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  1. You and Taco must be great fun to go to bars with...
  2. 1st time in Cleveland

    The burgers are great in winking lizard and the beers very reasonably priced I’ll second that one. If you’re up early and a bit cold for tailgating then Panini’s opposite the lizard is open from early am pre match serving beer pizza and sandwiches. Pizza and beer for breakfast over there was fine by me, I had no complaints The Clevelander Pub next door should also be open but their kitchen didn’t open until a bit later
  3. Houston - our 2nd first round pick

    If anything the assets are in place to be aggressive this year rather than trade back. And that’s what will happen in places Picks are great but you have to put them all somewhere....but the FO know this I don’t need to tell them, just you lot.
  4. Well we knew this sht was coming....(darnold)

    I don’t know how many times Grossi has to be proved to be a complete dickhead for people to stop listening to him. For crying out loud he released a mock draft last year and in it the same player went to two different teams.
  5. Well we knew this sht was coming....(darnold)

    Our own fans side with the media on this stuff, I find it kind of sad. I said it before and people hated it but I stand by it, it suits the local media for the Browns to be crap
  6. I know Osasuna from the north, and remember them playing in European competition too.
  7. Another European on the board is welcome news and especially one with such stout judgement as shown so far! Now, if you're a Real fan from Madrid lets talk about that Champions League game at Wembley the other week because boy, WE KICKED YOUR ARSES
  8. The Philadelphia Eagles are doing it wrong.

    You restore my hope for this board daily my man !!
  9. Oh God cant you just imagine the Sashi can’t evaluate QB he’s a lawyer comments It may have even surpassed the current tide of comments
  10. Sashi Press Conference

    He didn’t say it but that won’t stop the feet stampers on here
  11. I would wonder why am I with someone called Mary, she must be old as Shmuck
  12. A big problem for the Browns is...Cleveland. I ask you please don’t misunderstand me because it’s not the place. I have been to Cleveland twice and I love it. I’ve been all over Europe and the friendliest people I have ever met (especially a young black lady in a bar on E 4th) were in Cleveland. Cleveland isn’t a big place. If you’re a local writer or reporter hoping to make it big, you need exposure first. How will you get it? Here goes.... The problem s the media and their influence. Imagine the Browns are like 8-8 on average every year. What good does that do the local media? Nothing. They have very little to offer anybody if the Browns are average. They will be another Florida team nobody cares about. So, what if the Browns are brilliant? Well then I’m sure the phone ins etc would be popular. The national media would be interested and therefore send their people down to cover it. I’m sure ESPN Cleveland would get its fair share but they’re the daily hod carriers really and nothing more. But what if the Browns are terrible? Well then the local reporters are now the people to go when the national big guys want to run the story of a shambles. They fill an interview on tv or radio “here is local beat writer” and bam, they’re outside of Ohio and beyond. All of a sudden they can be a household name. And it’s clear to me that’s what the local media want. They want the Browns to be bad. I listened to the phone ins live for a few years (can’t seem to get them any longer) and it was crazy, now you only have to look at the twitter accounts of the reporters. Honestly have a look, a lot of them just collectively laugh at childish insults of people in the building. And much of this started when their proven leak (the drunk coach) was let go. They just do not care. They gain nothing by the Browns winning and a lot by the Browns losing. Radio hosts and news writers don’t pick players in drafts, but they are much more influential than people think. And they play on it to the detriment of the organisation. They are selfish and they are poison and 90% of them do not want the Browns to be successful. Why would they? It would hurt their career.
  13. Thursday night football...

    Josh McCown is now the saviour because he may win 4 or 5 games? Well Brian Hoyer was 7 and 4 and I was in Cleveland and its bars at 9am before a Texans game listening to people hate on him. I heard it again at half time and when they lost it was even worse. Manziel came in not long after (maybe the week after) and the rest is history. The majority of fans and media are all out of patience and I totally understand that I really do, but i think it's time to admit this is a lost cause unless mentality drastically changes. Nothing but a miraculous immediate swing of 10 wins is going to make any of the media or fans stop the bashing, and its such a small city, that at this point it almost seems like a lost cause
  14. Deshaun Watson torn ACL

    But FWIW I really couldnt care less if he got injured or not, thousands of people get injured at work every single day. Just because one happens to be a pro sportsman doesnt affect me like I am sure any work related issues I may suffer wouldn't affect the rest of the world.