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  1. ***Official Browns @ Colts Game Day Thread***

    I really don't need the game broadcasted by some would be Millenial broad.. Whats the matter with these TV producers putting a broad on TV where she don't belong?
  2. Betting odds on HC Firing

    Mentioning Lewis's name in the same breath as BB is just plain wrong.. But them I think of how bill has rode on Brady's coat tails all these years.. you might not be that far off...
  3. I went to Italy 2 years ago on a family trip.. Touring the Pompeii ruins was the best. it was a great trip all the way around.
  4. Browns sign DB Reggie Porter

    Super Bowl!
  5. Corey Coleman placed on IR

    Paxton Lynch is garbage.. If he really was anything.. he'd be in the lineup.. Paxton Lynch is a lifetime clip board holdrr and coffee fetcher for the team.
  6. Corey Coleman placed on IR

    CC is done.. put a fork in him for the year.
  7. Hue and the offense

    It's the same dialogue.. Year in and year out!
  8. Hue presser

    He's too efemminate and lacks charactor to be a leader.. I said this before preseason started.
  9. Hue presser

    this might help his pussy too..
  10. Sincere Apology

  11. Fla is all retired folks and riff raff , pretty much..
  12. Kizer

    This is for Kizer's poor bruised Punani!
  13. Kizer

    What really happened was Kizer got his pussy bruised...
  14. Kizer

    As a person who suffers from Migraines.. I call bullshit on Kizer.. Migraines don't dissapear as soon as the back up scores a TD... I think Kizer's kunt got hurt!