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    Toledo Blackout?

    And that's probably because all the trash and rejects that are fleeing Detroit, now live in Toledo. We should put up a border crossing like Canada has done. I now have to work with this trash and they don't even speak english. (or any language that I've ever heard of.)
  2. manbearpig

    Toledo Blackout?

    I found out the skinny. Fox for the moment is Detroit ball huggers. Therefore since the games are at the same time, all you can watch on Fux is the Detroit car jackers.
  3. manbearpig

    Art Modell

    I agree too. I can see that moment of silence or anything like that going totally bad here in Cleveland.
  4. manbearpig

    Toledo Blackout?

    I always have fun at Ralphies... Is this blackout true? I was planning on watching at home here in Bowling Green.
  5. manbearpig

    Weeden Holding Out?

  6. manbearpig

    Trent Richardson Highlight Tape Wow.

    I just hope at the end of the year we don't have to change the lyrics to the song from "I'm a boss" to "I'm a bust".... Only time will tell. I liked the tape...
  7. manbearpig

    Wildcard Predictions

    Let's see who thinks what and who ends up being right! I really have no idea but I am picking The Bungles and The Lions. I am more than likely wrong on both accounts. Also sadly the Stoolers and Green Bay on Sunday.
  8. manbearpig

    This Week In The Nfl Playoffs

    I think you are correct in winners, but im still betting on Bungles and Lions. Let's see what happens! My favorite soccer team is the B.G.H.S. girls soccer team! (and I was attending when I watched) Does that make me gay?
  9. manbearpig

    Wildcard Predictions

    as far as the Bungles and Lions game, I just picked them because I want them to win. I think the Lions really do have a shot but not so much the Bungles. It would make my week if they both win. I mispicked in the first post and I totally take the Giants over the Falcons and I hope I'm wrong. Again I agree, the Steelers should and probably will win this game but I hope they get the shit kicked out of them while they do it.
  10. manbearpig

    Deleted Thread

    I love ya Ghoolie, want to come over for a beer and some polka sometime?
  11. manbearpig

    Steelers At Browns

    How can our offense be that terrible? Listening to the game it sounded like our defense really wanted to win. Then we'd just punt the ball back to the Stoolers.
  12. manbearpig

    I'll Be Cheering On The Browns. They Will Win

    I had a dream last night that I was at the game and only 3 of our players even bothered suiting up. Some of the players had Cleveland Browns T-shirts on and the rest were just playing in old t-shirts and jeans... I also got to tell Shurmer how awful I think he is. It was quite a strange dream.
  13. manbearpig

    Greatest Browns Game

    I am a younger guy and never was into any sports as a child. For me it would have to be the 2007 blizzard game against the Bills. Both teams were in wildcard slots and I had been to 3 games that season, all wins. To be there with that amount of snow and wind and cold... impressive. Clearing the hash marks with leaf blowers and whatever? Gane was nuts. spent a lot of time throwing snowballs at bills fans too. Just good clean fun and a wicked kicker to seal the deal. Then we lose our spot in playoffs because someone decided to rest their players. (then anderson decided to make a complete and total jackass of himself in the probowl)
  14. manbearpig

    Any Problems With This?

    So good of you to point that out buddy. Sorry im not a spell checker or an eighth grade english teacher.
  15. manbearpig

    I Am Proud Of The Browns' Intensity.

    I heard it was less than 1.
  16. manbearpig

    Any Problems With This?

    NVM I found it. That's sick and looks intentional as hell. I have always and always will harrison. What a jerk. WATCH his head as he goes in for the kill. (not tackle, the dude is trying to kill)
  17. manbearpig

    Any Problems With This?

    link to the colt hit?
  18. manbearpig

    Nba Season Coming Sooooo

    A bummer with my job is all the overtime and weekend work. I have only been able to see the season opener for the Browns on tv, (caught a couple while trying to sleep on the radio) and I doubt very much I'll see or hear much or any of the Cavs. Ah the joys of third shift. On a bonus I have a good job with 401k and great benefits for the first time in years! Gotta take the good with the bad.
  19. I don't post much because I don't know much. I work third shift, don't have cable or satellite and don't really follow basketball in the off season. Also I think the player/owner dispute is bullshit. You play a sport that is supposed to entertain me. (hey there! I am the guy who PAYS to come see you play and watches the commercials that pay for the air time) Get off your ass, lower prices or take a pay cut and play. Most of you make more in a year than I'll squeak out in my lifetime while making the parts for the cars we drive. Hmmm would I rather get paid millions to play a game or spend 60 hours a week in a factory to make $40,000... I absolutly love my job but I think I'd rather play basketball. Now at 6'5" and being terrible at it, I know I'd never go anywhere but hell yeah I'd take whatever they pay to be a bench whitey. At the very least I could go in there and block a shot or something haha. I suppose I could even be half decent if I ever practiced. As it is, I like being a factory worker and I enjoy watching sports in my time off. I do not enjoy sports being unavailable because the players and owners are bitching about money.
  20. manbearpig

    Nfl Network Is Horrible

  21. manbearpig

    Shurmur Under Fire

    I expect the Browns to get the stuffing beaten out of them today. I hope they prove me wrong!
  22. manbearpig

    Ryan Pontbriand Officially Waived

    Dawson..... team mvp since expansion
  23. manbearpig

    Ryan Pontbriand Officially Waived

    He should get a custom one or just wait then... i have lost track of how many jerseys ive gone through... I now just put duct tape and something in marker over my Edwards one. I am in the process of unstitching Quinn from my #10
  24. manbearpig

    Ratbird Fan Claims, "cleveland Doesn't Rock, It Sucks!"

    the only thing im worried about is do I use the 49'ers defence this week or Baltimore? I can only pick one and I know both will get amazing numbers...
  25. manbearpig

    Ryan Pontbriand Officially Waived

    I agree... snap the damned ball! This season is killing me. I hope we don't lose what good players we still have!