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  1. Rams fan talking draft

    When did he take it out of Brett Favre"s rear end?
  2. Rams fan talking draft

    Yup. I'm old enough to have seen him play. If Manziel turns out to be as good as Sir Francis, he'd be the best QB in Cleveland since Automatic Otto. That's not worth a first round pick? As Peter King said, Manziel won't get past Jax. He'd sell a lot of tickets there. And they are desperate for that.
  3. Rams fan talking draft

    You make perfect sense to me. Totally agree that Manziel is the key. If he is there at #2, the Rams are in business. All signs point to Houston not taking him, but will they trade the pick so someone else can? They could trade with Jax, so Jax takes Manziel. But that only works if the Texans aren't in love with a specific QB. As the saying goes if you are in love with a QB you take him when you can. And you're not the only guy who can't believe how the RG3 trade turned out in terms of the picks. On the Rams message board there were guys who said Snead made a mistake and should not have spread the picks out. Snead said at the time of the deal, that he specifically wanted the a first round pick in 2014 and that's why the Skins deal was more appealing than the Browns offer. Snead certainly got lucky, but luck is a residue of design. The guy knows what he's doing.
  4. Rams fan talking draft

    Just heard Peter King say he doesn't see Johnny Football in Houston. Doesn't fit the profile in Houston. Thinks they go with Bortles at #1 or in a trade down. He stated the obvious, Rams wants to trade down. Didn't name a single player. Just that Snead is spoiled having multiple high picks and wants more. Said Jax is a great fit for Johnny Football, and that JF won't get past #3. PK said he knows that the Cleveland scouts really like Manziel, and now that Norv Turner is gone, that fits them going after Manziel. He said it's early but if it ends up that Houston falls in love with Bortles and takes him at #1, then Rams are in business in a bidding war between Jax and Cleveland for Manziel. I found it curious that PK didn't mention Teddy at all in the conversation. And I think the Raiders and Minny are in the mix as well. All this means to me is that I'll be shocked if these QBs last very long in this draft. I think these QBs will be rated a lot higher than last years guys, like Manuel and Smith and Nassib. Sure, there is no Luck in this draft but these guys are still fairly high picks.
  5. Rams fan talking draft

    True about the Jags. And it could get interesting if Jax, the Browns, and another team all want the same guy. Thing is, the Rams aren't interested in a QB, and DE is the strongest position on their team with Quinn and Long, so Clowney is a luxury pick for them. They may want Watkins or they may want one of the OTs. The OTs are of importance to the Rams now that Jake Long is coming off knee surgery and looks very injury prone now. Plus, they probably are gonna lose Rodger Saffold in FA. So suddenly, OT is a clear need. If they want Watkins they can certainly get him at #4 and they can get one of the OTs at the Vikes spot at #8.
  6. Rams fan talking draft

    So what if Houston's O'Brien falls in love with Bortles and they take him at #1, for example. And the Browns believe Bridgewater is the franchise guy they want. Do they trade up with the Rams or do they risk Minny or Oak trading up with the Rams to take him or Jax taking him at #3? That's the big question.
  7. Rams fan talking draft

    Ah. I got what you were saying now. Well, it kind of goes with my point. Assuming the Browns know who they want on May 7th, they have a few options. 1. They can try to trade up with Houston to ensure getting him. This is the most costly method but sure fire, except if Houston prefers to take who they want at #1. I think the odds are pretty good that the guy Cleveland wants is not the same guy the Texans want, plus Clowney is in the mix. So it's best to wait until #2, I think. 2. Waiting until the Rams are on the clock makes it interesting for the Browns. If the Texans took the Browns guy, then the Browns may just wait it out until #4 or they may have a close 2nd guy that they like almost as much. I think the Browns would make the trade with the Rams if they have a close 2nd guy. 3. If the Browns guy is taken by Houston, then the Brown may just sit tight at #4. They could do this even if their guy hasn't been taken by Houston, but will they risk losing him to either another team that trades with the Rams, like Minny, or letting Jax take him at #3?
  8. Rams fan talking draft

