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  1. Camp Mayfield

    we did and he has a statiscally better career than kizer, featuring wins AND a game with a passer rating above 100!.. manziels biggest problem was off the field related where as kizer's was on the field related lol
  2. Camp Mayfield

    It should be at least noted that Mayfield has had a higher passer efficiency in his 3 years as a starter than tebow every has. He also has 50% More attempts and 50% more career yards
  3. Camp Mayfield

    before goff's sophmore year the bears were in the bottom 30% of points scored and afterwards they were in the top 20 and after that davis webb transferred in, another fine QB and they maintained a good offense not as good but in the 20's from the 10's...afterwards they fell back to the bottom 30%. Oklahoma on the other hand with trevor knight they were 21st and with Mayfield they were a top 5 offense for 3 years.
  4. Camp Mayfield

    Considering the drop off after Goff left i would say its pretty apparent that he did elevate his team
  5. Camp Mayfield

    Rosen statisically has a better line and WR core than Darnold. Baker had a great Oline but he Made his relatively unknown WR core(at the begining of the year) over perform expectations. He raises the team around him unlike rosen who only plays at the level he is given. am i saying Rosen will bust? nope i think this years QB class is going to feature multiple Franchise QB's AND Multiple Starters AND Multiple Backups. Possibly 6 chosen in the first round. The big thing about Mayfield is he has consistantly put up ELITE numbers for THREE years. It's unheard of... its NEVER been done before... He's checked EVERY SINGLE BOX without exception. and has done so since High School. with a National Championship he will go down as possibly the GOAT College QB.
  6. Camp Mayfield

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17q0mNNzbkMbF9ebprg8E8-cVRFAipBmFa3HwZjc4-uA/edit#gid=0 This is a pretty good analysis of QB Stats through the last 7 years, Baker Mayfield Clearly one of the best prospects to come out in that time frame. Compares very favorably with Russell Wilson. He has Actually put up better numbers than wilson this year. The Choice is really a clear one statistically and its not even close. Though i believe Baker can Cement his Number One Overall status by taking home the National Championship. Found on the reddit post
  7. Belief that Dorsey will bring in his own HC

    Pulled off the reddit tbh, reddit has faster news usually but we have better and more in depth conversations here
  8. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/12/10/belief-persists-that-john-dorsey-will-try-to-hire-his-own-coach/ Yes, Browns owner Jimmy Haslam has said (twice) that coach Hue Jackson will be back in 2018. In three weeks, he may feel differently. The persistent sense in league circles is that new G.M. John Dorsey, who sat right next to Haslam throughout Sunday’s loss to the Packers, will eventually make the case for making his own hire at head coach. And if the Browns go 0-16, Dorsey’s case may be much more persuasive. Dorsey is passionate and energetic, and if he has enough chances to communicate his views directly to Haslam, it’s possible that Haslam will change his mind. Really, what would the consequence be if Haslam declares in three weeks that we should ignore what he said about keeping Hue? It’s not known who Dorsey would hire, if he gets the chance to hire his own coach. But it’s believed that he knows who he’d hire, which is all that really matters at this point ~~ Heres hoping these rumors turn out to be true, 0-16 here we come
  9. Dorsey Hired

    My short lived exile has been postponed on this hire... Also anyone thinking this is a pure football guy? http://decisionlens.com/customers/kansas-city-chiefs That's the analytics company contracted by John Dorsey for the chiefs. Feel free to read the case study about "moneyball" being used by dorsey as far back as 2009 in the selection of Clay Matthews. If anything we have DOUBLED DOWN on analytics rather than strayed away from them.
  10. Sashi fired

    After watching hue's latest press conference I don't think I'm going to be following this team until he is fired. Take care everyone and cya later hopefully soon lol.
  11. Sashi fired

    Jimmy Haslem is about to find out why the raiders fired Hue Jackson, Should be a pretty fun time. Also It was me who called out sashi brown being a fall guy for hue when he was hired. Expect an OC in the offseason and a short leash for Hue Jackson in 2018 IF he makes it to the season that is. Cant really trust anything Jimmy is saying anyway. We'll know how the analytics have been affected at the end of season if/when more people are released and further at the draft and Free Agency period through the various data sets that come from it. I'm holding out hope that they fire Hue at the end of season if we go 0-16 which for the betterment of the team I've been hoping for since the season opener. Thanks for the Future Sashi
  12. Kizer QB Rating

    mid 50's QBR, would be his 2nd to third best game of the year with my guess
  13. Kizer QB Rating

    i'm going to go more specific crow up the middle in a zone run out of the shotgun Point Taken Tour...
  14. Kizer QB Rating

    Well Kizer/hue have never put two good games together yet this year and hue hasnt in two years. No reason to think that will change, BOLD PREDICTION: Kizer throws for 185 yards 1 TD 2 INT, Does not however lose the ball on his lone fumble.
  15. Camp Benkert

    Sub 60% career completion? That's a pretty dark horse tour, senior this year so he'll likely be available in 6-7th range, possibly a priority udfa. No harm in picking him up late