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  1. manbearpig

    RIP Stan "Atenears" Aten

    Just saw this. R.I.P. Stan and prayers for the family.
  2. manbearpig

    ***Official Browns @ Steelers Game Day Thread***

    Ya'll making me laugh. CLOWNS IN FULL EFFECT! I live in Missouri now and I still can't root for the Cheifs. Shmuck you Cleveland
  3. manbearpig

    So what now?

    Honestly this team was fun for me this year. Big trades big flops and no chance of getting to the playoffs. Then after the awesome battle with Indiana it all turned boring. Will LeBron go, will he stay? Do I care? No. Let's go Dawgs! Woof Woof Woof! What do you guys think?
  4. manbearpig


    Seriously I wish the Pacers had won the first round. They would have given Golden State more trouble than the Lebron lames
  5. manbearpig


    What a bunch of losers. I don't care what happens this off season at all. I just hope that at this time next year we see something different. (even if it's watching another team)
  6. manbearpig

    Hogan Named Starter

    Is this good? Does it matter? The only game I got to watch this year was..... unimpressive.
  7. manbearpig

    ***Official Browns Vs Ravens Game Day Thread***

    You're a dumb ass if you didn't know this was coming.
  8. manbearpig

    ***Official Browns Vs Ravens Game Day Thread***

    Ah here we go, that's more like it.
  9. manbearpig

    ***Official Browns Vs Ravens Game Day Thread***

    Of course I am not watching the game.... should I be????
  10. manbearpig

    Griffin to Injured Reserve

    Can we get weeeden and anderson back? Why don't we just get 10 QB's? Maybe run two per play and hope that one of them can throw a ball and not get hurt. Shoot just take my avatar and get Bundy!
  11. What do you think? The best answer I saw was that it's up to Dan Gilbert. I am not the most basketball guy in the world but I always liked Andy.
  12. manbearpig

    Tomorrows Coin Flip Gate..

    Was there a replay of it? How do you fuck up a coin flip? Not a fan of either team but watching the refs in the past two games has amazed me.