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  1. An Honest Question: What is it about this FO....

    Nothing new at this time of the year
  2. Darnold vs rosen

    To understand why Sashi was there you just need to know who hired Sashi.
  3. Official Jacksonville Jaguar Game Thread

    Multiple fumbles by Fournette Browns win in a low scoring game
  4. 1st time in Cleveland

    Well it looks like your weekend got off to a great start
  5. The Philadelphia Eagles are doing it wrong.

    well damn that wasn't even meant for this board
  6. The jags game could easily be a trap game for them

    Maybe Williams should put a bounty on him
  7. The jags game could easily be a trap game for them

    Could be trap game for the Browns too
  8. The Philadelphia Eagles are doing it wrong.

    Isaiah Crowell Duke Johnson Joe Thomas Joel Bitonio Danny Shelton Christian Kirksey Jamie Meder Nate Orchard Alex Mack Mitchell Schwartz Travis Benjamin Tashaun Gipson Terrelle Pryor Sorry about that
  9. OC help

    Well that would be an upgrade over the D3 waterboy we have right now
  10. Rumors. Harbaugh, others to Browns??

    Hell I would put Hue below Chris Palmer who won more with no talent at all
  11. Hue on the end of the first half: "It's on me"

    Well it looks like Hue will have to answer the question about that call tomorrow seeing as more that a few players told the media what really happened.
  12. Actually I find him requesting lifetime health care for him and his family really f*cked up
  13. Our defense is #6 in rushing and #9 overall.

    Na its Larry Curly and Moe