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  1. Paxton Lynch a bust?

    Luck isn't playing, and Hue has massive pressure to win. I think the Browns will pull it off, but it'll obviously be close. Also, I'm one of the first to recognize and give you credit when you're right, But I am betting the Browns beat the Colts. When the Colts lose, I want you to admit you made the wrong prediction. And i'm not saying Paxton sucks, just that he's not good enough to beat out Trevor.
  2. Paxton Lynch a bust?

    Ghoolie, will you ever admit you've been wrong before?
  3. that's sweet dude. I did what you said and waited and got the $20 off. It came to about $340 for 6 tickets together for me.
  4. Draftkings

    I've won $1000 in basketball last year. A lot less in football (maybe lost $200), but the doubleups on draftkings are always the best bet
  5. Corey Coleman placed on IR

    Agreed, he's definitely injury prone and fragile. He's shown some promise, but if he can't stay healthy what's the use?
  6. Paxton Lynch a bust?

    paging ghoolie in 3..... 2..... 1.....
  7. Road Trippin To Indy

    they don't have luck, we should absolutely smash them
  8. Colin Kaepernick to Cincinnati ?

    Who cares who the players want? Josh Gordon wanted "Manziel" to start and stay on the team. Ultimately the owner, head coach, and front office make those decisions.
  9. Kizer

    First off, I think we definitely win 3-4 games this year. And I believe the Jets are tanking.... BUT, even if Hue went 0-16, I think we'd just get a new offensive coordinator and pick a quarterback. He's practically working with a JV team at this point...
  10. Corey Coleman placed on IR

    Corey played with a lot of heart.... Hope he heals up quickly and is better than ever.
  11. Next four games

    Rex Ryan would bring in his boy Mark Sanchez and guarantee the Browns win the superbowl in the next few years.
  12. Browns Future Predictions

    How's it working? Is our record improving?
  13. Packers @ Falcons

    Poor Aaron. Only has jordy nelson and now nelson's banged up. wish Arod had AJ Green instead of the firecrotch and the bengals.
  14. Browns Future Predictions

    Moneyball is a term describing baseball operations in which a team endeavors to analyze the market for players and buy what is undervalued and sell what is overvalued. Unlike a common misconception, it is not about OBP, but whatever is undervalued at that time. It is most commonly used to refer to the strategy used by the front office of the Oakland Athletics. It derives its name from a Michael Lewis book of the same name.
  15. A Message from PoG

    You're right about a lot of things dude, but what about Paxton (Clipboard Lynch)? Can you admit you were wrong about him?