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  1. nickers

    The truth

    Me personally.. I think Analogue sounds better as far as warmth and natural sounds go... Digital is harsh sounding for recording guitars.... You lose a lot of bottom end and natural compression.. Digital winds up sounding thin and brittle.. MP3 format is the worst.. MP3's break down easy and MP3 files sound a bit fuzzy and distorted over time.. the trade off is MP3's are small files compared to FLAC and WAV. When it comes to Amplifiers.. I prefer the sound of Power vacuum tubes to SS circuitry.. Yeah.. SS is cleaner.. but.. its really hard to shape the tone like you can with Vacuum tubes...two different animals completely.. but , I digress!
  2. nickers

    Steps for next year

    Couldn't disagree more with this asshat... He clearly knows nothing about coaching and football...
  3. nickers

    ***Official Browns Vs. Panthers Game Day Thread***

    I knew that.. I just like raggin on him about it...
  4. nickers

    ***Official Browns Vs. Panthers Game Day Thread***

    Paxton Lynch will be doing time behind bars.. Forget about that loser.. He ain't got nothing on Baker...
  5. nickers

    ***Official Browns Vs. Panthers Game Day Thread***

    I can't believe the season is almost done... But yeah... Landry has proved his worth,,, a real keeper in my view... We need a physical game breaker type....
  6. nickers

    Steelers cack up a furball

    Fuck the stoolers!
  7. nickers

    ***Official Browns Vs. Panthers Game Day Thread***

    And in true fashion.. sCam gift wrapped it with an INT... He is such a diva KUNT I can't stand him..
  8. nickers

    ***Official Browns Vs. Panthers Game Day Thread***

    Sunny and clear skies , thus far...
  9. nickers

    ***Official Browns Vs. Panthers Game Day Thread***

    Today the Browns dominate.. 35-20
  10. nickers

    My thoughts for this week and tomorrow

    Good luck with your future prospects.. I'll give you a jingle soon...
  11. its fixed chowder head :p.. LOL !!
  12. nickers

    The truth

    I miss the good ol days of going into to record store just to check out the latest artwork.. they didnt have google images back then..
  13. nickers

    The truth

    Seen him doit live 2 different times.. A true artist who never played it the same way twice.. Every time he played a song.. he always did something a little different.... His performances live could just be so galvanizing..... Definitely wasn't a cookie cutter guitarist...
  14. nickers

    Coming to the Panther game this Sunday

    Mabels BBQ is pretty good.. Lolas over charges.. if your looking for large portions.. avoid Lolas.. More bark than bite...