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  1. Richiswhere

    ***Official Browns Vs. Steelers Game Day Thread***

    That has been a penalty for the last 10 or 15 years at least
  2. Yeah man and hopefully she has the baby with her too that way Josh doesn't have to worry about anything right jiggins7919?...you moron keep supporting this FU*KING BOZO.
  3. Richiswhere

    Honest thoughts

    The way plays were being called kind of reminded me of the last time we played a preseason game after not winning a game in the previous season
  4. Richiswhere

    Urban Meyer

    ....if all the coaches knew about this then why aren't they all suspended ?
  5. Richiswhere

    LeBron lost to Disease

    LOL you bitter bitter tired old man.....go cry in your corner thinking about the 1940's and 1950's Browns and how things were in your childhood.
  6. Richiswhere

    LeBron or Art

    Stick to football......your absolutely Retarded when it comes to basketball
  7. Richiswhere

    So what now?

    Your a fool complete and utter fool. IT is 5' 6" of trash in the NBA and no one is going to back up a brinks truck for him.
  8. Richiswhere

    So what now?

    Again more nonsense from you? To much SAS or maybe Skip or Cowherd. Lebron wanted Irving traded? He didn't want Griffen resigned? Wanted IT or any other piece of that garbage we got from Boston?
  9. Richiswhere

    So what now?

    Cousins signed a 1 year deal he won't be back after this year...hes has to see if he can still play. The Warriors were and are still unbeatable in a 7 game series before that signing as long as they have no injuries
  10. Richiswhere

    LeBron lost to Disease

    Na the "disease" is Dan Gilbert
  11. Richiswhere

    So what now?

    Wow man you were really dumb enough to put your name to this drivel.
  12. Richiswhere

    So what now?

    I take it you didn't watch many games this year.
  13. Richiswhere

    Uncalled for insult from TO

    Well Ricky spoke the truth
  14. Richiswhere


    ........and then throw in 3 of your own teammates(Love, Hill & Smith)!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Richiswhere

    Mayfield is no Brees

    How about we give it some time. Hes not going to be starting anytime soon.