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  1. jiggins7919

    David Johnson

    It's funny, when you look at our RB group, or at least our top 3, it's kind of shocking. If Nick Chubb is the guy many think he is, we don't NEED a David Johnson. I mean, Carlos Hyde is a dependable, grind it out, solid back. We know what we have in Duke Johnson, and he's an underrated weapon. A true threat. But the guy with the most POTENTIAL is Nick Chubb. In fact, the media have commented multiple times how Chubb just looks "different" out there. Now we all know it's glorified "touch football" right now, and we won't know a darn thing about our team until the pads come on, but still....Chubb is the one I'm hearing the most about. His legs look like tree trunks. He's got more speed than many initially thought. He's got a real feel for running between the tackles, and he's someone that would've been regarded in the "Saquon Barkely Realm" if not for a horrific injury. Of course, injuries are a part of football, and we don't KNOW if Chubb will ever get back to where he was before the surgery, but all indications are he looks GOOD now. I'm not exactly sure how the carries are going to be distributed, but I would assume Carlos Hyde would get the lion's share to begin the year, but Chubb could very easily take over IF he gets himself caught up in the pass protection aspect of his position. Hyde is known as a beast in pass protection, and coaches are hesitant to play a RB if they aren't confident he can keep the QB safe. Also, rookies generally struggle with this aspect (picking up blocks, understanding protections, etc). Yeah, David Johnson is special, but we might just have a special group of our own. We have the best QBs we've had in YEARS, and I also think we have the best RB's we've had in forever, as well.
  2. jiggins7919

    WR position

    I have no proof of this, but it wouldn't surprise me to hear we tried to trade Corey during the offseason. I don't think anything materialized because of his low production, weird injury history, and the fact we would've gotten squat for him, but I'm pretty sure we had feelers out there. For example, can you imagine Corey Coleman playing with Tom Brady? Now, to be fair, you can probably say that with just about ANY wide receiver in the league, but still, Corey is EXACTLY the type of receiver the Patriots favor, and I'd actually love to see what Corey can do with an accurate passer and someone that can get him the ball in stride. I'm very interested to see what our offense will look like this season, and we all know we're going to hear the "we're going to run the ball!" talk, but we can't run the ball if we're down 17 points in the first half of every game. Now, I predict we'll be a much better TEAM this year, and I don't THINK we'll be down 17 in the first half too many times, but we do start the year with the Steelers and then at the Saints, so getting down early is a very real possibility. I'd love nothing more than to see us be a running football team. I'd have no problem with Tyrod Taylor finishing games with stats like, 17-24 for 170 yards, 2 TDs and no picks. In fact, I think that's what we're going to WANT. Of course, this is assuming we can get around 140 yards rushing a game, and our defense actually forces some FG's instead of giving up 7 every time. I don't see us being "explosive", despite the oddly talented and deep weapons we now have in the cupboard. We'll be a grinding team, and that can work if we run the ball and stop people. (take a look at our RB group. I mean, our top 3 backs are pretty solid, and could even be spectacular if Chubb blows up) Of course, I could be wrong and we may zing it all over the field and score a bunch of points, or we could completely suck and get stomped like we did last year. We could be behind in every game and Tyrod might be finishing with stats like 28-44, 315 yards with 2 TDs and a pick, with another rushing score....but we still lose 30-24 because our defense sucks. We'll know soon, LOL.
  3. jiggins7919

    CB Sam Beal worth a 2019 draft pick?

    If this guy is as good as many say, I have no issue with a 2nd round pick. You simply cannot have too many DB's, and the longer we cover, the more havoc Mr. Garrett can create. Gregg Williams had an interesting quote recently, and while I don't remember EXACTLY what he said, he basically inferred that Garrett was a step away from about 10 more sacks last year, and if we could've covered just a BIT better, there's no telling the impact. Now, I'm sure every pass rusher has about 30 instances where they were "one step away", but I agree with him. We need to cover better, and I think we will.
  4. jiggins7919

