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  1. Richiswhere

    PFF Season Summary

    ^Other than Garrett yeah this^
  2. Richiswhere

    Coaches/Stadium trivia

  3. Richiswhere

    Ice Ice Baby

  4. Richiswhere

    IMO Our def scheme sucks...

    Consult google....looks like you beat me to it....my assumption is you have no clue on what hitting the QB means go back to google and maybe you will find something. 😉
  5. Richiswhere

    IMO Our def scheme sucks...

    You do know what the read option is right?
  6. Richiswhere

    IMO Our def scheme sucks...

    I agree it seemed like more missed assignments but i did have one BIG problem with the scheme.What do you do when team run the read option....you hit the God damn QB and we didn't do that once. The Ravens have done this to everyone since Jackson took over at QB. I do remember them bringing up a stat in which over the 7 game span where Jackson has been at QB they had the most rushing yards since the Bears of the late 70's. Schobert looked terrible he looked slow hes not physical and at times he seems to want no part in tackling hard physical running backs. I also believe LB are our number one need and we need 2 of them. I would say the run defense took a big step backwards this year we went from #7 to #28 which was probably a direct result of getting rid of both Shelton and Meder.
  7. Richiswhere

    Mike McCarthy Approached

    They only played in 2 finals and won one....I think i would take that every time.
  8. Richiswhere

    Browns players walkup Music

    Baker ........
  9. Richiswhere

    Coach Williams

    Would be nice but Jimmy has some rules he most follow first or he will lose a nice chunk of cash
  10. Its the NFL of course they would have fined him.
  11. Richiswhere

    ***Official Browns Vs. Falcons Game Day Thread***

    I don't know wasn't that long ago that the Broncos won a playoff game in that style of play.
  12. Richiswhere

    draft kenny willekes...

    LOL try watching more Ohio State game they are all fat and slow...I have no idea how Prince has been a starter now for 3 years.
  13. Richiswhere

    Des Harrison

    Don't know if hes the worst but he has to be up there. I agree with you 100% with them playing Bitonio all preseason that was a head scratcher. He just seems real real lazy at times out on the field
  14. Richiswhere

    Fire Hue now!

    Yep and what do you know he got hurt after the first touch of the day. Hes a 3rd down 2 minute guy just leave him there
  15. Richiswhere

    Ian Rapoport says coaching change may happen soon.

    As long as Hue is the HC we will never be close to anything. Hue Jackson 2016 "we will fix these penalties"