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  1. LogicIsForSquares

    The Depravity of the Church Knows No Bounds

    The difference between sexual abuse in the Catholic Church and literally anywhere else in life, is that the pedos won’t have a gigantic organization doing everything possible to move the pedo to new hunting grounds, legally protect the pedo, or just flying them to the Vatican to start anew. I seriously have no idea why they do that. They always end up getting caught doing this. I don’t know their motives. It is vile regardless.
  2. LogicIsForSquares

    The lefties new best friend

    Two ways of describing a person implying or outright saying America isn’t great. You can change the color on a ribbon wrapped around a nugget of dog crap and it will completely change the demeanor of the political tribes. “Oh it is red now so yum yum! That dog got anymore of these delicious belly chocolates for me?”
  3. Haha. The girl in the middle was definitely scared but didn’t decide to poke him and tell him to slow down.
  4. Haha I finally read a follow up. 4 of the 7 went to the hospital. The driver was doing 70 mph and went near the docks where the restaurants were and hit the wake of another boat. Just a group of dumb as-ses.
  5. LogicIsForSquares

    Something Positive For A Change

    Two things can be bad at the same time. Obama and Trump are both helmet heads.
  6. LogicIsForSquares


    Chubb keeps trying to bounce it to the outside. Clearly it isn’t working.
  7. LogicIsForSquares

    Who Is America - Roy Moore Interview

    Yeah I knew where it was headed and got the tard tingles haha.
  8. I get what Woody is saying. If we are sticking with the spirit of the 2nd Am, I should be able to own an Apache helicopter with a fully functioning 30mm cannon. I think everyone can agree that having that kinda thing floating around the public is a bad idea. So we make concessions already. Likewise with the first Am.
  9. LogicIsForSquares

    This Lady has Seen It

    Tea Party and antifa don’t represent the bulk of each side. They were also not equals. However, the majority of both parties get off on whining about the other guy while doing much of the same type of tactics. “Snowflake” was tossed around constantly by grown men who then use the exact same tactic of being perpetually outraged about non-issues. But they will never see it.
  10. LogicIsForSquares

    I thought there was no such thing?

    It will go nowhere but that politician will generate a ton of brownie points.
  11. LogicIsForSquares

    This Lady has Seen It

    Clickbait on social media generates money by working up members of both teams who can’t look at anything with any level of skepticism if it matches their world view. ”Guy on other team did heinous thing and you won’t believe what happened next”
  12. LogicIsForSquares

    This Lady has Seen It

    They are not the same. But the overarching squalling, hand wringing, and faux outrage permiates both parties. The left started it and instead of trying to change the narrative, the right just decided to copy it. I hate this crap.
  13. LogicIsForSquares

    This Lady has Seen It

    It really depends on how you want your cry baby hysteria packaged. Some people like it with a conservative crust or a liberal crust. They both mimic the same tactics of faux outrage.
  14. LogicIsForSquares

    This Lady has Seen It

    Both sides are guilty of this crap. It always goes in cycles. Free speech is fine so long as it doesn’t offend that team this week. Every completely invested in politics ends up just autistically screeching at the other team and doing nearly the exact same tactics. We need a power outage or something so people get away from the internet for awhile.
  15. LogicIsForSquares

    i am factually in awe of sascha baron cohen..

    Jesus that video haha. How did that guy not know something was up?