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  1. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/report-everson-griffen-also-tried-to-break-into-teammates-home/ar-AAABifa?li=BBnb7Kz u got to be kidding. Best pass rusher in the league last year..........uhhh bye felicia!
  2. otherwise we're setting baker up. He's gonna fuk up....they all do. Theres goofballs in here already suppositioning a SB appearance based on one thursday night win in 600+ days since our last win. Just calm down and realize we might still end up only winning a couple games. now that being said, its a "possibility" the north is super weak this year and the browns could maybe possibly win the division with 6 or 7 wins. I dont know yet, i still need to watch a cincy and blt game to get a feel for them. Playoff exp would be tittys, but this team is super young on both sides of the ball. im so fine tho with a 4-5 win season ifbthe games are close like they have been. Please be happy with cleveland relevance. We have to be relevant first before the wins come. Our def has already put the league on notice, ur in for a fight...
  3. ""After seeing Judge’s denial, Elizabeth Rasor, who met Judge at Catholic University and was in a relationship with him for about three years, said that she felt morally obligated to challenge his account that “ ‘no horseplay’ took place at Georgetown Prep with women.” Rasor stressed that “under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t reveal information that was told in confidence,” but, she said, “I can’t stand by and watch him lie.” In an interview with The New Yorker, she said, “Mark told me a very different story.” Rasor recalled that Judge had told her ashamedly of an incident that involved him and other boys taking turns having sex with a drunk woman. Rasor said that Judge seemed to regard it as fully consensual. She said that Judge did not name others involved in the incident, and she has no knowledge that Kavanaugh participated. But Rasor was disturbed by the story and noted that it undercut Judge’s protestations about the sexual innocence of Georgetown Prep. (Barbara Van Gelder, an attorney for Judge, said that he “categorically denies” the account related by Rasor. Van Gelder said that Judge had no further comment.)" This is by no means a slam dunk against Kavanaugh, the woman says plainly she has zero knowledge about Kavanaugh participating in anything but that Judge talked about those "good ole days" often. So this is exactly why reps want no part of Mark Judge infront of the senate. I think it's plain to see the FBI completely whiffed on Kavanaugh. Whether he himself actually participated in these activities may be mute at this point, he was right smack in the middle of a group of young men that essentially openly bragged about their sht. I know ofc that now that we're talking about a republican it's hey this all ended in HS cut him a break man.....but yeah the dems told Al Franken to gtfo for photo op pretending to grab passed out titty. Have some fukking principle for once in ur lives, just once, and say bring this Judge Kunt into the senate and let's hear all about it from all sides so we can get to the bottom of this. THis isn't completely fabricated anymore, there's some real smoke here. Does the fire touch Kavanaugh? maybe not.....but it def touches his circle of friends and sorry, as a supreme court nom (lifetime appt) you have to answer for being right smack in the middle of some potentially heinous sht even tho you were in HS. And if the woman is credible who said Kavanaugh shook it like a Rockstar in her face while he was in college....now that's nom dismissing. Period.
  4. Clevfan4life

    Nike Commits Brand Suicide

    Nike (NKE) reported strong fiscal first-quarter earnings and revenue late Tuesday, but shares sold off after hours as higher product costs weighed on gross margins." ^^^^china tariffs
  5. browns have to show me alot more than they have if im supposed to.pencil in chiefs week as a win
  6. Clevfan4life

    Pretty scummy accusation

    enjoy the same tactics ur side freely uses when tbey're not in power.
  7. Clevfan4life

    Ted Cruz and Wife attacked at restaurant

    twitter needs to.shut that acct down.
  8. Clevfan4life

    what the hell is wrong with eversen griffen?

    should we offer a 7th rounder now while the stock is still low?
  9. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/kavanaugh’s-yearbook-page-is-‘horrible-hurtful’-to-a-woman-it-named/ar-AAABjC7?li=BBnbcA1 i dont know what comes of this, but this sht is just weird. Dude gives me the doosh chills now even if it comes out he never did what he was accused of. This guy sounds more and more like a complete catholic school ngr fairy faggot
  10. Clevfan4life

    Do you realize we now have 4 potential super stars?

