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  1. Not so fast on the NFL qb draft train for next year

    How many bad games did Fournette have last year?
  2. I think one of the most screwed up things this season, and I like Hue and I may be wrong, but I think Kessler is the most talented QB on the roster right now and Hue is refusing to use him because his skills don't mesh with how he wants to run the offense. This is my biggest reason for wanting Hue to have an OC and its because he will not talor his offense to the talent he has on hand. I mean Hogan isn't much different from Kessler, he doesn't have a rocket arm and he doesn't have any real talent out there to throw to, and he designed the game plan like Derek Anderson was running the show. Other than the win lose record last year, Kessler had great stats for a rookie, but Hue was very open about the fact that he wanted the ball pushed downfield and Kessler couldn't do it.
  3. FO you are much too good to us

    I'll say my piece and leave it. I think Hue needs to stay, but with an OC to call plays. I get that he is a guy known for creating great offenses, but his biggest strength is motivating and caring for his players. Those are great head coaching strengths and he just needs to focus on being the main guy. In terms of the FO, outside of hiring an actual team president, I don't see how we can change anything. I like most of the talent we have put on the field. I like how we maneuver the draft and some how trade away bad talent for draft picks. They just need to finally pull the trigger on someone. I'm not going to fault them for not taking a guy who is only showing success running a RGIII style offense. People want to be the hind sight police, but most of the media and most of the people on here applauded both drafts after the fact, most people didn't want to see Watson selected (me included). To be quite frank, unless you are hiring a Peyton Manning to take over football operations, I think you need to give these guys 1-2 more years. People forget that Hue was the best coaching candidate available when we hired him. People forget that the two previous times we hired a coach we were stuck with our 5th and 6th best choices. All any coach will look at is Hue being promised that he will get 4 years and see that he got Sheet canned in 2 and they will know that they are better off going else where. The only way to create a stable franchise to to stick with the guys you hire to run it. If they tell you they need 4 years get things turned around, and you hire them after saying they have 4 years, you sure as Sheet better give them the 4 years to get the jobs done.
  4. More Peyton Manning speculation

    I mean the way he has navigated the draft in terms to creating draft capital and being able to somehow turn the aweful players he inherited into picks. I will agree the Wentz trade was a swing and a miss, but unlike every beat reporter in the country, I'm not ready to declare Watson anything more than a flash in the pan. I also like the trade to take on the cap space of Oswieler for a 2nd rounder and moving up from a 6th to a 4th. The problem was he didn't feel the same way 5 months later and cut players to get some of the cap space back. I also just watched a Fox Sports video where they were talking with Grossi. While I don't give anything Grossi says much thought, the guy leading the show reported that while Manning was in town he was picking peoples brains about the Browns. It was reported that he was in Cleveland to donate money to Anthony Gonzalez's political campaign, but Haslem was also in attendance for the same supposed reason.
  5. Kamp Kizer

    Time to ride Kizer the rest of the season.
  6. More Peyton Manning speculation

    Sashi has shown alot of good things. The one big negative is his overall plan. You cannot gut a team the way he did an expect it to perform. Not just that, you can't expect it to do anything. To compound matters you have a Coach who is designing game plans for a veteran team when he is playing a bunch of children. Shmucking ridiculous.
  7. They ALL must go

    I will give him the benifit of the doubt considering he has been injured and he came into the league without any real injury history. But seriously, as much as this FO has sucked (I like alot of the picks, but completely dismantling the roster by itself if firing worthy) and as much as the coaching has sucked, we need to just let them ride it out for at least 1-2 more years. If we EVER was to attact an actual GM or coaching talent to this team, they need to know they won't be fired right off the bat, which we currently can't do, because the owner has a history of firing people right off the bat.
  8. Ok are we done with hogan now?

    The only thing I want to highlight that I am 100% sick of is the Shmucking media declaring people the new franchise QB after a few decent showings. Its Shmucking annoying and the Cleveland media is the worst example of it around the league. Keep righting your stories about how player x was over looked until they got to the Browns. Please. Who the Shmuck came into this game think he was going to light anything up? Best case scenario he was going to have an average game. Just be honest about whats going on. Our coach didn't install a game plan for our rookie QB. Our rookie QB has sucked. Our "back up" QB ha doesn't have the talent to be a starter. Our only QB to show anything in an NFL game is inactive every week because he can't/won't throw the ball down field. Be Shmucking honest about it. At least Grossi calls this Sheet out as much of a Sheet can he is.
  9. Kamp Kizer

