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  1. choco

    Talk me outta baker

    Besides the obvious...👍
  2. choco

    Browns Sign Rod Streater

    then do us all a favor and stop whining like a child. this woe-is-me melting is fukin pathetic
  3. choco

    Josh Gordon Traded to Pats

    considering the vitriol he's garnered from this fanbase, cant say i blame him.
  4. choco

    Josh Gordon Traded to Pats

  5. choco

    well surprise surprise...we still suck

    past browns teams would fold after the stools went up 21-7....accepted defeat. but not so with this team in week 1 against what many consider a superior football team. if they have to learn to win, that game was a huge step in teh right direction.
  6. choco

    This Week in the AFC North

    QFT....spent significant time overseas, particularly the pacific rim and europe, and sex is way more normalized. Charles DuGaul airport in france literally had fashion ads with full-on boob. soap baths in japan, public baths in hungary (and many others), nude beaches in Nice and Negril.... people are so uptight here...largely due to religious convictions imo
  7. our linebacker? kerry? chris "-"worth?
  8. if if if if if if if if fi fi fif if fif fi fief infin jiniuehsrbfkjberljfubwelhjrfbwlhiejrnbfkijwerf
  9. and Nate didn't wanna move too far away from Boston so his son could continue to get cancer treatment at his usual doctor. so we really had no shot at him
  10. as i already said in the other nassib whine thread, zettel had more sacks last year than nassib, meder, and orchard combined.
  11. choco

    What is the Reality?

    yup...tis where i was born....also where my camp is....
  12. choco

    What is the Reality?

    Figured the latter....and that it'd be a better topic than the OP
  13. choco

    What is the Reality?

    was traveling up to clarion the other day and decided to stop in kittaning for some andy fat back BBQ. and boy was it good...little hole in the wall joint with about 5 chairs...
  14. cant trade him unless he's under contract, and bell hasn't signed the tag. even if he does sign it, then willing partner has to pay the remainder of the tag as the deadline for negotiating a deal expired July 17th iirc. if they rescind the tag, bell immediately becomes a free agent and they miss out on a 3rd round compensatory pick. so, not really much in the way of options for the stools.
  15. choco

    Bill's cut Corey Coleman 🤣🤣😂😂

    im not sure any of colemans strengths matter....cant catch, runs Sheet routes, cant catch, and has a Sheet work ethic/attitude.