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  1. I'm pretty sure this is a non story, but of course I said that about Callaway too.
  2. jiggins7919

    Antonio Brown..off the rails..

    I'm not a doctor, but I work in a field tied to mental health and it's pretty obvious that Brown is having some serious medical issues that need to be addressed before he totally ruins his life.
  3. jiggins7919

    Roll Call

    Tallahassee, FL here!
  4. jiggins7919

    Pay Hunt. Period.

    Anybody heard anything about whether or not Stefanski wants Hunt? I guess it's probably too early to know but man...I'd really like to have him back. Our red zone and goal line efficiency HAD to increase, although I don't have any stats to prove it.
  5. jiggins7919

    Stefanski Introductory Press Conference

    So, I have no way of knowing if this is true, but a podcast I listen to routinely makes reference of Freddie's playcalling inadequacies. Mainly that the first 20 plays or so that were scripted were fine, if not good, but after that, Freddie went all over the place. Like, he'd be calling shit from months before that players hadn't run at all in practice. Again, I have no idea if this is true, but it certainly smells like it's got at least SOME merit. How many times did our opening drive look good and then it was cluster eff time. Lots right?
  6. jiggins7919

    OBJ Continues to be OBJ

    That's what I thought too. What a joke.
  7. jiggins7919

    OBJ Continues to be OBJ

    No kidding. Wtf was he doing there? Never seen a cop in a locker room lookin for booze or whatever.
  8. jiggins7919

    HC/GM/Position Coach tracker

    Honestly, I think if Stefanski is smart, he’ll find an experienced play-caller to bring in and run the offensive side of the ball during games. We saw firsthand last year that Freddie really struggled being the head coach AND the play-caller. Not getting plays in on time, arguing with the refs, taking timeouts when we didn’t need to, people not being lined up correctly…the list goes on and on. One of the smartest things Stefanski said during his presser was when he said he wasn’t sure if he would call plays, and if he finds someone else that would be better at it, that person would do it. Now, it’s one thing to SAY THAT and a completely different thing to actually LET someone do it, but in my mind…he’d be wise to find an experienced play-caller so he could focus on being the coach.
  9. jiggins7919

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    I'm pumped Gipper. I don't have time to get into all of the details, but hopefully I will soon. I know everyone is excited! Lol
  10. jiggins7919

    Luke Kuechly Retires

    Oh he was, just had way too many concussions. That one he had a year or two ago when he didn't know where he was and was crying on the field brought effing TEARS to my eyes.
  11. jiggins7919

    Luke Kuechly Retires

    I wanted him SO badly when he came out. He was as close as a sure thing as I've ever seen, AND a great human being. I only hope his brain is OK and he lives a long, wonderful life.
  12. jiggins7919

    Stefanski Introductory Press Conference

    What sells me is looking at the seasons players like Kirk Cousins and Stefon Diggs had. Cousins had like the 4th best statistical season in the league and he's obviously not the 4th best QB. Diggs averaged 10 yards a catch 2 years ago and this year averaged 18. This has to do with Stefanski and his play-action passing game. They ran the ball a bunch and then passed out of running formations. Just like the 49's. We have the personnel to run it.
  13. jiggins7919

    Stefanski Introductory Press Conference

    I won't lie, I liked the Freddie hire. I bought into the second half of the season and how we played better and almost stuck it to Baltimore at the end. We played fast, together, and had fun. Boy was I wrong. Now, there's no such thing as "winning an press conference" but I sure liked what this guy had to say!
  14. jiggins7919

    Browns hire Kevin Stefanski as HC

    That's a great question. I hope he does!
  15. jiggins7919

    Browns hire Kevin Stefanski as HC

    I love this hire. Why? I don't really have the time for a typical bloated Jiggins post (I know, darn, right?) but just really quickly I like the STYLE of offense. I know we have fans on this board that like using a fullback. Guess what? You'll have one next year. Stefanski also uses many principles that Shanahan does, and I LOVE that. Many plays will look identical and that's how he gets receivers open down the field and effective play action. I'm stoked, I really am.