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  1. Not sure how you weaved your way to make this political. Anecdotally, most of the kids I dealt with who were dealing with munchausen by proxy were white kids with white parents.
  2. Trump likes red flag laws and has said “take the guns first, due process later”. So you better hope it never comes across his desk.
  3. LogicIsForSquares


    MAD Magazine has shit on every president that has been in office. It was their thing. That said, papers and magazines are going the way of disco because of the internet.
  4. LogicIsForSquares

    Is Fredo the Italian N word?

  5. LogicIsForSquares

    Is Fredo the Italian N word?

    You know they aren’t equivalents when one is the n-word and the other is a word that is socially acceptable to use freely haha.
  6. Poster child for munchausen by proxy.
  7. It has been covered before on the board but do you think for a second that any politician in this country gives a fuck about homeless people? There is a large segment of them that are veterans and they could still give a shit.
  8. Just playing the game to see who bites. I could give a shit about Omar or the lady with the failed business. I am sure she will parlay this into making more car rants for boomers. It will be profitable and can be done anywhere she can park. Things are looking up.
  9. She should stop whining. The mayor is her mayor too. If she doesn’t like it, she can leave. Is that how this works?
  10. LogicIsForSquares

    Ain't nonsense - our country is in trouble

    Portland shouldn’t be an example of anything other than that there are cartoonish extremes. You can find open neo nazi skins outside of Portland and antifa inside Portland willing to mace people for using the wrong pronoun. That area is where all the lunacy meets up to fight. We used to go to punk rock shows out west and every time something wild would happen in Portland. It was chaos even back in the early 2000s.
  11. LogicIsForSquares

    For every lefty anywhere who wants drugs legalized...

    Would you prefer booze to be illegal because some people aren’t responsible? I don’t think the government should be the arbiter of what I choose to do to my own body.
  12. LogicIsForSquares

    Recession concerns

    The problem with using unemployment as indicator for or against is that the feds play too many games with the unemployment rate numbers. If you give up on trying to find employment or if you weasel your way into a govt check (the WV method) you are no longer included in the unemployment numbers. So it is hard to get a good read on it.
  13. LogicIsForSquares

    If you're blaming video games...

    Jesus was fine in terms of being a human being. No doubt seemed like a nice enough guy. I just don't believe in the elements of the story where he is a super wizard zombie.
  14. LogicIsForSquares

    If you're blaming video games...

    That seems like a good fail safe for a scam. "If they don't buy into the scam, they are fools and not spiritual." *keeps collecting mountains of dough off of scared people*