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  1. Camp Barkley #1 Overall

    I'd take barkley and minkah if we got cousins.
  2. Joe Thomas Says Haden Release "Demoralized" Team

    Of course it did. You can't just let go of veterans like Haden to save money. Football is a team sport and one could argue Haden made the corners around him better, especially the younger ones. People like Joe Thomas also make the lineman better. That veteran presence is important.

    Philly surprised me, I thought for sure Minnesota had it.
  4. Are you all so sure Kizer can't be your QB?

    Kizer is a good kid. That being said he doesn't have what it takes to be a starting NFL QB. He could be a backup someday (Like Weeden). Let's not forget about Cody Kessler, who was praised by Hue only to be forgotten just like Kizer will be. If we're going to end this process, we need to find someone who produces now.
  5. Kenny Britt - Congrats!

    Cutting him at this point would be the ultimate burn move by N.E.
  6. Tannehill

    no way in hell.
  7. Let's ask our resident Memphis scout, Ghoolie?
  8. This day 31 years ago...

    Don't remind us bro!
  9. Apparently Dilfer said that after Rosen and him fought during their first meeting, Josh came back and helped in the camp and was much more humble towards Dilfer. https://gojoebruin.com/2018/01/10/ucla-football-trent-dilfer-gives-support-josh-rosen/ Everyone knows the story of how they didn't get along, and how Rosen publically said he didn't like Dilfer during their first meeting when he was 17. Apparently he thinks Rosen changed, which people can do, especially during the college years. Dilfer called Rosen, "untitled, and uncoachable" during his elite 11 camp back when he was 17 during his most recent interview, however, Dilfer said a lot of coaches and teams won't like him since he wants a system that plays on his strengths. He'll be a red flag towards a lot of GM's because of his personality and style, however he could be very successful in the right system Dilfer said. I think if Dorsey did say he wanted "nothing to do with Rosen" it's unlikely we take him, however, I shouldn't be too overly critical of Rosen if Dilfer has come around on him. Joe Rogan said though, "a kid who's handed millions at a certain age doesn't necessarily always have the drive someone that rises up from the middle class over poverty does" on his most recent podcast. Rosen definitely wants to succeed and be a successful NFL QB, but does he want it as bad as some of the other college QB's? That's my only question. Larry Fitzgerald and Jerry Rice weren't necessarily the most athletic WR's of all time, but hardly anyone can argue they didn't work harder than anyone during their respective NFL era's. To be fair I need to be equally critical of Mayfield as i am Rosen.
  10. Browns 1st 5 picks

    #1, we trade to washington or the giants, but definitely get a few teams battling for the # pick. #2, lets see we trade to the giants, we grab minkah at 2. At 4 We grab the best possible QB we can or the QB we like. And hopefully we land cousins. If we could get minkah, barkley, and a top QB by trading up some of our endless assets, i'd be thrilled.
  11. Why not Minkah at #1

    if we can trade #1 to #2 and grab minkah, we win
  12. National Title Observations

    I can't stand Alabama but you have to give Saban props.... The dude is a legend. Now if only we could get him to come to Cleveland and send Hue Jackson to coach Alabama. Do you think Hue could turn Alabama into a less than .500 team?
  13. Mike Shula Fired. Browns should bring him in

    Hue Jackson will bring in a patsy so he can have further control.... To the LAKE he goes!
  14. Support Hue For One More Year?

    It'll take 0-8 i think. mid season and Hue will be complaining about Dorsey or some other BS, and that's when they pull the trigger. The only question is who takes over? If Dorsey was smart, and didn't want to lose out, he'd put his next head coach at OC when the time is right, then let him take Hue's place when he inevitably goes 0-8
  15. Pettine interviewing to be Packers DC

    I bet he has a Manziel dart board