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    Freeman not practicing today

    Freeman will still be ready to go, don't get too excited about this news. Either way Josh Johnson is still better than Jake Delhomme.
  2. A starting QB who had worse stats last season than our rookie QB.
  3. 2:1, he's probably going to bruise up your whole secondary by the end of the first quarter.
  4. lol please If we weren't playing a sorry team like the Browns then we'd be sold out. No one even knows what kind of product is developing in Tampa. Once they check the highlights when we dominate you up front, through the air, and everywhere in between, they'll be shelling out 2x the amount of the ticket prices to get tickets from scalpers.
  5. Stack the box and let Delhomme throw INTs. Those guys definitely aren't Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams. They're Double Trouble, your guys are more like Cripple Triple
  6. Listen up brews.. I don't know what team you guys think you're rooting for, but they're definitely not better than the Bucs. I could name more players on offense in St. Louis than I can on the Browns. Other than Cribbs who's gonna get shut down, who do you guys got? All these players are gonna be top 10 in their position come end of the season. Aqib Talib Tanard Jackson Barrett Ruud Geno Hayes Brian Price Gerald McCoy Stylez G White Mike Williams Josh Freeman Kellen Winslow Davin Joseph Donald Penn I don't know how you guys expect to win. Who's gonna score for your team? Who's gonna stop the 3 headed monster at RB? Yeah that's right you guys better pay attention to the game on Sunday, this is how you rebuild son. You'll be the first to taste this playoff team.