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  1. nickers

    Myles Garrett Reinstated

    Are your comphrehension skills gone old man?.. I meant Garrett and whomever else is involved...
  2. nickers

    Myles Garrett Reinstated

    It's a little too late for that now... There's no proof for either side.. They all need to grow up and let this pass into quiet obscurity for posterity sake...
  3. Don't want a single one of'em.. Hard Pass!
  4. nickers

    Myles Garrett Reinstated

    Oh and just a FYI... Dutch Gurl has been "Iggied" I don't have time for immature types who think they're oh so better than everyone else.. Have nice life...
  5. nickers

    Myles Garrett Reinstated

    I think more about where he's from... South Carolina.. I believe he may have said it.. But the point here whether he did or not is not the issue for me... The Race card and whining is just a bad look and it lessens whatever credibility he may , or may not have... It's better to keep quiet.. Save face.. And move on with your Football life..
  6. 3D Printing and Nano technologies are the way to the future , also.. AI is evolving at an ever fast exponential rate..
  7. nickers

    Myles Garrett Reinstated

    Garrett has to let this go... There are no winners in this dog hunt.. Garrett comes off looking like sissy with all of the bitch whining.. I've been called WOP,Dago and Guinnea throughout my life.. But I never cried wolf or started drama because of it.. I just disarm people like.. When they call me a Dago.. I just smile and say "Don't ever forget it" And then curtly saunter off about my bizz... But I'm thinking.. Players are now gonna bait Garrett and use the N word... I wonder how he's going to handle that... He's not using his head right now..... I see this ending with ugly results..
  8. I saw the perseid meteor showers on a moonlit January night when I was a kid.. it was awesome!!
  9. So I guess that means you settle for garbage , then....
  10. It seems Jimmy and Dee are committed to shitting on us fans by gracing us with these two fools (Berry and Grigson) To once again ensure we are the laughing stock of the NFL Ad Nauseum...
  11. This organization hasn't lost they're compass.. They can't even find one.. I have 0 faith in this group of hacks... They just continue to shit on us.. And sheeple keep buying the tickets...
  12. We can bring Sashi back to shine shoes and give team haircuts at a discount...