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  1. 2018 Mock Drafts

    I just don't see the most "QB Tortured" franchise in the NFL drafting a guy #1 like Josh Allen. Could he be great? Sure, nobody has a crystal ball, but the guy's accuracy, lack of competition, and paltry numbers are just too suspect for me to ever get on board. He appears like the most "boom or bust" QB entering the draft, and I want NONE of that. Not at #1, and not for us.
  2. That's a fair point about the RB position. I think the interest for us stems in the obvious loss of Crowell, but equally because of the crop of RB's entering the draft lead by a unique, highly touted stud from Penn State. Now, I'm nowhere near as high on Barkley as many, but the fact remains that there are several RB's entering the draft that will be available when we pick, and we also have an abundance of early picks. If we didn't have the multiple 2nd rounders, then no, I don't think finding a RB would necessarily be at the top of the needs list. But, we DO have multiple 2nd rounders...three to be exact. To be honest, I think we'll move down to the 3rd round with one of those picks because we gave up our 3rd round for Tyrod, but still...finding a RB makes some sense to me. That being said, I'm not going to be too upset if we DON'T draft one, either. The guy I like, Derius Guice, won't be available in the 2nd round from what I'm hearing. He's the "downhill" type back with a nasty attitude that I've been desperately wanting on our team, but I'm guessing somebody else will somewhat reach for him and he'll be gone long before the draft gets back to us. On paper, the guy from San Diego State appears interesting, but I don't know much about the guy.
  3. How Can/Will The Browns Blow It? Or Not?

    I think many of us are somewhat "scared" that we'll blow it in some way or another, but for me personally, a lot of that fear has been negated by the fact we now have a GM with experience. A guy who has done it before, done it well, and has a ton of assets to work with. Given our experience with trading down and missing out on potential blue-chippers, I seriously doubt we'll trade out of the #1 pick. Now, #4 will almost certainly be a trade down in my crazy mind, but I don't expect it to be TOO far down. Our staff has essentially said we're taking a QB first, and we've already turned down offers for a trade. I'd LOVE to know what the details of those trades were, but you can bet teams will be coming with their very best offers as the draft begins. Still, I don't see us moving out of #1. My biggest fear is trying to get too cute and trading out of the #1 and somehow missing out on our "favorite" QB. Even if we move anywhere from 2-5 and we draft a QB, I can still read the headlines in my head, "Browns wanted someone else, but settled for (enter name)." We don't NEED to settle, and we don't NEED to trade down...not from #1. Identify your favorite QB, draft him, and if you want to get cute, do so with the #4. My other fear? Drafting Josh Allen. This guy scares me to DEATH, and people can try and explain away his miserable completion percentage all they want, but his accuracy means "NO WAY" to me. On the flip side, apparently Allen is extremely bright and did somewhat better on the "white board" than some expected, but Allen represents (to me) the biggest "boom or bust" candidate in the draft, and when you're the Browns, you can't choose that guy. You have to pick the guy who you feel has the safest floor, and someone you feel strongly about starting for your team during the next 10 years. I want Baker Mayfield, and that's not going to change. I could care less about his height, as he rarely got passes knocked down in college, and he's scary accurate. I don't have a stat to prove it, but when I watched Baker play, he really seemed to deliver the ball to people where they could catch it and RUN with it. We have guys on our team who can be scary good after the catch. THAT'S where accuracy is really going to help us. Oh, and Baker doesn't throw picks, either. What's my biggest fear for our offense this year? Ironically, it has nothing to do with the QB position at all. My biggest fear/concern with our offense is actually our FG kicker. Tyrod Taylor appears to ALWAYS be involved in close games. Again, I have no stats to prove this, and I could be way off, but Tyrod seems to be a guy who's consistently in tight games, and for a team who absolutely needs every point, we can't have anything less than a stellar kicker. We can't be going for it on the opposition's 36 yard line because we don't have faith in our kicker. We need to be to confidently line up our kicker, have him make the majority of his long kicks, and he needs to do so in close games. Additionally, we simply CAN'T get off to an awful start to the season. If we start out 0-4 or something, it's going to get UGLY in Cleveland (well, UGLIER anyways). For seemingly once in our darn lives, we need to win the first darn game. Get that freaking gorilla off our backs, and start focusing on winning some more games. We can't have a situation where we're searching for that elusive "first win" week in and week out. The NFL has so many close games, and we need a kicker who can make tough kicks to ensure we grab the ones we can. Another offensive fear I have is obviously Josh Gordon. Every day it seems like I'm checking my phone to see, "Gordon tested positive, is off the team!" or some crap like that. Every single time I see a Browns logo on my phone indicating there's Browns news, I get scared. Josh is simply THAT good, and while he was admittedly a little scattered during his 5 games last year, I certainly believe him being able to participate with his team ALL YEAR long and into training camp will do wonders for the guy. He sees the payday Landry got, and you KNOW he sees his paltry paycheck (in comparison, of course) and wants something more. Josh needs to prove he can play, and prove even more that he can stay in the league. He does that, and we have an offense you don't want to mess with. You're not going to double-team Landry AND Gordon all that much, and if you're going to "box" Gordon with a safety, or flat-out double cover him, Landry and maybe even Coleman will have EXCELLENT opportunities. Josh opens so many doors for our offense. I only hope they stay open and he doesn't slam it shut on his NFL future.
  4. What I would consider a perfect draft

