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  1. DownSouthKC

    Mike Evans Has Eleven TDs

    MikToxic was the only person I know wanting him at 4. He was right.
  2. DownSouthKC

    Why do we defer?

  3. DownSouthKC

    Josh Gordon

    Is this because he makes it look easy? He looks like he isn't running hard when in fact he is.
  4. DownSouthKC


    Great news!!!!!
  5. DownSouthKC

    Josh Gordon countdown over ...

    finally he comes back and the Hoyer evaluations can really start. We definitely need him.
  6. DownSouthKC

    ***Official Browns Vs. Texans Game Day Thread***

    ^^^ Plenty to put on Hoyer too though. He was very inaccurate in some key spots. Fuckin even when we were out of our own way the refs were in it. That was a killer, and the missed FG, and the Crow fumble ...
  7. DownSouthKC

    ***Official Browns Vs. Texans Game Day Thread***

    At least we haven't made any mistakes so fa... Oh wait. Missed FG Ill timed penalties Fumble
  8. DownSouthKC

    ***Official Browns Vs. Texans Game Day Thread***

    Anybody feel like winning this game?
  9. DownSouthKC

    Bills WR Hogan outplaying "superstar" Sammy Watkins

    I don't think many people are trashing him they are just saying that you could have traded up for less and nabbed Mike Evans and got similar production. You could have traded back and got Kelvin Benjamin and got better production ... Or stayed pat and actually drafted a QB to get them the ball and draft your WR later on in the 2nd, or any other position help you need. Instead you got Watkins who is really good for sure but hasn't (yet) separated himself from any of the other WRs drafted and we got out 2nd corner and a 10-18 pick next year to add BPA. We've been fine without him. We'd be fine with him.
  10. DownSouthKC

    Arian Foster out?

    Yup he gone. Picked up Blue for DraftKings
  11. DownSouthKC

    Bills WR Hogan outplaying "superstar" Sammy Watkins

    Watkins is nice ... ...But so is Evans Matthews Brown Gabriel Benjamin Hurns Robinson Edit: Beckham Cooks I know I'm missing some too. He hasn't far and away outplayed any of those WRs. Some were had in the 1st some UDFA's.
  12. Not a jersey you expect to see
  13. I know you're talking to Walter here but for me it was watching Muslims everyday killing each other because they are different denominations, shooting women and children for fun, mass murdering was seemed like hundreds, remembering 9/11, Boston Marathon, researching much of the Middle East, that sick fuck that butchered the British military member, this article, the entire war on Chritians ... Or non-Shi'a Muslims, the constant threats and fear they try to impose on the rest of the world ... Other than that not much except the No'or Mosque in Columbus being a harbor for multiple terroritsts, Minneapolis being a hub or Somalian Muslim terrorists, Turkey attacking the Daesh but not after attacking the Kurds first, Shar'ia Law, Muhammad and plenty more. Don't hate 'em all but I think I have more experience in this than most college aged 20 somethings that sit in classrooms.