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  1. nickers


    For the first time in political history.. We have an installed president who admits he's a puppet...... "FACEPALMS"
  2. nickers

    "fresh not frozen"

    Cal... At this point.. You and I both know anything is possible with this group... It's out of our hands either way...... Will make the best out of it either way...
  3. nickers

    "fresh not frozen"

    I keep telling people but no one wants to Listen... Obama is carrying out his 3rd term through Biden.. He's running the whole show and no one wants to believe it...
  4. Whiile I don't think Carr is complete garbage .. His accuracy leaves a lot to be desired... I'll take Baker over Carr any day of the week..
  5. Well.. Apparently the guys we brought in to fix this mess didn't fix much....
  6. He could teach us about life as a sqwaw...
  7. I'm Italian descent.. I want reparations for the way my family was treated when they came here and suffered racial injustice..
  8. Funny how all you rednecks claim to be "Cherokee".. Stop!... That act is old and tired!
  9. Best of luck , Tour.. KICK IT's ASS!
  10. nickers

    Tale of the Tape - Browns vs Chiefs

    No you won't... Your a wimp ass punk...
  11. nickers

    Tale of the Tape - Browns vs Chiefs

    No you are gloating like a 5 year old twerp!
  12. nickers

    Ravens: Peters and Edwards major injuries

    Now they will know what its like to be the Browns of Browns past.. Fuck them!
  13. nickers

    Tale of the Tape - Browns vs Chiefs

    Boy you love to gloat don't you... Remember... Karma is a B I T C H !!