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  1. Babernakle

    Lamar Jackson to the Ravens

    I didn’t watch that chargers game so I don’t know. But I do know that when Ohio state played VT who runs the 5-2 they destroyed the bucks who which that team was one of the most proficient at that style of offense. And let’s be honest JT is not a good qb, like Jackson. To be honest JT would probably be better with the ravens. Yet he is slower.
  2. Babernakle

    Lamar Jackson to the Ravens

    I’m not saying He can’t throw he’s just not good at it. Not accurate, bad decision making, deep ball is a prayer.
  3. Babernakle

    will there be repercussions for the blown fumble call?

    It’s protectionism, the league is protecting some and punishing others. It pretty obvious look no further than the chargers. They’re fan base sucks nobody likes them in la and if you have watched them this year they have got more call for them than Cleveland got against them.
  4. Babernakle

    Antonio Brown Asks For Trade

    He’s great no doubt. But.... he’s great in Pittsburgh’s system which is fat ass stumbles around behind a all pro bowl line for ten seconds and ab gets open. So would he work with the browns nope. One of two things happen he either doesn’t get enough touches and bitches and and Baker then forces it and ints happen or he brings down landrys touches and kills the teams attitude. So no thanks. He belongs in greenbay. Let’s get one of those young big wrs from Texas or Iowa st.
  5. Babernakle

    Coach Interviews

    Funny how just two years ago Cleveland was the worst job in the nfl. All these coaches being interviewed is a waste of time. It going to be one of three guys. 1. It stays the same with kitchen being promoted to assistant head coach as well as oc 2. McCarthy comes in 3. Matt Campbell is hired
  6. Babernakle

    Lamar Jackson to the Ravens

    Jackson is a wet dream, won’t last and makes a mess. A qb in the nfl that can’t pass. Hmmmm oh Tebow he was awesome oh and he won like 6 games. Big dam deal. He was a fourth round qb at best. Thing is there offense is the easiest to stop. Weather it be pride or stupidity the coordinaters in the league won’t run a 5-2 d to stop it and make him throw. The bear d will cripple that team let’s hope the chargers are smarter than the browns were.
  7. Why not do both. There have been a lot of guys come in this year as rookies and made huge contributions. And fa that has done the same. I not opposed to trading out of the first round, but this draft is looking heavy on d early so the ability to get a top notch offensive is there. Perhaps a Jolio or aj type player. If I was to guess it’s going to be a lot of both.
  8. Babernakle

    Duke Johnson

    Anyone see Dorsey bringing in karheem hunt?
  9. Babernakle

    Coach Williams

    What do they do. Keep the coaching staff as is or bring in someone else? I say keep it as it is. Dorsey will fill the wholes no doubts there. Side note nassib looked like a pile of shit today. The line is playing out of there minds. The stable at rb is great and the wr are good. As far a the draft goes - wr de cb? De cb wr? But in Dorsey we trust.
  10. I love the call to go just not the play call. When they came to line and baker saw they were selling out to stop the run that’s when he could change the play and bootleg out and leak the te across the formation. Him being mobile gives him two options pass or run.
  11. Babernakle

    The Browns Path to the Playoffs

    Still it would have been great to see that last game mean playoffs. But killing the ravens hopes is a great consolation prize
  12. Babernakle

    The Browns Path to the Playoffs

    Don’t get me wrong this was an amazing year considering what went on. Very proud of the brownies and dwell very little on the bad. We have a team now and the man at the helm. Time to get him another weapon and give that d a little more punch. Next year top 10 O and D. Go browns
  13. Babernakle

    HEY Jimmy put a lid on it

    Oh I don’t want the city to pay for the cap of it was to get done jimmy need to pay out of his pocket. No stadium should be built with public money
  14. Babernakle

    The Browns Path to the Playoffs

    Just thinking about all the shit call the browns got this year makes me sick. But the fact that it can be put into two single calls that where not subjective is even worse. The call on Garrett the first game of the year when he landed on fat fuck Ben and they improperly call him for landing on fat ass ( he was out of the pocket there for a runner) and the glorious fuckup at Oakland. Hell let’s say we get one everything is different. Fucking nfl.
  15. Babernakle

    The Browns Path to the Playoffs

    Well there done. Thanks to the cowgirls playing like a bunch of pussies. And the pats getting fucked like the browns have been all years. Apparently the stoolers can’t get called for holding. Fuck shitsburg. There is still a path but it’s as unlikely as the browns getting a far shake from the refs. Everyone in front has to lose out and the titans and colts have to tie or is there I don’t know what they go to after that.