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  1. This gets my vote for dumb thread of the year...
  2. nickers

    Browns Mountain

    Take off thread from a Facebook post where I talked about Mt. Passmore. Here we will call this Browns Mountain. Whose Browns players effigies would you put up on Browns Mountain at various positions. Lets start on offense. Defense later. Quarterback: What 4 heads go on the Mountain? Otto Graham , Dr. frank Ryan , Brian Sipe, And Bernie Kosar Running Back: Which 4 heads go on the Mountain? Marion Motley, Jim Brown, LeRoy Kelly and Greg Pruitt Wide Receiver: Which 4 heads? Dante Lavelli, Paul Warfield, Gary Collins and Webster Slaughter. Tight End: Which 4 heads? Milt Morin , Ozzie Newsome , Steve Heiden and KW2 Offensive Line: Lets make this a 5 headed mountain. What 5 heads go up there Joe Thomas, Dick Shaffrath, Frank Gatski, Gene Hickerson and Doug Deiken Special Teamers: Punters, Kickers, Punt and KO returners, or even Gunners. What 5 heads. Lou Groza, Dino Hall, Josh Cribbs and Phil Dawson...
  3. nickers

    Survey Wednesday 6/12/19

    1. Brownie the Elf seems to be making a big comeback on Browns gear. Do you like the elf? He's "Okay" 2. Cleveland Browns Stadium aka bankrupt first energy.....needs a new nickname. What do you think would be a good new nickname for it...now that the Browns appear to be poised to become winners. CBS 3. Name someone you think has been an underrated as an all time athlete, i.e. someone who hasn't really gotten his due. This can be from any sport from any era. Clay Mathews 4. What is your opinion about the so called "unwritten rules" in sports? Things such as..celebrating a home run can get you beaned. Or running up the score. (The US women beat the Thailand women in soccer yesterday....by a score of 13-0...and are being accused of being unsportsmanlike for running up the score and celebrating after scoring some of the later goals) Whatevs 5. I leave Friday for 2 weeks in New England. What are your summer travel plans, if any? Not much this year.. Family trip to Europe , next summer!
  4. Anyone with any ounce of common sense knows Lindor is gone the moment his contract expires and I don't blame him 1 iota..... The Dolans are shitass owners...
  5. nickers

    Colin Coward

    You can only rag on people so much before they start to fire back..... This is the story MKC and TG are looking for... They don't give a rats ass if the Browns win or lose... They care more about whose clicking on their blog's....
  6. nickers

    Colin Coward

    Ignoring is one great way... Another?.. WINNING! cures EVERYTHING! EDIT:. I expect quite a bit of winning this year...
  7. nickers

    Colin Coward

    My simple advice.. "Don't feed the Troll"
  8. nickers

    Desmond Harrison Released

    I think a lot of the time , Joe has too much class to be or give an honest take..... It's called 'Homerism"
  9. nickers

    is TE our weakest

    Njoku should really thrive this season.. He's gonna get a lot of good looks.... So while not a strength... Its not a liability either...
  10. nickers

    Desmond Harrison Released

    It's just Ironic because Joe Thomas had a ton of praise for the kid last year.... They must really be sold on GR.
  11. nickers

    Mini- Camp

    The Ballad of Curtis Lowe!
  12. nickers

    Baker Mayfield has football camp for kids

    Baker is a class act.. Cowturd can eat his stool!!
  13. nickers

    OBJ is a BROWN!!!!!

    The "Me" players of this generation of players irk's me... So far OBJ seems to be all about himself... That's the feeilng I get..... Not being here with his teamates gives me the impression that he's selfish...
  14. I have had a tornado rip through my yard when I was 8 years old.. It took apart a tree like a toothpick... I'm not trying to be insensitive.. I don't know what the video is about,, Like Gipper.. Im not investing 2 hours of time.. but whatevers.. Hope you're safe all the same
  15. nickers

    Right Guard - it’s not just deodorant

    So far.. I'd say Corbett is a BUST!