    WR position

    We've literally never seen Corey Coleman get the ball in space, and it's something that boggles the mind. I can't think of ONE slant he caught where he zipped down the field, or one pass he caught where he was in full stride and he made some people miss for a big gainer. This is what Corey DID in college, yet somehow he hasn't shown ONE flash of it. It's really crazy when you consider just how many huge plays he had in college. As for Josh Gordon, it's safe to say these next 6 weeks are the biggest 42 days of his entire life. He's away from practice, the facility, and his schedule. "Free time" is an addict's worst nightmare, and while I seriously doubt he'll be indulging in too much "free time", I'm still checking my phone every single day to see that negative Josh Gordon headline. Now, I SERIOUSLY doubt Josh will have an issue, but we've been burned so many times that i won't feel completely better until training camp begins and I see him in PADS. Also, I'm not sure all of our fans truly understand how good Jarvis Landry is, and it's interesting to note that the guy we hear about in OTA's isn't Gordon, but Landry. I loved reading how he's immediately developing chemistry with Tyrod. I see lots of first downs from these two, and that makes me happy. Josh Gordon, Jarvis Landry, Corey Coleman, Antonio Callaway, Duke Johnson, David Njoku, Carlos Hyde, Nick Chubb, and last but not least....Seth Devalve. We now have depth, experience, and speed. Keep an eye on Devalve....I think he's a sneaky weapon.
  5. jiggins7919

    Happy Father's Day!

    Hey everyone, while it might not be football related, I wanted to say happy Father's Day to everyone on this board...even the grumpy ones! Hehe. I'm more excited for our team than I've ever been, and that's a result of winning 1 game in 2 years, but also because of the infusion of talent we've received. I'm not stupid, and I'm not saying "We're going all the way!" or anything like that, but I'm saying we might be having some FUN this year. Remember that? So, what are you guys doing for Father's Day?
  6. jiggins7919

    WR position

    Corey had two awful drops. Career defining drops, and there's no arguing with that. Other than that, he really didn't have many drops. In fact, he was generally the only WR who could make a difficult catch. SO MANY balls thrown by Kizer were off target, and I can think of multiple diving catches he made where he really shouldn't have HAD to dive. Several of those coming on 3rd down. Has Corey lived up to being the 1st WR drafted? Heck no. Not even CLOSE. However, I've heard that WR is one of the most difficult positions in the NFL for young players to learn. Making matters worse, Corey had RG III, Cody Kessler, Kevin Hogan, and Deshone Kizer throwing him the pill. Not exactly the "who's who" of NFL signal callers. Making matters SOMEHOW even worse, Corey played with virtually no other receiving threats, save a few games with Josh. That's not a combination for success. Am I making excuses for him? Possibly. But I'm also rather bullish on NOT giving up on 1st round picks. Wide receivers depend on other positions perhaps more than anyone else. Let's see what Corey looks like with a real team around him and two hands that AREN'T broken. He'll have every opportunity, so if he fails now, we'll know for sure.
  7. jiggins7919

    Latest news and headlines

    Corey was drafted in the worst possible situation for a WR. The back to back hand fractures almost seem impossible, in fact, I can hardly remember ANY WR missing time for a fractured hand, let alone twice in a row. Regardless, Corey still hasn't done himself any favors, and everyone knows it's officially go time. Like I've said in other posts, Corey could be the spark our offense needs. If he develops into a 1st round talent, we'll have the best WRs in the world. Now that Corey will be facing the 3rd corner, I he'll be set up for big time success.
  8. jiggins7919