    If they don't know until they are on the board, then you need a new front office. Most of the FO's know before the Combine who they want and just use the Combine to confirm medical and psycho stuff. The tape doesn't change between now and May 8th. I think if Houston takes a QB at #1, that will send a bit of a shock wave to the other teams near the top of the draft looking for a QB. Jax, Minny, Oak, and Cleveland will get more active on the phones.
  9. Rams fan talking draft

    Just to summarize... The problem for the Rams in this draft is that there is no once in a decade guy at a position of need for them, only Clowney. Plus, there are 2 OTs and a WR that really good but not at the Orlando Pace or Megatron level. Thing is, SOMEBODY has to go #1 overall. It appears that it will be one of 4 guys. Those 3 QBs or Clowney. I mean, even if Houston trades down like this guy is talking about, SOME TEAM has to take SOMEBODY. And I don't believe it will be anybody but one of those 4 guys. So it doesn't matter to us, really who has the pick. We just scratch a QB or Clowney off the board. Does anyone really believe the Rams aren't trading down? With 3 of those 4 potential #1 picks still on the board, some team will want one of them. Cleveland, Minny, Atlanta, and Oakland are good candidates for a trade. I gotta believe the Rams are trading with one of them. Then Jax will take either a QB or Clowney. So after the first 3 picks, I think 2 QBs and Clowney will be off the board. The only question is whether Watkins or one of the OTs goes in the top 3. And the way I see it, the only way that happens is if they go in the #2 spot to the Rams, which I doubt. So if the Rams trade out of #2 as many expect, and they don't trade with Cleveland, then the Browns will be very likely down to the last of the 3 top QBs to pick. That could be a big problem for them if they determine there is a guy they really want ahead of the others. That's the way I see now anyway.
  10. Rams fan talking draft

    There are many Rams fans who have Fisher on the hot seat. They would dump him if the Rams don't win in his 3rd season. Getting #2 was a gift from heaven. When they made that RG3 trade, many thought the Rams blew it.
  11. Rams fan talking draft

    Good point. Even worse in a City without a winning record QB. Heck, the Dolphins are said to be unhappy with Tannehill already.
  12. Rams fan talking draft

    That's seems plausible to me. The Rams could very well take Robinson at #2. Fisher's son plays for Auburn, so he has a lot of insight into Robinson. The Rams will shop the pick hard, as you said. Les Snead has come out and said as much. And as they showed in 2012 they aren't adverse to trading down several times. I can see them going down as far as Minny. If Minny really wants Johnny Football, it will cost them 2015 first round plus other picks. And Snead has said he would like another first rounder next year. But I don't see the Rams trading down to #8 for just additional picks this year.
  13. Rams fan talking draft

    I can easily see the first three picks of the draft being 2 QBs and Clowney. As you say, are the Browns ok with sitting at #4 and taking the 3rd QB or do they trade up to get their guy.
  14. Rams fan talking draft

    Houston may very well take Clowney, but if they don't I can see the Rams either taking him or trading with Atlanta for him. So I think Clowney is going #1 or #2. So the first QB is going either #1 or #2. And the second QB is going to Jax at #3. If the Browns stay at #4, they will very likely get the the third QB, or Watkins. I highly doubt you get Clowney at #4. There are many Rams fans that want Watkins at #2, but the big argument is that he's not a physical freak. He's may measure in under 6'1" at the Combine so he's not in the AJ Green, Juio Jones class. The remaining Rams fans want either Matthews or Robinson.
  15. Rams fan talking draft

    My guess is that if you want Watkins, you will probably be able to get him at #4. I doubt Clowney lasts that long. And there is a good chance that Teddy or Johnny is there at #4. Both I doubt both are. I expect Houston and Jax to take a QB. And there is a chance that the Rams trade with Minny so they can take Johnny at #2. Or they could trade with Atlanta for Clowney. So it could go like this... 1. Houston - Bortles 2. Atlanta (trade) - Clowney 3. Jax -Johnny or Teddy 4. Cleve - QB or Watkins 4. Cleve - Teddy or Watkins