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  1. Driving in the car yesterday, I heard a song by Earth, Wind, and Fire. Hearing them brought me back to - what I consider to be - the greatest mismatch in concert billing I ever witnessed. "In the day", a (then) unknown Earth, Wind, and Fire took the stage at the old Paramount Theater in Springfield, MA as the opening act for Captain Beefhart and His Magic Band. They must have been signed to the same record label and the intent was to give EWF national exposure, although Don Van Vliet (AKA Captain Beefhart) was far, far from a nationally known or mainstream act. Any way, it is hard to top that one. Do you guys have any such experiences?
  2. Chicopee John

    Dorsey —————- GONE

    I hope you're right? Ironically, I was in FL with my family and we were watching football with my brother-in-law - a huge Packers' fan. After watching the Baker-in-the-bathroom State Farm ad, my brother -in-law asked me, "why is a mediocre QB' getting these State Farm ads.....................just a reference to your earlier comment on how things look on the 'outside'
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    Dorsey —————- GONE

    Larry, what is you take RE: the Mayfield pick. Yes, Freddie was a big whiff, but do you think Mayfield's performance factored into this? I know he is young but - I wonder if Mayfield is a 'one (half-year) hit wonder? God.........................could asphole Rex Ryan be right about him? FWIW, I hate to see any continuity, once again, dissipate before fully formed.
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    Dorsey —————- GONE

    Man..........................Haslam or Snyder? Sad state of affairs. I doubt a 'Cowher-type' would be interested at this point. So..................back to Green Acres.
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    For Zombo

    I will be in Bradenton next week. We will be staying with my Brother-In-Law, arriving on Christmas Day and leaving on the evening of the 30th. Not sure how much free time I will have but I do know my family - minus me - will be going to some type of Harry Potter World in Orlando one day. Depending on when that is and depending on your schedule, I'd be happy to meet and buy you lunch. Let me know one way or the other. PS on Sunday, the 29, I will be stuck at a Packer's Bar unless I find something better to do - another possibility You have my email address. Perhaps phone number too
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    For Zombo

    Thanks. My wife and two 'kids' will be going. The price - alone - would keep me away. Plus, not very familiar with Harry Potter. They are. Thanks for the insight. I will pass it along
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    Kitchens fate?

    Just him. He is a retread - an uninspiring one at that. Of course, winning changes everything!
  8. Chicopee John

    Kitchens fate?

    Not interested
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    Kitchens fate?

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    Sorry if this has been beaten to death. If so, I hope the Administer pulls this post or - at least - merges with an ongoing dialogue. Who will be the next Browns' coach? Although it seems that the current guy has a good chance of getting the full-time gig, Dorsey has lots of contacts across the league (Green Bay, Seattle, Kansas City). Given his success with putting points on the board - i.e. giving Mayfield what he needs to become a premier NFL QB - his experience in cold weather, AND his Green Bay roots with Dorsey), I believe Mike McCarthy will be given strong consideration for the HC position. Opening up myself to lost of criticisms, etc. I state the Mike McCarthy - assuming he leaves GB - should be the next Browns HC. Let's start (or continue) a discussion.
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    I don't have time to read right now, but I will. Thanks for sending.
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    Some of the $$ he even earned honestly. In his very distant past of course.
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    OK I am watching the City documentary on Netflix and - since then - watch them. A NY station replays all their games on Tuesday. Of course, some teams - like City - have $$$Billions to spend.
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    Would you like him better, London, if he didn't have an Irish surname? PS Who is your favorite Premier League team?
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    Health problems or no health problems, I don't believe Dorsey would want to taint his organization with Meyer. He has always been a wolf but to those who live in OH, he simply now wears sheep clothing. Wouldn't be considered even if he wanted the job.
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    RIP Stan "Atenears" Aten

    At a loss for words. Despite the miles between us, I always considered Stan to be a good friend. Whenever I traveled to Cleveland, he opened his house, etc. to me. Always a gracious host and a kind man. Stan, absolutely, loved his children God Bless Stan and his family
  17. I lost yours when my old phone had to be replaced.
  18. Chicopee John

    "WE" have to do our part and stop showing up at games....

    That is the perfect definition of a fan (fanatic) - stupid enough to believe that a team or player has special value to their well being. Owners suck. Players suck. Fans are stupid.
  19. Chicopee John

    Some things will never change

    Well, the Browns could easily be 4-0. Malfunctions, galore, at the end of games. The end of the game is when coaching quality shines. Being a UCONN grad, I know Dorsey is a smart NFL Executive and - although he is giving Jackson this year to show himself - as end-of-game losses pile up, the closer Jackson comes to the unemployment line. There are so many intangibles involved but, bottom line, good coaches get their team over the top on those 4-6 critical plays each game. If Jackson that can't make it happen sooner rather than later, there won't be a later for him - nor should there be.
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    RIP Ziggy

