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  1. So far I've been nothing but impressed by his patience and teamwork. He has every right to be frustrated, but I see nothing but incompetent journalists trying their hardest to make a story when their isn't one. Even bad teams with star WRs get their guy the ball...what's the freakin problem?
  2. jiggins7919

    Pay Hunt. Period.

    Pay him. Pay Schobert. Screw Randall. Next topic. 😁
  3. jiggins7919

    Dorsey deserves blame for disappointing season

    Well, that hurts, huh?
  4. jiggins7919

    Steve Carlson

    I want to say Carlson made a few plays in the preseason, but I could be confusing him with another TE. I'm definitely liking what I see and hopefully he can stick around for a while. I'd be interested to see us run a fade route with him, just to see if that's something he can do. Njoku was getting pretty good at it, so having another athletic guy out there could be tough to stop.
  5. jiggins7919

    CB problems

    Inconsistent is the best way to put it. Ward has looked incredible at times, but his play on the deep ball is concerning. He's way ahead of Greedy on that front, but Ward panics EVERY time and grabs the WR's arm. He's gotten away with it a few times, but he's also been called for penalties. The other problem with Ward are the lack of big plays. It's VERY difficult to knock someone for this, but star players make star caliber plays. When was the past time he got a pick? A pick-6? A forced fumble? Greedy has definitely flashed, but it's pretty obvious that he's green. Our defense basically suffers from a perpetual lack of big plays. Terrence Mitchell gets the one interception, and our offense shits the bed. It's so typical. I think that was the drive where Baker threw deep to Landry but he couldn't hold on to it. Was it catchable? Sure looked like it. Anyway, there's some reason for hope in the future, but right now it's all about the young bucks taking their lumps and learning. I wouldn't be surprised if Andy Dalton torched our secondary Sunday because we'll have no pass rush.
  6. jiggins7919

    We are still very much in the wildcard race

    Wish I could say I was still interested. I'm sure I'll get excited again for next year, but the fire has gone out for now. We can't beat 3rd string quarterbacks...so I'm pretty sure we don't belong anywhere near "Playoffs". After seeing the cheering and jubilation in Pittsburgh, it just kind of hit me...that's who they are, and we're the team who loses their best player by swinging a helmet and dooming the franchise. It's just who we are. Pittsburgh is the team who can win with an undrafted QB. Think about that for a while. We literally can't beat a team starting an undrafted QB and we had almost every single starting offensive player, INCLUDING the former #1 pick QB in Baker Mayfield. We scored 13 points in the biggest game our franchise has seen in over a decade, and our defense gave up 20 points to an undrafted QB. By the time the dust has settled, Myles Garrett will be responsible for the jobs of Freddie Kitchens and his coaching staff, any chance we had at the post season, beating the Steelers twice for the first time in 30 years, and the possible destruction of Baker Mayfield because he'll have to learn another new system and everyone knows that's how you ruin QBs. Thanks Myles. I guess there's always next year.
  7. jiggins7919

    The Article Our Team Should Read Together

    This wasn't just a game. This was an encapsulation of our team since returning in 1999. Favored, with the season on the line, and a chance to break through so many painful walls.... It's always tough after a loss, but this is different. Feels different. Feels like the end.
  8. jiggins7919

    Browns at Steelers Official Gameday thread

    We aren't good enough. We have no magic. And we still can't win when it matters. The Steelers will always be the team we wish we were. They can win games with 2nd and 3rd string qb's and we can't even score 20 points in the most important game in over a decade. It would have been better if we didn't win 3 in a row because the losses will just hurt that much more. But hey, "There's always next year."
  9. jiggins7919

    Fire Freddy

    I can't even imagine why it's impossible to get him the ball. As bad as the Giants were, they still usually managed it. I feel like we almost HAVE to trade him now, regardless of value. Why pay $16 million a year? Whatever, I really don't care right now. Sometimes it doesn't feel like anything we do matters. Let's find another 3rd string QB to lose to.
  10. jiggins7919

    Damarious Randall benched for Steelers game

    Yeah...I know. I'm just pissed off. I'm so freakin angry and tired of the same shit every year. My heart thought we could win, but my brain absolutely knew we couldn't do it. There was a reason we didn't re-sign Randall already.
  11. jiggins7919

    Browns at Steelers Official Gameday thread

    Not sure if you'll be seeing that for a while. I hate excuses, but Freddie doesn't have an OL and that wasn't his fault. Landry dropped a pass inside the 10 yard line after the pick. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure he should have caught it. Demetrius Harris dropped a touchdown. Freddie can't help that either. The defense might be the worst tackling team I've literally ever seen, and the pass rush is a JOKE. I hate to say it, but we're not very good. We're just not. It really sucks, and sucks worse when the Steelers can beat us with their 3rd string QB and their fans just laugh at us and celebrate like they do every year. It was a real party in Pittsburgh. Something we know nothing about, and likely won't for a while.
  12. jiggins7919

    Damarious Randall benched for Steelers game

    I guess it depends on WHAT he did. Hard to gauge the discipline when you don't know the offense. But still, it'd have to be severe to cost him a game and us a solid defensive player. I don't know what it was, but considering your team was down it's only legit pass rusher, without virtually every safety, AND your LT inexplicably develops concussion symptoms on a freakin Wednesday...yeah...it better be pretty serious. If it turns out to be he was 5 minutes late to a meeting, I'm going to be pissed.
  13. jiggins7919

    Damarious Randall benched for Steelers game

    Could've cost us the game. Why punish team? Don't get it. He and Garrett destroyed our season. This game ended everything. I know this team and I feel like they'll quit.
  14. jiggins7919

    Browns at Steelers Official Gameday thread

    Secondary and DL.
  15. jiggins7919

    Browns at Steelers Official Gameday thread

    Goodbye season. It was fun for a few weeks. Anyone expecting to beat Cincy? Not me. ARIZONA? Nope. Ravens? Please.