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  1. nickers

    Choice for Browns HC in 2020?

  2. nickers

    Choice for Browns HC in 2020?

    Fuck Ray Horton.. He's already had two tours of duty here.. His D is too fucking passive for me..
  3. nickers

    Choice for Browns HC in 2020?

    Freddie blows!
  4. No!... Dee is to blame for hiring that fat fuck!
  5. Brilliant post Larry and you're spot on... If anyone want's to know more about Modell's ineptitude and mishandling of buisiness... Check out this book here... https://www.amazon.com/Fumble-Browns-Michael-G-Poplar/dp/0936760117
  6. This kid nails it!! https://www.cleveland.com/entertainment/2019/12/comedian-brian-kenny-on-why-browns-fans-should-never-ever-forgive-art-modell.html?utm_campaign=clevelanddotcom_sf&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook
  7. A dynamic duo that hasn't produced a turd...
  8. nickers

    Freddie had the right message in July

    Freddie is a big DUD!!
  9. nickers

    Defense in Flux

    Trent Williams is an old , banged up lineman looking for a big payday in the twilight of his career... Pass!.. We've been down this road before...
  10. nickers

    Choice for Browns HC in 2020?

    I will say this... We need someone thats going to teach Baker to be a surgeon... That starts by getting rid of OBJ... I know a lot of you don't want to hear this... But its painfully obvious... I just think OBJ's best days are behind him... We need solid chain mover types like a Hines Ward.. I think Landry stays for sure... Theres just too much bullshit with OBJ with rings.. Cars.. money and what not... That doesnt ring team player to me... We need a HC that is gonna drive discipline and accountability... no favoritism toward any one player.. And He doesnt have to be "buddies" with them...
  11. nickers

    We are still very much in the wildcard race

    So you gonna sue me for a typo?... You people are crazy around here... So much hypocrisy... Amazing!
  12. nickers

    We are still very much in the wildcard race

    Coulda... Woulda... Shoulda... DIDNN'T!!!!
  13. nickers

    We are still very much in the wildcard race

    Look... Most of you guys said he was "generational"... I have yet to see that from Garrett... Dick Butkus was Generational.. I saw Dick Butkus play.. He never took plays off.. His motor NEVER stopped...... I'm just holding Garrett to the standard you all labeled him as... So far... I'm not seeing it... You can keep drinking Garretts swill all you like.. It is a fee country after all.. I never said he sucked.. I just said He's NOT generational!... Courtney Brown and Kamerion Wimbley were freaks of nature too.. One was hurt too much... The other flamed out!
  14. nickers

    We are still very much in the wildcard race

    NO HE IS NOT!!
  15. nickers

    We are still very much in the wildcard race

    More excuses!