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    Ugly Early

    yes i agree... that and he's my runningback this week sooo.... at any rate all i honestly want is a browns win no matter how ugly.
  2. manbearpig

    Ugly Early

    OH man I was kidding but....
  3. manbearpig

    Ugly Early

    they said it's pretty bad there today as well. I can't imagine that being much fun. I am not a fan or domes but they would almost seem to need one don't you think?
  4. manbearpig

    Fantasy Football

    i really wish i would have joined one of these but i wasnt sure about my internet and I didn't want to poop on anyones parade.
  5. manbearpig

    Ugly Early

    my fantasy team is finally closing in on my opponant.. was getting whipped badd for a while. Glad I took the Ravens defence. Now I need Hillis to score me some big points!
  6. manbearpig

    Ugly Early

    Tampon Bay home opener and stadium is deserted... big surprise.
  7. manbearpig

    Ugly Early

    oh no... bruce is in... this is the end.
  8. manbearpig

    Ugly Early

    enough penalties yet? are we going for an NFL record?
  9. manbearpig

    Ugly Early

    is the chat up? it wont let me log on. says that my name and or password incorrect?
  10. manbearpig

    Browns Vs Lions

    You live in Bowling Green? So do I. Maybe we can catch a game downtown. They did broadcast it live on 94.5 WXKR but some people hate listning to game on the radio....
  11. manbearpig

    Congrats On Breaking In The "o" Browns !

    What he said... it's nice to hear nice things. It was also nice to get on the board and not see ten threads about the Steelers losing that game. I didn't have time to watch it so I dunno what happened but pre season is pre season. (I also find the altered name quite humorous)
  12. manbearpig

    Tribe Adds Fukudome

    And I know it's too soon but how about Jason Kipnis lastnight?? That was a fun game for me to watch. I had to leave for work at the bottom of the 8th but it's all good.
  13. manbearpig

    Tribe Adds Fukudome

    Ok the guy won us game one in a painful way haha... and seemed to help lastnight. Good addition methinks.
  14. manbearpig

    Ubaldo Jimenez To Cleveland?

    He seemed ok last night. I had never heard of the guy. Maybe he can keep a good thing going!
  15. manbearpig

    Game This Saturday

    I'll be there but we're getting our tix in Clevlenad or at the door. Anyone got advice? I'm not paying much for a preseason game and I told the dude that's driving if I can't get it cheap enough, I'll watch it at Panini's...
  16. manbearpig

    Game This Saturday

    Our plans are to look for scalped ones. I have never actually done this but I have sold a few tickets on the way to real games.... The buyer always got a bargin. What ever I buy will have to be dirt cheap. If not, my third shift workin ass will be chillin at Panini's. I assume they will play the game on tv or maybe I have to wonder over to some other bar in the area. I'm up for it... workin 48 hours this week!
  17. manbearpig

    Edwards To The Niners

    If it is, where do I sign up?? I need details man!
  18. manbearpig

    Edwards To The Niners

    Quit it, you're making him drool. He loves guys losing their shorts.
  19. manbearpig

    James Harrison

    Please don't ever close this board or poor homo will have nothing to do with his "life".
  20. manbearpig

    James Harrison

    I bet you do, hence your name. I bet you love listning to all kinds of guys moaning.
  21. In regards to the title of this thread... I would say, "Behind a potent offense that included future Hall of Famers Graham, Motley and Dante Lavelli, the Browns picked up right where they left off in the AAFC. After going 10–2 in the regular season, they defeated the New York Giants 8–3 in a playoff game and then beat Cleveland's previous NFL tenants, the Rams (who were now in Los Angeles), 30–28, in the NFL Championship Game. Since the NFL does not recognize the AAFC's records, this technically makes the Browns the most successful expansion team in league history. However, the 1950 Browns were not an expansion team in any sense of the term." Ok so I would say that they are and were playoff contenders right from the get go. Let's see what happens this season.
  22. manbearpig

