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  1. LondonBrown

    Coming to the Panther game this Sunday

    Great Lakes Christmas Ale is a must this time of year. Better out of a bottle than draught I thought.
  2. LondonBrown


    Ha I’ve been down to Selhurst many times, bad defeat in the derby the other night
  3. LondonBrown


    Don’t get me wrong in the 80s early 90s we were a richer club than most and have bought players because of it but it was on a much lesser scale. We nearly went bust whereas City will neve run out of of cash. On the above note yesterday we tried to get tickets for the Red Sox Yankees here in London next year. Somehow there was none left and they’re mostly on resale sites at inflated prices already. Is it a problem you have over there because we do with any events like this or concerts etc
  4. LondonBrown


    They’re more of a mafia than a football club. They’re owned by a state the UAE and have circumvented all the fair play rules to ensure they stay at the top. See investigation below https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.spiegel.de/international/manchester-city-exposed-bending-the-rules-to-the-tune-of-millions-a-1236346-amp.html My club only really spends the money the club earns itself and has a team made up of mainly young English players. We’ve been very good for a few years but can never compete with the likes of Man City. Them and the likes of PSG and Chelsea have ruined the game unfortunately. It’s not a fair playing field at all. Apologies to the soccer haters for the above 😀
  5. LondonBrown

    NFL Power Rankings ......

    Falcons and Jaguars 24 & 25, both have had terrible seasons considering pre season claims
  6. LondonBrown

    Greg Robinson

    Harrison is 25, not a young kid whose body if filling out, I don't see him as the future in any way. We'll be drafting a OT high, Dorsey always has
  7. LondonBrown


    You’re correct , McCoy has left the game injured
  8. LondonBrown


    I just thought, what would happen is Sanchez goes down now? Him and McCoy (questionable) are the only two QBs that suited up
  9. LondonBrown


    Mark Sanchez is in the game. 2018 and it’s Mark Sanchez and Adrian Peterson on offense for the Skins lol. Hope they win
  10. LondonBrown


    AP can’t be caught on a 90 yard TD run at age 35 !
  11. LondonBrown


    Lol no Tottenham
  12. LondonBrown


    He’s shown all year how out of date he is. The NFL has moved on from the likes of Mike McCarthy.
  13. LondonBrown


    That's another team looking for a HC, GB is always an attractive option for any HC as well, not ideal
  14. LondonBrown


    Please. Please. NO