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  1. CantonLegend

    Jimmy Graham

    Why the hell was this moved to a college forum?
  2. CantonLegend

    Lions Fan Visiting, Question On Browns State Of Franchise

    If anything I proved you wrong It's whatever tho. DIdnt expect you to take that very well Nobody likes being wrong...which might explain why ur angry all the time
  3. CantonLegend

    Luck, Griffen, Blackmon Gone

    Blackmon Jeffrey Floyd Those 3 are the only options I'd consider for the browns Running backs can be found later in the draft and the line needs guards and a RT which can be found later in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th rounds
  4. CantonLegend

    Jimmy Graham

    To be honest jimmy graham had a better season this year when you consider he missed 2 games and still broke the yardage record for tight ends before gronkowski did In the end I can't really argue with the season ending stats and I wouldn't take anything away from gronk because his season was arguably the best we've ever seen from the TE position
  5. CantonLegend

    Lions Fan Visiting, Question On Browns State Of Franchise

    You sure did but you led ppl on with your post and I helped clarify. You can make what you want out of my post too but I'm not ignorant enough to omit key pieces of information when I try to make a point
  6. CantonLegend

    Jimmy Graham

    Sean Payton said last season when we had Jeremy Shockey that jimmy graham had hall of fame talent...that was in his rookie season and that's a compliment he hasn't even given drew brees He said when we look back 10 to 15 years from now, graham will be considered the best pick of last years draft and one of the biggest steals in draft history Never heard that kind of praise from a head coach for a 2nd year player
  7. CantonLegend

    Lions Fan Visiting, Question On Browns State Of Franchise

    It wasn't just wright that changed in the secondary You guys also brought in a new d coordinator, safety, 2 new corners, a pass rushing end and a stud nose tackle But ur right...it was Probly just Eric wright
  8. CantonLegend

    Why We Need A Qb

    I agree about couch. Would've been nice to have some talent around him but Cleveland is known around the league as the place where QBs go to end their careers whether they are vets or rookies
  9. Going to a charge game this weekend. Kinda bummed cuz I'm a saints fan and I'll Probly miss the end of the game but I think they'll be up by 10 or so by that point anyway I used to go up to Berea once a week when my brother played for baldwin Wallace. A lot of the time we'd see the browns players workin out and even played a couple pickup games on the basketball courts. You'd never expect guys like Braylon and Brady Quinn to be ridiculous basketball players too. They'd beat up on us...it wasn't really fun
  10. I'm from canton. Born in Akron. Raised down the road from the pro football hall of fame and fawcett where I'd go once a year to watch one of the biggest high school rivalries in the country Went to school at Jackson in Massillon and coach high school football in Akron/tallmadge area
  11. CantonLegend

    Why We Need A Qb

    Oh and Dallas Clark is a 2 time all pro tight end based almost solely on his receiving
  12. CantonLegend

    Why We Need A Qb

    Ben Watson is decent. He's no Dallas Clark or Greg Olsen or even Jeremy Shockey for that matter Not to mention he too was placed on IR so colts options were a group of terrible wideouts, a 3rd string running back and 2 backup tight ends And that's just a small sample of the issues McCoy was faced with this season. Indy was also playing with a terrible defense that almost kept them out of the playoffs last year and injuries to guys like Austin collie and Pierre garçon Not only that but their offensive line was about as good as the browns...which isn't very good
  13. CantonLegend

    Why We Need A Qb

    The colts lost several players to injured reserve including Dallas Clark, one of the best receivers of this generation The panthers picked up a new defensive minded coach and 2 of the best TEs the league has seen recently What do both of those examples have in common? The TE situation. A TE is a QBs best friend and having a good TE to check down to or catch the tough passes over the middle is a huge help Nobody mentions any of that tho. All you see is a new QB...if you paid any attention to other teams instead of just listening to what espn tells you then you'd know that the colts lost players and the panthers gained players
  14. CantonLegend

    Lions Fan Visiting, Question On Browns State Of Franchise

    Browns will likely draft multiple WRs in this draft. They also need a RT which could come from any round IMO Some ppl believe a QB is the first pick but personally I think the browns have confidence in the guys they already have in colt and Seneca. Also a mid to late round linebacker or DE could be in the works Btw how'd you like my boy drew throwing for 466 and 3 TDs last weekend? Just messin man
  15. CantonLegend

    Why We Need A Qb

    I actually have given several reasons...none of which you've read But don't let facts get in the way of ur point. I certainly won't hold it against you