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  1. Rams 49ers

    How do you get sacked there 🙈 Launch it in the air soon as you see him
  2. Rams 49ers

    Haha that's topped it off
  3. Rams 49ers

    Wow !
  4. Rams 49ers

    Fuck you Kyle
  5. Rams 49ers

    Ok let's go. Hyde and Gurley both to score two or more TDs is on
  6. Rams 49ers

    I'm laughing here. At the browns shanahan would have had all sorts of cute plays for those two yet it's power back stuff now
  7. Rams 49ers

    If this is not a catch I'll give up watching NFL
  8. Rams 49ers

    Yeah I'm annointing him the new Peyton but compared to last year, he's doing well.
  9. I met someone

    Why has nobody asked the obvious question? Have you actually met her yet?
  10. Rams 49ers

    Goff is looking pretty good
  11. London Calling: Tix going fast...

    Soccer is England's main hope, the media didn't report any of this but look at the sheer numbers of people. The next march is soon and they can't ignore it again no matter how much they want to
  12. Next four games

    Just read the last few pages. If I had a gun I'd be dead.
  13. Rams 49ers

    Was that Connor Irving?
  14. Rams 49ers

    Have I ever told you about my James White Super Bowl fiasco
  15. Josh Gordon

    That's absolute nonsense PoG. They gave him the reps as the number one receiver and he then bailed before the season. So not only were we without him he took the reps off of WRs that were playing. He's treated the Browns like shit ever since he arrived HE DOES NOT WANT TO PLAY FOR US.