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  1. nickers


    Check out Fred Travalena... I think he's even better...
  2. I even had an argument with My nieces husband over this.. He thinks because he is a nurse he's some authority on N95 masks... I told him about my experience wearing N95 masks and installing insulation...And I called his "expertise" utter bullshit...
  3. nickers

    Browns 2022 1st Round Pick

    Gotta love the football off season in Cleveland LOL...
  4. nickers

    Black Monday 2022

    Not surprised... I thought interim guy Rich Bisaccia did a nice job considering the climate...
  5. nickers

    This Week in the NFL Playoffs

    Kyler Choked in grand fashion tonight... Although.. I wouldn't call him noodle armed.. He can sling it.... But all the other stuff I totally agree on...
  6. nickers

    14 Point Swing

    They'll just install another Liberal who takes his/her orders from Barry and George Soros...
  7. nickers

    It's All About The QB! Always has been!

    Ive seen Bernie Kosar in person and I swear he looks taller than 6'5..
  8. nickers

    Free Agents

    Clowney did well this season... Id give him a series of 1 year deals...
  9. nickers

    Free Agents

    Walker is too slow... I think we can do better there...
  10. nickers


    The build back better moniker cracks me up since everything is made in China,Japan, Taiwan , Korea and Mexico..... Have I left anyone out?
  11. What a fucking joke our world has become...
  12. nickers

    This Week in the NFL Playoffs

    Jalen Hurts is pure garbage at the QB position...
  13. nickers

    Browns 2022 1st Round Pick

    Id say it was a decent draft... so far.. Id rate it a B....
  14. She has bigger balls than Barry I hear...
  15. nickers

    Free Agents

    just workout a series of "1 year deals"