    WR position

    Speaking of WRs aside from Josh, have you guys been listening to the Browns Daily show? The WR garnering the most attention isn't Josh, it's Jarvis Landry. Everyday. Every practice. The one name brought up time and again is Landry's. Apparently he catches everything, and by now I'm sure you all have seen his one-handed TD catch against Denzel Ward. Ward had essentially perfect coverage, but Tyrod put the rock in the one place it could be caught, and Jarvis made the catch to cheers and applause. Not only that, but apparently Tyrod and Jarvis already have a special connection, and they look like they've been together for years. As freaky as Josh is, Landry is very likely to lead us in both receptions and yards. He's a 1st down machine, and somebody who will move the chains every Sunday. The guy you aren't hearing much from is Corey Coleman, and that's both a good and bad thing. It's bad in that you'd LIKE to hear more about the plays he's making, but it's also good because there's nothing negative either. Corey is showing up and doing what he's supposed to, and he's also the recipient of some major luck. What luck? Well, Antonio Callaway is a guy who immediately earned rave reviews the second he got onto the field. He looked fast, smooth, and extremely dangerous. He had the look of someone who could take Corey's job. The LUCK I mention is Callaway got a minor groin pull which has kept him sidelined the past few weeks. This provided Corey with nobody nipping at his heels, guaranteed 1st team reps in 3 WR sets, and valuable time with Tyrod. Additionally, Corey has avoided the soft muscle injuries that plagued him forever. Believe it or not, Corey Coleman is the secret to our offense. SO MUCH attention will have to paid to both Jarvis and Josh, which means Corey will be the guy getting covered by defense's 3rd corner. That's a match-up a 1st round pick HAS to win, and if he does, our offense will be all but impossible to match up with. Finally, watch out for Rashard Higgins as the dark horse. Apparently he's looked good and is a sneaky route runner. He'll make the team and be a stand out in the preseason, trust me. Also, our rookie Ratley is making some plays, especially when out there with Baker. Time to get excited.
  9. jiggins7919

    WR position

    You know what? Even if the unthinkable happens, and Josh relapses, I still think he'll be alright. He's in true addiction recovery, and as we all know, recovery usually isn't perfect and people make mistakes. The thing is, Josh is equipping himself for handling any possible failure, and would likely get right back on the sobriety train. I'm by no means saying Josh is going to use again this year, I'm simply stating that IF that were to happen, it wouldn't cost him his life because he's genuinely working on his treatment for the first time in his life. How many of us experienced addiction (in its many forms) either personally or through a friend or family member? I'd say all of us, right? How many times did that person have to fail before they "got it"? How many of them sadly never did? And the thing is, how many of those people relapsed AFTER they "got it?" Quite a few, right? But when addicts are actively working on their recovery, they will spend less time using and they're more likely to get back to sobriety. I believe Josh is at this point, and it's to be celebrated. I don't expect Josh to slip up and get suspended. I really don't. However, it would also be naive to expect everything to go perfectly. It would be absolutely devastating for Josh professionally and personally if he were to be suspended for another year, and this time...right now...is literally the most important 6 weeks of his entire life. He said he's staying in Cleveland to train and be with family. He needs to be off the radar completely, train hard, and stick to his treatment. I don't believe people outside of Browns fans truly understand what Josh is capable of doing on the field. If he played with someone like Tom Brady for 16 games, it's likely he'd be around 2000 yards receiving. His ability to stretch the field and take any pass the distance make him a terror, and he's all but impossible to press cover due to his size. Perhaps his most lethal attributes are his hands, and they aren't talked about as much as his other alarming physical traits. Josh Gordon has about the softest freaking hands I've ever seen. They're giant and he's not afraid to pluck the ball out of the air while running full speed. He rarely "body catches" the rock, and he can make a variety of different catches. If he has a drop, it's generally a focus issue, but drops aren't really a concern. Most importantly, Josh shows terrific ability in both tracking the long ball, and securing the catch. Watch that amazing bomb against Pittsburgh last year as the perfect example of what I'm saying. I've always felt a special connection with Josh. I work with homeless military vets, many of which suffer from addiction. I see everyday the devastation it causes to everyone in the addict's world. I've seen my share of heartbreak, but I've also seen successes, people working through tragedy, and regaining their lives. I want so very much to see Josh enjoy success, to be there for his family, and realize his potential. Very few things in life are as tragic as squandered potential. Conversely, nothing is more inspiring than a man overcoming his demons and prevailing over such a merciless foe. I only wish I could personally tell him just how much we're rooting for him, on and off the field.
  10. jiggins7919

    Greg Little

    I always liked Greg Little and I want him to succeed. I remember a couple of running plays where he looked especially strong, and I always wondered why we didn't try more of them. Obviously he didn't have great hands, but I still like him for whatever reason. It's funny, last year Greg would've been our best receiver (with Corey and Josh out). This year, he wouldn't have a chance to make the roster.
  11. jiggins7919

