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  1. jiggins7919

    Baker Mayfield

    This really breaks my heart. I tend to agree with you, but I don't think Case has enough to beat decent teams. That wind really affected his deep ball and I don't see the weather improving until around next June. We absolutely dominated the last game and only won by THREE. I definitely do not trust our defense, no matter of we on it gave up 14 points. If we didn't run out the clock and we punted, we would have lost that game. I'm sure of it. We need more points, we need more striking ability, and I think we need a defensive TD this Sunday in order to win.
  2. jiggins7919

    It's Steeler Week !

    I want to be excited, but ever since Baker got hurt it feels like all the Browns air has been forced out if my lungs and I'm struggling to see a way this season will end with our team on top. I know, I know...I'm being a negative douche bag. I guess I'm just disappointed. I absolutely adore Baker Mayfield and it hurts me to see him injured. OK, therapy session over. We got Jed, Conklin, Chubb, and Landry back. Clowney and Garrett will be MUCH healthier and so will OBJ. The truly frustrating thing is...we're just missing our QB and leader. I'm just not sure Case Keenum can beat the Steelers, not even THIS Steelers team. So many people believe Pittsburgh is total garbage, and while they're far from good, they arent going to roll over for us. I went back and watched the Broncos game and there are several concerning things I noticed. First and foremost, we absolutely dominated the game...and won by three points. In fact, it felt a lot like the San Diego game. We get the ball back up by just a little and we need to drain the clock to win. We failed against San Diego, we didn't fail this time. Still, in my heart I know that if we punted, we would have lost that game. Secondly, Keenum had 4 plays that were almost fumbles. I mean he was a duck's fart away from losing the game on 4 separate occasions and he was THIS close to totally losing the game on that 4th and 3 scramble he had for the 1st down. He basically fumbled it, although marked down by contact, and the ball rolled to our player in the end zone. Lastly, that Cleveland wind did NOT agree with Case Keenum. Homeboy had OBJ wide open down the field and the wind slammed into that deep ball like a freight train. Same thing happened to Bridgewater on that interception. The weather will only get worse and I'm not confident Case can get the ball down the field. If we had a healthy Baker, I'd pick us to win this game all day every day. But we don't, and I don't think we're getting him back. Even if we did, there's no way to protect Baker...especially in the Pittsburgh game. They ALWAYS hit our QB hard every game. I also have the worst feeling that Chase is going to miss FG's Sunday. That wind will be swirling and there's never a good time to miss. Hopefully I'm wrong...I hate the Steelers.
  3. jiggins7919

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    Baker will likely try to play. It's who he is. If we're going to reach playoffs, he'll have to play. Case might beat a bad team, but he's not eating anything else.
  4. jiggins7919

    Myles Garrett- "Refs need to get some new glasses"

    Coach needs to take a fine. He needs sack up, set the money aside, and just take it like a man. At what point does this change?
  5. jiggins7919

    Keenum to start

    That's a fair point. They'll obviously have SOMEONE out there, but I don't know anything about how good they are. I'm curious as to how good their corners are. Also, I could be mistaken, but I remember Keenum throwing a pretty nice jump ball while at Minnesota. I would not mind seeing a few of those tonight.
  6. jiggins7919

    Keenum to start

    Yes, Von will kill us, but we have to find a way to limit the mauling. It's very rare to completely shut down Hall of Fame players, but the trick isn't to stop them, but to prevent game-changing plays. If he gets a sack, make sure you don't fumble. If you fumble, recover it. And so on. One of the problems facing us is that if we do give up a sack, that's likely the end of the drive. Any sack, holding penalty, or even dropped pass can put us behind the sticks and punting before you know it. You can only take SO much from preseason, but if you remember, Case Keenum was definitely Captain Checkdown. I mean he threw NOTHING past 6 yards and I'm hardly exaggerating. I honestly do not know how good of a grasp Case has on the offense, but I do know this: We will NOT be able to run ball. Not just because Chubb and Hunt are out, and not because our Tackles are out (likely) but because the Broncos have an excellent defense and they're going to put 38 defenders on the line of scrimmage. Look, I have faith in our backup RBs, and I believe they have skill for being 3rd, 4th, and 5th stringers, but it's almost impossible to run on a 6 man front. They're literally going to DARE us to throw the ball on them, which is exactly what Arizona did. If you remember, we came out passing the ball almost exclusively. That's precisely what we'll have to do in order to win. If you manage to shred their 6 man front early, they'll adjust, and THAT'S when you run behind Teller. The season feels like it's almost over, and I get it. This was supposed to be a magical season, and to be honest, we're a few plays away from it. Our idiot punter drops an effing snap, our defense has multiple blown coverages, and poof! We're 3-3. But guess what? Guess what a win does? It takes us to 4-3 with about 10 days of rest until a showdown at Pittsburgh. It'll be potentially the healthiest we've been in weeks and it comes at the biggest point of our season. Win tomorrow, save the season. I don't care if it's 3-2. FIND A WAY.
  7. jiggins7919

