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  1. The fake news Awards

    I forgot about that lunacy.
  2. The fake news Awards

    Not mutually exclusive. They can both be cry babies.
  3. The fake news Awards

    If they were impeachable offenses, I guess the GOP must have given Obama a pass out of the kindest of their hearts. I didn’t even mention Hillary. Fox had goofy stories about “Muslim handshakes” with Obama. I bet it sold a lot of gold to scared people. I bet this Trump stuff is selling a lot of tide pods and Activia to enraged housewives. If Trump wasn’t dramatic like a menstruating lady whenever anyone disagreed with him, I could tolerate him a lot better.
  4. APPLE

    I must have lucked out. They were all hardcore libertarians in the Econ and Finance depts when I was in grad school at Marshall.
  5. APPLE

    It is a rarity to find a liberal econ professor on a college campus. Usually the stats, econ, and finance professors are pretty free market oriented. Even more so than your average republican. If Obama sought out "liberal economics", he had to have gone to a direct source of someone he considered an echo chamber.
  6. The fake news Awards

    Fox railed on and on about Obama being a Muslim and listed off "impeachable" things he did but it was all just a big joke to drum up ratings. He didn't make awards about Fox and Breitbart or camp out on his twitter and fight with trolls. Trump is made of charmin and I imagine he had buddies who could never bust his balls.
  7. The fake news Awards

    Trojan should make a condom named after Trump. The thinnest skin possible.
  8. Deeply Religious People are Weird

    I will ask that Mother Nature, Lord of the Crystals, calms Woodrow and eases him of his troubles.
  9. Deeply Religious People are Weird

    I think that applies to anyone who dives too deep into anything that is religious, spiritual, or weird faux philosophical. My wife knows some dummies who got really into The Secret. She also is friends with some girls who believe in the power of crystals and "healing energy". Hippie nonsense that Jas just grips my leg and gives me the "don't do it" look when they try to ramble on. They have picked up on my feelings about it and generally don't go too deep into the subject when I am around.
  10. Camp Barkley #1 Overall

    My concern with Penny is that his predecessor (Donnell Pumphrey) holds the record for rushing yards in college. I don't know if it is the system or the linemen. But it seems that any starting RB on that team puts up monster numbers.
  11. Browns interviewing Ben McAdoo, Mularkey, and Matt LaFleur

    I still have not read a single article indicating that Matt Lafleur has any interest in going to the Browns for any position.
  12. Haiti a $HITHOLE?

    My dad wandered out with my step mom while on a cruise to Jamaica. They were fine but my dad is a big guy and would tell street hustlers to piss up a rope. My step mom was fairly scared but my dad is pretty resilient.
  13. Camp Barkley #1 Overall

    The fact that PoG is backing Barkley should be enough for him to be ignored in the first round. Someone contact Dorsey.
  14. Should the Browns be looking at another TE?

    Very likely a camp body. Will be surprised if he makes it through training camp. Njoku/Devalve/Telfer are very likely safe. I would like to see a late rounder or a UDFA with some blocking skills brought in to compete for a spot.
  15. Browns interviewing Ben McAdoo, Mularkey, and Matt LaFleur

    I bet he is dying to leave Goff and Todd Gurley to come to Cleveland...