    Yeah, there's a large part of me that agrees with you. I've been saying for a while now that I'm fairly certain we're trading down from the #4 pick because having the 1 and 4 picks of the first round is simply too much draft capital to play with, and I really believe our GM won't be able to help himself. My experience with GM's is that they almost have to PROVE they can "get over" on another team, and they need to prove themselves. Where's the glory in holding still and not shaking and baking? Sure you get to pick someone at 4, but you don't get to prove that you're smarter than another GM, and that's what drives so many of these guys IMO.
  5. You know what I think? I believe we've known who we're taking #1 for a while, and we've been working on every other pick for the past few weeks/months. Yeah, nothing is more important than the QB selection, but we have SO MANY other picks, high picks, that I can't imagine we're still spending time on who we're picking #1. The biggest intrigue now is probably what we're doing at #4. We're going to be getting a ton of phone calls, so we have to decide if we're willing to move down, how far we'd be willing to go, and exactly what we need to make the trade. One thing that concerns me is hearing this statement in a recent article. "In this draft, there's not much difference in picking at 22 or 52." I forget who said it, so I apologize, and this is just the opinion of one person, but it made me think about how often we've been burned by trading out of very high picks, and moving down to later portions of the first round. Perhaps we just ignore every phone call and simply stay put to try and find that "blue chip" type guy.
  6. Latest Pluto

    People that are moving to the Josh Allen idea are being swayed by his physical tools, IMO. I think after watching MONTHS of video, workouts, and game film, after a while...you just start to fall in love with a guy who can throw it a country mile. The problem is, that doesn't mean SQUAT in the NFL. I want to know who can THINK the fastest, who can process the quickest, who can get the ball out to the RIGHT GUY consistently, who can deliver it IN STRIDE, and many other qualities that have nothing to do with how much zip the ball has on it. Josh Allen terrifies me. Now, for what it's worth, I BELIEVE Josh Allen had the highest Wonderlic test by far out of the top QB prospects. Something like a 36. I'm not sure if there's really a correlation to high Wonderlic vs high performance, but I did find it interesting.
  7. The fact that the "experts" on tv and other reporting arenas don't have a consensus #1 candidate shows us that it's probably not out of the question that OUR experts don't have a shared conclusion. Obviously it'd be NICE if everyone felt the same way, but I can think of pluses and minuses to each guy, so I'm sure they're battling the same issue. There's been so much talk about Josh Allen and Sam Darnold, I can't help but think that means it will be either Baker Mayfield or Josh Rosen. To be honest, I don't really care WHO we take at #1, as long as it's a QB, and as long as it's NOT Josh Allen. He just looks like a total bust to me UNLESS he goes to a team with an established QB and experienced coaching structure that knows what to do with him. Playing QB for the Browns is a way different animal, as we all know.
  8. How Can/Will The Browns Blow It? Or Not?

