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  1. Well I would assume he gets him mind right, comes back in a few weeks, and starts playing.
  2. https://twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/1021426375536857090 So based off this what I assume is going on is he came up with a specific plan when he was reinstated where if he saw himself or if the teams medical team saw him struggling with work, home life, mental health, what have you, he would take a step back and and focus on himself to help ensure he didn't relapse. This is the smart thing to do. I hope he comes back as soon as possible but I would rather see him miss most or all of camp and preseason than see him do something stupid and find himself out of the NFL for good.
  3. Harry Buffalo

    Draft Grades

    Lets be honest, who gives a Sheet about what these pundits think of our draft. They have given us B to A grades the past 5 years, then those draft classes have proceeded to put us in a position to go 0-16.
  4. Harry Buffalo

    Ryan Shazier

    I was impressed. Most people in his position would still be in a wheel chair. He has a determination to get his life back to as close to normal as possible.
  5. Harry Buffalo

    Who are we targeting in free agency?

    Who this FO is targeting, I don't think anyone has a clue. Outside of there being a potential interest in bring Pryor back on the cheap (I think this is more speculation than anything else) there really hasn't been any word of who this FO is interested in. We have the CB? for LA, but hes being linked simply because he used to play for our DC. This front office has shut down any leaking. At least shut down specific leaking such as "Browns plan to target player x."
  6. Harry Buffalo

    Kizer to the Packers

    We swapped picks in each round. So we swapped our 4th round picks and our 5th round picks.
  7. Harry Buffalo

    Landry is Ours

    Mary Kay Cabot‏Verified account @MaryKayCabot FollowingFollowing @MaryKayCabot More #Browns traded these picks for Landry: 4th rounder in 2018, 7th rounder in 2019
  8. Harry Buffalo

    Kizer to the Packers

    Adam Schefter‏Verified account @AdamSchefter FollowingFollowing @AdamSchefter More Browns traded QB Deshone Kizer to Packers for CB Damarious Randall, per source. In addition; the teams’ swapped picks in the 4th and 5th round.
  9. Harry Buffalo

    Landry is Ours

    He was looking for a deal of 4 years around 54 million. I would assume we sign him somewhere around that.
  10. Harry Buffalo

    Tyrod Taylor A Brown

    What I do think this trade does is it makes it more likely we wait to go qb at #4. For instance if we grabbed McCarron, we would have had to go first overall at a QB, because McCarron is no sure thing as even a bridge starter. Taylor is a safe 50/50 win QB. We know what we get, and we didn't have to give up a 2nd and a 3rd for him cough cough.
  11. Harry Buffalo

    Damarious Randall A Brown

    He is a good CB. Best one Greenbay had last year for sure. He is also coming off a great season. He did a heck of a job covering JG. I'm just wondering what we traded for him.
  12. Harry Buffalo

    Browns Fire Kirby Wilson

    Does anyone else find it kind of cowpoop that they fire their RB coach and Run game coordinator when they NEVER ran the ball. The guy coached two RBs who both had over 1000 yards from scrimmage this season, Johnson had over 5 yards per carry, and we fire this guy like it was our running game that was Sheet.
  13. Harry Buffalo

    New WR Coach Hired

    What has this guy done? Seems like everyone is just giving him credit for OBJ who would most likely still be the freak he is if he was drafted by another team with an above average starting qb.
  14. Harry Buffalo


    I think you still try to get Smith, for the fact he will be available the soonest via a trade. The Browns shouldn't wait and hope to get a guy, they need to go and get one. Obviously if you can't make a deal, you try for Cousin's and don't even both with a QB before round 3. Also this is actually a deep FA QB class. You have a great good bridge guy if he gets traded or cut (Smith), a franchise QB (Cousins), and at least three bridge QBs who WILL win you games and give you shots at playoffs (Taylor, Bradford, and Bridgewater). When was the last time there was a QB group in FA this good?
  15. Harry Buffalo

    Elliot Wolfe

    1. After draft day the entire media is going to be talking about how we have a top 5 draft class and our new front office knocked it out of the park. 2. Most if not all of our players we drafted with show little to no improvement from the beginning of the season to the end of it. We will argue whether it was the coaching staffs fault or the FO. 3. Coach gets fired and we pick in the top 5 of the next draft. 4. Rinse and repeat.
  16. Harry Buffalo

    Josh Allen mechanics are very good.

    The only thing you have pointed out to me is that he has regressed or at best he hasn't improved since he was a Freshmen. You can argue that he had a poor supporting cast around him, and you can make the same case for Both Darnold and Rosen, but a poor supporting cast doesn't account for a 10% drop in passing accuracy.
  17. Harry Buffalo

    To The Poster That Wanted Greg Roman as OC

    Hue won't give up offensive control even though that is his only chance to do well next season. It also feels like he is dragging his feet on an OC search. I get there are plenty more teams who will have guys available to interview after the wildcards, but he has interviewed 1 guy for OC and another for some assistant position. Also its been reported that the QB coach from the Texan's isn't going to take the job because of the fact he won't be given play calling duties. Its a cluster Shmuck. As soon as the Chiefs are available to have coaches interview, we need to just finally say Shmuck it, drop Hue, and go after their Special Teams Coordinator.
  18. Harry Buffalo


    O don't think he's garbage, I just think he's average and Duke could do a better job as a 3 down guy. We could improve the position by drafting a guy in the 3rd and save a Sheet load of money at the same time.
  19. Harry Buffalo

    All bullsht aside now, does football belong in clev?

