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  1. Browns sign drew stanton

    Our third QB this year will be better than any of our options last year (unless we draft Josh Allen). Thank Shmuck.
  2. EJ Gaines signing for the Browns

    I'm in! Dig this signing.
  3. What's your worst case scenario?

    Worst case? Allen and Barkley. Both would be huge mistakes. Not a fan of Mayfield either.
  4. Throwing away money and picks

    I don't think it's leaders as much as it is "guys who have won games". As opposed to what we had over the last two years "guys who have won game."
  5. Throwing away money and picks

    Fells I think is 31.
  6. Browns Let go of McCourty

    I don't understand this one at ALL.
  7. Kevin Hogan resigns with Browns

    I read this as Hogan resigns and I was happy about it. Then I clicked in the thread and found out he had re-signed.
  8. This is what's going to happen.

    What? No he isn't.
  9. Chris Hubbard is a Brown

    Welcome to Cleveland. Our new LT, I guess.
  10. Joe Thomas has retired

    Dude will be missed. Wish Joe would have had a real QB to protect during his time here. It's a sad day.
  11. Browns agressively pursuing LT Nate Solder

    Looks like he's headed to the Giants. Big contract.
  12. Today's Thought...

    If I was a Vikings fan, this is precisely what I'd be afraid of. Overall I think Keenum sucks... But this season, the Vikings saw success not in spite of him, but because of him. I know Cousins is a better QB. But I'm not sure he will replicate the fairy tale year that Keenum had.
  13. Throwing away money and picks

    Two of my favourites. Miss them both.
  14. Whatever. For the Vikings I guess it makes sense. They got where they did last season with Case Keenum and even though Cousins isn't... Awesome? He is like twice the QB Keenum is. Not gonna be insane if they win. Gonna look awful if they fail to make the playoffs.
  15. Tyrod Taylor A Brown

    That's what it looks like to me. Also follows what Dorsey said about where he values positions. QB 1. Edge rusher 2.