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  1. I am from the DC area and still live 10 minutes outside the city. This is not a big deal down here. The only outrage I've seen has been in the media. Not saying people shouldn't be offended, I don't care about the name one way or another, I'm just saying I haven't seen any of these protests or heard anyone argue against the name here.
  2. hurley09

    If Ya'll Would Have Hired Adam Gase

    Your description of the TE coach is hilarious.
  3. hurley09

    Why / How did you become a Browns fan ?

    Grew up Cowboys fans in Virginia. My brothers favorite player was Emmitt Smith. After Smith's last game with Dallas my brother met Jerry Jones in the parking lot of the stadium and asked if they were keeping Emmitt. "Absolutely we are, he's done everything for us." I think it was two weeks later he was gone. We don't take kindly to liars and decided to root for a new team. This was around when the Browns were coming back after moving to Baltimore and rather then jumping on a bandwagon of a team that was already good we decided to start fresh with the new Browns.
  4. hurley09

    Mike Pettine with not so great clock management.

    I'll admit I've been a Pettine supporter. I enjoyed his apparent no-nonsense attitude and have no problem w/him sitting JM for partying and lying about it. But goddamn it's getting harder and harder to defend this guy cause of his clock management. The fact that we even tried to score at the end of the first half shocked me. I feel like there were multiple games last year where we'd have the ball with over a minute to go and not try shit. I apologize if it was posted here and I missed it but was there any explanation as to why we wasted so much time on that final drive? Davis sliding in-bounds, while dumb as hell, didn't bother me nearly as much as the 30 or so seconds wasted right before that. I'd understand if we were closer to the endzone but it made no sense to me given where we were on the field.
  5. hurley09

    Possible upgrades for Browns off the Waiver Wire

    Born and raised Hokie here (i know, sorry) In my opinion LT is not worth checking out at qb. He was pretty good one year at Tech then sucked it up the next two and showed no signs of development.
  6. hurley09

    Fresh draft perspective...

    I'm a Hokie, born and raised in Virginia and root for the Browns in the NFL. That being said, I think you guys will absolutely demolish us this year. Our offense has sucked balls for years now, how we managed to pull that one off last year is beyond me. I was watching with my fiancee and after the game I told her "barring a National title this is the biggest win I will ever see." It gave me hope we were going to have a good year, then we went straight back to being the same ol' offensively inept Hokies while y'all went on to win the title destroy everybody else and win it all. I do not see us pulling it out at home. Our home field advantage has kinda got to sh-t the last 3 years due to our pitiful play.
  7. hurley09

    Fresh draft perspective...

    Except Tech.
  8. hurley09

    Anyone have cool Browns memorabilia?

    I have a sweet Browns towel I got for signing up for a credit card that I went on to max out after blowing money on various bar tabs over the years to help ease the pain of being a Browns fan. Best damn towel I own.
  9. I found this article hilarious, Richardson talks about Cleveland giving up on him and how he's going to bring it: http://www.cleveland.com/browns/index.ssf/2014/12/cleveland_browns_trent_richard_32.html I think my favorite excerpt is this bit: Richardson cited a nagging hamstring injury and an illness -- he said "it gets really cold up this way, just like it does in Cleveland" -- as reasons for his underwhelming performance. He also claimed to have a lack of running holes, though Herron has racked up 153 yards on 20 carries over the last two weeks. "People talk down about me," Richardson said, "but I just laugh at them and say, 'God bless you.'" Richardson has totaled 54 yards on 27 carries over his last three games. He rushed six times for zero yards against New England on Nov. 16. He totaled eight carries and 12 yards last Sunday against Washington.
  10. hurley09

    Browns taking over Nashville

    The Stage was slammed with Browns last night and the band catered to it beautifully.
  11. I believe the player himself said he thought he got it cause of the slide. I didn't see it but if the ref was pulling the flag while the dude was sliding on his knees he may not have had time to realize it was turning into a prayer. Either way the league said it shouldn't have been flagged.
  12. hurley09

    Survey Today 8/19

    1) A: D looked good. Running game is much better. Bonus 3rd: Connor Shaw is a goddamn legend B: Neither Hoyer nor Manziel have done anything good. Kicker could be better 2) Only been to casinos on resorts in Domincan Republic and Puerto Rico, never been to a real one. Maybe once they build that MGM in National Harbor (about 10 miles from me here in Virginia) I'll swing through. 3) Do bus ads count? 4) Nope 5) My girlfriend did it and then nominated me for it. I had no idea what it was for but I did it just avoid her "Why won't you do this? What do you not love me or something?" She's a gem.
  13. hurley09

    Survey Wednesday

    1. Redskins so I could blow up god-awful FedEx Field and move them back to DC. If they were located in DC I, and the other 4 browns and around these parts, would go to the Monday night game but FedEx is such a piece of shit and pain in the ass that we will just be watching at a bar. 2. Shocked at first then no real feelings, I was never a big fan. While I appreciate that he was talented his work just didn't impact me the way out did some people. Celebrity deaths also don't really hit me that hard, just another news story. 3. Hootie. I know, most hardcore Rock band of all time. 4. No idea, kid's an idiot for running out in traffic like that and who knows if Stewart saw him in time to react 5. I imagine they will cause me to drink heavily again this year, I just hope for once it's in celebration.
  14. hurley09

    Drinking game captain

    I think I've only posted on here about 3 times, all since the draft, but I read this board a lot last season and I must say I miss Weeden. Not because I thought he was any good, he blew ballsacks, but because some of the posts on here about him were f-cking hilarious. I'm a liar, apparently I've posted on here 5 times. I contribute a lot.
  15. hurley09

    So, what games do we plan to attend?

    I live in Virginia and usually try to get to one game a year, being that Nashville is a great effing time I will be going to that game.