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  1. stillmotion

    Jarvis Landry

    Jarvis is too emotional at times, He's more boom or bust like Desean Jackson for the Bucs, but we really need a strong WR2 in order for Landry to be effective. Landry, Josh Gordon, and Higgins were a good tandem, but Gordon was unreliable, and Higgins is currently shaken up. We need to trade and get a strong WR2.
  2. stillmotion

    Jarvis Landry

    Larry is the face of AZ. I couldn't see us wanting to take his contact. Can you? Amari Cooper is a possibility, but he's so streaky it's crazy.
  3. stillmotion

    Jarvis Landry

    He was double teamed. Still though, you expect calloway to catch the dang ball sometime? You expect Duke Johnson to get the ball more, but no, instead we threw to Ratley, an unproven rookie.
  4. stillmotion

    Who will Hue throw under the bus this week

    I mean he'll probably just say we need to prepare better and we need to do better. That he came here to win, and that we need to make plays. I doubt he'd throw anyone under the bus, as it's not the right thing to do. Had too many injuries, and the offensive planning was abysmal. Since they attempted to take Landry out of the game, we should've involved duke and chubb more, especially with only a few healthy receivers. Let's face it, who is scared of Ratley or Calloway?
  5. stillmotion

    our run D is way worse than last year

    getting rid of meder and nassib was head scratching. I wouldn't say our rush D is as bad as it's been in the past. Melvin Gordon is just a beast and our edge defenders cant stop the run.
  6. stillmotion

    Shermer or hue?

    Shurmur was a yes-man and a robot. Absolutely idiotic playcalling and the players didn't respect him. I can't stand some of hue's decisions, but at least he's somewhat likeable. Players like him, Joe Thomas loved him. Hue makes boneheaded calls, but comparing him to Shurmur, he at least shows emotion. Mangini had more emotion than 20 hues and 40 shurmur's. That's a dude that coached with passion. he was a terrible gm though.....
  7. stillmotion

    Fire the Kicker

    This thread didn't age well
  8. stillmotion

    Hollywood Higgins

    Willies has the chance to step up
  9. stillmotion

    Over Reaction Sunday... Week 5...Ravens at Browns

    Also FYI Tour, Higgins mom is on the cleveland browns die-hard fan club facebook group and just made a post about how proud she was of her son. It was really cool.
  10. stillmotion

    Over Reaction Sunday... Week 5...Ravens at Browns

    He's sure promising. Not our best, but dude definitely puts in the effort. He's clutch. Here's mine Tour, Willies has Moss/Jerry Rice potential with time
  11. stillmotion


    Baker to Willies, get used to it, it'll become a household name.
  12. stillmotion

    Party Time

    Joe Montana had...... Jerry Rice Troy Aikman had....... Michael Irvin Terry Bradshaw had....... Lynn Swann And Baker Mayfield has a group of young receivers who are underrated, one of which is Derrick Willies
  13. stillmotion

    Fire the Kicker

    He sure beats old Zane
  14. stillmotion

    Party Time

    In Willies We Trust
  15. Game ball goes to him, and that freaking kicker!!!! https://www.nflshop.com/mens-cleveland-browns-derrick-willies-nfl-pro-line-brown-player-jersey/p-25025348755522+z-9933-1692788775