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  1. Chicopee John


    I don't have time to read right now, but I will. Thanks for sending.
  2. Chicopee John


    Some of the $$ he even earned honestly. In his very distant past of course.
  3. Chicopee John


    OK I am watching the City documentary on Netflix and - since then - watch them. A NY station replays all their games on Tuesday. Of course, some teams - like City - have $$$Billions to spend.
  4. Chicopee John


    Would you like him better, London, if he didn't have an Irish surname? PS Who is your favorite Premier League team?
  5. Chicopee John


    Health problems or no health problems, I don't believe Dorsey would want to taint his organization with Meyer. He has always been a wolf but to those who live in OH, he simply now wears sheep clothing. Wouldn't be considered even if he wanted the job.
  6. Chicopee John


    Sorry if this has been beaten to death. If so, I hope the Administer pulls this post or - at least - merges with an ongoing dialogue. Who will be the next Browns' coach? Although it seems that the current guy has a good chance of getting the full-time gig, Dorsey has lots of contacts across the league (Green Bay, Seattle, Kansas City). Given his success with putting points on the board - i.e. giving Mayfield what he needs to become a premier NFL QB - his experience in cold weather, AND his Green Bay roots with Dorsey), I believe Mike McCarthy will be given strong consideration for the HC position. Opening up myself to lost of criticisms, etc. I state the Mike McCarthy - assuming he leaves GB - should be the next Browns HC. Let's start (or continue) a discussion.
  7. Chicopee John

    RIP Stan "Atenears" Aten

    At a loss for words. Despite the miles between us, I always considered Stan to be a good friend. Whenever I traveled to Cleveland, he opened his house, etc. to me. Always a gracious host and a kind man. Stan, absolutely, loved his children God Bless Stan and his family
  8. I lost yours when my old phone had to be replaced.
  9. Chicopee John

    "WE" have to do our part and stop showing up at games....

    That is the perfect definition of a fan (fanatic) - stupid enough to believe that a team or player has special value to their well being. Owners suck. Players suck. Fans are stupid.
  10. Chicopee John

    Some things will never change

    Well, the Browns could easily be 4-0. Malfunctions, galore, at the end of games. The end of the game is when coaching quality shines. Being a UCONN grad, I know Dorsey is a smart NFL Executive and - although he is giving Jackson this year to show himself - as end-of-game losses pile up, the closer Jackson comes to the unemployment line. There are so many intangibles involved but, bottom line, good coaches get their team over the top on those 4-6 critical plays each game. If Jackson that can't make it happen sooner rather than later, there won't be a later for him - nor should there be.
  11. Chicopee John

    The Skipper Returns to WHUS.org

    Nobody knows but me, Brother Steve. Nobody knows but me.
  12. After a one-week absence from the playlist, WSS returns this week with a very different interpretation on the classic Murder Ballad, "Long Black Veil". I fit it in what I considered to be the best spot within the framework of what was already in place. In order of appearance Sunday 7-9AM www.whus.org The Youngbloods (2)Lori McKenna (3)Al Anderson (2)NRBQ (with Al Anderson) 2Bettye LaVette (2)Ruthie FosterTim Easton - NE Ohio (1)The Blasters (1)Sir Douglas Quintet (1)Cody Jinks (2)Jerry Forney (1)Whiskey Myers (2)Tony Joe White (2) WESTSIDE STEVE SIMMONS (1)Jamey Johnson (1)Billy Joe Shaver (2)Delbert McClinton (2)Charlie Rich (1)Little Feat - Willin' ALWAYS closes my show.
  13. Chicopee John

    Westside Steve Earns The Pole On August 7

    Jack graduated from UCONN in May. We Just got back from taking him to Milwaukee, where he will take part in the, "Teach For America" program. He will be teaching in inner-city Milwaukee (full salary, benefits, etc.) and will be taking night courses at Marquette. In two years, he will have satisfied his commitment to TFA and will have earned a M.A. in Education from Marquette. Then he is a free agent - he can continue in Milwaukee, go to earn a higher degree in Education or something else, return to CT, etc. We will miss him dearly but am very proud and happy that he found something right out of school. Something he is suited for. Yes, time does fly. Somewhere - deep in WSS' website - is a picture of the 4 Bassilakis' standing on stage with Steve at PIB. Years ago that took only days to transpire. Thanks for asking Zombo
  14. Chicopee John


    My Brother In Law - just yesterday - highly recommended this film to me. I will have to watch it. He said there is another one named, "Knuckleball" but he didn't find it nearly as interesting.
  15. Chicopee John

    Westside Steve Earns The Pole On August 7

    Sorry, Cal, but I played 2 Alison Kraus (SP) songs today.