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  1. Cleve

    How’d u guess?😁 i think he said i accused him of beating off to his daughters bukkake videos. Which i didnt but its not like it matters☕️
  2. https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10105329462730968&id=20700010&set=a.10100571252198018.2588432.20700010&source=48 lmfao. "Fantasy awards show" hhhahaahahahahahahahahaahhah
  3. I ask this because its painfully clr now that no matter how many fuks we give about the browns, these players give none. Zero. Obviously theres a few noteable exceptiobs over the last 29 years, but overall olayers come here and dont fire out. Their either waiting for their rookie contracts to come up or sone dude at the end who wants to con one last team fir a final contract he knows he only had to play like a year for to get that guaranteed $$ i hobestly dont think goid football will ever be played here again. It would take a marvin lewis situation where a coach and FO are given like 10 years but we know thats brver going to fly here so whats the point? Its done, over. When u got players that dont give no fuks about playing for this team or the city they sleepwalk through games. Their minds just aren't on the field. Thats why we have ridiculous penalties and drops on perfectly thrown passes. Im at the point where id rather see local ohio kids on the field than these drafted players that dont care......or just no football in clev period.
  4. Trump announces award show....

    But isn’t there other stuff he should be doing? I feel like he has a job or something but I can’t remember what it is
  5. I Warned You This Is Where It's Going

    I wish ur wife would slip u some poison one night and u never wake up. We all have dreams faggot
  6. I Warned You This Is Where It's Going

    We would have had to invade nk decades ago to prevent them from getting it. Are we going invade now every country that looks at this situation and says see!! We have to Nukes to be big boys. That table was set by the u.s and Russia by the way. Those two countries put the world on the path to annihilation. When it happens who knows, but eventually one of these countries is gonna light one off cause other countries called their bluff
  7. States Rights?

    Silly Little monkey States rights is only for sht we agree with. Duh!
  8. Story time . . . Swamp draining

    This dude is just copy and pasting trolls from 4 Chan
  9. Story time . . . Swamp draining

    This is a 13 page joke. So the latest we’re supposed to believe is that hope hicks is leaking stuff anonymously through 4chan. Cause some thumbs or some sht.
  10. I Warned You This Is Where It's Going

    He's being disingenuine. Those "talks" are happening because Kim Jong got the nuke. There's no choice but for both to talk now. Kim Jong got what he wanted. He never wanted to go to war, he just wanted to be at the big boys table....and nukes got him that. That is why nuclear proliferation will continue unabated. No country is gonna go Nahhh we wanna be at the bottom of the global pyramid scheme feeding off table scraps. Nukes, and the apparent willingness to use them.....is what got NK to the table and now every country will see it as proof that nukes are what are required to not be sht on by the worlds global powers. I guess we "could" have been a decent civilization on this planet.
  11. All bullsht aside now, does football belong in clev?

    i'm coming at this question from a perspective that it doesn't seem like players want to ball here in Cleveland. Not that I just really want Cleveland to not have football....I'm just losing faith that this city will get competent players here. There's numerous reasons....ie constant scheme changes. It seems like you just don't want to see football played in Cleveland period whether it's the browns or anyone else. So I gotta ask why be here? I want football to be played in Cleveland I just don't think the current NFL climate will allow for decent football to be played here.
  12. Rosen and Darnold declare for NFL Draft

    I read he had one if the best backhands in d1 collegiate tennis. Solid resume builder for the nfl. ☕️
  13. Rosen and Darnold declare for NFL Draft

    Is there tape on this tennis savant? I was already a fan of rosen but if he spuns in a good kick 2nd serve i might be a sprung little bitch for him now. I mean such translateable skills right? Maybe someone should throw novak or nadal a football at the next u.s open, see what they got.
  14. Trump announces award show....

