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  1. LogicIsForSquares

    Trump Chooses Science Over the Biology Deniers:

    I think they will run out of goodwill. Accommodating make believe to the point of inconvenience will wear normal people out. Stupid kids who support it will get old and too tied up with life to keep up the facade.
  2. LogicIsForSquares

    Trump Chooses Science Over the Biology Deniers:

    Conservatives don’t have to say a peep. Let this sort of goof sh-it happen enough and even lefties will start to push back against the extreme end. I bet every woman involved has reconsidered their position on things.
  3. LogicIsForSquares

    Trump Chooses Science Over the Biology Deniers:

    Instead of fighting it, conservatives should just let it all burn itself out. Once people are saying they can swap genders by the hour and must have consent to change a baby’s diaper etc., they are jumping the shark. Stand back and watch it all fall on its face. Throwing a fit just makes you look bad when you can just let the ultra left weed themselves out.
  4. LogicIsForSquares

    we comin for u nigga...

    The “what the fu-ck did I just do on the mic” turn away haha.
  5. LogicIsForSquares

    Saudi Arabia

    Still blows my mind that you can mock POWs and still get elected.
  6. LogicIsForSquares

    Saudi Arabia Assassination

    They weren’t paying attention during the CIA training.
  7. LogicIsForSquares

    Saudi Arabia Assassination

    The recording and now guys who were known to be involved becoming very accident prone in the last few days seems to point directly to Saudi involvement. Dirty as hell but again nothing will be done to the ME Clampetts.
  8. LogicIsForSquares

    Saudi Arabia Assassination

    Just a Hillary-esque coincidence. Nothing to see here.
  9. LogicIsForSquares

    This Elizabeth Warren thing is hilarious.

    It is amazing that no one in her camp could convince her that doing this is a stupid idea.
  10. LogicIsForSquares

    Trump threatens to call U.S. Military to close southern border

    Nothing is going to happen. Midterms are coming up. Just more babble.
  11. LogicIsForSquares

    Horse face

    The guy paid a healthy sum to sleep with her so calling her any names is just saving (horse) face. I am with Tia on the feigned outrage. The right used to bag on the left for being cry babies but now they copy the same tactics. Just a nursery full of cry babies separated by the color of their shirt.
  12. LogicIsForSquares

    Saudi Arabia Assassination

    Cal, this wouldn’t be happening to conservatives. That is a bit dramatic. That said, I don’t see anything happening with this. The US is too cozy with the Saudis. No US president will do anything other than tell them “shame, shame” and go back to business as usual. You can sponsor terrorism and be a complete theocratic hellhole so long as you got the oil.
  13. LogicIsForSquares

    Saudi Arabia Assassination

    I really wish we would cut that tether. Saudis are wahhabis which happen to be the nuttiest of the Islamic sects. But I think US presidents will continue to smooch their asses.
  14. Reminds me of the crying Jesus episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm.
  15. Peculiar =\= miraculous. None of that is on par with zombies, people inside of whales, boats that hold two of every species of animal on Earth, etc.