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  1. nickers

    How did the Defense get so bad?

    Does anyone remember Joe Schobert?... The D captain?... Losing him hurt a lot like I knew it would.
  2. nickers

    Chubb / Hunt vs Byner / Mack

    The fact he got an extension to stay with the team speaks volumes about his character, I believe....
  3. nickers

    How did the Defense get so bad?

    Yeah , Pendejo looks terrible...
  4. I'm not the biggest Joe Buck fan... His father was great and spent part of his life here in Cleveland... But he is deserving... Congrats.. Besides.. We're 3-0 when Buck and Aikman broadcast Browns games on Prime time...
  5. nickers

    Bungle Week

    Great game... At least everyone looked engaged and focused... I like the rhythm they established on Offensive... Havent seen that in awhile..... MG finally impacted the game that affected the outcome toward a W.. Need to see more of that... while it was not perfect.. The play calling was much better..... OBJ looked like a WR last night.. Landry was consistent.. I think Parkey earned a place to stay for awhile.... Jojo Natson reminds me of the cube (Gerald McNeil)
  6. nickers

    Odell Embarrassing Us Yet Again...

    People don't want to admit it but OBJ is washed up
  7. nickers

    Bungle Week

    He's rode the pine and dressed effeminately....
  8. nickers

    OBJ trade whispers bubbling once again

    I think he prefers rat poi...
  9. nickers

    We Should of kept Schobert

    You can thank MoneyTard and BerryBust for that ridiculous move...
  10. nickers

    OBJ trade whispers bubbling once again

    OBJ and Myles Garrett have 0 impact on this team.. N O N E !
  11. nickers

    ***Official Gameday Thread Browns at Ravens

    "We have the players, and we have the coaches,” Chubb said. “We just have to put it together. There is no excuse for us with who all is on our team to go out there and put up one touchdown. That is unacceptable. We know it, we accept that, and we are looking to get better.” ~Nick Chubb~ This is all I have heard from the team since it has been back... Why are we still waiting?
  12. nickers

    ***Official Gameday Thread Browns at Ravens

    If the Browns lose this game... I want Haslam gone... They have no business losing this game... I understand Haslam doesn't suit up... But he hires these jackoffs!... The way him and his ass hat wife has run this franchise... They need to be run out of town...
  13. nickers

    What would rather have?

  14. nickers

    Would You Undo the Giants Trade?

    Hey Tater Tot... Leave it alone... It'll grow!
  15. nickers

    ***Official Gameday Thread Browns at Ravens

    They needed a punch in the mouth last year... a year too late!