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  1. nickers

    This Week in the AFC North

    Midgets 10 Bungholes 3 Stools 38 Ratfucks 3 Browns 31 Jags 10
  2. nickers

    Clay Matthews HOF Semifinalist

    Clay better get in.. hes got numbers as good or better than Junior Seau.. And he got in..
  3. nickers

    Baker Mayfield

    Nick Karns makes a solid case for Baker Mayfield...
  4. nickers

    Survey Black Friday

    1. Will the Browns make the playoffs? Yes! 2. Will both Chubb and Hunt carry for 100 yards each on Sunday v. Jags? Can both of them get to 1000 yards for the season? Yes! 3. Which team will win the shitty NFC East? Don't know... Don't care 4. It is rivalry time in college football. What is the best college football rivalry...that is not OSU/Michigan? Don't know 5. Apparently Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr......who each were the greatest boxers going in their day, are going to fight. Is this really a thing that should happen? If they want to knock themselves senseless... Go for it.. 6. Today is Black Friday. Did you make any purchases....get any really good deals? Nope... Just got food staples for the weekend...
  5. nickers

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Turkey Day Gang!... Eat well!
  6. They obviously aren't sold on Minshew as the permanent starter...
  7. nickers

    This Week in the AFC North

    Theres crushed ice... Flavored Ice , Lemon Ice and Ice cubes... I think that covers it... Oppps forgot about Iced Tea..
  8. I'm sure Joe Schobert will do all he can to fire his team up...
  9. There also was no preseason so... players didn't get practice time acclimating themselves to game conditions...
  10. nickers

    This Week in the AFC North

    Yes his was the knee... but bad breaks are bad breaks.. I feel bad for the kid...
  11. nickers

    This Week in the AFC North

    Gipper,, i believe it will be a minimum of 2 years to recover from this... I had my leg rebuilt 11 years ago after slipping on frozen ice.. It took me 2 years just to feel confident running and jumping... I was very lucky to have a great orthopedic surgeon repair my leg and ankle. The positive for him is he is young.. I was 44 when my leg got fucked up... There's about 22k in hardware right there.. All Titanium..
  12. nickers

    Who Is the Browns MVP

    I would Say Chubb is just as complete... He runs,, He catches and ... He blocks...
  13. nickers

    The Good, the Bad, and the Lucky

    Yeah it was funny because Wilson was making excuses for himself on twitter a couple of weeks ago saying He's still injured and it's affecting his play or some shit...
  14. nickers

    Browns vs. Jaguars Data Points

    And you forgot Joe Schobert.... Who was a Brown last season... had 13 tackles yesterday incidently... Is their Lber