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  1. New Special Teams Coach Named

    Looks like a Hue kind of hire.. Another pin cushion for Huey boy...
  2. I'm just saying.. the out physicalled them in a huge way.. they dominated on all sides...
  3. Pat Shurmur set to become Giants HC

    Good luck , Pat.. At least you wont have the big show lurching over your shoulder...
  4. Ben McAdoo

    We may as well hire Ron Jeremy.. Probably couldn't do much worse...
  5. The games deliver Ghoolie's lessons

    I'm sure ol' Paxton will have a nice life selling insurance and making mud pies in his spare time...
  6. This may be a touchy ?

    I thought it was 2025.. If the team left again.. I would just migrate and root for the Bungles as theyre the only thing connected to PB anymore...
  7. The bottom line , whether or not you like them.. They clearly got beat and manhandled by the superior team.. They got "Pittsburghed" by the Jags... They got taste of they're own medicine , basically...
  8. Of course they deserved it.. They were lookin ahead to New England.. They thought all they had to do was juice up.. give the refs some brown envelopes and show up.. And guess what.. the poor stooley's lost.. And yeah.. Thats right Tom.. the Browns did deserve to go 0-16 with the pos regime that is/was in place...
  9. Mularkey ?

    It will happen.. So browns...
  10. Go Vikings

    Hell of a game.. Sorry for your loss...
  11. Bortles, Foles and Keenum

    All 3 made the plays they needed to win games.. it takes all 3 phases to win a game...
  12. LOL,, Go become a stooler fan Tommy... I'm glad they got theyre asses kicked.. they deserved it..
  13. Who care's.. Let's enjoy this one.. We had enough hurt for one season... Let the stooler fans enjoy a little guff for once...
  14. Our QB situation

    I was high on Foles as well.. I'm not surprised he is doing well....
  15. Rosen just looks like one of these kids that just cannot bulk up .. I have doubts about his durability...