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  1. Do u know how ma y times you've podted about mysterious flights, flight patterns, volume of flights etc,etc? Always like something mysterious and nefarious is going on?
  2. Clevfan4life

    Mueller Report Expected Next Week

    "Just like". And no, the mueller investigation wasnt remotely silly no matter how hard u try to portray it as such
  3. Clevfan4life

    Mueller Report Expected Next Week

    You cant tell me there was nothing there nor i can tell u there was with 100% certainty. Thats what ive been tryi g to brow beat into u noobs simple skulls fir over 2 years now. Nobe of us knew anything. Theres things mueller investigated that nobe of us have any idea about. And they're already telling people that alot if what mueller investigated MAY NEVER EVER BE divulged TO ANYONE because it didnt lead to the charge of collusion. Mueller may very well have found serious financial improprieties on trumps begalf and he had to investigate that to see if russians were involved. Thats not unreasonable to look into. But its also not discloseable if mueller found nothing there pertaining to "russian collusion". Trump prob bullshitted his way through the business world for decades as people have accused him of long before he was a republican. Mueller may have found proof of it, but if no russuans came along and helped him in exchange for becoming a russian asset....than that info can never and will never come out because it would firever taint the role of special prosecutors. Why is this so hard for u all to wrap ur heads around? And beleive me when i say schiff can fuck himself if he's now claiming mueller wasnt thorough enough. The dems wanted all of trumps dirty laundry aired no matter what it was, aint gonna happen. So whatever muellers report says, hey thats that. But also understand what ur reading and hearing about what muellers report might say is also nonsense. Utter nonsense. Only mueller knows what its going to say. And any dem or rep mouthpieces tgat claim they have an inside scoop.....go livk their assholes i dont care. They're just guessing. Its a 50/50 toss of the coin. Theres no "partial collusion". I frankly barely give a shit anymore because Hillary would have been president otherwise.
  4. Clevfan4life

    Some Won't Give Trump Credit For Anything

    Did i read right that trump planned to not allow lbgt people counted in the 2020 census? Sooo, does that writer not have a point that using gay rights to undermine iran specifically....as that german ambassador is apparently doing, kind if a cynical ploy by Trump who we "know" has flaming small boner for iran?
  5. Clevfan4life

    Mueller Report Expected Next Week

    What was so hard for u jabronis to understand? Whatever the findings of muellers report is, the investigation had to happen....there was too much there for it not to. This is the office of the presudent of the united states. And all of u can rest assured in the future when it smells like the chinese decided it was their turn to run an american president and get a dem elected....ur ole boy clevfan will have zero issue with that investigation and will chide any liberals who cry about it now that its one of theirs. You all just continually amaze me with ur hyper partisan horseshit. If sasha and malia had entertained some chinese nationals linked to chinese intelligence....holy shitballs u guys would have shat in ur hands and smeared it on the walls.
  6. Im sorry, i dont mean to trivialize this at all.....i just made it to the part where he had blumenthals name written as "senator blumenjew" on his hit list. And now i gotta go hit a squat workout and im not sure hiw thats gonna go. 😂😂
  7. Clevfan4life

    This might be baldwins funniest snl open yet....

    Its 100% true if obama were white people would have been a bit more critical of him. But fact still is Trump lies on purpose weekly. He's fully cognizant and he does it fir effect. And the reason he does it is not very flattering towards his followers....he has to use hyperbolic language and vastly exaggerated facts and figures to get his points across to his uneducated base. If he didnt do so, normal facts and fugures THAT WOULD STILL BOLSTER HIS CASE, would fall on deaf ears because his base isbt aware of some simple casic concepts. Thats why 90% of all people coming across the southern border are rapists.....because its the only way he can reach his base.
  8. Clevfan4life

    Anybody seen tape of this dk metcalf kid?

    "Maybe" a corner. Front 7 guys im not seeing shit fall to us except possibly dexter i cost myself the ncaa champ lawrence.....who ofc id take in a heartbeat.
  9. Clevfan4life

    The Combine

    I always make sure to watch the 40's....dont care about how fast they run, just wanna see who's bouncing the most pipe all the way down the strip. Those guys shoot right to the top of my draftboard......🍵
  10. Clevfan4life

    Anybody seen tape of this dk metcalf kid?

    Obj isnt coming to clev no matter how cool baker is. Obj is not a cleveland kind of guy. Not knocking his skill, but he's a man diva.....look at his oroblems in new fucking york when he doesnt get his way. U think he's not gonna salt the whole lockeroom when the ball stops coming his way a few games?
  11. Clevfan4life

    Cap Space Predictions ....

    Problem with houston is, the chiefs are tooen to trading him cause they're worried he's an ill fit for their new 4-3. Speaks and Ford are apparently better fits....so why bring him into our 4-3 when we already gace avery as that sub package olb'er at a 5th round rookie contract vs houstons ginormous contract?
  12. Clevfan4life

    Cap Space Predictions ....

    Thats interesting....any valid source to that?
  13. Clevfan4life

    Anybody seen tape of this dk metcalf kid?

    Thats a comparison of metcalf to asron fucking donald. Yeah, might have to pass on metcalf cause he's clearly combine hyping and prob taking shit
  14. Clevfan4life

    Anybody seen tape of this dk metcalf kid?

    https://mobile.twitter.com/12upSport/status/1095051539113275393?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1095051539113275393&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.12up.com%2Fposts%2F6294241-ole-miss-wide-receiver-dk-metcalf-looks-absurdly-jacked-in-latest-pre-draft-workout-photo https://mobile.twitter.com/12upSport/status/1095051539113275393/photo/2
  15. Clevfan4life

    Anybody seen tape of this dk metcalf kid?

    Is he the dude on the left? Holy shitballs thats more than 225lbs. That kind of muscle on a 6'4 frame is easily 260 if he has any legs and ass whatsoever. Dear lord, he shames Gordon.