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  1. Clevfan4life

    Gerald McCoy Could Be Browns Bound

    it would make our DL rotation stupid. Plus it would also allow us to run 34 looks...have a few games where Myles and Vernon aren't in there all the time. We have a big 2 gap NT so those 3 DL rotating in would be a nice change of looks and give some of our 43 guys a break on reps.
  2. Clevfan4life

    Myles Garrett Agree or Disagree with DPOY?

    yeah there's really no excuse this year to not be a 12+ sack guy is there? lol. If you can't get double digit sacks with that front?......
  3. https://metro.co.uk/2019/05/20/farm-workers-jailed-filming-appalling-back-seat-gang-rape-9606974/ oh look more immigrants raping and such.
  4. Clevfan4life

    Darron Lee won't be wearing Brown

    i hope we at least tried to bring jamie back and didnt insult him with the offer. Having him there mentoring our new guys would have been perfect.
  5. Clevfan4life

    Myles Garrett Agree or Disagree with DPOY?

    he's been on a bad team with no other edge help. Khalil mack had 19 sacks after year 2...myles has 20.
  6. well those can always be bolted on later right steve? β˜•
  7. Clevfan4life

    Story time . . . Swamp draining (...)

    no i didnt miss it u numpty..thats my point. THIS is why its important to see politicians entire financial portfolios. This exactly right here....dear god u people are so fucking slow its unreal. The level of hypocricy here ive never ever seen in our society...ever.
  8. Clevfan4life

    Nursing Home Patient being abused

    stalinist commie pig.
  9. Clevfan4life

    Intelligent people are heavy drinkers according to studies

    whatever gets u boys through another day infront of the tv in ur underwear......have at it. β˜•
  10. im actually glad for once DH made a semi sober post. That Thorne chick is hot as fuck and apparently she can wrestle. Her instagram is the usual post millennial attention seeking sassy ducky faced shitstain but in this case ill say play on young lady.....her body is el fuego. β˜•
  11. Clevfan4life

    Story time . . . Swamp draining (...)

    ahhhhh, nooowww its important to look at financials i see i see....
  12. ofc we're tslking about that one u muppet....
  13. ofc u moron thats who i was talking about. She's the one that looked like she never took 5 minutes of intro to boxing. Toothy is lucky that was a strict boxung match or the wrestling chick would have owned her
  14. the hot chick with the ridiculous body tho needs to take a boxing class before she tries that again. That was clearly the first time she's ever put on gloves. But she's got a great ass so who cares...😁
  15. thst woman is in their 30's? dear god them people age out in them hills....she looks 50..AT LEAST. DH's all worked up now about gettin a gummer from her...πŸ˜‚
  16. Clevfan4life

    Myles Garrett Agree or Disagree with DPOY?

    not sure i buy that based on what i saw in college and watching our own OL struggle with him. I can buy that in alot of circumstances ur trying to create a specific pocket situation so u dont want ur rushers doing whatever....esoecially with mobile qb's. But when its just get to the qb anyway u can....u dont want guys focused on 1 or 2 predictable moves. Makes no sense to me. I see ur poiht with Kearse but Kearse was no myles in terms of oversll skillset.
  17. Clevfan4life

    Story time . . . Swamp draining (...)

    Tex i dont think he cares at this point....
  18. Clevfan4life

    Nursing Home Patient being abused

    dont ever let them put unin a home DH cause u know u gonna slip up and say some racist shit to someone at somepoint and then thats what u gon have to look forward to erryday......bitches will beat ur racist old ass with a bdsm whip...
  19. i know...u guys just wing it..admit it. Its sheer luck first energy hasnt imploded yet during a game.
  20. Clevfan4life

    Story time . . . Swamp draining (...)

    isnt it amazing to hear so many of them dont actuslly want to read it? they'd rather just let other people bullshit them about whst it sctually says.