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  1. Baker Mayfield Thread

    yup, you got it right.
  2. Pick Six

    That menu looks legit dude
  3. 40 years Worth of #1 Overall QBs

    Hopefully we avoid the next David Carr!
  4. You should of stole his girl that night
  5. Is this for real Detroit and Cleveland

    its april fools, don't be so gullible.
  6. QBs-We'll know 4/26/18

    Hue wants Lamar "Next to Shake the Earth" Jackson, or Baker "Pied Piper" Mayfield. Dorsey likes Allen and D'Arnold. It's simple. Who jimmy likes, they take.
  7. Hue Jackson

    Hue is a man of low intelligence. Please end this silly game you're playing with us Jimmy.
  8. Zay Jones

    Really? who gave that diagnosis? In my opinion he was a dude who clearly wasn't thinking clearly. If he took something, it has to be his fault, but if it was something he can't control, we can't fault him.
  9. ComebackSZN!

    Johnny's daddy is rich and he married a supermodel type girl. I wish Zombo would of cucked him when he met his girlfriend.
  10. The GOONS

    Might as well call us "The Mooks". Goon is an insult in my generation that refers to a person who is a chronic masturbator. goon Well-known slang term in sexual subculture of chronic and compulsive masturbators, used both as a verb and a noun. Means achieving the trance-like blissful state reached when riding the edge of cumming for as long as possible, perhaps many minutes or even hours at a time. Also denoting the absence of control, compulsively pursuing that feeling as a avid masturbator. The term has been in frequent use for at least ten years, perhaps emerging from the physical look of one who is "gooning" or "in the goon," which is a self-possessed, glassy eyed stare of stupidity (thus, an oaf). Also known as "bator mush" and "slain in the bate."
  11. The GOONS

    horrible nickname. goons?
  12. Veteran Backup QB Idea Kaepernick

    this has gotta be a troll or Sheet post. no one wants the kapernick qb controversy. then we'll hear "why don't you start kap" from his fans all year.
  13. 2018 Oscar predictions

    Hard Eight is amazing if you like gambling movies or gangster movies. I personally loved it. Also, I saw a screening of Robert Altman's gambling epic "California Split" at the AFI conservatory starring Elliott Gould and George Segal. Film was so epic, it left me speechless and made me laugh my tail off. I hated "The Master" until I researched the deeper meaning of it. Now I love it, on 70mm it's amazing. First viewing I didn't even know it was about Scientology.