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  1. nickers

    Flash Is Back

    More importantly.. Lets hope Josh has his head on.. And his health in tow... I'm rooting for the kid... Callaway , too..
  2. nickers

    Jackson trying to look stupid?

    Hue has a way of phucking up a wet dream....
  3. nickers

    Paxton Lynch

    You have an uncanny fetish for A$$ , It seems.....
  4. nickers

    Jackson trying to look stupid?

    Hue needed to go last January...
  5. nickers

    Paxton Lynch

    I'll take your word for it... Take her out for a Smoothie!
  6. nickers

    Paxton Lynch

    "You need to learn how to "Use The word "You" , in its correct form.. (U) is for people with an IQ of 0.02% intelligence or lack there of.... (U) is the work of a LAZY person...
  7. nickers

    Paxton Lynch

    Like they say.. Everything is timing I guess... Yeah.. One lucky SOB he is...
  8. nickers

    Paxton Lynch

    Besides being too tall.. DA was as dumb as a bag of rocks...
  9. nickers

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    I can't believe this tool is still getting a chance.. His ship sailed long ago...
  10. nickers

    Cory Coleman Traded

    It was a complete utter lack of concentration and a combination of hearing foot steps.. God he sucked!.. Kizer actually threw the most catchable pass he ever threw...
  11. nickers

    Mayfield or Mahomes

    Paxton Lynch is a
  12. nickers

    Cory Coleman Traded

    He was probably lookin for his dope man.....
  13. nickers

    Cory Coleman Traded

    Kevin Colbert has been nothing short of amazing for them.. Forget about all the ben rape/steroid crapola... You can't deny what he has meant to 'that' Franchise amidst speculation and neferious activities and such. I look at what Alejandro Villaneueva and David DeCastro are doing.. I could name a gazillion more I'm sure.. I was beginning to think the Cavs had that kind of magic with David Griffin.. He was making things happen... LeBron must not have wanted him here.. Sorry to digress.. But I guess what I'm getting at.. Is so far.. I think Dorsey has done a heck of a job putting pieces in that made sense.. You're not gonna accomplish everything in one season.. But hell.. Color me encouraged for once... I just saw him do the right thing.. But I gotta say Taylor scares me.. I just see him as a game manager..However.. I understand Baker is the longterm.. That obviously is the plan or else.. They would've pined for Cousins.. or Alex Smith...? Anyhow... I think even more important.. Is how will Dorsey orchestrate next seasons draft .. Going by what I see.. I think LB , OL, and safety are at the top... RB has to be in there.. I hate to say it but.. Chubb looked slow.. The Oline cannot run block to save its soul.... Its just.. They both look bad...They both need to get better... The problem though is games like these.. Its hard to get a flow because your constantly changing packages and trying to see as many guys in as many enviornments as they can see and grade them in the time allotted on the field.. With the FA's we have signed.. You already penned them in as starters for the most part. I would say next year is totally pivotal in how the Browns move forward....
  14. nickers

    Honest thoughts

    I like what I saw from Baker.. I wont call it perfect.. But mighty damn impressive... I'm anxious to see how the dynamics unfolds... I'm not ready to put him in Canton... But, I'm encouraged.. One day at a time as they say....