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  1. 2017 NFL Waiver Wire And Player Cut Thread

    One name. Austin Carr. I like Rudolph and the guy from Seatle as options as well, but Car was bar none the highest performing WR in the preseason. He just gets open and he just catches the ball. You could slot him in as the starting slot recurve right away.
  2. 2017 NFL Waiver Wire And Player Cut Thread

    Leslie just got cut. Thought he deserved a spot over either Payton or Higgins.
  3. Browns trade for WR Sammie Coates

    So quick question on this, because I am seeing two different things. Some people are saying that we gave them our 2019 7th rounder and others are saying we got theirs. Wondering who is right. Regardless I don't see the harm, it basically comes down to a straight up player for player trade at the end of the day. He can't be any worse than what we have after Coleman.
  4. First Round Grades - Individual Picks

    I still don't get the thought of "how could be draft player at said position when this position is a bigger need?" Look at teams who draft BPA over teams who draft for need and see who typically does better. We got a great TE prospect who most people considered a top 15 or top 20 pick at #29 and we likely sniped him from the Steelers. Great pick.
  5. Keapernick signs Free Agent Deal

    I thought with his afro he would be a better fit for an Earth, Wind, & Fire cover band. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gs069dndIYk
  6. Pryor to Redskins

    End of the day, his agent fucked him. Kept filling his ear about how much he was REALLY worth then went out and found he was only worth that $8 million. Instead of taking the sure thing with us for the same price and alot more up front, he now has to hope to god he matches or out performs from last year.
  7. Browns trade for BROCK OSWEILER

    Hey, its not our money.
  8. Pryor to Redskins

    If Pryor doesn't get a deal from Redskins, he'll likely be back... Also Redskins literally just fired the GM while Pryor was on his way to meet with the team... so who the hell knows.
  9. Browns trade for BROCK OSWEILER

    Also I think it still remains to be seen how Sashi turns out as a player evaluator, but if he does end up losing his job here some time in the future, you sure as hell can bet he is going to get picked up by a good team to run trades for them. Look at this off the wall trading the past year. Moved back 27 spots in the 7th round to take Jamie Taylor, a poor performing CB who ended up just needing a change in scenery. Signed him to a new deal after a good year. Traded a 3rd Comp pick for Jamie Collins, Pro-Bowl LB on the last year of his contract basically to have first rights to sign him. Resigned him. Now the move back from 4th the 6th round this year to swallow a huge contract and gain a 2nd round pick in 2018. You don't see other teams in the NFL make these kinds of trades. This is amazing, innovative stuff in the NFL.
  10. Browns trade for BROCK OSWEILER

    Well they got a 2nd round pick for moving back from the 4th to the 6th round this year. Also I hope Osweiler feels like the $16 million piece of shit that he is.
  11. Pryor to Redskins

    Agreed. Remember this is a guy who put in a ton of work to learn a whole new position and is at the age where this will likely be his only large multi year contract of his career. I'd shop around too.
  12. Hawkins Released

    1: Great guy, amazing for whatever community he lives in. He will eventually do well in a FO or coaching position. 2: Should have been cut during training camp last year.
  13. Highest Paid Long Snapper in the NFL

    Who really cares. If/when that 1.5 million becomes a cap issue, you cut the guy.
  14. Camp Garrett

    I mean here is what I personally think. 1: He hasn't met with Hue at all. These two will meet at the combine, pro day, and Garrett will likely be invited to the facility for a sit down. If Hue is good at anything, it is making players like him. At the very least Garrett will like the idea of getting to play for Hue and any fears he may have about coming to Cleveland will be greatly diminished. 2: This kid doesn't have the character flaws that might lead him to demand that he won't play in Cleveland. He doesn't come from a Manning like family, he is going to be jazzed to be the #1 overall pick, regardless who takes him. 3: Players can and do fall in love with the teams who draft them and the cities they play for. Thomas was a Green Bay fan, Haden was a Redskins fan who played ball in Flordia. Both fell in love with Cleveland and wanted to stay. Once again, not a great look for the kid. But to me it seems more like a kid making a fun video to his favorite team. I put more stock behind the video in the first post of this topic than the one asking for the Cowboys to move up.
  15. Camp Garrett

    I can agree that he shouldn't make/post a video like that, but I honestly don't think it matters. Most of these guys have a favorite team, or at least a team they wish they could play for. Alot of those guys will get drafted and resign with the teams the drafted them, some will want to move on for money or to finally play for said favorite team. I'm not going to guess what a guy is going to do in 5 years based on a video he posts today.