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    I've never seen a Saints fan eat his crow. When we beat the Saints earlier this year, they made excuse after excuse.
  2. AtlantaFalconPokerPro

    This Week in the AFC North

    Appreciate it. Good luck, and appreciate making us Falcons fans feel at home. See ya the next time we play!
  3. AtlantaFalconPokerPro

    This Week in the AFC North

    You guys are close to being a solid team. Your D looked solid, and capable of becoming dominate. You guys have some nice pieces to build off of on O, but need a franchise QB badly. I doubt McCoy is going to be the longterm answer. Oh, you gotta love the heart that Hillis plays with. The dude is a beast. Overall, you guys are better than your record. Good luck with the rest of the season.
  4. AtlantaFalconPokerPro

    This Week in the AFC North

    I have a plate of crow, are you ready?
  5. AtlantaFalconPokerPro

    To All Falcons Fans

    I think the Hillis trade was dumber than the Cutler deal. Hillis is going to prove to be a solid pickup if he stays healthy.
  6. AtlantaFalconPokerPro

    Can the Browns Run Game Beat the Falcons?

    I gave you the special teams advantage because outside of Eric Weems, and Bryant we have sucked. We've given up returns, punt blocks, and huge penalties that could have easily of resulted in a 1-3 record. It has nothing to do with Cribbs.
  7. AtlantaFalconPokerPro

    ??? Who do we want as our QB

    Jake has the ability to be a solid QB. I think he has confidence issues, and it prevents him from playing to his potential. The better your running game is, the better Jake can be. When you guys got Jake, I thought the change of scenery would be good for his career.
  8. AtlantaFalconPokerPro

    Can the Browns Run Game Beat the Falcons?

    I'll help you out OldFan... QB's Falcons > Browns WR's Falcons > Browns RB's Falcons > Browns ST's Falcons < Browns Defense Falcons > Browns Offense Falcons > Browns Here is how I see the overall match-ups, match-up. The Falcons ST's has been our weakest link so far, so I'm going to give you guys that one.
  9. AtlantaFalconPokerPro

    To All Falcons Fans

    Here is why what you're saying is wrong... Falcons Browns I'm not going to sit here and say that this is going to be an easy game for the falcons, but were going to go to 4-1 after this week.
  10. AtlantaFalconPokerPro

    Falcon Fan here!

    There is nothing worse than a coach who lets his foot off the gas when his team gets a lead.
  11. AtlantaFalconPokerPro

    Falcon Fan here!

    Another Falcon fan here. I also come in peace, and want to talk some football/ Congrats on your win over Cincy. Not many people were picking you guys to win, so I know it must have been nice for the fan base. I was actually thinking this was gonna be an easy, stress free week for Falcon fans, but your win over Cincy makes me think otherwise.
  12. AtlantaFalconPokerPro

    How do you stop a balanced offense like the Falcons?

    It's been said on numerous media outlets that the falcons are extremely physical. We have a young, fast, hard hitting defense that has the ability to create turnovers. Our OC likes to wear out O-lines by sending Turner up the middle over and over until you can prove that you can stop the run. Even if you stop the run, our OC will continue using Turner to wear out your D.