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  1. Week 11 - You Decide~

    I would love to say I smell an upset, but I just don't. Jags are an awful match-up for us, and they're much healthier than us too. Like I said in another post, the Jags don't blitz much because they somehow don't HAVE TO, and that's very troublesome. ESPECIALLY because we're going to be banged up on our OL. Whether or not Tretter and Coleman will play is still unknown, but I'd guess we're going to be without at least one of them. Regardless, our OL will have their hands full with all of the stunts and twists the Jags' DL does, and they simply GET AFTER the QB. Not good for a kid who suffered a painful rib injury. Furthermore, the loss of Jamie Collins is just devastating, and we know the Jags want to run the ball. The one hope we have in this game is Blake Bortles. He almost threw two pick-6's last week, and he gets a lot of passes tipped at the line. We need to get our hands up, make the PLAY when the ball is in the air, and our defense has to take it to the house. Our biggest chance to score some easy points will come from Bortles, and if the weather is going to be nasty, I think we'll have a chance to do just that. What I'm curious about is the rest of our schedule. To be honest, I think the Jags game is the most difficult one, maybe next to the Steeler game at the end of the year. The Bengals don't look good, the Packers are without Rodgers, the Bears aren't anything special, and neither are the Chargers. If we can just stay healthy, I think we can steal a game or maybe two. I really do. But I certainly don't feel like it's going to be THIS game. We are eligible to get Josh Gordon back for the Chargers' game on 12/3/17. The five games he could play in are the Bolts, Ravens, Bears, Packers, and Steelers. We could win two of those....possibly. And I'm NOT a guy who EVER picks us to win. The only time I picked Browns to win was against the Jets, and that was a game we SHOULD'VE won. Of course, a lot has to happen for Josh to actually PLAY those five games. Obviously stay clean and checked in, but perhaps more importantly...stay healthy. I really think he's going to get a soft-tissue injury, but I also want to be so wrong...
  2. Houston - our 2nd first round pick

    Yeah, you're right. I guess it's just annoying that WE couldn't play the Cardinals with their 3rd string QB, LOL. Not only that, but God forbid we get to play the Texans with Tom Savage at the helm either. I believe we'd win BOTH of those games. GRRRRRRRR.
  3. Wide recievers

    Nobody can count on Gordon as being the “long-term answer” because of his track record. However, it doesn’t mean we can’t HOPE to all heck that he keeps it together. As I’ve stated multiple times, it’s not realistic to expect an addict to get completely sober the first time he/she really becomes open to treatment. Generally, it takes multiple efforts AFTER inpatient treatment because the addict goes through a period of experimenting and figuring out what works best for them. The first thing that happens to addicts in “recovery” is after they get some sober time in, many of them think “they’re cured”, and then they put themselves back into precarious positions. The “stinking thinking” begins, and their brain tells them things like, “Look how good you’re doing! You can smoke ONE joint with your buddies. You deserve it after all this hard work.” Remember, addiction is basically the one disease that tells you, “You don’t have it.” Anyways, I’m sorry for going on (again). The only point is we can’t DEPEND on Josh, but we can HOPE for his success. It’s no secret we still need to add WR’s, as Coleman hasn’t proved to be durable and the other bozos on our roster haven’t added up to a dang thing. One of Sashi’s biggest failures wasn’t drafting the four idiot WR’s last year, it was KEEPING the likes of Jordan Payton and letting Taylor Gabriel leave. GM’s get things wrong all of the time, but that decision wasn’t CLOSE, and everybody knew it. That’s what kills me…people KNEW Gabriel was better. Look at it this way, do we currently have a legit slot WR? Could we use a speedy little WR that can run reverses, work the deep middle, and provide some explosive plays? As far as next year is concerned, don’t forget about Njoku. I know he’s a TE, and I know he’s REALLY struggling right now, but we all knew Njoku would have a difficult rookie year. He’s very young, the TE position is notoriously difficult for rookies, and he was never an accomplished blocker. NFL TE’s have to learn ALL three phases of an offense. Pass protection, passing routes, AND run-blocking. That’s a tough order, especially for a 20 year-old kid. The point is I really believe Njoku will make a tremendous leap in 2018. I think he’s a worker, that he’s not used to failing, and that he’ll be putting in the work all year. The biggest thing for Njoku isn’t having a better 2nd half of the year, it’s finishing the year HEALTHY. If he finishes healthy, he can begin his training immediately. He just can’t suffer a massive injury or he might not make the improvement we’re hoping for… We still need another top level WR (at least one), a blocking TE, and probably a shifty slot WR. I believe we can address all of these items in free agency. We’re plugging holes, and hopefully we’ll have fewer next year than we do now.
  4. Yeah, I actually thought about this too. Throwing shoulders are very tricky, and I recently heard a report that said Luck was in Europe getting treatment. The only reason people go to Europe for treatment is to get something experimental, right? I'm guessing stem cell treatment or something like that? Perhaps I'm wrong and maybe he just went to some all-world specialist. The issue is obviously how Luck will heal...IF he'll heal, and it's anybody's guess at this point.
  5. Tashaun Gipson Hopes to "Hang 40" on Browns

