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  1. Mr. Make-Believe

    Browns sign Troy Hill

    I like this too. Is this what it feels like to have a competent front office? Because it feels pretty good
  2. Mr. Make-Believe

    Browns sign Troy Hill

    And there we go. Boom motherfuckers The draft this year is gonna be easy. No gnashing at teeth over position. BPA The backfield has been drastically improved
  3. Mr. Make-Believe

    Hollywood returns!

    Can’t quantify it, but Baker is better with Hollywood and Hollywood is better with Baker. It’s just a match and I’m happy he’s back to do it all again.
  4. Mr. Make-Believe

    Mitchell gone

    🙁 Sad to see Money Mitch leave. Dude did everything we asked him to. Sucks.
  5. Mr. Make-Believe

    JJ Watt to Cardinals

    I know it's not likely... But I would lose it if he signed in Cleveland. Watt and Garrett together? Lights OUT.
  6. Mr. Make-Believe

    ***WILDCARD: Browns AT Steelers Gameday Thread***

    Two days ago, the Steelers were Super Bowl contenders. Today they’re trash. 😆
  7. Mr. Make-Believe

    ***WILDCARD: Browns AT Steelers Gameday Thread***

    Where’s Vagitron to tell us how the Steelers are SuperBowl bound and how the Browns suck? Betcha he’s doing his best impression of Roethlisberger on the sidelines after the game.
  8. Mr. Make-Believe

    ***WILDCARD: Browns AT Steelers Gameday Thread***

    I keep thinking I’m about to wake up. Best thing about this game for me was that I got to watch it with my son. The Browns are fuckin’ LEGIT. That is an against-all-odds gutsy fucking win. My heart is still pounding. God DAMN I love this team
  9. Mr. Make-Believe

    **** Ravens at Browns Gameday thread

  10. Mr. Make-Believe

    **** Ravens at Browns Gameday thread

    C'mon Sparkey... Goddammit
  11. Mr. Make-Believe

    Seibert waived, Parkey elevated to 53 man roster

    I don’t mind the idea of dumping Seibert... But to replace him with Parkey? Seems like a small downgrade. If they couldn’t find someone else with at least the potential of being reliable, what was the point?
  12. Mr. Make-Believe

    We Should of kept Schobert

    Agreed. Was very surprised when much of this board was cool with his exit. We miss him.
  13. Mr. Make-Believe

    Big Ben Booze and Porn

    “Addicted to porn” puh-leeze He enjoys whacking off. It’s not a fucking disease.
  14. Mr. Make-Believe

    No 5th year for Trubisky

    I think this actually surprised a lot of people. I'm not one of them.
  15. Mr. Make-Believe

    Would you trade Baker to the Dolphins for Tua?