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  1. How about Joe Morris or John L.Williams?
  2. nickers

    Left Tackle - Flugel Faves and Hopefuls

    If Thomas is there at 10 ,... You take him.. then go defense the rest of the draft... Thats the vibe I'm feeling anyway...
  3. nickers

    Can't wait

    I just hope we can eradicate this thing so there can be a football season...
  4. nickers

    Sean Payton Tests Positive

    How in the hell would you know?.. You're not sitting in my chair!!
  5. nickers

    Sean Payton Tests Positive

    I was well stocked long before this shit went down...( No Pun ) ... I have 16 rolls left...
  6. nickers

    Sean Payton Tests Positive

    The big problem with this virus.. is it uses your own dna and material to replicate itself.. that alone is frightening...
  7. The fact that they gave anything at all is a classy gesture on his part.... If he continues to make an annual thing out of this then ,Cool!
  8. nickers

    Trivia Questions and Answers

    There is Slovenia, Serbia, Monte Negro and Albania too.. there are Soviets with ich' in the last name.. and a couple others that escape my brain at the moment.. My mother was a Croatian refugee born in a war town in Austria.. She has ich' in her maiden name..
  9. nickers

    Trivia Questions and Answers

    Christian Okoye is from Nigeria
  10. nickers

    Browns sign safety Andrew Sandejo

    I know your Honor...👍.. All good.. And stay safe.. We all need to pull together and eradicate this COVID-19 ..
  11. nickers

    Meet our new FB...

    Nice NON interview
  12. nickers

    Browns sign safety Andrew Sandejo

    Sendejo rhymes with , "Pendejo".. I like it... good signing..
  13. nickers

    Hollywood Higgins

    I would love to have Higgy back.. But I guess thats up to him.. He could still have a bad taste in his mouth...
  14. nickers

    Browns interested in Right Guard

    I'm interested to see how Forbes fits in with this scheme and the crew being assembled..