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  1. LondonBrown

    Hue Jackson strikes again

    What a stupid thing to say on so many levels
  2. LondonBrown

    Dorsey's out on a limb

    In his last collegiate season, he led the FBS with 19 dropped passes, leading to many scouts citing that his inability to hold onto passes was a major concern............. And THEN Although he was a fourth round pick and still in his first season, Mayle was one of the Browns' final cuts during training camp on September 5, 2015. It was cited that he was cut due to dropping numerous passes throughout training camp.[2]
  3. LondonBrown

    Undrafted FA signings

    Heard Trenton Thompson mentioned by Greg Cosell as one to watch out for he said he Showed some flashes in college after being the number one player in the country out of high school
  4. LondonBrown

    Browns trade Telfer to the chiefs

    Dorsey loves his athletic profiles
  5. LondonBrown

    Draftday Trades

    I should have used the pink font for sarcasm...
  6. LondonBrown

    Draftday Trades

    I don't think there's any doubt about that
  7. LondonBrown

    Draftday Trades

    Sashi sure was an idiot, he didn't even know how to put through the trade on deadline day for McCarron...
  8. LondonBrown

    The teams nucleus

    The sky’s the limit for Njoku
  9. LondonBrown

    Post draft W/L predictions

    Week 1 vs Steelers W Week 2 @ Saints L Week 3 vs Jets W Week 4 @ Raiders L Week 5 vs Ravens L Week 6 vs Chargers L HUE JACKSON IS FIRED Week 7 @ Buccaneers L Week 8 @ Steelers L Week 9 vs Chiefs W Week 10 vs Falcons L Week 11 BYE Week 12 @ Bengals W Week 13 @ Texans W Week 14 vs Panthers L Week 15 @ Broncos L Week 16 vs Bengals W Week 17 @ Ravens L Browns finish 6-10
  10. LondonBrown

    POLL: When will Baker start?

    And so it begins
  11. LondonBrown

    Baker Mayfield Thread

    Perhaps it was a test for Hue to tell him Baker's name and see what happened.......and he failed miserably
  12. LondonBrown

    Browns 2018 draft picks by NFLDraftScout

    And that's my nerd like behaviour done with for the draft
  13. LondonBrown

    Browns 2018 draft picks by NFLDraftScout

    Denzel Ward
  14. LondonBrown

    Browns 2018 draft picks by NFLDraftScout

    Chad Thomas