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  1. Tashaun Gipson Hopes to "Hang 40" on Browns

    I'm not saying this FO hasn't done good things, they have. I was referring to Jimmy even being below the Cap back in the farmer days. The stats I pulled out were from back before the beginning of the season. I liked the Collins move and beefing up to O-Line. I guess my point is I'd like to see us in the next 3 years be one of the teams that spends the most Cap room. I don't want to continue to draft 14 rookies every year for 5 more years because we just don't have enough space for them. I thought the Joe Thomas resigning was just a PR move to keep him from retiring.
  2. Lmao, bortles isnt talking Sheet, he's speaking from experience.
  3. Analytics Videos

    Baker Mayfield baby!
  4. 1st time in Cleveland

    city tap is always pretty chill dude. there's a bunch of them to choose from. east 4th places are always fun, but tend to be pricier.
  5. Tashaun Gipson Hopes to "Hang 40" on Browns

    I'm not talking about the F.O. at all. I'm talking if Jimmy is willing to part ways with his money to sign more FA's or to resign players. So far in his tenor as owner, he hasn't proved that he will.
  6. Tashaun Gipson Hopes to "Hang 40" on Browns

    Kenny Britt was never a WR1. Showed flashes of talent but was lazy. Dwayne Bowe was streaky at best and never a top 5 WR in the league. Collins was one of the only top tier signings we had recently. Usually, more pay = the players are better, doesn't mean people don't make mistakes, but the biggest mistake is leaving gaps all around your team and expecting twenty some year olds to play neck and neck with veterans.
  7. This Week in the AFC North

    Banking on us to beat Jacksonville, to pay them f#%^ers back for bottlegate all those years ago. I have green bay beating baltimore.
  8. Tashaun Gipson Hopes to "Hang 40" on Browns

    2017 Cleveland Browns Approximate space: $105 million A couple of years of caution and few homegrown talents to reward allowed the Browns to carry over more than $50 million from last year's cap. That accounts for nearly half of this season's league-leading total. Receiver Terrelle Pryor Sr. is in position to consume some of that space, but the Browns already have given linebacker Jamie Collins a four-year extension (2017 cap hit: $12.1 million) and almost certainly will roll over a significant portion of their current space to 2018. Since the total salary cap from 2013-2016 is $554.55 million, then every NFL team, including the Browns, must have a cash spend of at least 89% of that by the end of the 2016 league year, which is $493.55 million. More like he had to get someone like Collins and Zeitler. Just more proof that we need better talent evaluators in there so it doesn't happen again. (cough, BRITT, cough)
  9. Week 11 - You Decide~

    Agreed on Duke. Don't think coleman or njoku score. Hogan should be ahead of Kessler PoG
  10. Peyton Manning is closing on a house in Cleveland

    i've heard about it but didn't want to post because i'm not sure if the source was viable. maybe get zombo to check?
  11. Tashaun Gipson Hopes to "Hang 40" on Browns

    It wasn't stated, it's just my observations and opinion. Moneyball was arguably about finding undervalued talent. I can't fathom gutting everyone like we did and sucking for draft picks, it's just too weird now. People think it's all Sashi's process, and Depo's process, but what they're really not thinking of is that it's been Jimmy's process all along, who you could argue is a bufoon, and doesn't even have a clue how to put a winner on the field. If Jimmy cared about his fans, he'd try harder to win. You're going to tell me that Jimmy's F.O. tell him to spend so little money on the cap every year? I think that comes from Jimmy himself. You might think my hypothesis is cowpoop, but just wait and see if we resign gordon or let him walk. that will tell us if i'm full of s#$% or if i'm onto Haslam's bullshittery an ineptitude. And don't forget, Pettine had a TON of lack of talent too and had to give all of those pressers as the Browns lost his second year. Jimmy is a Jerry Jones wannabe without a brain.
  12. Tashaun Gipson Hopes to "Hang 40" on Browns

    spending more money usually results in getting better players. or you can keep ricardo louis and bryce treggs and go 1-24.
  13. Tashaun Gipson Hopes to "Hang 40" on Browns

    definitely bro. I'm down with the process and the rebuilding, but at some point we have to bring FA talent here. Would we bring a Kirk Cousins, Julio Jones, or any big offensive playmakers here. I'm not talking WR2's but Kenny Britt, but hell even Jarvis Landry would be nice. It would be nice to see the Browns load up on depth and get some WR's that aren't UDFA's or late round picks.
  14. Tashaun Gipson Hopes to "Hang 40" on Browns

    So y'all would have Jimmy stay incredibly under the cap and make more money instead of keeping a decent FS? Jesus. Dude was young and good, Sashi Brown's job is to make Jimmy a team to win for as cheap as possible, which is why we didn't resign him. It doesn't differ much from letting T.J. Ward go without even offering anything. We continue to develop players and then let them play somewhere else. Like Mudfly said awhile back, We cut a bunch of vets and people who were skilled and replaced them with basically infants who are inept. Sure, some of them will be decent, but will we ever get a playoff team without spending the Cap? And please don't say we're going to spend a lot of Cap this offseason and we've been waiting for the third offseason, because until we do it I don't believe it. In fact, I bet we'd let Josh Gordon walk even if he has a great end of the season just to save Jimmy money. A large deal of the process has to do with saving JIMMY MONEY, if you want to argue against that, show me the proof.
  15. Houston - our 2nd first round pick

    I wouldn't be surprised either if sashi traded down again.