    i think carlos has the potential to be one of the top rb's in the league here if Haley commits to the run. The rec's may get less atrempts thrown at them but wgen they do it'll be longer passes with more open space after the catch. another guy that has come on my radar is chris smith. Dont be surprised if he keeps that LDE spot even when ogbah gets back
  11. i can sense u guys are angry at democrats for holding this info back till the last minute, essentially hamstringing republicans with kavanaugh. Look, if theres a "red wave" coming, why are u guys even sweating this? Let the dems huff and puff and in a month when theres not a single democrat left in either the house or senate u guys can nominate bill cosby if u wanted. ☕
  12. Clevfan4life

    Ted Cruz and Wife attacked at restaurant

    calm down snowflake, even "the blaze" didnt use the word "attacked"
  13. lpoks like hot rod still has a jobby job at the doj https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/rod-rosenstein’s-job-is-safe-for-now-inside-his-dramatic-day/ar-AAAAdJ6?li=BBnb7Kz
  14. if theres anything illegal there u realize his resigning doesnt indemnify him "one iota" from criminal prosecution.....right?
  15. Clevfan4life

    Pretty scummy accusation

    sure thing chief
  16. Clevfan4life

    Browns To Name Baker Mayfield Starter Monday

    whatever happened to tyrod happened at least 5 mins before he came out. And i know that cause the people sitting behong the brownscbench all saw baker looking at his arm plays after every play tyrod stayed in for so he knew exactly where they were on the progression. U saw the immediate change in his demeanor. I wish there was video of it, u all would be in awe. The broadcast didnt catch on for a couple minutes that baker might be gearing up to come in
  17. Clevfan4life

    Pretty scummy accusation

    nope, nice try. Im simply pointing out that both those guys were doneso after it came to light, and fairly quickly. Their inclusion in the meme u posted was woefully inaccurate for that reason. i havent made up my mind about kavanaugh. I want to hear these women, and i really want to hear mark judge. I smell a ngr fgt now with all this desperation and insistence to keep him away from washington. Me thinks repiblicans know something.
  18. Clevfan4life

    Browns To Name Baker Mayfield Starter Monday

    why was someone earlier in this thread surprised by bakers arm? that wasnt the qyestion about him coming out of college. In fact i read his arm was close to Allens, its just his size that had people worried. Im hoping haley takes the training wheels off that arm when defenses put 9 guys in the box like the jets did. Let the kid show the NFL he can hit calloway in stride deep
  19. exactly what nader told us 20 years ago?
  20. if u look at his bacjground he's had a fairly bi partisan career. He was part of special counsel starrs investigation into clinton. Then went to serve under bush then obama.
  21. Clevfan4life

    Pretty scummy accusation

    i have zero issue with franken stepping down especially because the accusations are fairly uniform. Nobody claimed he raped anybody but it was mostly stuff just like was in the photo and since im al fukking franken and im a "liberal" i can get away with this. So u see how in his case theres a definitive pedigree to the accusations that makes it hard to defend him? and yeah, its easy to say "i think he got railroaded" when u knew dem leadership was telling him he's got to go. If they hadnt and he stayed on, u would absolutely be using dems hypocricy in ur arguments. Cause #noprinciple
  22. Clevfan4life

    Pretty scummy accusation

    here you go little steven, the woman who had "irrefutable" photographic evidence on Franken....on why she didn't immediately come forward. "I wanted to shout my story to the world with a megaphone to anyone who would listen, but even as angry as I was, I was worried about the potential backlash and damage going public might have on my career as a broadcaster." This is why "time" is no longer the absolute disqualifier it at one point may have been. You just have to look at the allegations. I haven't made my mind up about Kavanaugh...honestly your assessment of a "pure" political smear may be right. But I wanna hear from both of em and I def wanna hear from mark judge. Anybody that doesn't want to hear from Judge infront of the senate is essentially acknowledging there's likely something here.
  23. Clevfan4life

    Pretty scummy accusation

    but the woman in Frankens case comes forward 15 or so years later and it's perfectly acceptable. And the reason is....cause he did it. Nobody said we don't wanna hear about no stinking 15 yr old bs. There was a photo, it was irrefutable...he was done. But why, if she had that photo...did it take her so long steve? Could it be this issue is murkier than your infantile little mind can handle? There's any plethora of reasons why women don't come forward. If there's no pedigree to the accusations tho, im inclined to lean toward the man in these cases unless it's like a deluge of cosby women who all relate the same story of feelin funny after Dr Huxtable put a drink in their hands. These claims may not be completely unsubstantiated either. We could get to the bottom of that if republicans would put Mark Judge infront of the senate. Are they doing that stevee?