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  1. Latest Pluto

    What Terry Bradshaw had more of than any QB I ever saw was the sheer guile to win at all cost.. He made blocks for his receivers.. He could run like Elway too.. When TB was on.. He was downright unstoppable... Back then.. The Steelers only ran 3 plays on offensive.... run up the middle.. run to the right or left.. Throw the ball deep...
  2. Latest Pluto

    Barkley is "ordinary".. Barkley is a BUST waiting to unfold...
  3. I want Mayock to quit shitting on his own rep by talking up garbage like Allen...
  4. I know you're joking but that is one scary thought...
  5. Building the Browns 2018: Episode 2

    Again.. Seeing with thine own eyes is believing.. Tie Rod Tarkenton isnt the answer...
  6. Building the Browns 2018: Episode 2

    Yeah.. Just like every year.. It always looks good on paper.. "SHOW ME" I'll believe it only when I see it.. It's all hot air to me right now.
  7. Building the Browns 2018: Episode 2

    We already are a joke with a joke of a HC at the helm.. Puhleeze man... Again,,, Garrett and Healthy are complete strangers.. Let me know when they hook up...
  8. Building the Browns 2018: Episode 2

    I think we might be 4-12 this year.
  9. Trade Rumors and Specualtion

    Why in hell are we interested in helping the Bills?.. It makes 0 sense.. even for Analytics...
  10. I still don't understand why women are allowed to cover Men's sports.. Be in the lockeroom , etc. But they don't allow males in the female lockeroom.. Yet.. They bitch about equality... as far as real journalism today... I really don't see any.. It looks more to me like a bad critic's movie review with bad sound bites.. Pluto remains #1 for me as far as the Greater Cleveland area goes... But Hal Lebowits was by far my absolute fave to read on Sunday's in the Willoughby News Herald. Edit: I have to give mention to the former Cav's beat writer for the NH, Joe Menzer.. Straight to the point analysis , Intelligently written and succint...
  11. Incidently.. My Brother took his family to Sedona last week.. He told me the area is impeccably clean... He couldnt stop lamenting on it.. The cleanest city I've been to I have to say .. It would be Barcelona.. It is immaculate...
  12. See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me, Heal Me

    Way to GO Gip!
  13. Tank Carder Question

    Chip Glass... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chip_Glass_(American_football)