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  1. Happy Thanksgiving , Everyone!... Enjoy the Triptofan rush...
  2. There is a Theme here

    It was based on Mayfield Oh as the blueprint per se.. But I had thought they put ILL behind it.. I could be wrong of course.. but thats my recollection..
  3. There is a Theme here

  4. Haslams solicited input from players

    I use to love her comments on the news.. Journalism and news reporting at its finest.. She was definitely a classy individual...
  5. Should we draft a quarterback 1st overall?

    His gaffs with play calling and time management , are too counter productive to warrant giving Hue another season.. In My view as bad as it is.. I feel they all must go. As in the real world.. You don't make rate so to speak means you get a pink slip.. They'll find someone else more able bodied and have the wear with all to handle the duties necessary to steer the ship in a positive direction...
  6. I didn't ask for it... Nor do I want it... I'm not gonna melt because I wont kiss yours.. and least of all.. His A$$.. Want respect.. get a dog...
  7. Technically , yeah... I'm ok with that.. but if the kid is gonna troll . what good is he?.. It seems like he's more worried about being right and having everyone kow tow to his sub culture way of thinking.. The kid has a lot to learn about respect.. It will take a person a lot farther in life instead of trying to be some phony , little , wannabe Internet badass,,,
  8. No kidding??????

    The Rooney Rule has done nothing but ruin the Browns in some respect..
  9. Should we draft a quarterback 1st overall?

    Most of us will be dead by then...
  10. Should we draft a quarterback 1st overall?

    Tyrod is garbage
  11. just like a little kunt.. gotta have the last word like a sniveling little kunt...
  12. My god.. your such a big man.. wow woopeee.. get a life ya fat pooper.. your just like every other internet troll with no balls in RL.. but think your some kind of badass.. lol.. I see right through losers like you all the time... get life and quit wasting it at the keyboard ya goof...
  13. No kidding??????

    Were Shmucked if we keep either one...