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  1. stillmotion

    ***Official Browns Vs. Panthers Game Day Thread***

    That's because the Bengals have Hue Jackson helping them, the worst coach in NFL history. With Hue coaching, we very well could've lost this game. Thank god he's gone. It's a blessing. Thank you Haley for helping with the Hue firing.
  2. stillmotion

    ***Official Browns Vs. Panthers Game Day Thread***

    Baker and Chubb look like vets
  3. stillmotion

    I don't get all the Baker hate

    https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/06/29/jameis-winston-uber-driver-sexual-assault-suspension-statement Mr. Winston once said, "Girls should be silent, polite, and gentle." I disagree.
  4. stillmotion

    I don't get all the Baker hate

    But all of the sportscasters didn't say Tannehill, Foles, Cousins, and Wilson would all be better quarterbacks than him during that year when he was balling out like Cowherd has said about Baker. Are we saying that the argument Baker will fail because of his attitude is valid? Because that's what they're arguing. That's what Cowherd argues everyday on T.V. He never even admitted he was wrong when calling him a bust. My argument > He doesn't deserve all of the criticism from the Hue situation, especially when Jameis Winston's sexual assault case was settled. No talk about that. Why does Baker get all of the hate? Because the networks want to see Cleveland fail and him be a bust for headlines.
  5. stillmotion

    I don't get all the Baker hate

    I for sure think Goff was criticized and that it was justified to a certain extent, but I never saw anyone attack his personality like Baker's. And Goff didn't even know on hard knocks which direction the sun sets.
  6. stillmotion

    Kelvin Benjamin

    He ate wayyy too many big macs in the offseason. Dude has an out of shape lineman's gut right now. Hopefully the Steelers claim him and he sucks for them.
  7. stillmotion

    I don't get all the Baker hate

    Baker made mistakes, but he's had more criticism for a rookie QB than I can remember. RG3 never got this type of criticism. It wasn't until his sophomore season that he got any criticism. People like Cowherd say his personality isn't that of a leader or a QB. I guess we can't stop the media from making outlandish claims. Baker destroying teams makes me infinitely happy though, as I'm going to love to see these media personalities eat their words.
  8. stillmotion

    I don't get all the Baker hate

    That's why i made the thread dude. I didn't want to, but a Colin Baker video started autoplaying on youtube when I was working. I listened and got agitated, and had to speak out against it.
  9. stillmotion

    I don't get all the Baker hate

    I try man, I don't even watch those shows, but every time I even turn on ESPN you hear someone trashing him. The media just loves the losing Browns narrative. I can't wait till they're are speechless when we're winning.
  10. stillmotion

    I don't get all the Baker hate

    People just love to hate on Bake in the media. It's really making me kinda angry. First Mangini said he was overrated and didn't give him any credit vs. Cincy, then Damien Woody bashes him over and over again. The whole "Hue Jackson is a victim of Baker" narrative, and then hacks like Colin Cowherd saying today that, "Lamar Jackson tore up a pathetic Bengals D and Falcons D, Baker faced a decent D like the texans, and he's gonna find out a lot more of the Defenses are exactly like the Texans than the Bengals". That Cowherd statement is ridiculous. The texans have a top D, Watt, Clowney, and there isn't more than 14 other teams as good as or better than them. "Lamar tore apart Atlanta and Cincy's Defense too and kept his mouth quiet. Baker should just keep his mouth shut and play, that's part of what's wrong with him as a QB" Cowherd said..... Shannon Sharpe saying today on Undisputed that he played horrible over and over again and that he's mediocre..... It's just endless. I've never seen this much hate against one player. I think all of these media fools want baker to fail and be a bust and for the Browns to suck. They want to keep their damn lolbrowns stories and for us to be a joke and irrelevant, and it scares them we might be competitive. How come Josh Rosen, Lamar, Josh Allen, and every other young QB isn't held even close to the standard Baker is? I hope Baker doesn't be quiet. I hope he continues to grow and get better and tear up defenses. And I really hope someone in the media for once has his back. Drew Brees played horrible but no one says a WORD about that. Nothing. But Baker is just a mediocre guy after facing one of the best defenses? Shannon says the 49ers QB is mediocre and threw for a lot of yards too, but for christ sake, Baker is far from mediocre. When he makes a mistake these fools slam him, and when he does something good they give him no credit.
  11. stillmotion


    Refs are sick of announcers praising a rapist QB. They've had enough so decided not to blindly favor Pittsburgh that game.
  12. stillmotion


    I don't know if you're joking or being serious. McCarthy moves at too slow a pace like others said. He can't even set Rodgers up for success, and he's one of the best QB's of his generation. I'd take Gregg Williams 10/10 times over McCarthy.
  13. stillmotion

    Browns at Texans gameday thread

    You weren't far off. He basically almost caught 2 TDs in a row.
  14. stillmotion

    Proof positive barker is the Real Deal

    Barker Mayfield is far better than Barkevious Mingo has ever been, that I can agree on.
  15. stillmotion

    Kareem Hunt

    Context is everything..... You can never hit a woman, but i heard he kicked her out for being belligerent, that she called him the n # word, and that she punched a female friend of his in the face. He pushed her, which was wrong to do and stupid, but this is by no means as bad as a ray rice situation. I'm not saying Kareem is completely innocent, but I can't say that woman wasn't on a crazy rage as well. What actually happened is probably somewhere in the middle.