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  1. Isn't it Ironic

    Well I also think Nacua, Hueless and 3G own this too.. I agree with the brunt of what your saying..
  2. Isn't it Ironic

    I guess you missed the Romo style picks he threw.. now what game were you watching?
  3. Isn't it Ironic

    Except Kizer turned into Tony Romo in the 2nd half...
  4. Welcome back, Rich!.. Good to see you pal!
  5. Flying J trial on hold until 1/8/18

    Well.. As a person whose been a part of family run businesses.. I can tell you theres no way he didnt know..... All you have to do is push the pencil and see where the money went...
  6. Does this mean mccarron is a done deal?

    Thank God it didn't happen.. At least not yet , anyway...
  7. Sashi fired

    Thats a good one.. Peace man.. I know your frustrated like all of us.. It's out of our control.. The only way we can make a difference is.. "Quit buying the goddamn tickets".. Take care of yourself and don't let these assholes get to ya.. its just entertainment, bro... Cheers!
  8. Sashi fired

    No shite you JackA$$.. We all know HickBob is a dumb motherShmucker.. Whats your excuse now?.. Go to pub and drown yourself in Stella then go home and take it out on your ole lady for all I care.. He obviously saw the plan wasnt working and pulled the plug on it.. Now live with it and shut your pie hole.. Jesus... Drunken Blimey!
  9. Sashi fired

    Why because dumb hickbob didnt do things the way you wanted ?.. The writing was on the wall genius.. The plan wasnt working.. You dont give control of a team to an asshate harvard bean counter who has absolutely no idea how to assess and procure talent..
  10. Sashi fired

    I don't believe everything Jimmuh sez... I mean remember the nice press conference Sushi had? what was it 2 weeks ago? after Dee went Nuclear?.. He came out all Kock sure of himself and look what happened...
  11. Sashi fired

    I don't mind Depo staying as long as he's just managing team finances and contracts.. Let Football people do the work of football people... Let bean counters sort through assets (as in accrued monies)
  12. 2017 BROWNS MOVIE - who is cast?

    The Dolph Lundgren choice as 3G I like.. not to sure about the rest..
  13. Dorsey Hired

    Ok so if all the players suck (supposedly)... How is keeping hue gonna get them to buy into a program that they clearly have not bought into...???
  14. Josh Gordon stats vs Chargers

    Well.. He did pretty damn good I say ,considering we have no QB's on the roster...
  15. Jim Harbaugh to Browns?

    I don't want Harbaugh.. He never finishes what he starts
  16. Great , So now he can finish the job of completely ruining the league.. WTG NFL!
  17. If thats the case.. Both Mara, Parcells and LT should do jail time for negligence.. I believe Wellington Mara is deceased ...
  18. No quarterback for you!

    That's a little bit mean... Maybe a case of the crabs might be more fitting... He can occupy his fingers there....
  19. No quarterback for you!

    No.. Of course not.. But there are people.. not just here.. But in other social media defending him.. other forums, Facebook, Twitter, etc...
  20. No quarterback for you!

    What I think is so hilarious is that people are going out of they're way to defend this POS.. My 12 year old nephew throws a tighter spiral than he does,, His mechanics are pathetic.
  21. How the hell can you go 1-27.....

    It blows my mind that anyone would entertain the idea of bringing any one of these nincompoops back...
  22. GM Reese...bring him in?

    Pass.... There's a reason he was fired
  23. ***Official Browns @ L. A. Chargers Game Day Thread***

    No , He's really not.. But , people do things for whatever reason... I don't think he's anything other than a young man trying to find his way in life , not unlike any of us. As I posted earlier.. I don't think the kid is evil.. Stupid?.. Yeah.. One could say that...We all were stupid at one point in life...
  24. ***Official Browns @ L. A. Chargers Game Day Thread***

    And I couldn't blame him , if he wanted to be someplace where a winning culture was established as well.. But then theres Joe Thomas.. So Who knows.. Time will tell. One way or another.