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  1. sperk

    Raiders game

    Nope no freebies just trying to help someone out. I kind of expected a childish remark from someone. Great to see your helping your daughter, I could say so much. Thanks Russ! Hope all is well
  2. sperk

    Raiders game

    Looking for 2 tickets for the raiders, if anyone has them available let me know. Thanks
  3. we just might bring that 200# door stop (grill) out for a special occasion this fall. I will talk to Roach about that soon. Getting older it may take 4 of us to lift it!
  4. looking forward to it, should be a great time
  5. Russ, you know how shy I am LOL Good to hear from ya!
  6. You know me, I will be waiting
  7. Thank God I was beginning to worry
  8. sperk

    Opening Weekend Borwnsboard Memories

  9. sperk

    Eastland Inn Saturday Night

    I am not going to say anything, but your grin that night around 11 said it all. Great time by all
  10. sperk

    Free Beer And Westside Steve!

    Parma is about 10min from Berea. Russ I think I may still have some of your white stuff here. a year older but I dont think it could get any stronger. I think I need the orange shit for wash
  11. sperk

    Pro Pick'em

    ready to go
  12. sperk

    Tailgate Now

    Russ, always the class guy. Thanks! maybe Stan could help you lmao
  13. sperk

    Tailgate Now

    Gipp thats easy stuff, we will get stan to steal us one. Maybe a couple of dips and some chips would work and of course some soup!!!!!