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  1. GuNNerGatSKi

    Baker is simply legendary...

  2. GuNNerGatSKi


    https://twitter.com/NFLFilms/status/1083070722979713024?s=20 THERE is our new coach.
  3. GuNNerGatSKi

    Draft Order

    My lifelong dream is to draft 32nd.
  4. The first bit on Baker is spot on. I fucking love this kid. This is what Dorsey saw when he drafted him, the uncullable desire to annihilate his opponents and the ability to win a locker room with his give no shits attitude. The future is bright with this young man at the helm. http://thedraftnetwork.com/2018/11/27/draft-class-heroes-dont-ask-mayfield-to-change/
  5. GuNNerGatSKi

    ***Official Browns Vs. Falcons Game Day Thread***

  6. GuNNerGatSKi

    Gregg Williams interim head coach

    I really, really like Gregg. His intensity is contagious bruh, as juice would say. And he is a respected hardass, not a wannabe like Hueless. I like the attitude he has instilled in our defense. Those boys do not quit no matter how many times the offense wastes one of their hard fought turnovers. We will see if that intensity translates to the offense as well. I can tell you this, practice and walk through are going to be much different. Gregg knows precisely how he would attack our offense, and you can bet he is going to teach some lessons when he turns the dogs loose in practice. Haley and Hue were two primadonnas locked in a sissy fight over the offense. Gregg cares about cracking fookin skulls and punishing the other team for mistakes. I dig it. AND if he is just interim for this year, I hope we retain him as DC next year. I believe he can build something truly special with this defense if given the time to develop the young guys over the next few years. I got a Shmucking lozenge for ya coach, go Shmucking get em!!!!
  7. GuNNerGatSKi

    Hue fired

  8. GuNNerGatSKi

    ***Official Browns @ Steelers Game Day Thread***

    Cannot do so. I am on call this weekend for work, god forbid a generator goes down somewhere lol.
  9. GuNNerGatSKi


    Ugh give this annoying prick a timeout. And dont let him in the tavern for the game, he is annoying as Sheet.
  10. GuNNerGatSKi

    ***Official Browns @ Steelers Game Day Thread***

    I'm too excited for my pregame nap. Making 5 cheese Texas toast with pepperoni and extra mozzarella and pepper jack cheese for my pregame snack. Need the energy to yell and scream 😁
  11. GuNNerGatSKi

    Who is BrownsDawgPound?

    Tis the greatest Browns Board mystery.
  12. GuNNerGatSKi

    This Week in the AFC North

    Gah, Zombo I cannot live without a fully featured TWITAFCN bro!
  13. GuNNerGatSKi

    2018 NFL TV Distribution Maps - Week 6

    I wonder if they are going to black it out on the NFL app too... I plan on chrome casting it to my tv from the app on my phone.
  14. GuNNerGatSKi

    Game day radio broadcast question

    Have you downloaded iHeartRadio? On your phone? I believe you can tune into any station anywhere from that app. And it is free.
  15. GuNNerGatSKi

    Breshad Perriman

    Hes a WR, not a DB.