    Legendary Artist David Bowie Dies at 69 The Hollywood Reporter January 11, 2016 David Bowie has died after a battle with cancer, his representative confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter. “David Bowie died peacefully today surrounded by his family after a courageous 18 month battle with cancer. While many of you will share in this loss, we ask that you respect the family’s privacy during their time of grief,” read a statement posted on the artist’s official social media accounts. The influential singer-songwriter and producer dabbled in glam rock, art rock, soul, hard rock, dance pop, punk and electronica during his eclectic 40-plus-year career. Bowie’s artistic breakthrough came with 1972’s The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars, an album that fostered the notion of rock star as space alien. Fusing British mod with Japanese kabuki styles and rock with theater, Bowie created the flamboyant, androgynous alter ego Ziggy Stardust. Three years later, Bowie achieved his first major American crossover success with the No. 1 single “Fame” off the top 10 album Young Americans, then followed with the 1976 avant-garde art rock LP Station to Station, which made it to No. 3 on the charts and featured top 10 hit “Golden Years.” Other memorable songs included 1983’s “Let’s Dance” — his only other No. 1 U.S. hit — “Space Oddity,” “Heroes,” “Changes,” “Under Pressure,” “China Girl,” “Modern Love,” “Rebel, Rebel,” “All the Young Dudes,” “Panic in Detroit,” “Fashion,” “Life on Mars,” “Suffragette City” and a 1977 Christmas medley with Bing Crosby. With his different-colored eyes (the result of a schoolyard fight) and needlelike frame, Bowie was a natural to segue from music into curious movie roles, and he starred as an alien seeking help for his dying planet in Nicolas Roeg’s surreal The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976). Critics later applauded his three-month Broadway stint as the misshapen lead in 1980’s The Elephant Man. Bowie also starred in Marlene Dietrich’s last film, Just a Gigolo (1978), portrayed a World War II prisoner of war in Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (1983), and played Pontius Pilate in Martin Scorsese’s The Last Temptation of Christ (1988). And in another groundbreaking move, Bowie, who always embraced technology, became the first rock star to morph into an Internet Service Provider with the launch in September 1998 of BowieNet. Born David Jones in London on Jan. 8, 1947, Bowie changed his name in 1966 after The Monkees’ Davy Jones achieved stardom. He played saxophone and started a mime company, and after stints in several bands he signed with Mercury Records, which in 1969 released his album Man of Words, Man of Music, which featured “Space Oddity,” a poignant song about an astronaut, Major Tom, spiraling out of control. In an attempt to stir interest in Ziggy Stardust, Bowie revealed in a January 1972 magazine interview that he was gay — though that might have been a publicity stunt — dyed his hair orange and began wearing women’s garb. The album became a sensation. Wrote rock critic Robert Christgau: “This is audacious stuff right down to the stubborn wispiness of its sound, and Bowie’s actorly intonations add humor and shades of meaning to the words, which are often witty and rarely precious, offering an unusually candid and detailed vantage on the rock star’s world.” Bowie changed gears in 1975. Becoming obsessed with the dance/funk sounds of Philadelphia, his self-proclaimed “plastic soul”-infused Young Americans peaked at No. 9 with the single “Fame,” which he co-wrote with John Lennon and guitarist Carlos Alomar. After the soulful but colder Station to Station, Bowie again confounded expectations after settling in Germany by recording the atmospheric 1977 album Low, the first of his “Berlin Trilogy” collaborations with keyboardist Brian Eno. In 1980, Bowie brought out Scary Monsters, which cast a nod to the Major Tom character from “Space Oddity” with the sequel “Ashes to Ashes.” He followed with Tonight in 1984 and Never Let Me Down in 1987 and collaborations with Queen, Mick Jagger, Tina Turner, The Pat Metheny Group and others. He formed the quartet Tin Machine (his brother Tony played drums), but the band didn’t garner much critical acclaim or commercial gain with two albums. Bowie returned to a solo career with 1993’s Black Tie White Noise, which saw him return to work with his Spider From Mars guitarist Mick Ronson, then recorded 1995’s Outside with Eno and toured with Nine Inch Nails as his opening act. He returned to the studio in 1996 to record the techno-influenced Earthling. Two more albums, 1999’s hours … and 2002’s Heathen, followed. Bowie also produced albums for, among others, Lou Reed, The Stooges and Moot the Hoople, for which he wrote the song “All the Young Dudes.” He earned a lifetime achievement Grammy Award in 2006.
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    Two Heartbeats Away

