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  1. LogicIsForSquares

    San Francisco the shit capital of the USA

    I have friends who live there. The cost of living is absurd and you get the double whammy of wandering packs of public shitting/pissing hobos.
  2. They change within one election cycle. A true miracle.
  3. LogicIsForSquares

    The Last Chevy Cruze

    That is some high quality scrapple haha. In most servings it isn’t “pork pieces”. It is just the left over stuff that isn’t fit for bologna. I grew up with it so I like it but it can be a little funky.
  4. A means to an end. Solidifying support. The guy was a life long NY Dem with a history of sketchy business dealings. Having to try and make him into something he isn’t just seems silly and reaching.
  5. LogicIsForSquares

    The Last Chevy Cruze

    Scrapple was a regular part of a NJ breakfast. We lived on the NJ/PA border.
  6. The backpedaling and mental gymnastics that some people do to try and make it seem like he isn't that guy. I don't care. I didn't care if Clinton got a hummer from an intern. That sort of stuff gets social cons wound tight.
  7. LogicIsForSquares

    Mueller report

    To be fair, the texts say they stopped the tapes. However, you can speculate to the ends of the Earth as to what was considered to be bad on the tapes. It could have been Trump doing nose candy or it could just be some garden variety adultery. No one will ever know so at this point it is meaningless.
  8. That would be my guess if we are playing that game.
  9. Trump has always felt closer to God in a room full of hookers who have a limited grasp of English.
  10. So he pandered to the people in the room with him? I find it hard to believe that the guy who traded in wives when the years got too hard on them and says things about grabbing ladies by the pussy is some guy seeking faith haha.
  11. That would be a major question in regards to how things work now. Would there even be currency?
  12. LogicIsForSquares

    sarah sanders admitted to mueller she blows it out her ass

    Being too tied up in politics makes you soft in the head.
  13. LogicIsForSquares

    Cocaine flooding in from Venezuela - has been for years

    And the drum beat builds.
  14. Logan’s Run starring Diehard, Cal, and Steve
  15. I will be old and hope the ass wiping robot is set to 'gentle'.