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  1. Todd Haley

    I’m afraid I expect this to be spot on.
  2. Bortles, Foles and Keenum

    Brady is an overrated piece of Sheet. And a cheat.
  3. Bortles, Foles and Keenum

    and two of the best nfl defenses are in the championship games. Someone on here that says defense is entirely irrelevant is looking a little silly
  4. Bortles, Foles and Keenum

    You’re nothing without a QB Blake Bortles, Case Shmucking Keenum and Nick Foles say hello.
  5. Free Agents

    if we sign Teddy noodle arm AFTER he's had such a serious injury I will offically give up, he wasnt very good before the injury let alone now
  6. Annual Draft

    I head to my friends house (Patriots fan) and my other mate comes over (Vikings fan) and we get a takeaway and a few beers then place some bets with each other on whos gonna take who as the draft goes along, an enjoyable night. Then I watch round two on Friday night but I love Saturday and the rest of the rounds I sit in front of NFL network all day
  7. Ken Zampese New QB Coach

    Kirby Wilson is a surprise he's highly respected
  8. Support Hue For One More Year?

    A HC that throws his players under the bus every chance he gets, got the GM sacked using his links to the media and has probably already ruined a QB with high potential by starting and benching and starting and benhcing him? Na I wont support him for another day.
  9. Mike Shula Fired. Browns should bring him in

    It will be Hue's friend Ken Zampese because that's the level of OC that would accept beingt dictated too by the dipshit
  10. Alex smith

    Would be a dream, he always seems to give his QB a great chance of succeeding. The polar opposite to our current HC
  11. First four

    For the Browns obviously not the draft?
  12. To The Poster That Wanted Greg Roman as OC

    Pretty sure it’ll be Hue’s mate Zampese who’ll be picking up a nice check for being a patsy
  13. Sean Ryan New OC ?

    Green Bay’s drafting has been all sorts of Sheet the last few years but as long as he is a football guy I guess that’s all that matters
  14. Players are sick of Haslam, Hue and Dorsey

    Absolute cowpoop. How many of those drafted last year were reaches? Hardly any, if any at all. If the Browns didn’t take them someone else was in the next 5 say 10 picks if you want. The likes of Collins, Tretter and Zietler are also players all other NFL teams would have looked at signing if they had the capital. Hue is doing what he did in Oakland and trying to convince everyone nothing is his fault.
  15. Superbowl poll

    For financial reasons I hope it’s the Vikings. Aside that from that anyone but the Patriots and Steelers would be less annoying