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  1. This is why i haven't had kids in my 20's yet.....
  2. stillmotion

    Landry / William's

    I love them both and their intensity/passion. They have more passion in one pinky then Hue has in his full body.
  3. stillmotion

    Jackson trying to look stupid?

    I wonder if Stanton "stopped the world" when Hue saw him practice like RG3 did. LOL. maybe Hue is trying to motivate Baker to work extra hard, but I wouldn't do it that way. Stanton is a class act, but Baker is the future and the kid is hungry.
  4. stillmotion

    Cory Coleman Traded

    dorsey is correct. i hope dorsey keeps going above hue to make our team better.
  5. stillmotion


    Rosen is kind of a b@#$% with a superiority complex. I don't hate him, but i think he'll get crushed as a wakeup call in the NFL.
  6. stillmotion

    OUR "Hard Knocks" Thread

    I think ultimately, when something goes wrong, hue will blame williams or haley. Haley and williams will go to jimmy and either a) hue will get fired b)haley or williams will get fired. This is only IF we start out 0-6 or 0-8 or something horrible. I don't think we will, but Hue needs to start actually being a coach, and quit acting like a child who's winning in monopoly.
  7. stillmotion

    Paxton Lynch

    WOW, apparently there's a gofundme to raise $600,000 to cut Paxton Lynch. This is new to the world and remarkable.... https://247sports.com/nfl/denver-broncos/Article/Denver-Broncos-fan-starts-GoFundMe-to-cut-Paxton-Lynch-120612028/
  8. stillmotion

    OUR "Hard Knocks" Thread

    It needed to be said. I think it was directed at Coleman for sure, and maybe a couple of the other guys. Coleman did slack off with Britt. He was always injured. That makes me wonder when Landry said someone was on the sidelines when they weren't injured and that it made other people work harder. Maybe Coleman was just toxic, but the team seems better off without him. Didn't even the coaches yell at coleman during hard knocks for not giving effort on a play? If I remember correctly they did. We've got a great group, and I feel really bad about Hue losing his mother and his brother. Hopefully we gel together and start to sync greatly. I just hope Hue can be tougher on our guys, because he seems too laid back, and the players don't seem very scared of him. Bill B doesn't get very angry at times, but if someone doesn't put in effort, or crosses him, they're instantly gone. I'd like to see Hue act more like that instead of just Dorsey doing it. Because Dorsey is aggressive, we no longer have Coleman. But I can guarantee, another WR wants "it" more than Coleman, who Ghoolie was right about.
  9. stillmotion

    Browns Board Official Fantasy Football Leagues

    I'm JJ watts and i'm back again. probably will change my name this year.
  10. stillmotion

    OUR "Hard Knocks" Thread

    Lol that he's her b1tch. call it out and get a better job, dutch
  11. stillmotion

    Cory Coleman Traded

    Zombo is right and Coleman is replaceable. Sadly, Ghoulie was right about Coleman. CC dropped that Browns-Steelers game pass and i'll never forget that. Also was involved with the beating incident and constantly injured. He had no real upside especially with someone like Calloway in there. If he did look smug or angry after he got passed in the depth chart, then maybe he should've worked harder. I will not miss him. 7th round is low but we would've cut him otherwise. Dorsey is a no-BS kinda guy and I like that a lot about him. He doesn't want any negative nancys.
  12. stillmotion

    OUR "Hard Knocks" Thread

    Hey Nero, been in northern california all week and haven't had access to it. But yes, I (might) be able to. PM me.
  13. stillmotion

    Browns Board Official Fantasy Football Leagues

    I'm always down Z, Let me know if there's any openings. Think i was in league 4 and points league last year.
  14. stillmotion


    Golden state has no room to sh!t talk, yet all their fans I know are doing that. The players are doing that. They're just too Socky and we need to shut them up. Unleash Perkins.
  15. stillmotion

    Cleveland in the Finals

    JR should of known what was going on. But that being said, the change of the charge call to a block was absolutely ridiculous, and If I had a dude who looks and acts like the donkey from Shrek (Draymond), and he got in my face and taunted me and clapped, I would of pushed him just like TT did too. The Fact that on first take the warriors fans said they were never afraid because they are the best ever is pathetic. The fact that M.C. Hammer of all people is talking Sheet about cleveland on first take this morning is pathetic. The fact that the girl I used to date from Oakland snapchatted me talking Sheet about the warriors manhandling the cavs is pathetic. And the Fact that Draymond has the nerve to call LeBron a B#$%^ and Curry has the nerve to talk sh!t to LeBron is pathetic too. LeBron is on next level. He'll put up 60 if he has to. But J.R. is disappointing me, I know he'll bounce back though. Lastly, that ref should be fired. In my opinion was as bad as "Bottlegate" was for the NFL. Even Chris Bosh tweeted that it was a ridiculous and unfair call.