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  1. choco

    So who wants Burfict?

    throwing stones from a glass house still...🙄
  2. choco

    Gettleman Speaks RE OBJ Trade

    No doubt...not everything is going to be roses, struggles and frustrations abound as this young team learn to play together. I don't think the attitude follows on this particular case...nice to have his good friend, but I think the glue is gonna be Adam Henry. More of a college atmosphere for them I imagine, harkening back to their old days. So I just think it plays out differently...baker gets him the ball and we wins some games, he ain't gonna be proposing to the kicking net. 👍
  3. choco

    Gettleman Speaks RE OBJ Trade

    obj was a headache because eli sux and was torpedoing his career. i worry none about how he's going to fit in with the browns.
  4. choco

    Everyone Wants Some

    Being outta market, I appreciate all the prime time games 😀
  5. choco

    Game on Cleveland

    Baby mam realized she broke the gravy train
  6. choco

    Kareem Hunt suspended 8 games

    Optics imo....browns already took flak for signing him. They push an appeal and win, the public outcry will start up again. Apparently the duration was negotiated with hunts lawyer this time, so he accepted the 8 games and is putting it behind him. Not appealing was absolutely the right call.
  7. choco

    RB Group

    Hilliard has more value on St as well, decent returner iirc
  8. choco

    It's true, Cowherd hates the Browns...

    YouTube run off clicks... Do NOT watch his videos. He's a shock artist, ala stern. And he's good at it
  9. choco

    Kareem Hunt suspended 8 games

    8 games is right...don't forget the investigation included 2 other incidents, which is why it's over the standard 6 games
  10. choco

    OBJ is a BROWN!!!!!

    I do to...reading back, sure seems like I don't. sorry nic ...I only find the level of disgust disproportionate to the offense. Odell's been a huge asshole, but to not consider the why ... Would rather others draw your own conclusions, have mine. I guess I understand the differing opinions...but the browns are trying to win a Superb fuking Owl....like, right now... Probly won't work .... But damn.... No hope in 20+ years and you can't get behind this?
  11. choco

    OBJ is a BROWN!!!!!

    Sorry, don't care about your, or Paul browns ancient opinion on how players should act today. I'll be over here happy the browns have players to compete while you wallow in losing with dignity.
  12. choco

    Eric Berry?

    nope...cant get on board with this...
  13. choco

    OBJ is a BROWN!!!!!

    so youd rather lose with quior boys then? isn't that the past 20+ years being a browns fan?
  14. choco

    OBJ is a BROWN!!!!!

    what do you have against winning?
  15. choco

    Browns re-sign Ray Ray Armstrong

    had a great game against the rats...glad hes still in the mix