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  1. ***Official Browns @ Colts Game Day Thread***

    So....no one seen that qb draw coming on the 3rd and goal once they emptied the backfield?
  2. ***Official Browns @ Ravens Game Day Thread***

    Hue is too stubborn to chip
  3. ***Official Browns Vs. Steelers Game Day Thread***

    ROFLMAO ..... some of you all act surprised by this
  4. Really not liking Tito sitting Zimmer against every lefty now.
  5. ***Official Browns Vs. Saints Preseason Game Night Thread***

    ROFLMFAO Tank Carder is a starting MLB
  6. Dealing Irving May be Imminent:

    LOL Wiggins is the worst defender in the NBA
  7. Dealing Irving May be Imminent:

    Yep they all get sick of going to the finals every year
  8. First 4 game losing streak for the Indians since July 2015....3rd longest streak ever
  9. Man the more I see of Zimmer the more a really really like this guy
  10. Jordan vs. LeBron

    Come on trivia boy....you can't be this stupid
  11. going into year #4 of the rebuild.....

  12. Jordan vs. LeBron

    I'm pretty sure you already know that answer.
  13. Ghoolie's Mock Draft

    Ghoolie knows winners
  14. Why not Tony Romo?

  15. I love the Browns..