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  1. SiperBowl

    Second Best

    Why do we always go after the second best player in the draft? If we are going to make a trade and move up why dont we go after the best player and spend it on getting Luck? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1m22VTAcBQ
  2. Other than the TD pass where the receiver was wide open, all I saw was a bunch of wounded ducks and passes that were not even close to the receivers. That is incomplete That is incomplete that is incomplete. He cannot execute under pressure. We should just buy one of these rg3's http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CwFwUBhwOw
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPf0sClRgrU&feature=related&fb_source=message got it!
  4. SiperBowl

    1 Vs. 2 Vs. 3 Vs. 4

    Sam Bradford is an exception seeing that he is from Oklahoma.
  5. SiperBowl

    Nuff Said!

    RG3 will make a great special teams player
  6. SiperBowl

    Bunkley Going To Denver

    He probably wanted to play for a team where the owner showed up for the games.
  7. SiperBowl

    Great Read On Free Agency Situation

    Because we have a bunch of project players and a project head coach with a project general manager. And it will be a project to make the playoffs with the current talent on this team. Maybe that is why you enter into the free agaent market, so you dont have to many projects to complete to make this thing work.
  8. SiperBowl

    Where Is The Beef?

    Are we on a ten year plan or can we build within 3 years? Notice I said build and not rebuild because we have not seen anything since the real Browns left town and the NFL gave us this imposter as a team. I look at the roster and see maybe just a few players capable of making the Pro Bowl this year or any year after that. We have the cap room and we are in a good position to make some moves for some guys that can make a difference. But as of today I haven't seen shit but maybe a few moves that will set this team on its way to winning the Super Bowl.
  9. SiperBowl

    Currently Under Contract

    I only see maybe one or two probowlers in that list.
  10. SiperBowl

    Nate Clements

    Yep, some teams play to win and some teams play to lose' and it all starts with the front office. http://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/C/ClemNa99.htm Who said Clements wasn't worth the money? last season alone he had 82 tackles with 2 int's.
  11. SiperBowl

    Michael Jenkins Was Cut By Falcons

    With the extra cap room, the Falcons will likely be able to pursue free-agent defensive end Ray Edwards. http://blogs.ajc.com/atlanta-falcons-blog/2011/07/29/falcons-release-former-first-rounders-anderson-jenkins/?cxntfid=blogs_atlanta_falcons_blog
  12. SiperBowl

    Michael Jenkins Was Cut By Falcons

    I would base my decision on that after the preseason games have been played. As all of us realize their are always injuries during preseason workouts and games. But if we could bring in a guy like Jenkins he could be a mentor for some of these young guys.
  13. SiperBowl

    Michael Jenkins Was Cut By Falcons

    I'm sure that training camp will weed out the problem of who you will have to let go.