    This guy is getting dangerously close to necessitating removal from office. Which would be an absolute horrific event and even u dems have to acknowledge that. But this guy is just coming unglued. If it gets to so ething like that the country enters the dark ages no doubt
  15. https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10105329462730968&id=20700010&set=a.10100571252198018.2588432.20700010&source=48 lmfao. "Fantasy awards show" hhhahaahahahahahahahahaahhah
  16. I Warned You This Is Where It's Going

    I had to look that up and now i pretty much know have proof ur an old vet at coksuckery. So dik cheese is an actual thing, smh. How did it taste old man?☕️
  17. I Warned You This Is Where It's Going

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5234223/Trumps-officials-confidants-called-dumb-idiot.html?ito=social-facebook this is gettin ugly. If any of those men didnt say those things they would have been on tv already denying it. They're justbtrying to figure out if that author obtained actual audio of them
  18. Pryor Wants Back On Browns?

    Like i said if he's making overtures to come back here his stock must be "tanked". Me thinks the league is saying "u sucked with cousins throwing to you?"
  19. Rosen and Darnold declare for NFL Draft

    Interesting how you have two different standards at the poly board vs this one ☕️
  20. Story time . . . Swamp draining

    Fine. Whats the point of the two pictures? To prove she's a makeup troll? Thats pretty much all women so what was ur point?
  21. Brown's top players to rebuild with?

    did you watch any of the games? A 4-3 is typically characterized by 4 defensive lineman up at the line with their hands in the dirt. That was probably ~90% of defensive snaps this year. But it's more about personnel and their body types than the stances the edge players take. You could theoretically stand your DE"s up all game but if they never drop back in coverage you're still just running a weird 4-3 where your DE's are rushing from the two point. In a 3-4 your edge rushers are typically smaller LB'er types in the 250-270 range. OLB'ers in a 3-4 approaching 270 aren't that common because 3-4's use their edge players to drop back into coverage. For me personally I prefer the 4-3 with 4 big mofo's on the line. That way you can have some semblance of pressure just from the front 4. When you generate pressure from 4 down lineman you can do things with the LB'ers coverage wise that are crucial against teams like the Pats that make you eat sht if you have to blitz LB'ers. In the SB Atlanta was kicking their teeth in with just the front 4 but they tired out, once they did that was that. In this current NFL, generating pressure with 3 or 4 lineman should be the desired goal. That's why I prefer edges over 280. And if you can find athletic freaks like Watt who are 290 give or take a few lbs, those guys will crash the corners on every play so even if they don't get to the qb...the qb doesn't have miles of real estate to step up into. Most 3-4 edge rushers have to go fairly wide around the corner because they're smaller and have to go around the tackles instead of through them. I like my front 4 to go through their blockers as much as possible. Than an occasional blitz from one of the LB'ers becomes "deadly". This is why I'm terrified of another coaching change, I can just sense another Shiite 3-4 coming where we have to watch Mingo type OLB'ers get pushed out wide on pass rush and utterly obliterated at the point against the run. Good 3-4's have at least one OLB'er that's still hoss enough to hold up at the point, usually called the "hybrid" type of OLB'er....and the smaller cover type is usually protected somewhat by the 5 tech DL who lines up most of the time over tackle or between tackle and guard. It's not that I absolutely hate the 3-4, it can work and work "very" well if you find the right guys.....but I've yet to see that happen in Cleveland. It just seems like it's easier to get competent 4-3 players in Cleveland. The last time the defense looked like it was building was under Jaurons 4-3 when schurmer was coach. Soon as we went back to the 3-4 with Horton it was sht again. Mangini's 3-4 wasn't very good either and Pettine's....well we know how this story goes. God I just hope we stay in a 4-3 even if we fire everyone again.
  22. Rosen and Darnold declare for NFL Draft

    uh huh. We're just literally in the twilight zone here in Cleveland. Years of losing has made some of these old dotards lost their ever loving minds.
  23. Rosen

    cal just literally cannot tolerate a QB in Cleveland who doesn't fit his political ideology. Only in Cleveland would anybody give a fuk. Rosen could have been showing up at Maga rallies this past election and i'd still be borderline incandescent if his name isn't called first. Grow the fuk up cal.
  24. Story time . . . Swamp draining

    So hope hicks was in gitmo? Pls start making sense. And no im not going back through ur eye bleed scroll mountain. Just say whats wut.
  25. Story time . . . Swamp draining

    So who is she supposed to be? I asked u nicely to get to the point.....well, nice for me at least.