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  1. bermeck08


    CNN reporting global destruction god dammit Myles
  2. bermeck08


    Freakin Myles... already heard the first espn cycle hes gone for 2 yrs and pittspuke May get automatically into the afc championship game no attention to what really happened fuck sakes see what happens when we are close to a success?????? love it how the pouncy and that shit QB are the victims... omg
  3. bermeck08

    This Week in the AFC North

    Just in time... phew... now I can head out to my viewing party 😎 Go Browns!!!!
  4. bermeck08

    Bakes lectures fans

    Yup blew my wad on trips in 2019... no excuse... need more Browns travel in my life
  5. bermeck08

    Browns release Antonio Callaway

    Must have been enough of a cancer... wow
  6. bermeck08

    Bakes lectures fans

    Over reaction crap... leave this garbage for the weak-ass espn network and their wannabe chumps our first QB to have a hint of a winner... leave him be. we have more important things at hand—— like kicking the shit out of these Pennsylvania losers bermeck (seriously, want to experience the most Retarded “beer laws” ? Head to that shit show of a state)
  7. Stoolers living on the T/O ratio with thief opponents.... Browns have all of sudden — are not coughing it up need to protect the ball and drive it down their throats with our new deadly duo were still way over due to blast these fools Browns 28 squeelers 13 Go Browns!!!! Bermeck (this is a Myles type of game)
  8. bermeck08

    Baltimore Sucks

    King of the North !!!! king of the North !!!!
  9. bermeck08

    The Scottish Hammer

    punting was our go to the past 20 years... screw that this offense? Freddie’s mind ? screw em ... we’re going for it , a lot.
  10. bermeck08

    The Scottish Hammer

    Seriously... it does prove we’re not going to punt much (letting a pro bowler go) more importantly, better see some William Wallace outfits
  11. bermeck08

    The Scottish Hammer

    it’s kinda like this - and he’s just our punter 😂
  12. Go Browns!!!! downloaded news 5 Cleveland APP on my Ruku TV ... but no live stream tonight (apparently) guess I’ll wait for re-broadcast on NFL Network (4 pm Friday)... maybe that APP will have it on video playback after the game. either way - pretty stoked to say the least . The plan for my home game this year will be Seattle... only road game I would like to pull off is San Fran .... might be too much for me ... but I love Northern Cali and that city . trying to find another home game in there somewhere... and of course the crew will be in Cincy last game of reg season ... which all of our starters will be sitting out - with home field wrapped up 😎 Bermeck (going heavy on the opener at -5.5... let’s see if it moves) week 1 biggest game since 99 opener ... were a bit better this time ... Go Browns!)
  13. bermeck08

    Earl Thomas Signing with Ratbirds

    Earl Thomas Cleveland Browns and Dorsey rocking FA and the NFL tonight Love this stuff !!!!! Bermeck (remember, this is all ours..( no fair weather fans).... if thier new - point em out - You don’t live in Cincinnati !!!!!!!
  14. bermeck08

    OBJ is a BROWN!!!!!

    I just had an accident in my pants ... the good kind.
  15. bermeck08

    Richardson knock on effect

    Greedy Williams ward / Williams ( Dixon / minnifeild ) 80’s flash back, 😐 Bermeck ( no moving down, screw that... DB or OL)