    He regressed because instead of trying to get through reads faster, he started focusing on his 1 read too much forcing the ball in when people weren't open or just dumping off the ball. This has been great for my fantasy team (Duke Johnson is the 8th ranks RB in PPR) but shitty for Kizers development. He needs to learn and they need to have a game plan where Kizer is given two reads and a dump off option. And honestly we can not abandon the run at any point in the game until he gets comfortable. I mean Sheet, as soon as we are down we stop running. I don't care if we lose games because we have to stick with the run game. Kizer needs to be able to run 2 read play action plays.
  10. Quarterback conspiracy

    Here is what I'm going to say then I'm going to leave it. You know more what you have in year 2 than year one. Because of that I'll admit we Shmucked up with Wentz, who looks lime he will be at worst an above average starting AN. However if your going to second guess a team for not taking a mobile QB working on a simplified offensive game plan with 4 starts, I'm going to say look at RGIII. We saw this song and dance. He had an amazing rookie season, but as soon as they started to try and turn him into an actual NFL starter he crumbled. Like with Wentz, I'll wait till year two to say whether or not we screwed up.
  11. Somebody already post this?

    One thing he does fail to mention is Andrew Berry who is the player evaluator in the Browns 3 headed front office dragon. Also he takes Sheet out on context or it just plain doesn't make sense. For instance, Williams loved the Peppers pick. It was reported that he was running around with a stupid Shmucking grin on his face when they made the pick. Now is he a good fit for Williams defense? Well not in the way he's using him. Williams is known for using a roaming box safety (something Peppers excelled at in college), but for some reason he has had him playing back 20 yards 90% of the time. Also about Depodesta, I think he is a great addition because he is known for for doing unconventional things that end up making the team better. But I do think you need to pair a guy like that with an actual GM.
  12. Hogan Named Starter

    Alright here is my take. I'll break it down into a section on Hogan and one on Kizer. Hogan: Hogan has shown what a year in the NFL can do for a QB. More importantly he has shown what a year in the NFL learning on the side line while not getting your Sheet packed in can do for a QB. Physically Hogan isn't much different than Kessler. He may be able to push the ball a bit farther down the field, but other than that they are about the same. What's different between him and Kessler is 1# Kessler has become at least a bit gun shy from last year and 2# Hogan has never really had any real expectations laid on him. For example Kessler came into camp as the #1 guy, but since last year he has basically been told that if he doesn't start pushing the ball down field (the weakest part of his game) he wouldn't be playing. Now you compare Hogan to Kizer and physically they are night and day. Kizer is the picture of a franchise guy while Hogan looks more like a back up or WCO type QB. However Kizer has been expected to run an offense designed for a more experienced QB (this is Hues fault, look at Houston for what to do for a rookie QB). Hogan while not being a deep ball guy can make the reads, and he can make them much quicker. Not only that he can also audible more at the line. Kizer: as mentioned, Kizer has been put in a bad situation but at the same time he hasn't done himself any favors. He went from taking too long on his reads being unwilling to dump the ball off, to someone who focuses souly on his first read to either then force the ball in or dumb it off. He either isn't willing or isn't smart enough to get to his 2nd or 3rd read. To make matters worse he has a Weeden arm. By this I mean that he doesn't do anything other than throw as hard as he can. Without more time to learn his reads or a more simplified offense he wasn't going to show improvement. He needs to spend time on the side line learning until at least after the bye week. So what happens?: Hogan starts until the bye week and Kizer is then reinserted to start the rest of the season. The only way this doesn't happen is if Hogan plays lights out. I think Hogan plays well enough, maybe even well enough to win us a game, but I just don't see him playing good enough to keep Kizer on the side line. Fact of the matter is Kizer needs more games. The FO and coaching staff need to know what they have so they know whether or not to draft a QB early next year. At this point that looks like what will have to happen, but it's better to be sure instead of having to spend a high pick on a QB when you have a high pick with only 4 games under his belt.
  13. Kizer

    To be fair, our WR's are not doing him any favors. Britt is averaging like 2-3 drops a game and this week his drop got intercepted. Our other guys either can't get open, or they are the 2nd and 3rd reads that Kizer is not yet accustomed to getting to. When your #1 WR is a guy who only gets open 25% of the time he runs a route, and drops 50% of the balls thrown to him, your QB is going to look like Sheet.
  14. Predictions four games in? (2017)

    I think, unlike last season, we will see the team begin to improve. We should end the season better than the begining and that will likely translate to 3ish won games.
  15. So who do we get?

    I am going to say this now. Sashi and Hue should, and I think will, get 4 full years. The owner gave him GM the thumbs up to completely decimate our roster to fill it with young guys. We were the youngest team in the NFL last year and the teams average age got even lower this year. If there is any change that needs to be made in the off season, its that Hue NEEDS to have an offensive coordinator and he SHOULD give up the play calling. To go into the season without an OC, even if you are calling your own plays was stupid and fullish.