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  1. Just now, mjp28 said:

    And on today's embarrassing loss to formerly one loss Cinci how did Mixon far outrush Chubb in this game?  Cinci with their lousy rushing defense?  The brain trust on the BROWNS needs some major work.

    Player CAR YDS TD AVG
    Joe Mixon 26 162 2 6.2
    Andy Dalton 8 10 1 1.3
    Alex Erickson 1 5 0 5
    Giovani Bernard 3 4 0 1.3
    John Ross 1 -2 0 -2

    Boggles the mind.  I'm assuming like some others have suggested.  The team quit on a shitty coach. Is there a place where I can find Freedies salary and contract?  Obviously I'm not a football guru.

  2. Well we're looking for a BETTER coach. I've seen worse seasons and Browns teams.  If there is any hope for this guy (which I pretty much doubt.) Is it possible? If so how?  And who would you hire Atom? (assuming they would come here)  Also if fired do we owe Kitchens anything? I never heard or cared much about his hiring other than to to think "why in the fuck didn't we make last years dude the HC?"

  3. Honestly this team was fun for me this year. Big trades big flops and no chance of getting to the playoffs. Then after the awesome battle with Indiana it all turned boring. Will LeBron go, will he stay? Do I care? No. Let's go Dawgs! Woof Woof Woof!  What do you guys think?