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    Greedy Williams

    Let's go baby!
  2. GuNNerGatSKi

    Cleveland Browns Social Media Survey

  3. GuNNerGatSKi

    Greedy Williams

    Many had him as the top CB in the draft. Amazing value mid 2nd round. There's our defense. We need a LB or two for competition, but we are ready to boogie.
  4. GuNNerGatSKi

    Browns sign Kareem Hunt

    Daaaaammmnn son 😂😂 goddamn burnnnnn
  5. GuNNerGatSKi

    OBJ is a BROWN!!!!!

  6. GuNNerGatSKi

    OBJ is a BROWN!!!!!

    We have OBJ, Landry, and Calloway/Perriman/Higgins at WR. We have Nick Chubb and Kareem hunt at running back. We have a solid offensive line even without Zeitler. On defense, we have Ward and Damarious Randall in the secondary. We have Pro bowl Schobert at middle linebacker. Kirksey at OLB, formidable himself. We have the up and coming Gernard Avery who is a pass rush specialist at OLB as well. Our defensive line SO FAR into this young off season features newly acquired Pro Bowlers Sheldon Richardson and Olivier Vernon, at DT and DE respectively. Add them to our homegrown badasses Larry Ogunjobi and Myles fucking Garrett. Then we have Smith and Oghbah as subs. Your smoking drugs if you don't think were building a juggernaut. Oh and I forgot the best part, BAKER MOTHERFUCKING MAYFIELD.
  7. GuNNerGatSKi

    Perriman headed to Tampa Bay

    Pretty awesome when a guy wants to come back and takes a 1 year prove it deal here in CLEVELAND to continue reviving his career.
  8. GuNNerGatSKi

    Jamie Collins Released

    Never been a rum type of guy. But I have fallen in love with the Devil's Cut. Strong, robust, and goes well straight over ice.
  9. GuNNerGatSKi

    Jamie Collins Released

    I agree. We should send him a signed browns board petition. With twinkies, a case of juicy fruit bubble gum, and several bottles of Jim Beam Devil's Cut.
  10. GuNNerGatSKi

    Jamie Collins Released

    And those delayed blitzes he is so good at.... he is so fast he can get to the QB quicker than the guy running the straight up blitz 😂
  11. GuNNerGatSKi

    Jamie Collins Released

    I concur. Just watched some film on him. Holy shit balls. You cannot teach speed and the ability to diagnose plays like that. Even when he makes a mistake he is so quick he is able to still be where he needs to be. Make our linebackers great again. #DevinWhite2019Draft
  12. Defensive Tackle Gip.
  13. Maybe we can also grab the newly cut Malik Jackson as well?
  14. Dorsey is a smart cookie. He has earned our trust 110 percent. No doubt he has a plan of attack in place and this is part of it. Excited to see this D get after the quarterback this coming season.
  15. GuNNerGatSKi

    Baker is simply legendary...

  16. GuNNerGatSKi


    https://twitter.com/NFLFilms/status/1083070722979713024?s=20 THERE is our new coach.
  17. GuNNerGatSKi

    Draft Order

    My lifelong dream is to draft 32nd.
  18. The first bit on Baker is spot on. I fucking love this kid. This is what Dorsey saw when he drafted him, the uncullable desire to annihilate his opponents and the ability to win a locker room with his give no shits attitude. The future is bright with this young man at the helm. http://thedraftnetwork.com/2018/11/27/draft-class-heroes-dont-ask-mayfield-to-change/
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    ***Official Browns Vs. Falcons Game Day Thread***

  20. GuNNerGatSKi

    Gregg Williams interim head coach

    I really, really like Gregg. His intensity is contagious bruh, as juice would say. And he is a respected hardass, not a wannabe like Hueless. I like the attitude he has instilled in our defense. Those boys do not quit no matter how many times the offense wastes one of their hard fought turnovers. We will see if that intensity translates to the offense as well. I can tell you this, practice and walk through are going to be much different. Gregg knows precisely how he would attack our offense, and you can bet he is going to teach some lessons when he turns the dogs loose in practice. Haley and Hue were two primadonnas locked in a sissy fight over the offense. Gregg cares about cracking fookin skulls and punishing the other team for mistakes. I dig it. AND if he is just interim for this year, I hope we retain him as DC next year. I believe he can build something truly special with this defense if given the time to develop the young guys over the next few years. I got a Shmucking lozenge for ya coach, go Shmucking get em!!!!
  21. GuNNerGatSKi

    Hue fired

  22. GuNNerGatSKi

    ***Official Browns @ Steelers Game Day Thread***

    Cannot do so. I am on call this weekend for work, god forbid a generator goes down somewhere lol.
  23. GuNNerGatSKi


    Ugh give this annoying prick a timeout. And dont let him in the tavern for the game, he is annoying as Sheet.
  24. GuNNerGatSKi

    ***Official Browns @ Steelers Game Day Thread***

    I'm too excited for my pregame nap. Making 5 cheese Texas toast with pepperoni and extra mozzarella and pepper jack cheese for my pregame snack. Need the energy to yell and scream 😁
  25. GuNNerGatSKi

    Who is BrownsDawgPound?

    Tis the greatest Browns Board mystery.