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  1. Sez.EJ

    Preseason Game 2

    So in 3 quarters (2 preseason games) Weeds is 18 of 25 for 3 TD'S, zero int's.. and 229 yards. Seems like Chuds/Norv's offense is tailor made for him. I'm not quite ready to annoint him yet.. but it does show how a system that fits you and a year of experience goes a long way. Weeds is making some progress. So lauvoa had ankle surgery, Pinston is out for a while..who is behind them..thats our new starting left guard. Next man up!!!! Good thing we held onto Brandon Jackson, he's now the #2 RB.. Lewis is out at least half the year with a broken leg, Hardesty's knees are toast... Mingo has a lung contusion or something along that line, but he'll be back the quickest. Thats just football.. next man up..
  2. My am pretty certain we will be pretty good at rushing the passer..What worries me; is that if we can't stop the run.. it won't matter. I believe our DL is up to the task, but our LB's are not exactly known as run stuffers. DQJ struggled in the 3-4 last time out...hoping the experience will help him...but the other guys.. not run stuffers.. So if we can't stop the run.. all the pass rushing talent in the world isn't worth a thing because teams will continue to pound the rock at us.. I'm hoping they will be better than I think they will be.
  3. http://www.rotoworld.com/player/nfl/7480/brandon-weeden Jaworski has reviewed all the film on Weeds and believes he will be a "rock solid starter" in the NFL. I believe Jaws is a solid evaluator of mechanics etc.. Weeds just needs to improve on his reads and he's on the way. Said Weeds "showed uncommon poise and calm in the pocket".
  4. Sez.EJ

    Josh Gordon Suspened Two Games

    GORDON ALREADY IN STAGE 3 OF THE NFL DRUG PROGRAM I read this this morning. This means this is his second hit since being in the league and his next could end up being a one year suspension.
  5. Sez.EJ

    Hagg Waived

    Let's face it WHOEVER starts across from Haden is going to get tested early and often. If we don't have the answer, that side is going to light up like a pinball machine. Once burnt, ten times tested.. Surely we will be rotating coverage to that side to help out, but that also means Haden better have his head on straight or or he's going to get lit up too, because he's not going to be getting much (if any) help. That being said, I think that Horton will have the answers; and the players are going to be much better than some think. This secondary is going to have it's share of struggles early on. However, I believe over the course of the season we are going to be just fine. If not, our pass on Milliner is going to pretty stupid and we will be looking at a corner high in the draft next year; and THAT is pretty sad considering Milliner was right there for the taking. So I guess with all that I'm saying.. I really don't know what we have yet. Still a lot of questions that have no answers.
  6. Sez.EJ

    Can boring football be winning football?

    The topic question: Can boring football be winning football? Winning is never boring.
  7. Sez.EJ

    Does Heckert Make a Trade?

    I no longer see where Rogers has value. He has done nothing this year (except 2 false starts) to show he is worth anything. I did not even here his name called today. I think he's done. He has not recovered from his injuries from last year.. so.. I hate to say it.. he has no value.. He's worth more to us as a backup.
  8. Sez.EJ


    I think the safety spots are going to be in flux most of the season. I think you may have it right for game 1.. but I think that's not the way it will end up. I can see some rookies possibly taking jobs. or at least getting a lot of play time in certain packages.. I for one cannot wait to see Asante on special teams with Cribbs.. tackling the ball carrier..
  9. Sez.EJ

    Lombardi: Haden struggled in camp

    Umm cuz the Jets are smart... So are the Browns for drafting Haden. If Haden started over Wright or Brown right away.. how sad would that be if he could walk in and take a vet's job like that. It would be a sad testimony on our secondary. and all the offseason work to make it better. That we drafted the top corner out of college who gave up ZERO td's his whole college career to be the #3 or #4 is awesome.. He can work on taking the vet's job once he masters the system and the nfl.. Not to mention.. some people seem to think we only need to cover 2 recievers on pass plays.. HELLO.. 4-5 reciever sets are pretty normal in our division now. Pitts, Cinci, and Balt ALL added multiple recievers in the offseason. We need a BUNCH .. a WHOLE BUNCH of great corners to be a great defense. We get Wright, Brown, Haden, B-mac and the improved safeties... Will be interesting.. Pray for some DL help and a pass rush and this could be very good.
  10. Sez.EJ

    Lombardi: Haden struggled in camp

    Anyone playing on the Florida defense (especially the Secondary) has speed to burn or they would never touch the field. Lombardi is a joke. I guess that 4.4 he ran does not make him fast enough.
  11. Sez.EJ

    Will Mangini Be Fired Monday?

    He will be fired on Tuesday since that is when the meeting is set for.
  12. Sez.EJ


    Yeah.. we ended this season with a victory. 4 straight wins . Pittsburgh who is a mere shadow of their former selves, 2 bottom feeders in KC and Oakland and a middle tier team in Jacksonville.. I am not knocking this performance..It's actually impressive.. My problem is this past offseason, combined with the first 12-13 weeks of the season were the most disgusting thing I have ever seen witnessed. Even 4 wins in a row cannot erase this from my mind.. This was BY FAR.. the worst season I have ever lived through ... first time in my life I was so disgusted I turned off the tv during several games (this was when DA was crapping his pants week after week)... Terrible coaching, terrible decisions, combined with terrible on field play... I am thankful this season is over. I wish there was such a thing as a brain scrubber so I could erase this nightmare from my mind. Bash me for this if you want.. It WAS the worst season ever. I sure hope Holmgren can do better in the coming years.. I also know that it's Holmgrens reputation that is on the line. I do not see him putting his name on this product without bringing in his own guys... guys who live and breath in HIS system. I don't think Mangini survives the Tuesday meeting. If it were MY team.. I would go with my own guys.. especially when it's going to be me who has to answer for the resultes.
  13. Sez.EJ

    Petition to Keep Mangini Coach

    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA AH... Really? Holmgrens going to put his reputation on the line becuase of a petition?????? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...
  14. Sez.EJ

    Browns will win Today against the Bengals

    How many trap games are there in a season? Seems like I see this posted all too frequently. I guess we need to build a better trap.. it's not working.