    So, the more I research this game, the more it looks like it COULD be closer to 40-0 than not. It's bad for us, no question about it. Why? Mainly because of the defensive scheme Jax runs, and the probable injuries of our two starting OT's. I know Hue said we might get Shon Coleman back, but I wouldn't bet on it. Additionally, Tretter popped up on the injury report with like three different injuries, so that's not good either. Jax doesn't blitz a lot. Instead, they consistently rush 4 and their DL runs a BUNCH of stunts and twists. This often confuses OL's and causes all kinds of trouble. If we had our starting OL, I'd feel a LITTLE bit better, but we're far from healthy right now, and it could be a VERY long day for our QB who is suffering from a painful rib injury. It's pretty much the worst matchup we could've hoped for after the injuries suffered in the Lions' game. Making matters infinitely worse, Jax has talented LB's and DB's. Jalen Ramsey is giving up basically next to nothing this season, and he's a big, strong, athletic CB. Welcome back Corey Coleman. And since Jax doesn't blitz too much, you can bet there are going to be tons of people around the ball in the secondary. Those screen passes to Duke probably won't work, and I don't see the stupid WR screens working either. Right now, I'd probably bet money Kizer doesn't make it through the entire game healthy. He's going to get dropped over and over again. Our big hope is that Bortles craps the sheets and gives us a few turnovers...maybe even a pick-6. Perhaps we can get a special teams play as well....we're certainly due for one. Bottom line, it's going to be a tough day.
  6. Houston - our 2nd first round pick

    Houston is going to get a freaking win this weekend and it's so annoying. They're playing the Cardinals who obviously don't have Carson Palmer, and NOW it appears they won't have their backup either (Stanton). I literally have no clue who will be playing QB for them, but suffice to say that they probably won't be winning a game in Houston this weekend. I could be mistaken, but I doubt it. Houston defense will show up and I'd be completely surprised if the Texans don't win like 16-3 in a total snooze-fest.
  7. Peyton Manning is closing on a house in Cleveland

    Well, this can’t be a secret for long, as real estate records are public record, so if Manning DOES end up buying a house, the entire world will know about it. What doesn’t work is the timing of everything. Why now? The fire has already started burning, so why in the world would Haslam and Manning throw gasoline on the flame while the season is ongoing? Was he afraid the “perfect house” wouldn’t be available in a couple of months? And I’m sure Manning has some giant ranch or family home somewhere else, so it’s not like this would be his only residence. I just don’t understand the timing of it all, which makes me wonder if it’s true at all. Suppose it IS true, then what? What job would he have? Sashi’s? So we’d go from one guy with no experience in the front office to another one? And we’re supposed to believe that because Manning is a hall of fame QB he’s going to be good at making picks? Could we bring him in as some kind of advisor ONLY, and not Sashi’s replacement? Some type of “QB Guru” role? I don’t know, but this story isn’t going away any time soon.
  8. Josh Gordon - the missing piece

