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  1. Dorsey Hired

    Not surprising considering the timing of Sashi’s firing. They already had Dorsey lined up.
  2. I think you’re seeing in Green Bay just how much Rodgers means to that team.
  3. Want a real QB competition? Draft 2 in the first 10 picks.

    If we pick Rosen at #1, there will be no need to get another QB. He’s the guy.
  4. Keep it up, brownies

    Welcome to the Board, Nero! You’re gonna have to wade through some trash here, but these guys know their god damn football. I’m more of a two-ears-one-mouth kinda guy... I don’t post often, but I read all the time. Browns Board is one of my favourite places on the internet. I hope you enjoy it like I do.
  5. "With the First Pick of the 2018 Draft, the Browns Select..."

    In my opinion, the Browns need to sign a veteran QB for next season, draft the best QB available with their first pick, keep Kizer as the backup or third and dump the other two. Two firsts and three seconds? QB, WR (x2), a safety and a corner. Skill, skill, skill...
  6. "With the First Pick of the 2018 Draft, the Browns Select..."

    Yeah I don’t think this was ever said. But this info comes from a guy who still thinks it’s the offensive line that needs fixing. He’s all mixed up.
  7. AJ McCarron

    I wasn't aware of this. I still believe that if the Browns were serious about this deal, they would have just sent in their own god damn paperwork. But if the standard set in the NFL is no standard at all, well that opens up things up for blame all around.
  8. AJ McCarron

    I don't believe this is accurate. Why would one team and one team only be responsible for forwarding both teams' paperwork to the league? Seems that it would make more sense that they both send their own paperwork in and the league determines that both sides have agreed to the same parameters.
  9. Josh Gordon

    I think it was a near consensus perhaps not that people wanted him gone, but that it was an inevitability. But that preseason, many had agreed that Gabriel had earned his spot on the team. He was the only player on the offense who was consistently making plays. Cutting him was highly criticized and rightfully so.
  10. Biggest Trade Deadline concern

    But didn't they just do something similar with Jamie Collins just last season? Not saying Benjamin would have signed here, but what's the excuse for doing NOTHING? Maybe that wasn't the guy, but surely they could have done something, no? They could have TRIED god damn it.
  11. Start Kevin Hogan!

    Wasn't there a Raiders fan who recently popped on here to pimp the idea of Mark McGloin? Perhaps we could ask the same question of him... What if McGloin could stabilize the QB situation in Cleveland? Is that "what if" enough of an argument to make him a must-add to the roster? Or can we say that he mostly likely would NOT be the answer at quarterback (by a large percentage) and therefore be unworthy of... I wouldn't say discussion. But certainly a gnashing of teeth. Hell I'd love it if Hogan was the guy. Just as I'd love it if Kizer worked out, or McGloin if he was brought in, or Finger Phuckless whatever random yahoo. I don't give a flying dink who it is that eventually stabilizes this position. I just want it to happen.
  12. Start Kevin Hogan!

    I love your passion Poe, but all these excuses and you're missing one key point. Hogan made all those mistakes AND he did nothing noteworthy positive. Peyton Manning threw interceptions?? No Sheet. He also made things happen on the field. Hogan doesn't. Or... Hogan DIDN'T when he was given the opportunity to show he could. That's why you get laughed at when you compare him to HOF quarterbacks. You could throw ME in there at QB, and I would suck... But I could make the same arguments defending MY shitty self that you're making when you bring up that so-and-so Pro-Bowler Shmucked up too. I'm not opposed to starting him. But it's not because he's gonna be the guy who gets us wins. It's because our three QBs right now are just slightly different flavours of suck. It really doesn't matter who starts... He'll suck.
  13. If we have to take a QB in 2018........?????

    We have to. Those who haven't started the watch, it's probably time.
  14. ***Official Browns Vs. Titans Game Day Thread***

    That was the biggest load of cowpoop I've ever seen.
  15. You Decide Week 7

    Wow. You're right. Kevin Hogan is basically Troy Aikman.