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  1. choco

    Njoku Out

    Kirksey out of a while as well...higgy and Hilliard back tho
  2. choco

    Panic mode

    😂 wow
  3. choco

    Panic mode

    You don't have to say you are...it's blatantly obvious. You melted after one game. You bought into the hype. That's all on you
  4. this was not a fun little jab...groosi took a shot at freddie and his play calling, calling it "cute"...look at how baker looks down and shakes his head, "youre question is just..." perhaps groosi was just making a joke, but it was poor taste, and he rightfully got crushed for it. he's gonna be put in his place everyday till he follows thru on his draft declaration. and im going to laugh every...single...time.
  5. choco

    Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch

    and still a surprising number of folks got fooled by a clickbait journalist XD parts of separate conversations spliced together to create a narrative that only exists in print. comeon ya'll...seriously cannot see though this BS?
  6. choco

    ***Browns @ Colts Preseason Game Night Thread***

    I'll be waiting with baited breath when you start a thread complaining about baker getting hit.
  7. choco

    Time Running Out for Austin Corbett

    Cool..being that hes only going into year 2, you already seem to have jumped the shark
  8. choco

    Front 7 didnt really show much yesterday...

    I'm hardly a football expert...but this reads like a casual fan that just watched his first game.
  9. choco

    Defensive observations from tonights game...

    Way too many words for the first preseason game...
  10. choco

    Gun Shooting At Festival

    its merely a question to those that cling to their guns yet cower in fear...is it merely coincidence we have the most guns and most shootings? everyone wants to protect themselves, its the excuse...but then nobody does. big talk...no action. if ya'll gonna piss yourselves and hide, why ya need your precious guz?
  11. choco

    Gun Shooting At Festival

    are guns illegal? no? they why didn't any of you brave fuckers that claim guns dont kill people actually do something about it? these arguments are fucking Retarded...
  12. choco

    Player v. Player

    He sided with his teammates, not the FO. Duke got his feelings hurt when they put him up for sale. He's not holding out for money. Perhaps Duke should learn what it means to be a pro. It's his fault this is in the media, so baker is right....it's self inflicted
  13. choco

    Cut Browns Find New Home Thread

    More words, less impact