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  1. LogicIsForSquares

    3rd String QB

    Rosen is on TB’s practice squad.
  2. LogicIsForSquares

    Don't Mess With the Liberty Tree

    Their house, their rules.
  3. LogicIsForSquares

    He Should Be Hung

    Any other straw men positions I need to defend?
  4. LogicIsForSquares

    He Should Be Hung

    Saying there is an unintended consequence means it is a justification? Getting food poisoning can make you shit your guts out but also lose weight. I guess now I am pro diarrhea?
  5. LogicIsForSquares

    He Should Be Hung

    Did anything I said infer that I wouldn’t want them arrested and jailed?
  6. LogicIsForSquares

    He Should Be Hung

    If they go murder one, that officer will walk at trial.....then all hell will really break loose.
  7. Trump may not be against FISA for the reasons I am but I am glad he intended on vetoing it.
  8. LogicIsForSquares

    He Should Be Hung

    I don’t know how else to tell you I don’t think rioting is a good thing. I described an unintended result (stricter guidelines on police behavior, better training etc) as a result of people being shitty and stealing/looting after a bad police officer killed someone. That doesn’t mean I like looting and carnage.
  9. LogicIsForSquares

    He Should Be Hung

    No. Because reporting that something happened as a result of something else doesn’t assign opinion to the issue. It describes what happens in a chain of events. A guy may kill his wife for catching her in bed with another man. Saying that doesn’t mean I am for guys killing their wives or women cheating on their husbands. It is merely using logic to describe a chain of events.
  10. LogicIsForSquares

    He Should Be Hung

    Yes it is wrong, Vambo. Good thing I never suggested it was a good thing.
  11. LogicIsForSquares

    He Should Be Hung

    No that is an unintended consequence. That isn’t a justification or an endorsement of the behavior. I am failing to see how you can’t connect the dots. Not kidding, if you are an aspy or have autism and can’t grasp abstract ideas, I will let it go.
  12. LogicIsForSquares

    He Should Be Hung

    Vambo, if I say my neighborhood is quieter as a result of my neighbors getting evicted it doesn’t mean I am pro my neighbors being broke and getting evicted. The neighborhood being quieter is an unintended consequence. It isn’t something that was desired.
  13. LogicIsForSquares

    He Should Be Hung

    How did I in anyway make an excuse?
  14. LogicIsForSquares

    He Should Be Hung

    Yes I made excuses by calling looters dirt bags. I do that all the time when endorsing someone.
  15. LogicIsForSquares

    !!! 82.5% of covid deaths occured in democrat districts

    Population density isn’t political. You likely see the same thing at factory farms where a disease spreads fast because of the density of livestock. I hate how everything becomes political.