    OTA's = Joke

    Gordon is basically all anyone can talk about. It's crazy...he literally stands out THAT much. He and Tyrod seem to have that quick slant down pat, and if you overplay the slant, Josh is going vertical and you DON'T want that. It's awesome to see that Landry is as good or better than advertised. His hands are like magnets, and for a smaller guy, his catch radius is giant.
  12. jiggins7919

    WR position

    David Boston was into steroids, right? That's probably one of the reasons his body completely broke down early. With Josh being the most tested athlete in the league (I assume), I can't imagine he would take something remotely controversial. Of course, I've been wrong before, LOL. It's funny, the only player people are really talking about IS Josh Gordon. Reporters, players, analysts...they all are mesmerized by Gordon's combination of size, speed, and sticky hands. I've never seen anything like him. Additionally, even though Landry is traditionally a slot WR, I found it interesting that Todd Haley is lining him up at the outside, and using either Duke Johnson or Corey Coleman in the slot. We've got a lot of flexibility, and it feels rather strange to go from one extreme to the other.
  13. jiggins7919

    Sneaking up out of nowhere

    I probably have this realization once a week. It almost doesn't seem real, right? I'm not stupid, and I realize we haven't played a single game or gone through the injury gauntlet of training camp or the preseason, but we have a TEAM now. I mean, who has better receivers than us? Not many teams, right? We have a new secondary (thank God). Peppers goes to strong safety (THANK GOD). We have killer linebackers, AND depth. We now have running backs, including a veteran bell cow (Hyde), a dual threat in Duke, and possibly the best rookie RB in the draft. I'm not sure people quite realize how good Chubb can be. He's nasty folks. Do we have some holes? Of course, we couldn't fix EVERYTHING from a winless season in just a few months, but we came pretty close. Joe Thomas retiring after injury just kills me, but we'll figure it out. We have potential studs at key positions and that's something positive. And honestly, what's the best part? We appear to have a team that's going to be FUN to watch. And that's the whole friggin point, right?
  14. Been married 7, but never lost the appreciation for the female form! Hahaha. 37 years...wow! Marriage isn't always easy, but it's nice to have someone to share life with, and she supports my crazy addiction to our frustrating team. Lol
  15. jiggins7919