    Believe me, I WANT Josh Gordon's story to end like a fairy-tale, but I'm too smart for that nonsense. I'm not saying he's definitely going to fail, but I'm certainly not going to "count on him" for much of anything. My main concern, other than the obvious, is a soft-tissue injury. When he tried to come back last year I believe he injured a quad muscle that cost him some time. If he gets anything like that THIS year that costs him a few weeks, we won't get to see him much at all. Granted, it seems like he's in much better shape right now, it's still a concern for him AND Corey Coleman (who has struggled with hamstring issues). We could sure use a break, and we could certainly use these two guys. The presence of Gordon alone could open up some options for us offensively, so let's hope to heck he gets on the field for all or most of the five games. It was nice to see Kizer connect with that deep ball to Coates. We haven't seen too much of that, and that was probably important for Kizer's confidence. If Gordon gets on the field, he's going to get open. Always has, and I don't expect that to change. Especially if he's really running 4.35 40's. But to some extent, the original poster is right. Gordon provides an aspect of something we've really been missing...a big play threat. In theory, Coleman COULD provide that, but we really haven't seen it from him. Coleman was absolutely known for his in college, so hopefully we start to see some impact plays from him and not just a few routine receptions. We need Coleman to get the ball in space and use his speed. We haven't seen THAT either. Our offense is desperate for some big plays. Something to take the pressure off of Kizer. I was beyond pleased to see Kizer lead the offense on some long scoring drives (ending with TDs!!), and he should've had another before half time. Anyways, someone like Gordon can go the distance from just about anywhere, and how badly do we need a few of THOSE plays? We really haven't had any "big scoring plays" this year, in fact, I can't think of our longest TD score off hand. Remember, watch for Gordon playing the slot in our 3 WR sets. He's a monster there, and he could draw some very nice matchups if we get it right.
  9. Well we knew this sht was coming....(darnold)

    I could care less about this guy. He's prone to bad decision-making, and I'm about done with that crap. This makes not drafting Deshaun Watson or Carson Wentz all the more painful. Either of those guys wouldn't have complained one bit. Do I KNOW that? Of course not, but I'm pretty confident.
  10. I mean, I see what you mean and I obviously don't have a crystal ball, but it's safe to say the odds are against Kizer. We're an 0-9 football team that is starting to suffer key injuries. This happens to every team, every year, and bad football teams generally have worse depth than better ones. Now, Kizer DOES get massive help (as of right now) from Corey Coleman and soon to be Josh Gordon. That would help anybody, but both those guys haven't been able to stay on the field for different reasons. If they DO manage to play together the final 5 games, I'd be very interested to see if Kizer's numbers improve. But before any of that happens, we need better play from our tight ends. Njoku is really struggling like many of us predicted (rookie tight ends notoriously struggle as rookies due to complexity of position) and he's missing blocks as well as not producing as a weapon. Devalve could've cost us the game single handily, and we can't overcome those types of mistakes. We're just not good enough to spot another team 7 points. What hurt so badly in the Detroit game is the fact we had the running game cooking and this opened up some easier passes for our embattled QB. We also had WRs making plays (finally) and Britt showed up as well as a huge play by Coates. We had so many things FINALLY going right, but we just couldn't get it ALL going. Turnovers, injuries, missed assignments, and poor clock management (as well as a nice dikking from officials btw) did us in. It's just more painful than usual because this was a game where other aspects of our team showed up, but others let us down. Kizer is certainly "up against it", but I'm somewhat encouraged by his last effort. He just CAN'T have a severe regression this week, and it won't be easy playing against a hot team with something to fight for. They're also physical on both sides of the ball, and I'm left wondering how our defense will look without Collins. I'll tell you one thing....if we get Dreggs or another WR open down the field again, we HAVE to hit it. Obviously Kessler screwed that up last game, but that's an aspect of our offense that's been missing for quite some time now. Cmon Kizer....give us a reason. A reason NOT to talk quarterback in November.
  11. Our defense is #6 in rushing and #9 overall.

    We definitely have free safety issues, and I think that's what makes Tashaun Gipson's comments so frustrating. While he's not a dominant force in Jacksonville, he's still much better than anything we have, and the fact that we don't even HAVE a free safety in our roster is absolutely unforgivable. ESPECIALLY considering the previous draft was known to be very deep at that particular position. Beyond frustrated.
  12. The jags game could easily be a trap game for them

    Oh I agree in some respects. I still think the Jags have to learn how to win, and how to win the games they're SUPPOSED to. Bortles is notoriously inaccurate, and while he seems to have fixed this issue to some degree, but I'm pretty sure there's going to be some opportunities for us to pick him off. Not only that, but I seem to remember Bortles having a good deal of his passes deflected at the line. This could be something I simply made up in my mind, or perhaps I saw a game where he had several deflected passes and it stuck with me, but if we get our hands on a few throws at the line of scrimmage, we just might come away with a turnover or even a pick-6. I know we got gashed on the ground in the first half last week, but we've been pretty decent against the rush so far this year. Obviously the loss of Collins is a nightmare, but I seem to remember Burgess being pretty stout against the run (he got dinged up last week, so hopefully he's alright). Perhaps we can keep Fournette in check and keep it a low-scoring game. No matter how I look at it, I still believe we're going to struggle mightily on offense. However, I can make a decent argument for us keeping it close, and you never know what can happen when a game is close in the 4th quarter. We've had a few games where if we made just ONE big play, we could've won it. Let's make that play...for once.
  13. Tashaun Gipson Hopes to "Hang 40" on Browns