    Commentary: You can blame Pelosi for Democrats' stumblesStory Highlights By Jack Cafferty CNN Editor's Note: Jack Cafferty is the author of a new book, "Now or Never: Getting Down to the Business of Saving Our American Dream," to be published in March. He provides commentary on CNN's "The Situation Room" daily from 4 p.m.- 7 p.m. You can also visit Jack's Cafferty File blog. Jack Cafferty says House Democrats got the economic stimulus plan off to a poor start. NEW YORK (CNN) -- Well, that didn't take long. Three weeks into the new administration and the Democrats are squandering their advantage and threatening to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Credit House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for getting the ball rolling. Under her leadership, House Democrats excluded Republicans from having any voice in crafting the stimulus package. Acting like children who hadn't seen Santa Claus for eight years, House Democrats busily loaded up the bill with stuff they had been unable to get for eight years. It was payback time. Contraception, funding for the arts, restoration of the national mall, stop-smoking programs. All while Americans lose their homes, their jobs, and their savings. It was both childish and disgraceful. Apparently tone deaf to the disgust and disappointment of Americans with the bailout package for Wall Street and the banks last year, as well as the voters' strongly stated desire for change as represented by the election of Barack Obama, House Democrats set the table for failure -- again. Not a single Republican in the House voted for the bill, despite efforts by our new president to reach out to the other side. Nancy Pelosi strikes again. When asked if the lack of Republican support was at least partly her fault, she gave some snotty answer about not being partisan but working for the American people. Right. My guess is President Obama is busy these days sticking pins in his Nancy Pelosi doll. To his credit, Obama argued against a lot of the pork while stressing that time is our enemy. Pelosi could care less. As the legislation headed for the Senate amid cries for more stimulus and less pork, the Republicans pounced. Sensing yet another Democratic miscalculation, the Republicans seized the advantage in the debate. They want more tax cuts and more real stimulus -- stuff that will create jobs now. Not some pie in the sky proposal that may pay dividends years down the road. And they're right. The real game starts if and when the Senate passes a bill devoid of a bunch of the garbage the House Democrats stuffed into it. Then it goes to a conference committee where the drama will be whether, in a grand twist of irony, President Obama and the Republicans wind up aligned against members of the Democratic Party in an effort to get something realistic on the table before the economy simply slides the rest of the way into a deep crevasse. Meanwhile, angry voters are jamming Capitol Hill phone lines screaming about the politics as usual that is so far the hallmark of the new administration. Welcome to Washington, Mr. Obama. When it comes to the Democrats under Nancy Pelosi, what was it Pogo used to say? "We have met the enemy and it is us." The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Jack Cafferty.
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    The Skipper Returns to WHUS.org

    Nobody knows but me, Brother Steve. Nobody knows but me.
  23. After a one-week absence from the playlist, WSS returns this week with a very different interpretation on the classic Murder Ballad, "Long Black Veil". I fit it in what I considered to be the best spot within the framework of what was already in place. In order of appearance Sunday 7-9AM www.whus.org The Youngbloods (2)Lori McKenna (3)Al Anderson (2)NRBQ (with Al Anderson) 2Bettye LaVette (2)Ruthie FosterTim Easton - NE Ohio (1)The Blasters (1)Sir Douglas Quintet (1)Cody Jinks (2)Jerry Forney (1)Whiskey Myers (2)Tony Joe White (2) WESTSIDE STEVE SIMMONS (1)Jamey Johnson (1)Billy Joe Shaver (2)Delbert McClinton (2)Charlie Rich (1)Little Feat - Willin' ALWAYS closes my show.
  24. I will be off next Sunday as we drive Chicopee John Jr. to his new job in Milwaukee but will be back gangbusters the following Sunday - August 7. Prime Time: 7:00 - 9:00 AM Eastern Time (For Those Who Stay Up Late) WHUS - UCONN'S Sound Alternative 91.7 FM & www.WHUS.org Once again, Westside Steve will hold the #1 position with, "Carry On" and #2 position with, "Cimarron" - both from his new release, "A Pirate's Life" After WWS, the show will go as follows (Tommy F: Beer and Barbecue time again): Blackie & The Rodeo Kings (2) Christine Ohlman & Rebel Montez Hayes Carll (2) Whitey Morgan and the 78's Jamey Johnson Clarence Carter Sam Cooke Booker T. & The MG's Carla Thomas Cody Jinks (2) John Mellencamp The Radiators Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson Good Intentions (2) Los Lobos (2) - For The Gipper The Mavericks Tracy Huffman & The Walking Sticks (2) Tift Meritt (As Time Allows) Jackson Brown (As Time Allows) Little Feat - Willin (Time ALWAYS Allows)
  25. Chicopee John

    Westside Steve Earns The Pole On August 7

    Jack graduated from UCONN in May. We Just got back from taking him to Milwaukee, where he will take part in the, "Teach For America" program. He will be teaching in inner-city Milwaukee (full salary, benefits, etc.) and will be taking night courses at Marquette. In two years, he will have satisfied his commitment to TFA and will have earned a M.A. in Education from Marquette. Then he is a free agent - he can continue in Milwaukee, go to earn a higher degree in Education or something else, return to CT, etc. We will miss him dearly but am very proud and happy that he found something right out of school. Something he is suited for. Yes, time does fly. Somewhere - deep in WSS' website - is a picture of the 4 Bassilakis' standing on stage with Steve at PIB. Years ago that took only days to transpire. Thanks for asking Zombo