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  1. U guys know that what flynn has helped mueller with is A) not known And B ) something pretty substantial fir mueller to recommend no jail time. We'll know if its a nothingburger when its made public what contribution flynn made towards muellers investigation, unti then...speculation thats its nothing of consequence is laughably inept at life.
  2. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/video/live-news-coverage-from-cbs-news/ar-BBmYvYY?
  3. Clevfan4life

    Congrats Browns Pro-Bowlers

    Hopefully myles tweaks his dick the night before from pounding too much trim and has to bow out of that shitshow....
  4. Clevfan4life

    Would You Shut Down Denzel Ward or Baker Mayfield?

    If we beat the ravens, doesnt thst ensure the steelers are in?
  5. Yes,precisely...but he offered his own commentary based off what he saw....and then abruptly cut it out after a recess. He dudnt do thst cause flynns lawyers said aww shucks wally ur really busting our balls here. Did u also see where he told flynn i cant guarantee u wont see jail time?
  6. That sullivan judge was a gop posterboy till he wasnt, appsrently. He saw something that royally pissed him off, then comes back more conciliatory after muellers camp talked to him. Why? Cause flynn gave mueller the scoop and mueller needs potential future witnesses to know that if he gives them promises if the cooperate, those promises are followed through on abd some wild judge doesnt fuck up muellers investigation.
  7. Clevfan4life

    ***Official Browns @ Broncos Game Night Thread***

    Myles is always chasing qb's down running to tbeir right,why? Cause the left side of our line is usually not doing their job
  8. Clevfan4life

    New Tech

    Jabf, did u ask an engineer if he knew the diff between fusion and fission?
  9. Judge nap is liberal now? Do u guys ever stop and read what u just wrote?
  10. Clevfan4life

    Official Jabrill Peppers Appreciation Thread

    Football fans oughta know some football, all im sayin. Plenty of knowledgeable bros here on how the game is played at diff positions, not just stat sheet guys. Its not that hard nor time consuming, there really is more going on down on the field than the center sbapping the ball to the qb. So many of u just park ur eyes on who has the ball....all of u have tivo, this isnt the 80's where u have to walk up to the betamax and hit rewind only to have the film cone off the spool. It just wouldnt hurt every now and then to watch where the ball "isnt" going cause sometimes thats where some pretty important shit is happening
  11. This team is there. They need some FA signings to fill a couple spots and we're in the conversation for the AFC championship next year. We need to get myles a running mate first and foremost, we're not gonna get a day 1 starter in the draft where we're gonna pick....so why bother taking a guy that might need a year or two? Might also think about a DT.....but if we sign a guy like margus hunt, we get a guy that can slide inside easily, cause he's a monster...when avery comes in at olb 'er. Wouldnt be mad if we went after Ansah either. Also might wanna look at an elite LT, Lewan? So what else? We're set then in our front 7, maybe another DB? If theres an elite DB in the draft ok stay in the 1st round...maybe for an elire wr too. If that isnt there just trade out and accumulate stock.....fix the m few holes we have in FA so we can hit this window we have
  12. But im not all over the place, im just not sure about obj. Thats a khalil mack contract. And we dont know if obj completes the offense because he may want the ball too much....and baker spreads the wealth, always will...its obj's personality im not sure about "for this team". I like him, he's one of the funniest dudes in football...just not sure about how he gels here. And as i said, likely the giants wouldnt part with him for less than 2 first rounders. They're draftung a qb this year, and they're gonna trade the best wr in football just as they acquire a new qb? For our late 1st rounder and a 3rd?
  13. Clevfan4life

    Official Jabrill Peppers Appreciation Thread

    Jimmy D best ever
  14. Clevfan4life

    Official Jabrill Peppers Appreciation Thread

    How dare u point out that a michigan kid won us that game, how dare u
  15. Im talking about filling holes with mid range con tracts......but goi g after the best wr in the league wiuld cost us more than a 1st and a measely 3rd.
  16. Im doubling down but u want to sell the whole draft for a diva? He's not a bad dude per se, but man......thats a 100m contract over 5 years.
  17. Clevfan4life

    Official Jabrill Peppers Appreciation Thread

    Msybe one guy was starting the threads but be serious, alot of guys here piled it on....thsts not debateable
  18. So is thos haarp conspiracy again? Id sooner beleive theres a large unknown (to us at least) planetary body in our solar system that is perturbing the planets.
  19. Clevfan4life

    Official Jabrill Peppers Appreciation Thread

    Just to clarify things, is woody starting random jabril peppers threads every week? Or is he responding to the a surd often factually baseless threads and/or posts from rankled browns fans who wanted to use peppers as the whipping boy when the losses were coming every week? I know the answer to that question btw, i think its called rhetorical or some shit...
  20. Clevfan4life

    "Raiders" may stay in Oakland?

    Id be ok with them keeping the raiders name. As muvh as i cant stand raiders fans, they earned it to keep thst name there. Its also not a bad idea to start fresh in Vegas for that team.
  21. Omg ur Retarded, ansah just this year has 4 sacks in 6 games...ogbah has 3 in 12 games. Ansah has 48 career sacks, ogbah has 12 carreer sacks. Yes ansah has been in the league longer but he also has some seasons with 12 and 14 sacks. Go home. And u accused me of not looking shit up? Fuck, i looked up the first FA list thst came up on google that didnt have lewans signing updated. Oooooo. You just completely blew it out ur crusty bhole calling ogbah better than ansah. Ogbahs been hurt too btw. Yeah, ansah has some injury issues but that could also mean we dont gave to overpay him. When he's healthy he's comparable to garrett. He had 16 sacks his first 2 seasons. Whats garrett have through 2, 19? So they're not far off. Garrett ofc will in all likelihood have the better carreer.....but pls check urself, ezekiel ansah would be a VAST upgrade at LDE over anything we have. Shit id try to get both him and hunt if possible, in Hunt we'd have a guy thats one of the strongest guys in the league and can play all over the line. Those 2 would be dmfar greater than any 2 DT/DE's we could pull out of this draft not named bosa or oliver
  22. Is it really a horrible idea to stockpile picks for a potential trade up in future years? Maybe we already have that capital, i dunno....im doubting it cause so many good dudes coming out this year that teams would be asking too much in a trade up this year. Again, theres no mack like contract out there with the remaining FA's. Ansah, lawrence we can get and maybe an under radar guy like Hunt Ok so obviously the FA list i looked at hadnt updated his status, but in any xase he was just obe name i threw out there and not the basis of this thread...so fucking what? It diesnt negate the fact that there are multiple holes on this team that could be filled with a FA. LT is just one option, unless they feel robinson is the long term answer.
  23. We did? Who? Cause theres gonna be taylor lewan out there this year, we wanna protect baker right?
  24. Clevfan4life

    Comrade Putin is 100 percent right on with this

    Listen to some russian rap. Even tho u prob dont understand a word, i dare u to keep a straight face. Awful diesnt begin to describe it. Ive heard so.e decent trance come out of russua but 5hats about it. Certain languages just werent meant fir certain styles music....like singing country in japanese...