    Well, let's face it. We could "blow it", but we really could use some LUCK too. Injuries, chemistry, even Josh Gordon staying straight....we need some things to go our darn way. Heck, even a large part of the draft is freaking luck. So am I afraid we're going to blow it? Sure. We have a TON of draft capital, and I've maintained over the past few months that our GM simply won't be able to resist trading down from 4. It could work out, but suffice to say we Browns fans haven't exactly been rewarded with trading down all that often. Sure, we get some killer picks, but we haven't gotten those blue chip guys we need to make plays. We have a new front office, and that gives me hope. We have a veteran QB who protects the ball and works his butt off. We need our 2nd year players to "make the leap", something that has largely eluded us. We also need Josh Gordon on the field. We saw glimpses of his greatness last year, and lord knows what he can do with a full season of training and practicing with the team. The guy looks like Kong but runs a 4.4. I am very hopeful. After such a miserable season, I'm excited to think about possibly winning multiple games and actually having FUN watching my beloved team. Remember fun? I mean, on paper this isn't a bad team at all. How crazy is THAT? After going winless, I would never have thought I'd be thinking about winning 6 games or so. And I totally think that's possible. We could win more, or even less, but I'm excited to actually SEE what we do. We did well (not great, but well IMO) in free agency, and now it's time for the draft.
  9. Sam Darnold

    Kicker? DL? QB? FS? We had youth all over the place, even if they didn't start, we still depended heavily on them. I feel like there will be a change from that.
  10. Rosen

    Yep, a few more weeks to go. The crazy thing to me is that we know the draft hardly ever goes like people think, and this one could be absolutely crazy, especially early. Now we have the Patriots with 2 first rounders I think, and the popular thinking is THEY might be collecting assets to move up for a QB. So now we have Browns, Bills, and Pats with 2 picks, and they all want a QB, possibly. I'll tell you what, I've seen some videos of Josh Rosen lately, and I think the guy has done himself some good. He comes off as likeable, funny, and having more personality than given credit for. He's also answered some tough questions, some of them personal in nature. I've been impressed by him, and I'm guessing NFL execs are too. Now, along the same line is Baker Mayfield. THAT guy is popping up everywhere (on TV), and let me tell you, that kid has personality. Now, nobody gets drafted because they'd win a popularity contest, but Baker seems like a guy people would WANT to play with. He's funny, driven, and can really sling it. I think he's the perfect guy to be the face of a franchise that has struggled more than any in history. I really do. That being said, Josh Rosen has gone a long way to squish any fear I had about him being a douche bag and having no personality. Is he arrogant? I don't think so. I believe he's confident, and that's what I WANT. The guy I'm concerned about is Sam Darnold. He just seems to have this "Aw Shucks" type of mentality. Now, I realize I don't really know any of these guys, and what I see on TV doesn't really mean squat, but I do wonder if Darnold has that "It Factor". How's he going to respond after getting his azz whipped in a game and throwing 3 picks? Because in my crazy mind, after Baker Mayfield throws 3 picks and loses a game, he's going to enter the "Insane Zone" and work his tail completely off without losing confidence.
  11. Sam Darnold

    And let's be honest. We need a little luck, and that's putting it mildly. We can't lose Tyrod in the 1st game like we did RG III in 2016. Garrett and Ogbah have to not only remain healthy, they each need to take "the step". Gordon needs to stay on track, Coleman has to keep his freaking hand from breaking, and so on. Every team gets injuries, but often the teams with the best records are the ones with the fewest impact, catastrophic accidents that sideline the best players for the year. The truly interesting aspect of our team (to me anyway) is that we appear to have a decent squad. We're not going to be depending on rookies for the most part, and that's a dramatic change in philosophy. Do we hope our draft picks make an early impact? Heck yes. But let's face it, there aren't too many open jobs on our roster, and when is the last time we could say THAT? Are we going to draft a RB in the first 3 rounds? I'd say yes, but he's likely NOT to start because rookie RBs generally aren't great at pass protection, whereas Hyde definitely is. Likewise, we're probably drafting a CB high, but he's not guaranteed to start either. He'll have to compete with Jamar Taylor, EJ Gaines, Boddy-Calhoun, Howard Wilson (I think that's his name?), and whoever else. Our rookie, even if drafted in the first round, will have to earn his way onto the field. I don't want to make excuses for our veteran corners, but we didn't exactly do a bunch to give them help. A nonexistent pass rush, a ridiculous "Angel Safety" who was manned by a rookie strong safety/linebacker, and our DC's tendency to consistently blitz WAY too much that left our secondary completely exposed time and time again. It was like clockwork....big 3rd down arrives, we send the house, and our DBs either gave a giant cushion or were exposed by screens and simple crossing routes. Yuck. What's this mean? It means we need defensive studs who can impact the other team's passing game! Bradley Chubb at #4, or Minkah Fitzpatrick, or possibly Denzel Ward. That's what I want. We need to hit the QB, do it without blitzing, and we need to force turnovers and actually MAKE the freaking play when it comes our way. How many times did we not recover the fumble? Drop the pick-6? Not strip the QB? Turnovers win games, and conversely, they will COST you the game, too. Kizer threw about 15 more interceptions than Tyrod. That's reeeee-diculous. We now have offensive weapons, REAL weapons that can make the plays. Corey Coleman will draw the #3 CB, and he can win that match up. Josh is Josh (assuming he's on the field), and I'm totally excited to see Jarvis play. Tyrod is the king of the dump off, short pass, and nobody catches more of those than Jarvis. I'm excited for the first time in years.
  12. Sam Darnold

