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  1. Just horrible throws. Those throws were not on scheme, those were horribly executed throws that predictably led to int's. But we also had another couple killer drops. I mean some of these throws our wr's are dropping are perfect crisp spirals coming from kizer. I mean just beautiful balls. Maybe thats the problem, when balls are that perfect the wr thinks its an automatic catch and starts thinking about his next move before the ball is in his hands. I just dunno. Watching the bangals gsme im seeing dalton in such perfect sync with his receivers, its nice to watch
  2. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/outrageous-gretchen-carlson-and-others-react-to-new-bill-oreilly-revelation/ar-AAtS9wU?li=BBnbfcL 32 million!!! Holy fukking shhhhiiiitttttt this dude is helpless. Id like to know who the lucky recipient of 32 million dollars was. Im utterly stunned that FOX jept this jabroni on staff for as long as they did. This guy must be worse than weinstein "and thats sayin somethin"
  3. Joe tore his tricep....

    I could see the shudder in his tricep in the slow mo replay. This sucks. We are going to HATE drango at LT. Get ready for o line misery like we havent exp in a couple years. Before at least the fuk u in the mouth pressure would come from the qb's field of vision, now its done....our qb is gonna get smoked every week from the blind side. and somehow this tricep injury will be hues fault at years end
  4. Not so fast on the NFL qb draft train for next year

    Saquons one of the best rb's ive seen in college in awile. Not sure he blocka as good as zeke but as far as running goes, saquons better than zeke
  5. Kizer partied Friday Night

    These wr's arent bringing ANY free agent qb here next year. No chance. Cousins isnt coming here to bounce balls off clev browns wr's actual ballsacks
  6. Kizer partied Friday Night

    Yeah im done with this kid after hearing this. The week after u get benched and two days after the coach announces u get ur job back, ur out drinking? God dam stay at home play Shmucking xbox, invite some football groupies over....whatever. Just dont be out. What dumbass kid watched the manziel fiasco here and diesnt get it?
  7. Joe tore his tricep....

    I dont remember too many names but for the last coyple drafts i was saying we needed to draft one of these high ranked tackles cause we desperately needed a RT but also as JT's eventual replacement. A tackle has been #1-3 on my depth chart for a while now. In 2016 i wanted bosa but would have been good with conklin or tunsil. Not sure how gasmask tunny is doing but we saw conklin today ar RT
  8. You must choose: Podesta/Sashi or Cowher

    I dont want cowher as the coach, but front office? Yes. Only reason i dont want him as coach is that he has a diff def scheme so we'd have to restart the def yet again.
  9. The int's are what killed us today

    Playing 8-9 in the box means they were respecting/trying to shut down the run game hoorta. U know that right?
  10. Hue most likely gone now....

    Disaster. Im sorry ghoolie but ur wrong. The only way ill even entertain the idea is if the caveatbis keeping williams. The def is actually building something and im not even slightly keen on another scheme shakeup. Even u have to admit this defense, while not world beaters...is actually not half bad. They didnt let henry and murray run all over them. The secondary is making some plays too. Thats been a pleasant surprise to me. Starting over next year "again"? Nope. No interest. We need to add veterans at some key positions, like DE...but all in all u have to admit that in just 7 games williams has built something serviceable. The defense actually looks like an nfl defense.
  11. Ok are we done with hogan now?

    Dude has no arm talent. He's putting air under the ball constantly because he has no ability to drive the football. He sucks. If im gonna watch 3 int's in one half id rather watch kizer maje em so we KNOW we have to draft a QB #1
  12. Oh i dont give a Shmuck anout obama. See obama never called himself the worlds smartest ngr. Trump had. Trump has claimed numerous times he was tops in his class. He implied an iq contest between him and tillerson would not go well for the secretary of st. Aaannndddd now we know yet another public claim is a bald faced lie. But frankly i didnt need anybody to confirm that. When i read about trump getting into steaks and trying to sell them through an electronics outlet, i knew this was the dumbest motherfukker going. His daddy was the only reason wharton admitted him
  13. Flushed down the toilet. http://www.thedp.com/article/2017/02/trump-academics-at-wharton http://www.bluedotdaily.com/trump-brags-of-his-high-iq-and-being-first-in-my-class-so-we-checked-the-deans-list/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=PA&utm_campaign=facebook_PA http://thegrio.com/2017/02/22/trump-first-in-his-class-claim-debunked/
  14. Black and Orange Spirit Day!

    What students find halloween "difficult"? Ill bet theres some orthodox christian fsmilies behind this. Halloween is a liberal holiday anyway so something tells me this isnt nothin to do with liberals.
  15. Joe tore his tricep....

    Yup, drango's a bum out at LT. Ive been yelling for 2-3 yeats now to take a tackle high in the draft to start at RT but groom to take over joes spot. Sadly i dont think we did that. That tri tear may take joe sometime to heal from, he might just retire. I mean whats the point of rehabbing ur butt off to cone back to this?
  16. Joe tore his tricep....

    Anything official yet on joe?
  17. Kessler back in

    Yup, hue told kizer to overthrow a wide open rec.
  18. ***Official Browns Vs. Titans Game Day Thread***

    No he wont. He's going to have 2-3 picks before halftime then kessler will come in and add another 1-2. Hogan sucks. Kizer sucks. Kessler sucks. They all suck. Is 7 games not enough for u to see that?
  19. ***Official Browns Vs. Titans Game Day Thread***

    Bengals suck now if u havent noticed
  20. Kessler back in

    Kessler sucks. Our backups need to have some semblance of parity with kizers arm or the timing is just too different
  21. You must choose: Podesta/Sashi or Cowher

    Cowher could be the beer guy in the stands and win us a game just by his presence
  22. Hue most likely gone now....

    Nobodys coming inabd changing this in a year, so enough just stop this
  23. And how good was that 3-4 llast year with those two? And the year before and the year befire that? Yeah thats what i thought....
  24. https://m.ranker.com/list/how-jesus-became-white/elle-tharp
  25. How jesus became a cracker...

    So good im not sure its photoshop. Can we snopes this? Is there a snopes about trump taking bbc?