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  1. BuckeyeBrown

    The Truth

    you gotta be shitting me
  2. BuckeyeBrown

    The Truth

    No, you couldn't be.
  3. BuckeyeBrown

    The Truth

    1.) Manning is going to the Broncos. Better D, good run game, WR's aren't terrible, can improve in FA. Weak division. He wont go to Arizone because their D is terrible. Sure they have Fitsgerald and maybe you cna convince Breaston is worth anything, but their o-line is awful 2.) Miami will sign Flynn due to obvious connections 3.) This i agree with, because we're trading down or taking Ingram at 4 4.)true, to get ingram 5.)wrong, we will not spend two top half first rounders on CB. No one does that. No one has done something this dumb (taken a single position so early in the draft within 3 years) except the lions. It was Matt Millen, and the third time was the slam dunk
  4. Because you have nothing truly damning to say about "Cowtown" that wouldn't also degrade Cleveland. Troll. P.S Please try and rip Columbus. We are nothing special (and we don't try and claim to be, like fucking cincinatti) but we're a solid city.
  5. born and raised in columbus, i still live here too. However, according to you that makes me less of a Browns fan? Piss off. I don't care if a person is from in Saigon, if they support the Browns with a passion then they are fans. why do you care so much where a person is from? YOU'RE the loser.
  6. BuckeyeBrown

    Griffin Haters...

    First of all, for anyone to base ANY judgment off of 'highlights' is an idiot. Second, if you have actually watched any of his games in full (which you obviously havent), you'll find he does a really good job of "throwing a WR open"
  7. BuckeyeBrown

    Andrew Brees

  8. BuckeyeBrown

    This Defense Is Painful To Watch

    When they offense consistently goes 3 and out, defense gets tired. I can't believe I have to bring that up
  9. BuckeyeBrown

    Where Is Carlton Mitchell ?

    Lance Moore. Guess who signed him first, the browns, guess where he is playing now, NO. that better?
  10. He's cam Newton, except he's smarter/better decision maker (don't take my word for it, but guys pretty smart) and he's actually accurate
  11. you're right, music is subjective, and detroit doesn't like nickleback. So why subject yourself to a band you dont like if you think you can get them to change it. and nice little shot at the occupy wallstreet people. protesting is a core value of our nation, the american revolution starting out as a protest. So, you're a communist.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2pXfAK8r1k
  13. BuckeyeBrown

    Love Qb Talk- Stats Do Not Lie

    not only has he had a new system year, im not sure all of them fit his style. The year (singular) that norv turner was the offensive cordinator he was starting to show improvement.....then he took the chargers job. I think harbaugh is playing to his qb's strengths.
  14. BuckeyeBrown

    Love Qb Talk- Stats Do Not Lie

    i stoppped reading at this sentence. "The one's that didn't: David Carr 2002, Alex Smith 2005, Vince Young 2006 and JaMarcus Russell 2007. I haven't given up on Vince Young- so it could be 9 of 12 (75%)." Alex Smith is currently a starter for 4-1 ball club and is playing well 65.9% completions, 7 td to 1 int witha qb rating of 104.1 (third best in the league!) Vince Young is a backup (maybe even third string) While I agree that until this year smith has been a bust, how ever i think that Harbaugh is helping him turn the corner. So you should be holding out hope for him, not vince young edit: I forgot to add that i liked the rest of it =P
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    IBTL....oh wait