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  1. Clevfan4life

    ***Browns Vs. Lions Preseason Game Night Thread***

    That detroit punter proly gon be lookin for a new j o b on monday
  2. Clevfan4life

    ***Browns Vs. Lions Preseason Game Night Thread***

    that dude puts the ball into tge troposphere for 50 yds and also makes a form tackle at the end.....how did this fall into our laps?
  3. Clevfan4life

    ***Browns Vs. Lions Preseason Game Night Thread***

    jesus that tackle by gillum.....he'd better get the job
  4. Clevfan4life

    Hot Canadian Bacon

    ha! a photoshop within a photoshop.....nice. You know whats not photoshopped?.......melania's size 12's lookin like she's ready to go #NoTouchbacks on sundays....☕
  5. Clevfan4life

    Hot Canadian Bacon

    cmon DH, tell me why the FBI would give a shit about my pc......☕
  6. Clevfan4life

    Avery on the Bubble?

    thats, actually..........interesting, hmmm🤔
  7. Clevfan4life

    Hot Canadian Bacon

    oh they would? and why would that be?
  8. Clevfan4life

    Hot Canadian Bacon

    #DonaldCuck. ☕
  9. Clevfan4life

    Hot Canadian Bacon

    oh man...ive got a pickler for everyone, a real conundrum....what pisses off donald cuck more, knowing his wife or his daughter wants to toss that commie salad??? i think i know, but who knows?
  10. Clevfan4life

    Hot Canadian Bacon

    say donald cuck 10 times fast.....
  11. Clevfan4life

    Hot Canadian Bacon

    god that photo is so cringy, donald cuck anyone? ☕
  12. Clevfan4life

    Hot Canadian Bacon

    well we know this guy agrees with u...
  13. right. That dude should still be double teamed on every play. Was good see Carl getting all 1st team reps for them....shoukd benefit him playing next to Suh
  14. i aint bothered by people not buying into.the Browns....cause they still got shit to prove. Just hate seeing cleveland get shit on. Im tired of seeing cleveland played out like this...
  15. Clevfan4life

    Hot Canadian Bacon

    if seibert doesnt work out maybe we can bring in melania for a workout.....she looks she could kick it over a mountain uncle rico style..