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  1. LondonBrown

    Hyde traded

  2. LondonBrown

    Derek "Horseballs" Anderson

    Kudos to “horseballs” he’s snagged a beautiful wife there.
  3. LondonBrown

    Hyde traded

    A 3.4 ypc back they don’t even trust at the goal line is far from a beast
  4. https://mobile.twitter.com/KP_Show/status/1053376335584800770
  5. LondonBrown

    Hyde traded

    A young WR off a practice squad somewhere? Some close to Browns saying Chubb was earmarked for a much larger role from here on out so they got something for Hyde before his value became zero
  6. LondonBrown

    2019 draft picks

    Browns own picks in rounds 1-6 Patriots 3rd round pick (Shelton) Jags 5th round pick (Hyde) Patriots 5th round pick (Gordon) Jags Conditional 7th round pick (Kessler)
  7. LondonBrown

    Hyde traded

  8. LondonBrown

    Hyde traded

    Hyde is five years older than Fournette 🙈
  9. LondonBrown

    Hyde traded

    Dorsey taking the decision out of his coaches hands makes me happy
  10. LondonBrown

    Hyde traded

    Couldn’t care less and I’m laughing at how butt hurt you are about 3.5 ypc.
  11. LondonBrown

    Hyde traded

    Well I bet it will be better Dorsey drafted him at #35 to play, RB is not a long term position. Getting rid of Hyde’s contract and ensure your highly drafted RB gets significant carries at the same time = win win
  12. LondonBrown

    Hyde traded

    Hyde couldn’t last week
  13. LondonBrown

    Hyde traded

    Dorsey probably knows Hue isn’t going to use Chubb as long as a veteran is around. Forced his hand. Preparing for next year without Hue hopefully.
  14. LondonBrown

    Hyde traded

    Because he averages YPC in the Trent Richardson ballpark. He can’t run outside. He’s rubbish.
  15. LondonBrown

    Hyde traded

    Hahahaha A few may need a lot tissues to wipe their egg from their faces