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  1. Odell weighs 198 pounds man. And nope, they are smart because they draft guys like Julian Edelman in the 7th, not the 1st.
  2. And just as expected, Corey Coleman gets hurt again. We've all heard about the nagging hamstring, but now he has a "middle body" injury to pair with that. This is exactly why you don't take tiny WRs in Round 1. You can always find quality slots late, and given how brittle they can be (especially Coleman) it doesn't make sense to invest premium assets in players like that. Remember how the 2016 draft unfolded? Keep it in mind. I feel like this is going to sting as we head into this year: 15th overall: Corey Coleman 16th overall: Taylor Decker 17th overall: Keanu Neal 18th overall: Ryan Kelly Keanu Neal and Ryan Kelly are already premium players at their positions, and Taylor Decker had a really solid rookie season as well. Will be interesting to see what happens, but even if we had picked Taylor Decker and then drafted a WR with the pick we used on Shon Coleman (Braxton Miller and Malcolm Mitchell were still available there), we are sitting pretty. Or we take Keanu Neal and then instead of Jabrill Peppers this year, we trade down a few picks and take Marcus Williams to fill the FS void. Then we sign Stevie Johnson or Victor Cruz to compete in the slot with Rashard Higgins. But alas.
  3. BrownieMan

    We won something?

    So Terrelle Pryor was just named the most improved player of the year. Of course, he is a free agent though :/
  4. BrownieMan

    Day 3 thread

    Our late picks are kinda getting ripped: http://walterfootball.com/nfldraftgrades5.php
  5. BrownieMan

    Day 3 thread

    Schobert being graded better than our other picks yesterday, so that is nice. We are taking pure production, aren't we?
  6. BrownieMan

    Day 2 Official Thread

    Ogbah pick getting ripped: http://walterfootball.com/nfldraftgrades2.php
  7. BrownieMan

    Draft Day 1 Thoughts

    Really like what the new staff has done. Getting good grades too: http://walterfootball.com/nfldraftgrades.php
  8. BrownieMan

    Who do you want at 8?

    Here is how the first 7 picks could shake out: http://walterfootball.com/draft2016.php If it goes like this, we have to take Zeke IMO. Could be a dynamic running offense next year.
  9. BrownieMan

    Free Agency 2016

    This Free Agency page has some interesting notes regarding us: http://walterfootball.com/nflrumors/freeagency Apparently we have interest on Demario Davis, the old Jets MLB. I think we have much bigger needs, but thats me.
  10. BrownieMan

    Underclassmen Discussion Thread

    I freaking love Jack. We may be passing on Bosa if we took him at our pick though,
  11. Let's make this the official underclassmen declaration thread. As guys declare discuss your opinions on them and if you think they are a good fit for us next year. Here is a underclassmen tracker in case you don't know who has declared so far. One guy who just declared is Su'a Cravens. I really like him for us as a Craig Robertson replacement. He will probably go in the Mid-1st but he's a guy I wouldn't mind trading up for. Would add a ton of athleticism to our front 7.
  12. BrownieMan

    Bruce Arians Wanted To Be In Cleveland

    It's weird how long Arians was an coordinator for before finally getting hired as a HC. And it even took him being an a successful interim HC before anyone took a chance on him. I have a feeling he's not a great interviewer even though he's a great coach. I'm sure tons of teams had chances at him. Not exclusive to us.
  13. BrownieMan

    McCown starts if healthy

    It's looking like McCown will start.
  14. BrownieMan

    Browns slotted to pick first in Mock Draft?!

    Gracefully lose for Goff? There aren't any good tanking slogans for Goff.
  15. I was reading this mock draft today, and guess who was slotted to pick first? The Cleveland Browns. With Pettine as our HC and some of the additions we've made on D, there is no way I see that happening. Our offense is a mess but our D should win us some games. Do you think we'll pick 1st?