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  1. All we need to complete this epic season

    Kraeperdick is the last thing this organization needs.. We have enough black eyes and welts...
  2. Ghoolie Goes To London

    Nice shirt Tom.. Again my condolences to you and your family.. I'll shout at ya over the weekend
  3. Glad he's not a Cleveland Brown

    Cam is is a self appointed bitch diva.. No thanks...
  4. Another curious signing

    Jamie Collins has been decent for us... I can't complain too much about him.. So far.. You could probably say that him and JT are the most consistent performance wise .
  5. Kizer to start

    I'll trade you a half ounce of California Kush for whatever it is your tokin'
  6. FO you are much too good to us

    The article does very little to sway My feelings.. blow the phucker up and lets get going....
  7. Start Kizer

    Goddamn you guys are giving DA props" And pimping his sorry butt?.. Who issued lobotomy's to everyone?
  8. FO you are much too good to us

    In the end.. It boils down to W's... No W's.. No job security... if you could call it that...
  9. Start Kizer

    Message to Huego!.. Start Kessler!... He doesnt turn the ball over!
  10. This Week in the AFC Central

    No doubt the browns certainly do
  11. Fan Survey

  12. This Week in the AFC Central

    This week in the AFC Central we sucked donkey balls.. .. Next week in the AFC Central we will suck and blow elephant balls.. Theres team progress for ya.
  13. Theres nothing to stop Jimmy and Peyton from talking behind closed doors...
  14. They ALL must go

    Joe Thomas deserves better than this crap.. Free Joe Thomas!
  15. ***Official Browns @ Texans Game Day Thread***

    It amazes me how this team gets bitch slapped worse than the week prior... Just AMAZING!
  16. They ALL must go

    Millenials historically never take responsibility for anything.. You oughta know that by now...
  17. Shmuck the yankees.. I hate those assholes...
  18. Nice choke job tribe.. See ya next year.. assholes!
  19. RIP to a Great Browns fan, and to Ghoolie.

    Sorry for your loss , Tom.. I'll call you in a few days.. I know you have a lot going on right now.. RIP to your Mom..
  20. Short documentary on Josh Gordon

    The Browns still own his rookie contract which still has 2 years remaining...
  21. Ghoolie's Game and Life Notes

    Garrett was also seen limping noticeably after the game...
  22. Here's Why We Suck - Young Mistakes

    I guess your just gonna ignore the facts presented by Mud... Same Players!.. Same Coaches! Same Competition! Kizers development is in a consistent downslide..... Game 1 = 85 rating - 66% comp game 3 = 50 rating - 47% comp game 5 = 38 rating - 47% comp Hogans development is in a consistent UPswing..... Game 1 = 58 rating - 45% comp game 2 = 88 rating - 62% comp game 3 = 122 rating - 84% comp Same players....same coaches.....same competition....ONE guy is clearly "developing" and one guy is clearly "sucking".... Can you guess which is which???
  23. Here's Why We Suck - Young Mistakes

    More cowpoop excuses... Call us when you pen something of note or interest...