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  1. Why is it always anti LBGT republicans peepee smuggling?

    Graham is as straight as an arrow. His boyfriend swears it.
  2. Why is it always anti LBGT republicans peepee smuggling?

    Just read the article. Of course, the guy was vocally religious and anti-LGBT. My step brother, a gay dude who might as well be tossing glitter, went through a weird phase before coming out. He started going to church a lot and saying over the top anti-gay stuff (“they should kill fags”) while everyone who knew the guy knew he was gay.
  3. Why is it always anti LBGT republicans peepee smuggling?

    I don’t imagine an openly gay republican would be able to win given the feeling from social conservatives.
  4. Analytics Videos

    Never mind, everyone. That was fake news.
  5. Analytics Videos

    The kid from Virginia?
  6. Camp Mayfield

    Seeing the reads and the incomplete passes are also important.
  7. Well we knew this sht was coming....(darnold)

    Tour, how has Drango filled in for Joe so far? I ask you because you seem to be the fella to ask on O line critiques.
  8. Camp Mayfield

    Indeed. Highlights prove nothing. I haven't seen anything to lead me to believe that Mayfield will be a decent starting NFL QB. If he ended up being a Brown, I would give the guy my support in spite of my doubts.
  9. The jags game could easily be a trap game for them

    It has looked totally different since they got Dareus. The Bills run D went to absolute crap since he was traded.
  10. Camp Mayfield

    Having a bird instead of a hobo drop a turd on your hat is an improvement but not something you necessarily want haha.
  11. Camp Mayfield

    Manziel looked like a world beater against Alabama. Even without substance abuse issues, Manziel was going to be a career backup at best.
  12. The Philadelphia Eagles are doing it wrong.

    "BUH BUH they were stacked already! Drafting well and getting free agents didn't turn them around. THEY WERE STACKED I TELL YOU! Chip Kelly left them a wealth of riches."
  13. The... I am batting (maybe alone) for the front office thread

    Sometimes I just skim and must have missed it. Have you (or anyone else) watched Rosen so far this year? I haven’t seen much PAC 12 outside of some USC games.
  14. The... I am batting (maybe alone) for the front office thread

    Where did you read that? I guess I am not seeing that. None of these guys have jumped in front of the pack to this point. Darnold has a ton of hype but that seems to have cooled. Coupled with him talking about staying another year. Has anybody eyeballed Rosen? Allen has been pretty ‘meh’ in the 3 games of him I have watched. Big arm and accuracy issues. Please not that show again.