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  1. The only thing you can do is boycott not go not watch not buy a dam button pin nothing complete boycott. Are you willing to do that?
  2. Babernakle

    Soldiering On. GM/OC/DC choices

    Why not offer him the job he might take it
  3. Babernakle

    Soldiering On. GM/OC/DC choices

    They need to get Byron leftwitch for oc For dc ?
  4. Babernakle

    We're rooting for LSU, right?

    Who cares this game is rigged just like the osu game fuck college football
  5. Babernakle

    New coach new players

    So every time drew bres breaks a record it just happens to fall on a Monday or Sunday night. You do realize that the nfl argued in court that they were not competitive sports but sports entertainment. There are two or three with that classification. Wwe and rollerball
  6. Who gives a fuck those two games were so rigged I doubt Oklahoma would have won the but the refs stepped in a smashed there hope and then proceeded to bend the bucks over and fuck them in a manner this I can describe and the must disgusting display of game fixing I have ever seen. Fuck the ncaa and fuck football I’m out
  7. Babernakle

    New coach new players

    The browns can get a new coach the browns can get new players, but it’s all for not. Nothing is going to change until the nfl is delt with. I never wanted to believe that the nfl is rigged. But now it’s not even a doubt. With all the blow, bad, and down right disgusting call this and previous year that seem to get worse every year. With a little digging you can find bit and fact that supports this. One the nfl is designated as entertainment not as a sport like the wwe. This gives them The legal out to fix the games. Two, all refs are made to sign an air tight non disclosure agreement. Why would they do this what do they have to hide. Three when is the last time a small market team won the Super Bowl? Indy in 07, but who had nfl royalty peyton. Then there is the cowboys America’s team. Well it’s well know that Rodger and the other owners hate him. Why is the large share of bad calls go against the small market teams. The nfl is concerned with one thing money. By fixing the games they can produce the story lines they want and feed it to the talking heads to gin up who also defend the nfl at all cost. Do we really want to be the beagles of 10 years ago make it to the playoffs to get bounced with not chance. This evil giant needs slain. Did anyone know that a nfl lawyer was killed in a gang style assault shortly after leaving the Super Bowl last year after railing that it was a rigged predetermined game? Or that Vegas never loses. They might get the spread wrong or the over under, but never both. In my travels I found an article this man said he spoke to an executive at espn who told him the Super Bowl teams and outcome were already determined. Saint, Texans with the saints winning. Time will tell but from where is stand the browns have no chance.
  8. Babernakle

    McDaniels next coach possibly...

    Fuck every New England Patriots flunky go get a grown up like mike McCarthy
  9. Babernakle

    O H

    Anyone still think this shit isn’t rigged
  10. Babernakle

    The 'Who you watching?' 2020 thread.

    Offensive line get better at every position if possible. On the d another edge rusher and another corner. I would not be upset if we got our o line in free agency and traded up to get young. With Young opposite of Garrett that’s a winning combo and makes the ravens life hell making Jackson stay in the pocket and pass which he blows at.
  11. Babernakle

    Kitchens fate?

    Yes coaching he has not improved
  12. Babernakle

    We are all getting cheated

    I think I can speak for a lot of people by saying it’s not the fact that the refs have made horrible calls. It’s the fact that it is lopsided for certain teams and against others. Simple put the shit is not spread evenly.
  13. Babernakle

    Who's Out There That We Can Look To..........

    Despite what we think as buckeyes they are not tired of that clown. The coach needs to be McCarthy. Stead and stern.
  14. Babernakle

    Kitchens fate?

    He is not to short that’s silly He is as tall as bres and Wilson that’s not the issue. One is the time the line gives him they have been terrible all year In pass protection and they are running a Gimmick style offense that doesn’t work. They biggest thing with the o is not down field attack.
  15. Babernakle

    Kitchens fate?

    Ok it’s time to make a coaching change. I am very very against making a change just after one year or even two, but Fred’s has got to go. When a coach takes over a team it is expected to be a little bumpy. Even if it is bumpy you are supposed to see improvement. They is no improvement. Baker has regressed, he keeps throwing the ball high or behind causing tips and ints. And with the d yeah there are injuries and they have held there own a little but minus Myles they are a mess. That’s all coaching. Yes they have been screwed by the nfl to many times to count, but the fact of the matter is no improvement. Fred’s got to go.