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  1. Second year player and a rookie, while physically talented, can be prone to mental errors. We've seen it already, so considering who the browns are facing this week, I'm not surprised fans can't see that eye discipline and vet savy are gonna be more pertinent than physical ability here.
  2. Let's not pretend like Ward and greedy were playing shutdown ball.
  3. choco

    This Week in the AFC North

    Browns get weekly apology letters from the league for fucking up the calls, stools finally on the receiving end and the refs all of a sudden suck...😂 oh poor them...
  4. TJ and Mitch are probably the better tandem for this game anyway, eye discipline and vet savy is gonna be needed
  5. choco

    How bad do the Browns destroy 49ers?

    If Myles gets 3 sacks, browns likely lose. It means he is getting sucked up and they likely have up 4-6 big plays when he didn't get home. Wilks is smarter than that, and will pressure the middle to keep contain.
  6. choco

    This Week in the AFC North

    word is no JuJu...listed as a full participant in practiced, then said he was barely able to do much.
  7. choco

    How bad do the Browns destroy 49ers?

    yup...i see a similar gameplan as used on the rats, with some tweeks. if the DE's crash, the D is in for a long day. the play action in shanny's O is dangerous, and probably whats going to be the browns downfall. however, if they play disciplined and dont get sucked up on the fake, the speed on browns D will limit the YAC.
  8. choco

    Eric Berry coming here?

    HAD interest...in March. and didn't sign him. Golic was referring to this...and itss a common mistake the media, and thus fans, make. https://dawgpounddaily.com/2019/10/01/eric-berry-signing-could-make-browns-defense-elite/ its a speculation article...nothing more. "Rumors" in July https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2825441-browns-trade-rumors-eric-berry-targeted-after-odell-beckham-jr-move Here's when Dorsey actually had interest... https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2827827-browns-news-safeties-eric-berry-tre-boston-drawing-interest-from-john-dorsey These national guys report rumor like they are facts, and too many people yuk it up without vetting the news. IF Dorsey wanted berry, he would have been signed when burnett went down. Dorsey stuck with his guys, who played admirably. he didn't panic, and was proven right, at least in this case. i guess my point is that Golic was filling airtime with an article he didnn't vet, and he's 2 weeks late for when a story like that would get traction. pedigree alone aint gonna cut it...the concern is can he even run anymore.
  9. choco

    How bad do the Browns destroy 49ers?

    who have we beat? jets and rats...and the rats were paper tigers. SF is the first team we will face with legitimate talent across the board. the story here is Wilks vs lil shanny. thats the chess match to watch. i doubt Myles even has a sack this game, cause shanny isn't going anywhere near him with a rookie LT. Larry O should have a big game tho
  10. choco

    Eric Berry coming here?

    no, he wouldn't. because that last "benchwarming DB" is currently playing, and playing well. Berry played 3 games of the last 32...lost 15 games due to ruptured Achilles, then another 14 games from bones spurs. what do you think Berry adds that the browns currently do not have?
  11. choco

    Rumors of Seattle game being flexed

    6 is the limit...browns currently have 5. seen tweets this isn't gonna happen because they may want a browns game late in the year with possible playoff implications.
  12. choco

    Eric Berry coming here?

    Not so sure about that...point was more that TJ and ET reputation overshadows their actual play. Theyve been good at times, and bad at times. Jefferson has flat out sucked vs the browns...thrown at 16 times, 13 completions and 3 TDs. Thomas looks old and slow. I wouldn't trade either of them for our backups at this point. Berry now won't be the berry of the past...it's simply name chasing
  13. choco

    Eric Berry coming here?

    Name chasing...berry is 30, with quite the injury history. Quite a few teams need safety help (cough Steelers), seems strange he's still unemployed, no? Whitehead and Murray have done a damn good job filling in...but now we're looking at berry after declining to sign him in March? Golic just didn't read the date on the story he was referencing