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  1. nickers

    Looking back on Bill

    I read the piece... Bill was such an asshole while he was here... I remember vividly how I wanted to squeeze his throat and squeeze the living fuck out of his life!... I hate that mother fucker... call me bitter I guess.... EDIT: Seeing 'Metcalf up the middle' to no avail just infuriated me... It never worked... Then there was Steve Crosby.. a real piece of offensive genius..Complete buffoon... LOL!!
  2. nickers

    Looking back on Bill

    I already looked back.. Fuck Bill...
  3. nickers

    Jimmy sez fock u Espn

    Well Unca Jimmah.. Just let o' Buddy boy do the dealin'
  4. nickers

    Flacco is going to Denver

    Which had me thinking.. In all the time Elway has been at the helm.. They really havent bred anyone at QB except maybe Jay Cutler.. Thats not saying a lot...
  5. nickers

    Browns sign Kareem Hunt

    I don't get it .. Maybe.. but whatever...
  6. nickers

    NFL Team Cuts

    Yeah Collins is far too inconsistent for the amount the Browns are paying him.. it's about time to replace him anyhow....
  7. nickers

    NFL Team Cuts

    I'd rather go with a young kid with upside... I'm tired of paying end of the road vets who perform like Devon Bess , Dwayne Bowe and Kenny Shitt..
  8. Theres no real right or wrong way to Mecca these days...
  9. Yeah.. I only meant from the standpoint.. He pushed them over the top..AC/DC's success started in the mid-late 70's.. I was in My early teens then.... Everything Mutt touches turns to gold pretty much.. Very few producers have that kind of versatility.. It's a great indicator he's listening to more than one genre of music..,, Which for me.. I was pretty lucky as a kid to be exposed to so many forms of music.. Both my Mom and Dad had/has pretty eclectic tastes.. I cite them .. My parents as big an influence as any I had as a musician.. It all started with them... And since I understood what tones were at a very young age.. I really paid attention to the way records are made... I really paid attention to format and arrangements.. Dynamics... Today.. It's so hard to be original.. Just about everything has been written in every way conceivable.. Having a great sense of melody and understanding harmonic voicings loom large in ones development.. Those basic fundamental keys will take you a long way...
  10. They were the two biggest selling albums they had (AC/DC) So I would say he had a very large hand in they're success and good fortunes...... Don't forget.. He produced and directed Shania Twains career,,, although She was country.. her success crossed over into the main stream... I'd say Mutt is a goddamn genius!'' https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/chart-beat/8039464/acdcs-top-10-albums-back-in-black-highway-to-hell-more
  11. nickers

    Bud Light For Nero (And Gipper)

    I actually own a sword forged by my father... it's unfinished.. I would love to find a an experienced Smith who could help me complete it... And no I'm not making fun of your lineage.. I honestly think that's very cool.. My great grandfather was the town blacksmith in Bosnia back in the 1900's that was considered a noble profession back then..I too have a family coat of arms on My fathers side (the Italian side)
  12. nickers

    Imagine Saquon at 1 and Mayfield at 4

    Your supposed to say.. I'm not cutting off 16" for you!
  13. nickers

    Bud Light For Nero (And Gipper)

    Fargi is a cute nick name for you!.. LMAOOOO!!
  14. nickers

    Worst Halftime EVER

    Yeah.. haven't heard much of him since then... Itunes and Napster pretty much destroyed the Music Industry as we knew it... its not like the old days when you can waste a whole day in the studio just to get a drum sound together while the producer sits in the green room tootin coke all afternoon anymore...