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  1. stillmotion

    Is it time to admit Bob Wiley was right?

    Kitchens is good at what he does, but is he a strong leader? that's yet to be seen. The talent is unquestionable. Gregg might've been an asshole, but he was a proven leader. Love him or hate him, he wouldn't put up with undisciplined play or bullshit. We should've kept Gregg and let Freddie run the offense. Dorsey got too smart. Let me tell you, going to the game with my friend and seeing him drop $3000 on tickets to watch what happened in San Francisco was abysmal. I had to sit for 4 quarters and watch 49ers fans talk shit the whole time. I watched Baker play like a deer in headlights. I watched our run defense roll over and make Matt Brieda look like Walter Payton. Get a leader to run the team Freddie, or demote yourself if you can't be the leader. Sometimes leaders need to get mad. If Freddie wasn't furious after that game, then he doesn't deserve to be head coach. Think of the thousands of Browns fans that traveled there and paid hard earned money to see that. Even if the Hue days, how often did we get blown out that abysmally.
  2. stillmotion

    Anyone Else Going to The San Fran game?

    I live in San Jose now. Love it so far. Psycho Donuts in Santa Clara has some of the best, most unique donuts i've ever had.
  3. Just moved out here to NoCAL a few months ago, a fellow clevelander and I are going to the game. Wondered if any of you will be attending or tailgating monday before the game?
  4. stillmotion

    Knockoff Jerseys

    Get it from Fanatics.com if you must. A Joe Haden jersey goes for $20.
  5. They had a super easy first two games. They're madly overrated, but talented in certain ways. We're better.
  6. stillmotion

    "I play better when I'm fired up"

    I care about how we play now, i don't worry about how we did the week before. Baker looked like himself today.
  7. stillmotion

    Predictions four games in? (2019)

  8. stillmotion

    ***Ravens VS Browns Gameday Thread***

    Suck it Ratbirds
  9. stillmotion

    Trading Zeitler Was A Bonehead Move...

    Trading him definitely didn't help. But yeah, Hubbard sucks.
  10. stillmotion

    Roethlisberger out for the year

    Makes our game vs. the Steelers much easier.
  11. Apparently she got very amazing lawyers. All that matters is the evidence. She did ask AB to invest 1.6 mil in a company of hers. I'm guessing she was upto some devious behavior, but if AB is guilty lock him up forever. I, however, won't crucify anyone until the evidence is evident.
  12. stillmotion

    Early observations

    He can't throw, and the Dolphins are awful. It's one week, but be sure to see Shannon Sharpe and those dummies on first take Gawk over him.
  13. stillmotion

    ***Browns Vs. Titans Game Day Thread***

    I like Kitchens as an offensive coordinator, but I feel that he may of been rushed into the HC position. I know some people hate Gregg, but the players feared him and played for him. Hate him or love him, there's no way Gregg would ever let us have this many penalties in a game.
  14. stillmotion

    ***Browns Vs. Titans Game Day Thread***

    Because Freddie is a very inexperienced head coach, and He doesn't know how to get mad. If I were a head coach i'd flip out after this game.
  15. stillmotion

    ***Browns Vs. Titans Game Day Thread***

    Hard to throw when Cameron Wake is crushing you before you can say "bless'm"