    I have nothing bad to say about Gipson except that he needs to take the high road, and there's no reason to publicly say what he did. Unfortunately, I think he's mostly right about the upcoming game. I don't think they're going to "hang 40 on us", but I do believe it's a poor match-up for our team. Jax is very physical, and that style has bothered us in the past. Add in the fact that we lost our RT and stud LB, and we're not looking too great. Now, the game is in Cleveland, and that can help a little, but this isn't a game I feel so great about. I will say that Jacksonville might be due for a letdown game, but they essentially had it last week and still figured out a way to pull it out. That's the mark of a good team...the ability to win even when you don't play well. Perhaps the Charger game woke them up, but hopefully they'll overlook us and we can give them hell.
  14. OC help

    Yes and no. And also "it depends". Yes in that the playcalling appears to be solid for much of the game. No, in that our red zone playcalling is still baffling. How MANY times are we going to run that stupid fade pattern? I didn't see the "catch" Njoku made where he got one foot in, so I don't know if it was truly possible to get both down, but that was probably the closest time Kizer has come to making that stupid play work, and I'm about tired of it. Not to be outdone, we called it ONE MORE TIME, and this time to Ricardo Louis? We all know it was picked off, and Ricardo got jammed and appeared to almost give up. It was pathetic. We HAVE to figure out a better strategy. Some dig routes, crossers, or even a perfectly timed out route while rolling the pocket. SOMETHING DIFFERENT. "It depends" in that we don't really know just how much flexibility Kizer has at the line of scrimmage. We know he switched the play to that godforsaken QB sneak at the end of the half, so that's not on Hue, but what IS on Hue Jackson is taking our final timeout with just over a minute to go. Hue was asked about this, and he said, "I had a really good play and I wanted to be sure everyone was on the same page. I wanted them to get it set up." The "really good play" he was speaking of is the aforementioned failed fade pass to Njoku. Now, it APPEARS that it was a good play call, just poor execution (shocking, I know). But if left us without a timeout, and that cost us a minimum of 3 points. Ugh....
  15. The jags game could easily be a trap game for them

    I see what the original poster is thinking, but I don't think we'll win. Over the past years, the Jags have given us trouble. Even the rare times we were SUPPOSED to win (yes, those times existed) the Jags gave us fits because of their extraordinarily physical defense. I remember them pushing us around and our offense struggling more than usual, and we had such a difficult time scoring points against them. The Jags' current defense is still physical, and they also want to punish the opposition on the ground. I VERY much want a physical back like they have, and people like Fournette and Gurley have people rethinking the value of drafting a RB high in the draft. Our defense is good against the run, despite a rough outing recently, but the loss of Collins will cost us dearly. This game above all others will come down to forcing them into 3rd and long situations. We want Bortles forcing the ball into tight windows so we can exploit his inconsistent accuracy. Additionally, I don't think this is a game where we need to bring pressure ALL the time. Gregg Williams definitely got abused by Matt Stafford last week, and we were caught multiple times with our pants down for big plays and a game-clinching TD. We need to disguise our blitzes better, FAKE pressure often and drop back into coverage. We also need our guys win on one on the DL and get sacks that way. Bortles will hold onto the rock, and chances will be there. Keep an eye on Ogbah, as Myles Garrett's presence should continue to benefit him. It's safe to say their secondary makes me nervous. We're going to have to find ways to get our running game cooking, and we can't get into consistent 3rd and longs or we're going to have a long day. We'll need to take some measured deep shots and mix in the occasional double move. We had Dreggs on one such move but Kessler missed him by a freaking mile. THOSE are the kind of opportunities we simply can't miss if we ever want to be in the winning column. Bortles WILL give us a few chances to make some picks, so we have to exploit them. We MUST connect on any deep shots that present themselves, and force them into FG's when they are in red zone. I personally think their physical defense will be too much for us to overcome, but hopefully in wrong. It's really a bad break for Kizer who is coming off his best career game AND has near-broken ribs. Now he does get Coleman back, so this could help, but my expectations are definitely measured.