    WR position

    I completely understand. I physically hurt after our losses last year, especially the ones we really had a shot in. So many things had to go wrong to lose every game, and as we all know, they did. I mean, look at the Green Bay game for example. We had that game locked up, yet figured out how to lose. Kizer made a perfect 3rd down pass to Njoku through a nothing window, and while initially ruled a catch, replay confirmed Njoku dropped it. Our 1st round pick dropped a pass from a struggling QB who actually did enough to win. That pass gets completed, we take another minute or so off the clock, and even if we go 3 and out, Green Bay gets the ball back with virtually no time left...even if they got a terrific punt return like they did to win. That's just ONE example. And yeah, I had tears in my eyes...again. I love my team, perhaps more than I should. I grew up in Tallahassee, FL since I was 5, and we all know how cruel kids can be in school. I would proudly wear my Browns clothing and hats, only to be consistently teased and ridiculed. As a grown man, that doesn't sound like a big deal. As a child, it's tough. I literally FOUGHT for my team's honor. I still have the busted knuckle on my right hand. Again, as a grown man it's silly. As a child, your team seems like the world. There was no internet. There was no Browns Daily show. I got a single paragraph in the sports section that summed up the week's game, and that was about it. But you better believe I knew every stat, every play, and would watch Sportcenter 3 times in a row just so I could see the few plays ESPN would show of the recent game. I suspect there were a lot of you just like me, and I'm not sure people fully understand the connection we have with our team, and why it hurt so much to go through the past few years. Barely winning one game, and then losing EVERY game was completely devastating, and then losing Joe Thomas was the icing on the cake. It couldn't get much worse. Fast forward to now, and my how things have changed. Regardless of how many games we might win in 2018, one thing is clear: We have a real team. I don't want to get into whether or not we have the right head coach, as it's moot. We have Hue Jackson, it's his 3rd year, and regardless of how you feel about him, having continuity is VERY positive. We know how turning over staff DOESN'T work, so I'm extremely proud of our front office. We kept a 1-31 coach. We drafted Baker Mayfield #1, even though he's far from the consensus choice. We identified our guy, we drafted him, and we don't care what anyone says. At #4, we took Ward. The guy we had rated the top non-qb of the entire draft. So we got our top QB and our other top player in the first four picks. We didn't get cute, we didn't try to "play for next year" and trade down. No, we picked who we wanted. Furthermore, our front office has shown the ability to take chances. Remember drafting Caleb Brantley? Our team was very confident in their investigation, and we essentially got a low 1st round talent at like a 6th round cost. That's HUGE. I assume Brantley will start next to Ogunjobi and play very well. How about Antonio Callaway? Obviously the verdict is still out, but early reports are very good indeed. He looks extremely smooth, fast, and dangerous. Another 1st round type talent at a lower cost. Will it bite us in the butt? We'll see, but we're confident in our system, and Callaway now has a daughter to support. And the other gamble? How about KEEPING Josh Gordon? Can you imagine the frustration of this ongoing saga? Wouldn't it have been some much easier to cut him loose? But no, we didn't do that. We held onto Gordon, supported him, and crossed our fingers understanding that we obviously get NOTHING if we cut him, but on the oft chance Gordon SOMEHOW figures out his demons and keeps working on them, we don't just get a talented WR, we get perhaps the most dangerous receiver in the world next to only Antonio Brown. I'm like you in that my heart cries for the time Josh lost. Time he'll never get back. Addiction takes everything you love and leaves you a shell of a man, hollow inside with nothing left to give. Addiction doesn't care if you're rich, poor, black, white, gay or Hispanic. It kills everything you love and does it quickly, or painfully slow. For the first time in his life, Josh came clean. It could NOT have been easy either. He came ALL the way clean. Details that terrified me just to LISTEN to, ya know? But Josh is somehow back, and is now playing football SOBER for the first time since he was in middle school. Think about that for a second. Josh literally played drunk and stoned. He PRACTICED that way. What can this man do with all of his faculties? I'll tell you one thing, the only thing that stands in the way of a "healthy" Josh Gordon is a freak injury. For the first time EVER, I feel like I don't have to worry about seeing a headline pop onto my phone saying he's been suspended again. I don't see it happening. We have him cheap this year, and we likely won't be able to sign him because of his history of suspensions. The contract would contain too much legal jargon regarding his pay and suspension stuff, that we'll likely franchise him for a TON of money, but who cares? Josh is playing for basically one million this year, and next year with the franchise tag it'll be $15 million or so. So we get Gordon for 2 years for $16 million. I'm cool with that. And what's the best part? Franchise tag is guaranteed. Josh will secure his financial security for his family. Am I looking too far to the future? Possibly. He's broken our hearts a dozen times, but it's different now. I know it. I FEEL it. When you look at our offensive skill players, it doesn't even RESEMBLE what we had last year. You can now see why I was so adamant about signing Alex Smith. A durable, accurate, and deadly QB who doesn't turn it over, and excels at getting the ball to people in space. You saw what Alex did last year with weapons. It's not a big stretch to say the Browns somehow have BETTER ones. Alas, we didn't make it happen and we got another playoff QB. Not as deadly, but very safe with the rock. Regardless, we have a real TEAM, and it's built on youth and a mixture of veteran talent. My biggest concern? Don't laugh...it's...our KICKER. So MANY NFL games come down to just a few points. Nobody knows this better than us. Gonzalez came on strong, somewhat, after a rocky start. But can he lock it down? Can he deliver the goods when our downtrodden, disrespected, and snake-bitten team needs a kick to finally win? I just don't know. I had a big cup of coffee and I wrote a ton of garbage, so I apologize. I don't really expect anyone to read the whole thing, but I sure had fun writing it. I just love this team and I want so much to have fun again watching on Sundays.