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  1. stillmotion


    Roger that. I'll take the Bengals and Packers then if y'all cool with it.
  2. stillmotion


    I'll take the Packers and Rams if y'all are cool with that
  3. stillmotion

    Browns sign Kareem Hunt

    I went to toledo for two years and saw kareem play in college and he's definitely a gifted back. People make mistakes, they f#$% up, but I think it's stupid to write off people for one thing. Ray Lewis could've been involved in a murder, Michael Vick did horrible things with dogs, if they can give them a chance, why can't they give Kareem one?
  4. stillmotion

    Of Course You Do Idiot!: Terrell Pryor...

    Pryor is locker room CANCER. 110%. He was also a dude who groped and grabbed females at Ohio State when my best friend was going there and he'd have parties at his frat. You don't get kicked out of multiple parties if you're a football campus hero unless you're a complete asshole.
  5. stillmotion

    The nominations are in

    From a guy who's seen most of the oscar movies, and most of them being underwhelming, i'd say 100% CB deserves the award for his masterful transformation into Cheney. I didn't like "Vice" that much, but CB did an excellent job.
  6. stillmotion

    The nominations are in

    Christ, I don't think I've watched any of these movies, and I work on movies, this is ridiculous. Roma will probably win a lot of things, since the academy has a hardon for Cuaron. Christian Bale is an incredible actor. Havent seen the Cheney movie, and I dislike Cheney, but I heard the man pulled a Raging Bull again. Only Daniel Day Lewis is a better actor I think. First Reformed, Paul Schrader - hmmm, Paul wrote taxi driver in two days with a loaded gun in his desk so i might have to check this out. Great screenwriter, and a great guy. This and Roma are the only movies that interest me. How many of these so called "movies" are original? Maybe i'll have to make one of my own one of these days.
  7. stillmotion

    The nominations are in

    I thought majority of movies sucked this year Westside Steve.
  8. stillmotion

    Conference Finals live Chat room

    LMAO, Todd Gurley Even Realizes it. Dudes an EPIC troll, LMAO. This is from his instagram
  9. stillmotion

    Conference Finals live Chat room

    The powers that be love brady and the patriots, and love LA and the rams. Saints deserve to play in the big game.
  10. stillmotion

    Baker is simply legendary...

    110% Accurate. Talking to sources (such as one of Rosens old professors), you are correct.
  11. stillmotion

    Conference Finals live Chat room

    I don't get it. The refs looked at the actual replay to make sure they were right. God knows why they didn't do that with the Saints. I mean none of the refs threw a flag.
  12. stillmotion

    Conference Finals live Chat room

    I hate the Steelers, but bro, would you REALLY want Steelers fans having that excuse against us everytime we slam them for beating them and going to the superbowl. I for one wouldn't, and I don't think Baker would either. He'd believe he could beat them straight up and would want to beat them straight up. Would we as fans take the no call? Yes Absolutely! Would I feel bad about it? Yes Absolutely! Would I think those refs, especially the one with the play in front of him should be fired? Yes, Absolutely.
  13. stillmotion

    Conference Finals live Chat room

    I wouldn't feel like we won legit. I'd feel like anytime we say we beat the team (lets say it was the steelers) they'd use the excuse because it was because of the refs no-calling it and giving the game away. I'd be ashamed at the league like I am now. It's not right for any team to get screwed by the refs in this way. But how can people not say the league wanted the Rams to be in the superbowl after this? The ref this happened in front of should be fined and fired.
  14. stillmotion

    Conference Finals live Chat room

    If this happen to the Browns, there would be riots, gumby.
  15. stillmotion

    Conference Finals live Chat room

    I have great respect for Brees. I was gunning for the Rams to win, but that penalty made the win sketchy. It's not a legitimate win at all. If the Browns played the Steelers and we hit them like that and there was a no call, i'd be upset. I wouldn't of felt like we beat them straight up, and would of felt it was unfair. In a fair called game, the Saints win. There is no integrity in the NFL anymore.