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  1. WalterWhite

    Draft Talk

    Garrett is a no brainier if he is there. I like this Allen DE from Bama and either of the RB's Fournette, McCafferey, or Chubb. The QB people need to keep their eye on is Patrick Mahomes. He comes from that goofy Texas Tech offense but he's got an absolute rocket, he's mobile, and 6'3 230. Led all the FBS in total yardage last year. I like him more than Watson and Kelly. Brad Kayya is pretty good too.
  2. WalterWhite

    Brexit Vote Today

    Thank god. Fuck the EU and fuck refugees.
  3. WalterWhite

    Shooting in Orlando Nightclub

    I wish Muslims would just die off. Fucking parasites
  4. The OHIO STATE University Ari Wasserman Verified account ‏@AriWasserman 1h1 hour ago Tate Martell, the nation's top dual-threat QB, announces commitment to Ohio State http://www.elevenwarriors.com/ohio-state-football-recruiting/2016/03/69130/four-star-quarterback-tate-martell-commits-to-ohio-state-buckeyes
  5. Put a fucking shirt on bro
  6. Why not Libertarians like Gary Johnson or Green Party candidates like Jill Stein?
  7. WalterWhite

    Second Amendment to be or not to be

    So you think these laws and rules don't and shouldn't apply today?
  8. WalterWhite

    London elects a Mooslem as it's mayor,

    I hate England because it used to look like this: Now it looks like this:
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e52-Vx5PMCQ
  10. WalterWhite

    London elects a Mooslem as it's mayor,

    England arrest people for writing mean things on the internet, fuck England and it soft, faggoty weak people.
  11. WalterWhite

    The Danger of the Black Lives Matter movement

    White Geonicide is what these savages want. Fuck em
  12. WalterWhite

    London elects a Mooslem as it's mayor,

    I could care less, Europe was finished a long time ago. I could give a fuck if it gets leveled or not. Fuck England and Fuck Europe. Let em all die
  13. WalterWhite

    I Swear...

    I trust Hue Jackson more than any of you.
  14. Trump - Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks Hillary - Al Franken from Minnesota, formerly of Saturday Night Live
  15. WalterWhite

    College feminism

    The regressive left is chasing off so many moderate/cool democrats. "SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS"