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  1. nickers

    Sleeping on Ravens

    I should've been more clearer and said "Our Secondary Backfield"
  2. nickers

    Sleeping on Ravens

    I'll take our backfield over Baltiwhores any day of the week...
  3. nickers

    Time Running Out for Austin Corbett

    If your not getting it by year 3... You don't belong in the NFL... PERIOD!
  4. nickers

    Sleeping on Ravens

    Tom... Anybody with an ounce of intelligence knows they can't keep this up forever.. You can't be that one dimensional and expect to be consistent.. Defense will load the box and push him to the side where he has the least success.. Remember what Sam Rutigliano said... "There are no old running QB's in the NFL ' and it's true..... If Lamar doesnt become a better passer than he is.. His career will be a very short one.. Then the Ratbirds are back at Square one.. It could be that the team was tired of Flacco , knowing his Skills were diminishing.... Trust me.. That fake ass QB won't make it half the season...
  5. nickers

    Sleeping on Ravens

    Sorry Tom.. But Balts defense carried his ass...
  6. nickers

    ***Browns @ Colts Preseason Game Night Thread***

    Stanton is in the twilight of his backup career... If we cut him... no great loss...
  7. nickers

    Time Running Out for Austin Corbett

    Well yeah... I'm badass!... But maybe not in the way you're thinking :P.. All kidding aside... I'm just not feeling it with Corbs.. I mean this is his 2nd season.. And he should be at least showing something to at least merit him being picked..... I'm not seeing it at all!!
  8. nickers

    Time Running Out for Austin Corbett

    I'm getting this vibe that Corbett never was... And never will be.. Time will tell.. But there is not much time left on him...
  9. nickers

    Time Running Out for Austin Corbett

    That is exactly what I thought Mud..... I'm just not seeing this mean , nasty streak he supposedly had in college.... And yes.. a pussy.. you nailed it.. Hes another John Reinstra or Greg Rackozy in the making...
  10. nickers

    which qbs

    Yeah.. Chris Joseph sucks dog dick...
  11. nickers

    Josh Gordon reinstated again

    This is such bullshit. He fails a test in Cleveland , and you suspend him a year then does it in New England , and you just let him come back in. I don’t wanna hear pats fans complain the NFL is against them
  12. nickers

    Josh Gordon reinstated again

    Ocho Stinko is the most overrated WR I ever saw.. He was chickenshit.. And avoided going over the middle whenever he could.. He always came of as a loudmouth who in truth.. Is a soft man...
  13. nickers

    Josh Gordon reinstated again

    Fuck that THIQ loser , mother fucker!
  14. nickers

    What did we think of Hilliard in game 1

    Hilliard looked solid... He'll be ok
  15. nickers

    Browns potential landing spot for Clowney?

    If we wanna spend Aaron Donald money.. I'm sure JD could could muster a plan to get AD here himself lol....