    Rashard Mendenhall Is Retarded

    Rashard Mendenhall loses Champion endorsement over bin Laden tweets http://www.nj.com/jets/index.ssf/2011/05/rashard_mendenhall_loses_champ.html PITTSBURGH — The Champion sports apparel company has ended its endorsement deal with Pittsburgh Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall over Twitter remarks the player made criticizing people for celebrating the death of Osama bin Laden. The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported Friday that Champion "strongly disagreed" with the tweets and ended a new four-year contract the player recently signed. Mendenhall has endorsed the company's products since entering the league in 2008. Mendenhall on Monday questioned the public celebrations of bin Laden's death, and whether the World Trade Center towers were really brought down on Sept. 11, 2001, only by crashing two hijacked airliners into the buildings. Mendenhall has since clarified his remarks by saying Americans were insulted when some people celebrated the terrorist attacks masterminded by bin Laden, and that others might view Americans celebrating bin Laden's death the same way. Among Mendenhall's posts, the day after the bin Laden news broke, was: "What kind of person celebrates death? It's amazing how people can HATE a man they have never even heard speak. We've only heard one side..." He also tweeted on the Sept. 11 attacks: "We'll never know what really happened. I just have a hard time believing a plane could take a skyscraper down demolition style." Wednesday's offering, though, was a different story. "I appreciate those of you who have decided to read this letter and attain a greater understanding of my recent Twitter posts. I see how they have gotten misconstrued, and wanted to use this outlet as a way to clear up all things that do not truthfully represent myself, what I stand for personally, and any organization that I am a part of. "First, I want people to understand that I am not in support of Bin Laden, or against the USA. I understand how devastating 9/11 was to this country and to the people whose families were affected. Not just in the U.S., but families all over the world who had relatives in the World Trade Centers. My heart goes out to the troops who fight for our freedoms everyday, not being certain if they will have the opportunity to return home, and the families who watch their loved ones bravely go off to war. Last year, I was grateful enough to have the opportunity to travel overseas and participate in a football camp put on for the children of U.S. troops stationed in Germany. It was a special experience. These events have had a significant impact in my life." Mendenhall also specifically pointed out the "celebrates death" tweet. "This controversial statement was something I said in response to the amount of joy I saw in the event of a murder. I don't believe that this is an issue of politics or American pride; but one of religion, morality, and human ethics." He also tried to bring closure to the situation. "Nothing I said was meant to stir up controversy. It was my way to generate conversation. In looking at my timeline in its entirety, everything that I've said is with the intent of expressing a wide array of ideas and generating open and honest discussions, something I believe we as American citizens should be able to do. Most opinions will not be fully agreed upon and are not meant to be. However, I believe every opinion should be respected or at least given some thought. I apologize for the timing as such a sensitive matter, but it was not meant to do harm. I apologize to anyone I unintentionally harmed with anything that I said, or any hurtful interpretation that was made and put in my name." On Tuesday, as Mendenhall's offerings became a national story, team president Art Rooney II made sure the Steelers were heard from. "I have not spoken with Rashard, so it is hard to explain or even comprehend what he meant with his recent Twitter comments," he wrote in a statement. "The entire Steelers organization is very proud of the job our military personnel have done and we can only hope this leads to our troops coming home soon." Mendenhall, who profiles himself as a "conversationalist and professional athlete" on his Twitter page, turned some heads in March, as well, when he supported a comment by Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson comparing the NFL to "modern-day slavery." "Anyone with knowledge of the slave trade and the NFL could say that these two parallel eachother," Mendenhall posted at the time. Mendenhall is coming off a tremendous season, as he led the AFC champions in carries (324), rushing yards (1,273) and rushing touchdowns (13). He has 2,439 yards in three seasons since being drafted in the 2008 first round out of Illinois. In the 2010 postseason, Mendenhall ran for 230 yards on 61 carries in three games with four touchdowns, as Pittsburgh defeated the Baltimore Ravens (31-24) and New York Jets (24-19), before falling to the Green Bay Packers 31-25 in the Super Bowl. As a result of the controversy, Mendenhall saw a spike in his followers on Twitter. On Tuesday afternoon, he had 13,631. On Wednesday afternoon, he had 36,914. He personally follows 67 on Twitter. Included in the group he's following is the Dalai Lama, comedian Sarah Silverman and the Park Community Church in Chicago.
  23. manbearpig

    Peyton Hillis On The Cover Of Madden!

    Where do I get that shirt he is wearing at the unveiling?? Also he dwarfs Vick.. looked like he was ready to tear someones head off at any moment. Way to go Petyon!
  24. manbearpig

    My Buddy Lives In Dayton

    He can't get em on tv or the radio... any suggestions? He said he had to pay $15 last year to listen to them on the internet. I guess MLB blocks em outta stations web radios. He is the biggest Indians fan I know and I think it's stupid that he can't watch or listen to the games in Dayton Ohio! Any help is appreciated!
  25. manbearpig

    Charlie Villanueva

    didn't see it and have no idea what you are talking about. Care to enlighten?