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  1. Kids aren't mentally fit at 18 to vote... SMFH..
  2. nickers

    RIP Mr. Potato Head

    What a repulsive world we live in... It's now run by emotional people who can't discern what they're gender identity really is... Well its simple... Just take your hand.. put it inside your pants... And FEEL! Outdoor Plumbing: Male Indoor Plumbing: Female See how simple that is?
  3. nickers

    Michael Stanley dead at 72

    RIP MS...
  4. nickers

    Cue Up the Twilight Zone Theme. Baker spots UFO

    Me too... I just don't own a telescope yet.. I'm a space junkie...
  5. nickers

    Cue Up the Twilight Zone Theme. Baker spots UFO

    I had also read that there are suns so big.. it takes centuries even millenia to make one single orbit around it... I find that fascinating.. And really puts you in perspective to what we really are in terms of scale.. It makes me wonder if there is some microbial lifeform with intelligence equal or greater than ours... Thats mind numbing when you think of the scope of our universe...
  6. nickers

    Pittsburgh Issues

    Fuck Pig Ben... He's washed up..
  7. And I love every second of it.. But the downside is the damage being done to the country.. Trust is being shattered into millions...
  8. The demonratz deserve this POS... This is what they wanted... Now they got it...
  9. nickers

    JJ Watt to Cardinals

    He would be a nice get as a rotational player but agreed... Not at that price...
  10. nickers

    Free Agent Tracker

    Baker makes Perriman look good...
  11. nickers

    Rest in peace Les Levine

    Yes.. The difference was... Pete was funnier than fuck!..
  12. nickers

    Rest in peace Les Levine

    I never cared for the way Les treated some of his callers... I never cared for his "Know it all" attitude either... The only reason I even watched his show was just to see Hal Lebowitz.. When Hal passed in 05... I quit watching his show... That said... RIP...
  13. nickers

    Christopher Plummer RIP

    RIP .. Him, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing had great staying power as actors.. All 3 personalities are heavily missed...
  14. nickers

    Cobra Kai review

    It's a cute series... Without giving it up.. I'll just say they go in depth about where John Kreece started and has currently ended up... Considering some of the garbage thats being produced. It's nice to see a show that hasn't sunk to the levels of watching ugly people in same sex loves scenes.. killing sprees and what not... It gets a thumbs up from me... Martin Kove is one of the great "Bad Guys" in pop culture... And William Zabka does a formidable job...