    Oh I totally agree, I was just trying to figure out how we'd go about doing it. We have fewer holes than a year ago, and that's BEFORE the draft. Right now our biggest holes are LT, QB, secondary depth, RB, and that's about it. Now, do we have have decent STARTERS at most positions? Yeah, shockingly enough, we actually DO. Problem is, we lost Hall of Fame Joe freaking Thomas right when we actually get a QB worth a darn. The good news is that we have Tyrod, who is completely mobile. And that's a good thing because this draft isn't strong for LT and Tyrod may be running for his life. But look at our starters really quickly. It's pretty...like...decent. Our problem is depth. We all know injuries happen to every team, and we also have the misfortune of our best offensive weapon being a malicious fart away from NFL expulsion. When I think of our defense, I like what I see. We have a legit front 7, and we've made additions to the secondary. Heck, check out our linebackers. Jamie Collins, Christian Kirskey, and Joel Schobert. That's not too shabby. But we need people behind them. We need people behind Myles Garrett and Ogbah. We need a RB to spell Hyde, and then be groomed to take over. I gotta tell you guys, we can't fix EVERYTHING in this draft, but we can get pretty darn close.
  13. Sam Darnold

    If we do take two quarterbacks, I think it will be at #1, and it will be later in the first round (if we trade up a tad) or with #33. I seriously doubt we'd go QB at 1 and 4, but I COULD see us grabbing one Lamar Jackson if he is available later in the first. I sincerely believe our interest in Lamar Jackson is real. Now, I don't think it's "#1 real" like some crazy writers recently said, but I KNOW Hue Jackson loves read-option wrinkles, and nobody runs that formation like Lamar. Even as a rookie, Lamar would let you create a small package of plays that revolve around the shotgun, read-option formation. Even if it's one formation that has 3-5 variations, it's still enough to warrant the opposing defensive coordinator spending some time preparing for it. Can you imagine getting inside the red zone and then trotting out Lamar Jackson? Perhaps not the red zone, but more like inside the 10. He'd be a nightmare. And it'd be a great way to get him just a little experience on a weekly basis. Do I think we'll do it? Not really. But think about this....if we make a trade with Buffalo and move down to 12 and 22 (after presumably taking a QB at 1), then it's possible Lamar plops into our laps at 22. We could theoretically draft a QB at 1, take a CB/S at 12, Lamar at 22, and then play around with the other picks Buffalo would most certainly give up to move up to 4. That would give us the flexibility to move back into the first round to basically guarantee we'd get the RB of our choice (other than Saquon, obviously).
  14. Darnold at #1?

    You see where the Browns were "very impressed" with Josh Rosen? It's certainly no surprise, as me and you definitely expected him to be sharp intellectually and of course the golden arm. Again, I'd be COMPLETELY happy if we drafted him, but I don't know if he's the type of QB Hue Jackson wants in Cleveland. If Tyrod Taylor's arrival is any indication, I'd say we want somebody a bit more athletic than Josh. This isn't to say Josh can't move AT ALL, but he's not the athlete Darnold, Mayfield, and Allen are either. I really believe Hue Jackson loves the read-option, maybe not like EVERY PLAY, but he definitely likes to run variations of it throughout the game, and I don't know if Rosen can really perform in that role. Now, I also don't believe Hue loves the read-option SO much that he'd draft Lamar Jackson #1 overall (like some silly article said yesterday), but I could see us taking Lamar Jackson as a SECOND QB if he should fall.
  15. How the Browns Can Get Five 1st Round Picks (article)

    I'm 90% sure Buffalo is trading up with somebody, either with Giants or us. With the 12 pick, it's very possible someone tantalizing could fall to us, similar to when we screwed the pooch last year and Malik Hooker fell to us. Still, I'm quite content to hang at 4 and take one of the top talents we're hoping to get.