow!!
  11. jiggins7919

    The Scary Week of Practice

    I could be mistaken, but I think the OP was saying scary because of potential injuries. At least, that's what I always worry about during both team practices and joint versions, LOL. However, after looking at the practice updates from Thursday and listening to some podcasts, I think fans should be extremely excited. Multiple analysts made reference of the Browns setting the tone, not backing down, and looking like we belong against a team that made the playoffs last year AND won a game. Now of course the Colts aren’t playing Andrew Luck, but it was nice to hear that our guys appeared physical, hungry, and evenly matched in various matchups throughout practice. We have to take this information with a grain of salt, but our radio and podcast people said we looked like the superior team and they made multiple references that we appeared to set the tone throughout the day. There were multiple skirmishes, including one bench-clearing incident, but I don’t believe anyone was hurt and cooler heads prevailed. Some stand out performers included Jaelen Strong at WR, and this is a guy who didn’t play football last year due to an ACL injury, and he’s making an extremely….well…”strong” case to make the team. In fact, it sounds like he’s not only a lock to make the roster, he’s actually going to factor into our offense. Strong caught just about everything threw his way and I keep hearing his name routinely after practices. Other standouts include Nick Chubb, who ripped off a 65 yard TD run after making one cut and smashing the gas. Everyone was celebrating the run and the offensive line was ecstatic. In the two minute drill, Baker connected to Landry multiple times, and I believe we finished this drive off with a TD, unlock Wednesday’s practice where we settled for 3. Kush remains entrenched as the RG starter, Beckham didn’t practice again, and Landry only participated sparingly. Our defensive line starters have all been out there during both days, and I read they were “dominant”. This is terrific to hear, and I really wish our entire offense was out there so they could get some time together. Oh, Genard Avery is back full time and has looked impressive rushing the QB, and I also read that Kareem Hunt was impressive on Wednesday. Overall, I’m happy with the practices and I’m so relieved to read that we looked like the more physical team out there.
  12. jiggins7919

    The Scary Week of Practice

    Apparently the first day went pretty well. Not perfect as you'd expect, but the general feeling from our analysts was that it was dramatically different from years past when we'd go against teams like the Bills and come away thinking that we're in for a long season. We didn't look out-toughed, and that's important to me. It's also worth noting that Hunt looked extremely good and it's easy to forget just how talented that guy is, and although week 8 is a long ways off, he could be quite the shot in the arm if he takes care of his business. One thing that drives me crazy? We apparently got down to the goal line and again got cute. We didn't get the ball into the end zone and settled for 3, and it sounded like we tried to pass the ball into the pay-dirt instead of getting physical. In fairness, it's quite possible that we were attempting to work on specific formations or timing of certain plays, but you'd really like to see us muscle up and get nasty instead of trying to get cute down there. Of course, I actually remember similar scenarios in last year's preseason, only to see us come out and execute nicely with Hyde in short yardage, and our team as a whole was strangely efficient in the red zone...something we haven't seen in FOREVER. So I'm not worried about it, just a random observation. Our analysts also said that the practice was another example of people being in awe of Baker Mayfield getting the ball out quickly and with command. The phrase "the ball looks different coming out of his hand" was used again, and Baker's accuracy and arm strength combined with his decisiveness are something to behold.
  13. jiggins7919

    The Scary Week of Practice

    I think it’s pretty obvious that Kitchens wants our team to be extremely physical, and if I had to guess, he wasn’t too happy about the missed tackles last season. To be honest, I didn’t see Kitchens as being this hard-nosed guy. He seemed rather happy-go-lucky with his personality and teddy bear demeanor, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. He’s running a no-nonsense, taxing, and grueling camp, and I hope that benefits our team. I also think that’s kind of why we brought somebody like Taki onto the team. His style, when kept in check, will help influence our physicality. He’s the kind of emotional fireplug that could really elevate our overall demeanor on the field, and I like him. I’m actually thrilled to have him AND Mack Wilson, and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Mack Wilson ends up being the steal of the entire draft. Mack is known for his coverage skills, and his pick-6 last week was pretty amazing. Not just the catch, but the ability to change directions and then take the ball to the house. That one in practice where he caught the ball, rolled into a starting position, and then catapulted into first gear was one of the more incredible plays I’ve seen from a rookie, regardless if it was in camp or not. A high-flying offense is always fun for the highlights, but as we all know, the weather tends to get pretty crummy during the 4th quarter of the season, and we’re going to need all the physicality we can get if we’re going to get to the postseason.
  14. jiggins7919

    Browns Depth Chart 2019

    I think you're right about Stanton, and I just read that he has his best day of camp recently, firing multiple TD passes and moving the ball quite well down the field. That's really good to hear should the unthinkable happen. I know it was obviously just the first preseason game and all, but I was kind of impressed with the physical tools of our younger back up QB's. I thought the ball came out pretty hot with impressive arm strength. I just read another "Should the Browns trade for Trent Williams" article, and it left me with the feeling that we're pretty set at OL except for our RG spot. For whatever reason, Corbett hasn't worked out, and Kush seems to be taking his chance and making the most out of it. And I know this really doesn't matter too much, but Kush also passes the "eyeball test", ya know? When you look at Kush and Corbett standing next to each other, Kush just SEEMS like the better candidate. Now I know this isn't scientific at ALL, but Kush looks like the guy you don't want to mess with, and Corbett looks like the guy trading Pokemon cards at that weird store in the mall nobody ever goes into. As far as Trent Williams goes, I don't see us making a move in the slightest, even IF Washington wanted to make a trade, which they don't. Trent is going into his 8th season, which is getting up there, and I can't see us trading resources for an older LT, no matter how good he is. Also, Greg Robinson continues to improve by going against Myles Garrett, and although he gets his ass handed to him several times a practice, there's absolutely no way this isn't helping Greg get better. Again, it's just the first preseason game, but Greg Robinson locked it DOWN against the Redskins and looked very good. Callaway having an ankle sprain and being suspended leaves a roster spot open for another receiver, and in my mind it's either Jalen Strong or Sheehy. I'd love nothing more than to see Sheehy continue making plays and earn a roster spot. That would be terrific, and it would also give us a legit weapon on returns, which we haven't had in quite some time.
  15. That's a very large man who I agree has a chance to be a contributer.