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  1. LondonBrown

    Cut Browns Find New Home Thread

    Hi Nero, just back from Spain. Pinchos, what a great idea! Those ham croquettes 😍 As for the cup final, less said the better 😢 apologies for going off topic
  2. LondonBrown

    Gerald McCoy signs with Panthers

    Bucs have signed his replacement quick enough, bringing in Suh on a one year deal
  3. LondonBrown

    Austin Siebert ... Browns grab a kicker

    Tampa Bay says hello 😜
  4. LondonBrown

    Sione Takitaki

    Analytics and data driven pick 😜😜 I never understand the “bad value pick you could have got him 10,20,30 spots later” How on earth does anyone know that? It’s impossible to know there are too many variables.
  5. LondonBrown

    Tyreek Hill

    If I was a 300lb lineman for the Chiefs I’d keep my head down and not comment on any of this until the very second Hill walked back into the facility. And then I would throw him down, sit on him and punch his head into the ground until it left an impression on the concrete There are no names I can call Hill to justify how bad a person he is, my heart breaks for his kid
  6. LondonBrown

    Duke Johnson Requests Trade

    Duke is exactly the type of player you need in today’s NFL. Baffled by any attempt to move him on
  7. Apologies guys but I’ll have to back out. I’m not around enough right now and to be frank, the Browns now not having a first round pick means I have no desire to research this draft.
  8. LondonBrown

    OBJ is a BROWN!!!!!

    OBJ is basically our first rounder this year so I’m not counting that which means 96 and Peppers for OBJ? We have fleeced them !!
  9. LondonBrown

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    I know I am adding to it but 532 pages is pretty hilarious
  10. LondonBrown

    Browns sign Kareem Hunt

    FWIW I think Hunt is a piece of shit and we never should have signed him.
  11. LondonBrown

    Browns sign Kareem Hunt

    I’ve not read more than a page (if that) of this thread as I can imagine it’s about Hunt the person. I’ll say it now Kareem Hunt the player won’t beat out Nick Chubb. If Chubb stays relatively injury free he will be the best back in the NFL. But we have and it won’t stop me cheering him if he goes over the line for a TD. Its fuck all to do with me. I can’t pick and choose which player is allowed to score. If the browns score a TD I will celebrate. There are people earning millions of dollars a year to make these decisions, I’m not going to worry about it.
  12. LondonBrown


    I have no opinion on the new league but this claim is hilarious. Yep the reason the NFL is so popular is because we hardly ever get to see it* *my pink sarcasm skills are non existent
  13. LondonBrown

    2019 Mock Drafts

    Dorsey likes to take his OT's high, wouldn't surprise me, Corbett wasn't going as high as we took him in many mocks last year
  14. LondonBrown

    Inside the Browns front office, ESPN

    Him getting suspended for a few games because of abusing the refs was funny though. But yeah he is never going to go against the pay day he has from the Browns