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  1. Camp Barkley #1 Overall

    Did you really put "need" in quotations in reference to the QB? Good lord, man. This team hasn't had a real quarterback in DECADES. It is absolutely, positively without a f***ing doubt a god damn NEED. It f***ing baffles me how many of our fans want to piss away this opportunity.
  2. Browns interviewing Ben McAdoo, Mularkey, and Matt LaFleur

    I don't think he'd actually come here, but Ben McAdoo would be a great hire. Sucked as a head coach, but is a great OC.
  3. Bradford??

    I'm for it. Always liked Bradford... Just a shame he can't stay on the field. But as long as the Browns draft their QB (the one THEY want, not a leftover) I'd be happy with Smith, Bradford, McCarron, Bridgewater, etc as the vet option with Kizer the #3.
  4. Let's Ask This

    My list might change... But right now? 1. Rosen (by a mile) 2. Allen 3. Darnold 4. Mayfield 5. Rudolph 6. Jackson I see the potential for Mayfield to move up this list though. Still scared of happy-footed quarterbacks.
  5. Pettine interviewing to be Packers DC

    I like Pettine. Yeah I hope he gets the gig. I still think he could be a successful head coach if he can ever clear himself of the PTSD of his time here.
  6. Rosen

    Who is suggesting they won't?
  7. Rosen

    Yes. Rosen.

    Hey Ghoolie, is there a QB you like in this draft? I see a lot of happy feet bullshidt out there. Curious as to your take...
  9. GB cheats the IR rules

    Would be too damaging to the franchise to actually enforce the rule... But you can't Shmucking do that. What are the Packers thinking?
  10. One thing that scares me about Dorsey

    Mayfield first overall? I wonder what my new NFL team would be...
  11. One thing that scares me about Dorsey

    Wasn't he the architect of the trade up for Patrick Mahomes? I know this board has its share of Mahomes believers, but I'm not one of them. And it cost the Chiefs 2 firsts and a third to move up and grab him. Everyone beat on the Bears for the Trubisky move, but to me, this was the worst trade of the draft. I have zero interest in drafting a happy-footed project QB from an Air Raid offense to be the savior of the Browns offense. And a deal like this would suggest Dorsey may willing to "reach" to nab that kind of player.
  12. Josh Rosen?

    I agree. And it scares me. If the Browns waste this opportunity on some happy footed scrambler, I may have to finally tune out for a while. I don't care if Rosen rubs Republicans the wrong way, he's the clear top choice.
  13. Dorsey Hired

    Not surprising considering the timing of Sashi’s firing. They already had Dorsey lined up.
  14. I think you’re seeing in Green Bay just how much Rodgers means to that team.
  15. Want a real QB competition? Draft 2 in the first 10 picks.

    If we pick Rosen at #1, there will be no need to get another QB. He’s the guy.