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  1. LogicIsForSquares

    College conservative rift

    https://reason.com/2019/11/18/young-americas-foundation-michelle-malkin-nick-fuentes/ Malkin is either woefully stupid or a low key Holocaust denier. I have zero idea who this Nick Fuentes kid is but he will run counter to people like Shapiro who will no doubt intellectually drop a shit log on his head.
  2. LogicIsForSquares

    Supreme Court ruling that can go south fast

    They could sue the family but there is no money in it or influence upon greater issues. I won’t comment on the parents because they are clearly facing it from a perspective that I am not. They had their kids gunned down and may just see this as a means of getting assault weapons de facto banned out of grief and anger. There are plenty of conservatives who unfortunately feel that way. The “Fudd” moniker exists for a reason in 2A circles. That said, I hope the families lose. The Pandora’s box of them winning would extend far beyond firearms. Every domestic producer of literally any consumer good could stand to lose big time.
  3. https://www.foxbusiness.com/money/supreme-court-to-allow-sandy-hook-parents-to-sue-gun-maker-remington I found something I thought would be of interest to some here. If the parents win, that opens up lawsuits against the producers of literally any consumer good that is misused to cause harm.
  4. LogicIsForSquares

    Does anybody know why Fells is gone?

    He was a good blocking TE and it seemed like he was our most reliable receiving option at TE towards the end of last year. Silly to let him go.
  5. LogicIsForSquares

    Knockoff Jerseys

    Guido can’t get to China.
  6. Also, you are goddamn silly if you think I am reading a wall of text that I have to fact check.
  7. I guess the “any President before him” sentence wasn’t clear enough for you before you chose to answer how you did.
  8. LogicIsForSquares

    Leaving the Democrats

    That bears out for all states so the gap might slightly close but the vast majority of red states are still going to be reliant on blue state economies to keep them afloat. I don’t like blue state economic policy on a whole but the numbers don’t lie.
  9. You asked why it had to be a circus and I gave my answer. The whole thing is a joke. So if the petition works out in your favor, where does the canned outrage take you guys next?
  10. If you have read about the history of this country and you truly believe this then I don’t know what to tell you.
  11. Do you honestly think this asinine tribalism about politicians who could give a shit about the public will end in this generation?
  12. LogicIsForSquares

    Leaving the Democrats

    The map I posted before shows the states that require the least amount of federal aid. A metric of self sufficiency. The majority of red states, weighted heavily to the South, require the most federal aid to function.
  13. What will you guys whine about when she is gone?
  14. Omar being a lifer has what exactly to do with Trump? He has another term then he is off into the sunset to tweet about someone being mean to him at a restaurant.
  15. If it is gonna be a circus, wouldn’t you want the funniest clowns?