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  1. choco

    Who else is ordering a Willies jersey?

    Only if the browns agree to take the $40m. That's all bonuses, not salary, so it accelerates to the Giants cap. The Brock trade was predicated on that, for example. We took all the cap hit for a second round pick. Given the terrible structure of obj's contract, it's a high risk move if things sour. Prefer to just roll with our guys...next man up.
  2. choco

    Who else is ordering a Willies jersey?

    I would...considering the massive amount of dead money the jints would eat by trading him....ala, $41m. Goes down to $8m in 2021, so obj isn't going anywhere. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/new-york-giants/odell-beckham-jr-14421/
  3. choco


    how very apologist of you. harassing players is never ok...harassing anyone isn't ok. it says more about how childish this fanbase is than anything else. the impression i get is every player must be elite on every play depite the fact there are also pros on the other side. i used to come here to talk football...but this fanbase has largely turned into a bunch of whiny, pessimistic children who compete with each other as to whom can use the most hyperbole. its insufferable, pathetic, and not at all indicative of an intelligent and rational fanbase. just because "fan" came from fanatic doesn't give everyone an excuse to act like a dipshit. players see these kinds of articles, then only consider coming to the land to collect a paycheck. you reap what you sow. so let those knee jerk, hyperbolic reactions flow....just reinforces the idea that this fanbase is one of the worst in pro sports. im glad to have grow up in pittsburgh, otherwise i'd have turned out like a normal browns fan.
  4. choco

    Dear Quarterback, may I tackle you?

    no theyre not. pretty much all sports ratings have dipped, due to cord cutting and what not....but while people may complain, the fact they are complaining means theyre watching.
  5. choco

    Talk me outta baker

    Besides the obvious...👍
  6. choco

    Browns Sign Rod Streater

    then do us all a favor and stop whining like a child. this woe-is-me melting is fukin pathetic
  7. choco

    Josh Gordon Traded to Pats

    considering the vitriol he's garnered from this fanbase, cant say i blame him.
  8. choco

    Josh Gordon Traded to Pats

  9. choco

    well surprise surprise...we still suck

    past browns teams would fold after the stools went up 21-7....accepted defeat. but not so with this team in week 1 against what many consider a superior football team. if they have to learn to win, that game was a huge step in teh right direction.
  10. choco

    This Week in the AFC North

    QFT....spent significant time overseas, particularly the pacific rim and europe, and sex is way more normalized. Charles DuGaul airport in france literally had fashion ads with full-on boob. soap baths in japan, public baths in hungary (and many others), nude beaches in Nice and Negril.... people are so uptight here...largely due to religious convictions imo
  11. our linebacker? kerry? chris "-"worth?
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  13. and Nate didn't wanna move too far away from Boston so his son could continue to get cancer treatment at his usual doctor. so we really had no shot at him
  14. as i already said in the other nassib whine thread, zettel had more sacks last year than nassib, meder, and orchard combined.
  15. choco

    What is the Reality?

    yup...tis where i was born....also where my camp is....