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  1. LogicIsForSquares

    Gulf of Tonkin 2.0?

    The only exception may be the Kurds.
  2. LogicIsForSquares

    Gulf of Tonkin 2.0?

    Cal, ISIS wasn’t running an entire region of the Middle East before we ousted Saddam and Gaddafi. There is a reason why those places needed dictators. I can assure you that we would have rather been dealing directly with a dictator than some loose affiliation of terror orgs. The Saudis knew damn well what would happen if they didn’t keep a grip on it. During the Arab Spring, they crushed potential opposition before it started. It is a fucked part of the world that requires a tight squeeze to keep from going off the rails. Shit whipping the Iranians in the manner we did Iraq then expecting everything to be kosher is a large degree of misplaced optimism.
  3. LogicIsForSquares

    Gulf of Tonkin 2.0?

    Start throwing together alphabet soup names for the next org.
  4. LogicIsForSquares

    Gulf of Tonkin 2.0?

    I do like seeing more power vacuums that end in havens for terror organizations and with the fleeing of millions of refugees. We haven’t taken part in one of those in a few years.
  5. LogicIsForSquares

    Yes, gun control does NOT WORK - true story - so sad

    Massie is a dope and knows this shit won't make it far. It will get his base all boned up.
  6. Hell yeah, bro! Let's socialize that internet! After that we should go dictate to those silly doctors what to do with their labor!
  7. If politics isn't a protected class (it shouldn't be), Libs would likely be pissing up a rope. Don't know until someone tries and it would likely lead to some clarifying legislation at worst.
  8. LogicIsForSquares

    Gulf of Tonkin 2.0?

    They have been beating the drum for going to Iran and Venezuela for a bit now.
  9. How come people knew about Ford before Honda? Full 30 and MeWe are the way to go.
  10. How come gun owners found a way but conservative consumers can’t do it?
  11. And conservatives are free to create competition in the market of ideas? Or complain and beg the government to save them from having to be innovative.
  12. Also, total horse shit. But if conservatives are joining in on the fun, why claim any sort of principles? Just cut the shit and accept the diet lib title.
  13. Free market doesn’t mean lawless anarchy. I still can’t poison customers. However, I should still have the ability to do with my products and labor as I see fit. If I am a dickhead who doesn’t want to serve black people, I should just expect that someone who wants to make money will fill the gaps. It isn’t in a business’ self interest to discriminate. However, no one should be using the force of the US govt to determine who gets the fruits of your labor. Conservatives are free to fill in the need for social media that caters to their wants.
  14. So they were too successful and they don’t share my politics so they need to be broken up? No one is stopped from creating alternative media outlets. It would actually put pressure on the big firms to accommodate to the customers they are losing.
  15. I think the cake makers should have been allowed to tell them to kick rocks. I don’t care what anyone of any political leaning says about it. Your time and products should have minimal government involvement. Whether that be how you choose to bake cakes or operate a media firm. Conservatives can create their own social media. Gun owners already have.