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  1. choco

    Freddie's Staff searches

    It's about being about to relate to these kids 😉
  2. choco

    Antonio Brown

    That's the argument in town...Colbert's getting a pass atm, but talents lacking across the board, actually. That defense is pathetic. So you're not gonna win anything of consequence, but it's basically the last hoorah of the black and piss. And that's only if baker doesn't embarrass you at home. 👍
  3. choco

    Freddie's Staff searches

    Wilt, DB coach for Green bay past 11 years, appears to be joining the browns as well.
  4. choco

    Antonio Brown

    uh...yup. what i posted was an article from last year where munch cites family to stay in pitt, rather than take a job in arizona. so, cites family to stay in pitt. also cites family to leave pitt. its a crock of shit that Vag guzzled the first chance he got.
  5. choco


    O_O what a great find!
  6. choco

    Antonio Brown

    kinda interesting that he decided to ignore me tho...🤣 dudes out to lunch...as i said, real steeler fans are sweating, at the very least. they see the window closing. Vag is just an apologist fanboy that reads cheerleader takes like fidipaldo and dulac, then yuks it up as gospel. problem in pitt is that if the beat writers levy too much criticism, their access to the team gets removed. its how rooney keeps the positive narrative in the limelight.
  7. choco

    Antonio Brown

    Forgot one thing vag... I'll just leave this here for ya... https://cardswire.usatoday.com/2018/01/17/mike-munchak-cites-family-as-reason-for-turning-down-cardinals-job/ Just munch using the same xcuse to stay in Pittsburgh last year...nothing big 😂
  8. choco

    Antonio Brown

    Perrysville Ave in Riverview park, 2 mile from ketchup stadium. Lots of insider friends man...work with yinzers. Ya see, paid sites are for anyone who wants to pay...not just you. Perhaps you don't talk to your family, or theyre as clueless as you. So please...Ben's shelf life is completely contingent on how the team does next year. And by the looks of it, it could be a long year...franchise QB, minimal weapons, pathetic defense. That gravy trains ending soon...and we will never see you again.
  9. choco

    Browns hire OC Todd Monken

    Irrelevant, because that's true regardless of who was hired. And that's kind of the idea tbh, because there won't be much success if our offense is the same shit as last year. Geez man....stop looking for shit to bitch about. Conditioning is a bitch, but you seriously think where kitchens playbouke comes from is even an issue? Or that the team has to learn new plays? Where'd they learn last year's plays? I apologize, but damn...break the cycle.
  10. choco

    Damarious Randall

    wonderful...sure he's liking his natural position as well...
  11. choco

    Antonio Brown

    dont need links...why does it matter... you're in pretty bad denial...tbh perhaps you should ask some of the other teammates about him...doesn't seem manny sanders, ryan clark have a high opinion of him. this is the guy that blamed AB for running a bad route when he lost a game by throwing an interception to a fucking nose tackle...🤣 so then you dont follow your team as closely as you think...dont remember the real time stream with harrison, mocking tomlin during the end of year presser? or how about posting the pic of he and dan after signing his last contract, during dans presser about AB? he puts out his information through surrogates, and you'd know that if you actually knew something about that team. true, but you dont know there's no other reason unless you have spoken to munch. could also be that he wanted outta the circus...could be a little of both. either way, you lost the only decent coach you had. hell, ya hired a bengals cast off that got fired for breaking another NFL record...only team to give up 500+ yards of offense in 3 consecutive games. the peezy firing was a good call...but to fire the RB coach? scapegoating at its finest. connor is decent, injury issues, but his production is nowhere close to bells. it sufficient tho. now, i am constantly amused steeler fans still think youre gonna get a boatload of picks for a guy that quit on his team when the playoffs were on the line. you severely underestimate how poorly he is viewed. certainly a GM may gamble, this "haul" may not be as much as you think. JuJU sure looked like a world beater without AB on the other side...rather pedestrian and, yeah, you beat the bungals by 3 🤣 your problem is this...like so many other steeler fans, you live in a bubble. you think the past dictates the future, that the steelers always figure it out so they will continue to do so. problem is, the NFL evolved, and the steelers are stuck in the 90's. take an honest look around you...steelers are the laughing stock of the NFL this year, with a monumental collapse to miss the playoffs in a fashion so unheard of that its making round the clock news coverage...thats not the medias fault, thats their jobs, to report on stories....a story created by your football team. inmates run the asylum, its outta control and dan lacks the testicular fortitude to do anything about it. One more broken record for the steelers this year...biggest collapse ever at home... so go ahead and sit there like the latrobe feces smell like roses...real steelers fans are very concerned right now.
  12. choco

    Browns Owner screwing it up again

    i suppose the better idea would have been to allow kitchens to get poached next year, leaving us with nothing. way to think that one through...🙄
  13. choco

    Browns hire OC Todd Monken

    didn't even get close to answering the question...yes, freddie was using todds playbook last year (with some tweeks). of course he and monken are going to add and subtract, make changes. so what? i asked why you think its an issue that todds playbook is the starting point? particularly, in regards to the original tweet that said its easier for monken to learn the new terminology that the 90+ players.
  14. choco

    Browns hire OC Todd Monken

    Why don't you enlighten me then? Tell us all about how using Haley's playbook last year has any impact on the team this year...
  15. choco


    Hot takes are much easier than actual research, and apparently worth more money. Just learned he played under Gene Stallings at bama...guys been grinding under some of the best his whole life