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  1. Bradley Chubb #1

    Please oh please tell me what the true way is of developing a quarterback. Yes lets throw the bank to a quarterback that is 2 and 11 against teams with a winning record and 1 and 9 in prime time Monday night and Thursday games.
  2. Drafting a RB in the Top 10 is...

    A whole slew of running back that were drafted in the top 10 in this years AFC and NFC games
  3. Was all Brady and Amendola made some big catches and without Gronk there wasn't a whole lot of offensive talent on that team.
  4. Mock Fantasy Trades

    Your so Retarded you have to ask this question twice? or did I just get trolled twice? Check "Mock Fantasy Trades" topic
  5. Mock Fantasy Trades

    ^ This is either stocktonshorts extra Retarded brother or I've been trolled ^
  6. Coaches

    90%+ of the board on Shurmur and Jackson but as far a Mangini and Pettine there was alot of back and forth on who got blame between them and the front offices. As far as Chud goes I really don't think anyone cared BTW it seems to me like alot of people forgot just how a bad running game looks(2013) when you have no running backs (Mcgahee).
  7. Bortles, Foles and Keenum

    Too subtle for you?
  8. Bortles, Foles and Keenum

    I don't know about that Keenum threw up more then a few questionable passes today almost Bortles like.
  9. Coaches

    Its not Jackson's fault at all...Haslem asked the players and they all said Hue should stay and that was good enough for Jimmy
  10. Bortles, Foles and Keenum

    One maybe two of these guys is leading a team to a Super Bowl.
  11. Don't forget those 2 brilliant 4th and less than 1 calls by Hailey.
  12. Really cause I can recall more that a few games the Browns didn't even sell out in the mid to late 80's
  13. Hey what do you know the white Oprah is flip flopping again