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    Nba Season Coming Sooooo

    I haven't been paying attention to anything reall but I have no clue how this season is supposed to go... I guess they finally figured out that no money is no good? Screw all those greedy bastards.
  2. manbearpig

    Josh Cribbs Voices Frustration After Another Defeat

    I love Josh Cribbs!!!
  3. manbearpig

    Paul Brown Stadium

    I don't like it there. Couple that with what I thought would be a terrible game in the rain and no thanks. Neither one of these teams is getting any of my money.
  4. manbearpig

    Paul Brown Stadium

    The announcers on the radio commented on this several times. Seems they find it comical that the Bungles are still in the playoff hunt and can't sell out a home game for the battle of Ohio.
  5. At this point in the season and the way things have gone, do we really want him back? I feel it would be awesome to have three healthy and productive running backs on this team... might open up all kinds of things. At this point though I have to wonder if we even want him back. As far as I am concerned he's made a travisty of this whole season and has had what.. one good game? What are your thoughts? I for one have been impressed with Ongabongabanana! I dunno I am just curious I guess~
  6. manbearpig

    Game Coming Up

    man i hand out those +1s!
  7. manbearpig

    Mccoy And Audibles

    Wow, just wow... It's sad, I had to listen to all my games on the radio or attempt to watch with my terrible internet last year while I was in Missouri.... at least those games (mostly) were entertaining... What kind of game are we expecting this week? It's been so bad this year that I haven't even bothered to watch.
  8. manbearpig

    No Nba Is Bs

    Is anyone else upset that there isn't a season? How much money do these guys really need to play a game or own a team? I only make $15 an hour and I bust my ass every day 6 or 7 days a week to get it. I like watching basketball because I am terrible at it. It is entertaining to me.... but not when there isn't a season.
  9. manbearpig

    Peyton Hillis Got Snubbed?

    I think I am with you on this Ghoolie. Where do you think he will end up?
  10. manbearpig

    My Thoughts Exactly

    Love it and posted it on Facebook before I left fork work. All my friends reposted it.
  11. manbearpig

    How Come Other Teams Make It Look So Easy

    I am a Browns fan and I thought today was hillarious. Are you telling me that's not allowed? The game they played on Sunday was one of the funniest things I have seen in a while. Oh but pardon me you don't think I should laugh at this joke.
  12. manbearpig

    What I Saw

    How can anyone honestly expect Colt to do anything when he is running for his life on every play? I saw a "team" that couldn't block, rush, run their routes, protect Colt in any way, put pressure on the opposing quarterback or even tackle. Our o-line offends me every time I see it on the field. I also saw a "coach" who had no idea what the hell he is doing. Maybe they could let Cribs go as QB and design some kind of WildDawg plays. Did anyone see anything good in this game? I would like to hope there were a few positives... not holding my breath. On another note I really was laughing out loud. It was so bad that I really didn't get upset or anything about it.
  13. manbearpig

    49Ers Win! - Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

    I listened to the opening drive and then decided to save myself the pain. Watched the Lions instead haha.
  14. manbearpig

    This Week In The Afc North

    38 to 17... yeah the stools aren't anywhere near as bad as you wish them to be.
  15. At the very least we are 2-2 which is better than 1-3 and loads better than 0-4.
  16. A few years ago we got really good seats to see the Browns fail against the Tampa Bay Buc.... no... the 65 year old ladies one row in front were chanting at the top of their lungs (and right above their bench) Tampa Bay FUC#ING QU@ERS! I thought this was quite funny. No one got kicked out or even asked to be quiet.....
  17. manbearpig

    Sorry Had To Post This

    You could click the link I posted where they say that Josh Cribbs is the 84th best player in the NFL? I think this thread was started by an amazing #16 clip... not a ben tudburgler fumbling interception machine clip.. ass clown..
  18. manbearpig

    Hosh 16 In Da News

  19. manbearpig

    Sorry Had To Post This

    And if you like the first video I have one that I had never seen. He's been named #84 of the best players of 2011 (I think?) http://youtu.be/3NJqeWXMBXg great video!
  20. manbearpig


    Maybe we can get the whole Browns team and staff in on this and they man up and go to the Super Bowl?
  21. manbearpig

    Sorry Had To Post This

    LOL at Rapeburgers face at 25 seconds into the vid! hahahaha
  22. manbearpig

    Sorry Had To Post This

    I would never be able to get enough of this clip. If only we had won that game! What a freaking play! p.s. I don't miss Dereck Anderception. haha
  23. manbearpig

    Sorry Had To Post This

    I am really glad that we don't have to play the Stoolers untill after the Bye. Now hopefully we get healthy and stop playing garbage ball. I want to see the Cleveland Browns come out and give them an old fashioned beating. One where they punch them a lot more than the Stools punch back.
  24. manbearpig

    Ugly Early

    how about that "hey were gonna have a ten minute huddle while they are set to go" defenc??? amazing!
  25. manbearpig

    Ugly Early

    uggggh what was this i just watched??