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  1. Eh you are probably right. But they may take liberties and let Barbara Bush kick that cu-nt in the cu-nt in the great beyond.
  2. Barbara Bush may be able to meet that lady in person soon. Apparently salads are part of the patriarchy.
  3. New voting age

    No doubt it is a good idea.
  4. New voting age

    Neither side would want that. Dems would cry that black people didn't get a good enough education to read the test, can't drive to the test, don't own a pencil, any other list of insulting sh-it they could say about minorities while trying to be condescending. Republicans would list out a line of complaints but it would be pertaining to "older citizens". None of them want to have informed voters making decisions.
  5. Seriously, the motives in Syria are....

    Cal, you better back away or LaDexter will presume you are one of "them" too haha.
  6. Seriously, the motives in Syria are....

    OK. We will presume you are right. So what are you and your friends doing to try and stop these terrible things that you claim are going on in secret other than whining about "sheep" online? Or in the case of LaDexter, just presuming everyone is some Zionist? If I lived in a country where I believed that literally everything that happens ever is some sinister plot, I would move or try to do something about it. But conspiracy nuts won't because they are too ate up with playing make believe and not actually doing anything.
  7. Seriously, the motives in Syria are....

    I would have responded earlier but I was rubbing my hands together while looking at a pile of money.
  8. RIP Gunny

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnP17YCFs8I&sns=em This cracked me up pretty good.
  9. Seriously, the motives in Syria are....

    Maybe people aren’t all Zionists. Maybe, they just want to make fun of the conspiracy nuts they run into because they are easy to wind up. Or this is all some secret Jew plot!
  10. Seriously, the motives in Syria are....

    Manziel = Mantzel = Justin Gilbert ate a Reuben at a deli with Manziel = the Jews were behind ruining the 2014 Browns draft.
  11. Seriously, the motives in Syria are....

    Don’t let him in on my secret scheming Jew roots.
  12. Seriously, the motives in Syria are....

    We did a terrible job of hiding our tracks there. We will do better next time!
  13. Israel/Zionism behind all of it, from JFK to 911

    You must have 8 feet arms because this is a reach. What proof do you have that Oswald was Jewish? Please, don't drop 85 different conspiracy sites to back that up. Secondly, why would he have to go to Cuba to plot this thing if there are a ton of Jews in the U.S.? Lastly, why would some Jewish masterminds want JFK dead? This is the cartoony stuff I am talking about. Some anti-semite desperately wants to connect everything bad in the world to jews and they end up finding people who like playing pretend. I am sure most of those conspiracy sites monetize making half wits scared of everything.
  14. Seriously, the motives in Syria are....

    An article citing an unnamed source and one citing a guy who runs a conspiracy group. If any of these stories were backed by actual facts, I might give them a proper going over. But most of them end up being hearsay and make believe from bored people who want this stuff to be true and for them to be the only people "in the know".
  15. Seriously, the motives in Syria are....

    Thus the "I don't just sit and read spam", I also make fun of it because it usually sends loons into a tail spin.