    I don't see the NFL ever allowing the franchise to move again, but if I had season tickets those things would be cancelled. I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure not 1 cent of my money goes their way while Hue is still coaching.
  20. Rosen is the most natural passer in the class but he makes poor decisions and is a head case who will likely shut down if he isn't put into an ideal situation, which we are not. Darnold has probabbly the best touch and inticilation, but he also makes dumb decisions and he doesn't take care of the football. Allen is a slightly more athletic version of Kizer so why even waste a pick on him, and Mayfield has the best accuracy, leadership, and play making ability, but he will need an offense talor made for him because of his height and who knows what will happen when he gets put into a situation where he doesn't reguarly get over 3 seconds to throw. At this point in time if I have to take a QB in the first, I am 100% taking them at #1 unless the Giants do want to trade up and they are very clear and honest that the guy they are taking is Rosen. And the QB I would take at that spot is at the point Baker Mayfield.
  21. Harry Buffalo

    Dorsey lays it out there.....

    This has been talked about none stop for 2 days and here are my thoughts. He shouldn't have said it, but I think he wasn't shitting on the whole roster. What I think he really ment was the previous front office didn't bring in impact players. They got solid peices, guys who can and will be impact players, but after two years they let anyone who could be considered an impact player walk (Outside of Joe Thomas) and only brought one in (Garrett). Brown lost 2 impact players on the line, 1 in the secondary, and arguably one at WR.
  22. Harry Buffalo

    Should Paul Depodesta Stay

    This is a hard question for me to ask, because I don't have a clear cut opinion one way or another, and most of that has to do with the fact I have zero clue what this guy actually does in the building. My thinking is that if his soul job was to set up the actual Analytics department and run it, depending on how much Dorsey plans on relying on it should determine if he stays. I think said department has a place in the NFL, just as long as it isn't the driving force behind all of your player acquisitions. I mean Sheet I'm sure most NFL teams use analytics to some degree or another. But if Depodesta was the mind behind alot of these trades, or was the one who came up with the trade for Oswieler for a 2nd round pick, I think he has a place in this front office just as a strategist. I don't think anyone would argue that we havent done a great job the past 2 years in getting value back for failed draft picks or maximizing draft capital for trade backs, or thought outside the box. If he is the reason for this, and it wasn't Sashi, then he could be a great keeper if he wants to stay.
  23. Harry Buffalo

    Is Hue Jackson the answer?

    I hate it. I think this is the #1 reason I am so worried, because we know under this structure we haven't seen success. He needs to hire a team president or CEO and just step back. That doesn't mean he can't be in the building, know the players, coaches, front office. But the way he has everything set up where everyone answers to him and no one else, it makes it so when we lose, those sides jockey for favor to keep their job. If you have a linear structure all he needs to worry about is how his President is doing, who worries about how his GM is doing, who worries about how his coach is doing. Now they keep saying Hue is here, but they at least still have a chance to fire him and hire a guy picked my Doresy, which is a step in the right direction. Because they can say everything in the book they want, and we can speculate to the end of days on how Hue would do with a better roster, but Hue isn't Dorsey's guy. And next year, if it is bad, will still count against Doresy even though Hue isn't his guy and he will already have one foot in the grave. Its like we keep having this endless cycle of hiring a GM half way through a coaches life span, then a new coach halfway through the GMs life span. Even with Hue and Sashi, we hired Hue, then Sashi got promoted, then they looked at GM's and eventually didn't hire anyone. Thats kind of why I feel bad for Hue. I'm sure he came on board knowing analytics was going to be a big part of the front office, but you will never convince me he came on board knowing that Sashi was going to have final say over the roster.
  24. Harry Buffalo

    Matthew Dayes

    I get we are still trying to get 1 win, but we know Crow won't be here next year and Dayes looks like he has a spot on the roster as a kick returner. What would be best for the franchise is to see how Duke Johnson does with a higher work load (the fact he isn't getting at least 50% of the carries is mind boggling), and to see how Dayes does with at least 5 to 10 carries the rest of the season.
  25. Harry Buffalo

    Is Hue Jackson the answer?

    I'm going to give a pros and cons, then give some overall thoughts. Pros: 1. Top candidate when hired who had the option to either take over one of several HC jobs that year or stay in Cincy as the heir apparent. He wanted to be here. 2. He does have a good track record working with QB's and maxing out their potential before coming to the Browns. He made Jason Campbell and Andy Dalton look like a pro bowlers. 3. The players love him. I don't know what they think after his most recent comments, but overall the players really believe in him. Compare the players statements to those they made when we had coaches like Mangini. 4. The players are overall still playing hard for him. They did last season and they are this season. I don't think this group has given up on winning games. I have heard plenty of people say this is a cowpoop argument, but I don't think so. Cons: 1. Not a good game manager. 2. Not maximizing the talent he does have by altering his playbook/game plans. 3. Has NOT maximized the potential of any QBs on this roster. 4. Over spending all last season and the beginning of this season excepting responsibility for the loses, he is now just giving excuse after excuse. 5. Is obviously leaking info to the media, or knows who is on his coaching staff and he isn't doing Sheet to stop it. At the very least he is having private convo's with Silver and letting him publish that info at will via articles and tweets. Now I don't know if he is the answer or not. He has not left me feeling confident at all and honestly he deserves to be fired. My issue however is that I don't think we will entice even a remotely top talent to come in and coach for us. People forget he was a top coaching talent and people were honestly shocked we managed to entice him to take the job. If he is fired after 2 seasons we would likely be looking at the Shurmer/Chud/Petine hires of the past. Now if we let him coach 1 more year and he sucks, we will have at least given him 3 full years, which is a positive for future coaching candidates being interviewed. Along with that if our new GM does a good job this offseason but Hue under performs again, a new coaching candidate next year may view the franchise as a more promising destination. I think Hue needs to stay. And if he does actually hire an OC and gives us play calling duty, I would expect his game management to improve.