    Keenum to start

    Captain Check Down will need a lot of help. But you KNOW what? Our team can give it to him. It's time for us to make some plays, get a few bounces rolled our way, and get a defensive TD or some shit like that. Let's steal this game any way possible and get back to healing.
  8. This is actually a good point. When you play backup RBs, you're getting less talent running the ball, but just as important is the reduced ability to pick up blitzes. Many assumed Hunt played on passing downs because he's a better receiver, and that's true, but the biggest reason for Hunt's presence is his stellar ability to lay the wood on blitzing rushers. He's ferocious. We have a QB who can't get hit, backup Tackles, and RBs not used to playing much. It's not ideal. Our defense played a couple really good games this year. We need another one or our season is in jeopardy.
  9. Here the thing, if Baker can't throw the ball and perform, he won't play. It's that simple. Coach knows what to look for will know if Baker can execute the offense. Baker said it's ultimately his decision on whether he'll play, but that's not the truth. The final decision will most certainly be on the coach. This game will come down to defense and special teams, I promise you. Our offense will be EXTREMELY vanilla and the Denver defense is VERY talented. This will be all about field position, creating turnovers, and probably needing a defensive or special teams score to win. What really hurts is we're not going to be able to run the ball again. Not just because Chubb and Hunt are out, but because we have the 4th and 5th string Tackles in the game AND Arizona conveniently demonstrated how to shut down the rushing attack. Most of you guys probably know this, but Arizona played many downs with a 6 man DL front. That's extremely difficult to run against for obvious reasons and it takes away our ability to run on 2nd and long. With Stefanski, our team has been at the top of the league in running efficiency on 2nd and long, but we can't do that against a 6 man front because 3rd and long is a death sentence. We need to try and remember we have the coach of the year. This is where he'll make his money. We also have to EXECUTE on offense. For example, coach called a reverse to OBJ and Hunt forgot to pitch it. It would have been a 30 yard gain, minimum and possibly a TD. How did we screw that up? How did Harrison sprint away from Deondre effing Hopkins in the end zone? I don't get it. Running will be difficult and we won't have time to throw, so what do you do? There's only so many screen passes and quick outs you can run. We'll have to move the pocket, risk a few bootlegs OCCASIONALLY, get the RBs and TEs involved early, and play SMART. Just one holding penalty can be the difference between winning and losing. THAT'S how thin the margins are when you're without your studs and people are hurt. I'll say this...we HAVE to find a way to get ANY fumble. Any ball in the air HAS to be ours. Tackles MUST be made. That Hopkins TD where he had 3 people in front of him was an absolute embarrassment. Oh, and JOK is out. Create the turnovers, get off the field, and when those few opportunities present themselves on offense, we MUST connect. It's now or never, boys. Baker says our backs are against the wall and he likes our chances. Lets freaking do this.
  10. I get it, I really do. Coach REALLY likes Baker Mayfield and so does the team. It's important to remember that Baker is the heart, soul, and leader of this team. His absence would be HUGE to our mental psyche and if he CAN play, he should play. My worry is that we can't PROTECT him, ya know? How many hits is he gonna take? They're going to blitz the CRAP out of us! I can tell you this, we're going to be practicing screen passes to our RBs ALL week. On the second 4th down failed attempt, we had the PERFECT opportunity for a screen. Everyone knew they were coming. So frustrating. Ughhhhhhh, I just don't know.
  11. Ughhhhhhh. Where's the gif showing the young female Asian porn star about to be assaulted by "Telephone Pole Terrence". Cuz that's about how I'm seeing this game.
  12. We're just not very good. Our secondary is absolute garbage and we're too banged up to hang. Had to play a clean game and force turnovers and we did neither. What a shame.
  13. I have a feeling it was a stinger. Very painful but goes away quickly. Anything with neck obviously has to be triple checked and you can't go back to the game. But he's back and desperately needed. Cardinals have 4 WRs over 200 yards.
  14. Problem is, Jarvis doesn't generally throw it to OBJ. I'm so sick and tired of watching these film breakdowns where they illustrate play after play of Baker not getting him the effing ball. OBJ is extremely similar to Deondre Hopkins. Not quite as good, but they have similar abilities. Huge catch radius, crazy hands, etc. Now, just imagine...stay with me...imagine the Cardinals not throwing him the ball. WOULD NEVER FREAKING HAPPEN. OK...take a breath...take a breath. I can't explain the OBJ thing. All I know is that it's ruining Baker Mayfield. Baker doesn't know whether to shit or get off the pot. His feet are ALL over the place, his eyes are even WORSE, and his deep ball looks like a punt from my Aunt Ethel...and she's been dead for 30 years. Here's the stat of the day: before the Hail Mary drive against Bolts, his average depth of target was 5 yards. FIVE YARDS! In perfect weather conditions. 5 yards. Not exactly "feeling dangerous". Not all hope is lost, obviously. We've seen Baker start out rather slowly before, right? As many opportunities as he missed last week, he still played a very solid game. He took care of the ball. He gave us a chance to win the game and his defense screwed him, the refs screwed him, and then they screwed him again on last drive when DPJ got ridden out of bounds. Oh, and his coach screwed him by not kicking the FG on the 4th down OBJ drop. We kick that FG and guess what? We don't need a TD, we need a FG...TO WIN. We're really banged up, but for some reason I'm optimistic. I'm going with the Browns. Jarvis coming back helps, losing Nick hurts but Felton will make some plays, and Harrison Bryant is my sneaky pick to have a big game with 2 tds. I'm 4-1 on the season. Browns 27 Cards 20