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  1. so cal is really suggestingbthat without the bible we wouldnt know murder was bad? people could just shank each other on tge street for no reason?
  2. what would those expanded checks have entailed?
  3. so testy when u get straw manned huh? except im not really sure tgsts what i did.....i seem to recall some wordage from you about there being no substantial difference between unions and marriage....☕
  4. at some point in the past u did. Im under no obligations to provide citations to strawman steven from the west side.... 😁☕
  5. i can pull up decades old video of ur religious leaders decrying tge fuck out of civil unions. I mean understand woody and guys his age prob dont rem this debste from the late 80's and early 90's....but u had ur shot at civil unions. The lbgt community lobbied for civil unions since the 60's and 70's. But it was too close to actual marriage. I remember u scumbag fuckholes scoffing at civil unions. You CHAFED at visitation rights and tax exemptions because it sounded too much like marriage. Well now thry hsve marriage.....TUFF FUCKING SHIT. You gambled that future gens would remain militantly anti gay everything so u said fuck em. Well turns out we're not that conservative anymore.
  6. Clevfan4life

    Beatoffs war tax.

    orrrrrr, just not get into wars...close all these foreign bases etc,etc.
  7. Clevfan4life

    So who wants in?

    joo lee? omfg. 😂😂😂😂
  8. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/white-supremacist-convicted-of-charlottesville-rally-killing-asked-the-judge-to-reconsider-a-life-sentence-because-of-his-young-age/ar-AADj5uq?li=BBnbfcL cause im white....u only throw dat der book on the colored folk
  9. but thats not polygamy is it? oh btw who do we know thats traded in a wife or two fir a younger model? ☕😁
  10. this ones self regulating....how many men in ur immediate social surroundings routinely lament having to.grow old with only one woman?.how many men do u know as they're being hen pecked at the restaurant table for something trivial, look over at their buddies and say gosh if only i had another 3-4 of those in my life id be set.
  11. Clevfan4life

    Story time . . . Swamp draining (...)

    ahhh, a muslim charter school is outperforming christian ones because it focus's on math/science and doesnt quibble around with ancient norms that get in the way of scientific learning. How do we attack this?
  12. ur an old piece of shit asshole too for bringing up this tired run down trope of a slippery slope argument. Well if we allow two humans of the same sex to marry the next logical step is animals who srent able to understand human culture, because they're animals afterall, and make a willfully informed persobal decision to marry said human. but it was ok in biblical times to marry preteen girls cause u know #(christianity is a hypocritical stain upon the earth)
  13. this is not even remotely like reoerations u stupid old fgt ngr fucker sucker....thats giving credit to certain msrried couples for past tax returns they werent able to.jointly file. This isnt money for anybody that says they're a poofter. God ur a piece of human shit through and through. "Warren introduced a bill last week — called the "Refund Equality Act" — that would permit gay married couple to amend past tax returns to receive the additional tax breaks they would have received had they been allowed to file taxes jointly with their partner.