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  1. LondonBrown


    Dalton was so so bad there
  2. LondonBrown

    Baker Mayfield

    Michael Graves hates you 😂
  3. LondonBrown


    Jesus wept how is that a flag
  4. LondonBrown


    Yeah most of it
  5. LondonBrown


    I was being facetious but yep you're right, who's to say JM couldn't have made a career for himself
  6. LondonBrown

    Stef: "Own it... Learn from it... Move past it."

    I agree with this So far Stef strikes me as a "clever" coach but you really need to learn differences quickly in this division. Mike Tomlin who quite frankly isnt very good, has kept his job cos of it.
  7. LondonBrown

    Protest Thread

    Good old communism, great in theory but......people.
  8. LondonBrown


    Is Murray basically Manziel? Some of his passes have been horrific
  9. LondonBrown


    Weeden seems to be back
  10. LondonBrown

    Baker Mayfield

    I certainly think he has a good enough arm, accuracy and athletic ability to make other teams worry. He can and he has been very good, he isn't perfect and he has also struggled at times. But I think we would be crazy to give up on him, we'd end up in "veteran" QB rotation AGAIN.
  11. LondonBrown

    Baker Mayfield

    I watched the game as well. How anyone can think Josh Allen is a better QB than Mayfield is beyond me. Mahomes probably is though 😂
  12. LondonBrown

    Baker Mayfield

    Is he better than Baker was thought of being after his first few starts?
  13. LondonBrown

    Baker Mayfield

    Burrows is better than Baker already?
  14. LondonBrown

    Baker Mayfield

    Well Baker and the Browns scored 40pts in a win in Baltimore last year ?
  15. LondonBrown

    Sunday night football

    Two QB’s on show here that the word average was invented for I think Also just spotted Austin Corbett out there, how’s he fared since leaving Cleveland?