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  1. Clevfan4life

    Another feather in the cap of Mayfield

    https://www.cleveland.com/browns/2018/12/gregg-williams-digs-baker-mayfields-long-ball-and-has-seen-even-longer-in-practice.html U sure about the arm thing? That first pass of the game convinced me he's got easily the best arm we've had since 99. 62 yds on a med rope, on the money? I mean, maybe weedon tech had the arm for that but it would have landed out of bounds. But coach said in that article they've seen alot longer than 63 yds in practice
  2. So much fail, everyday is fail
  3. Try harder.... smock·ing /ˈsmäkiNG/ noun noun: smocking decoration on a garment created by gathering a section of the material into tight pleats and holding them together with parallel stitches in an ornamental pattern. smock /smäk/ verb gerund or present participle: smocking decorate (something) with smocking. "smocked dresses" Origin Old English smoc ‘woman's loose-fitting undergarment’; probably related to Old English smūgan ‘to creep’ and Old Norse smjúga ‘put on a garment, creep into.’ The use of the verb as a needlework term dates from the late 19th century. Translate smocking to
  4. unbelievable, the deposition footage..i mean wtf? read fucking print. Never heard of nor saw Trump wearing glasses....I think he's dyslexic. And he's too much of a fragile little pussy to say "im dyslexic, but look..dyslexic people can become billionaires".
  5. I've never doubted our starters. It's our roation im concerned with as well as what Williams is going for on some of the things he's doing with the starters.
  6. how much of that do you think is directly related to Baker and this offense that can stay on the field? And ur point about mccaffrey is right on, they had to move away from him because Baker was moving the ball. You can't argue that Mccaffrey was seeing some huge holes. Props to Schobert tho, he saved a couple long runs after the edge had failed.
  7. and what none of you can challenge is that it really does look like Trump thought he could keep working on real estate deals as potus. I mean you guys really think this dude is so smart? After numerous people have left that admin and explicitly telling people he's an idiot?
  8. you gotta be fucking kidding me, some of this shit happened well after the initial reports of Russian meddling. Trump and his people, for some reason I simply cannot fathom, just simply didn't listen to the American govt when they told them this shit is not kosher. Remember when the initial reports were met with the apology "oh they're new to this they ddidn't know better"?? rem that? So apparently they also don't listen well. And the report Friday explicitly states there's shit from 2017 AND this year. Im completely vexed. Utterly. By the time the transition team took over this should have been over and done with, but to have things being investigated from the last two years? Are you fucking kidding? If Trump is a serious customer a missive goes out that anyone in this admin found to even look at a Russian sideways without passing it by the proper channels is doneso.
  9. 1. Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort attended the June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower with a group of Russians who were said to have dirt on Hillary Clinton. He also met with and emailed Konstantin Kilimnik, his Russian business associate who is suspected of having ties to Russian intelligence, according to court records. 2. Senior Trump campaign official Rick Gates was also in communication during the campaign with Kilimnik, who has suspected ties to Russian intelligence, according to court records. 3. Former national security adviser Michael Flynn exchanged phone calls and text messages with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the Trump transition. He also was with White House senior adviser and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner when they met Kislyak in Trump Tower during the transition. 4. Trump's son Donald Trump Jr. attended the June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower. Around that time, he had at least three phone calls with Emin Agalarov, the Russian pop star who helped arrange the meeting. Trump Jr. also was briefly introduced to Russian banker Alexander Torshin at a dinner during the National Rifle Association convention. Federal prosecutors said in 2018 that Torshin was the handler of alleged Russian spy Maria Butina. 5. White House senior adviser Jared Kushner also attended the Trump Tower meeting. During the transition, he met Kislyak and Russian state banker Sergey Gorkov. 6. Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos met a few times with Kremlin-connected professor Joseph Mifsud and a Russian woman who falsely claimed to be Vladimir Putin's niece. He was also in touch with Ivan Timofeev, a Russian foreign policy analyst. 7. Former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page met Kislyak during the Republican convention. He also met Russian lawmakers and an executive from the Kremlin-run oil company Rosneft during trips to Russia in July and December 2016. 8. Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions had two meetings with Kislyak during the campaign. The first was on the sidelines of the Republican convention. The second was in his Senate office in Washington in September 2016. 9. Trump campaign official JD Gordon also met Kislyak during the Republican National Convention. He says he spoke with Kislyak at two separate events. 10. Former Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone met a Russian man in May 2016 who called himself Henry Greenberg and offered dirt on Clinton for $2 million. Stone also exchanged private Twitter messages with Russian intelligence operatives posing as the hacker Guccifer 2.0. 11. Former Trump campaign aide Michael Caputo was also in touch with the Russian man who went by Hank Greenberg. Caputo said he helped arrange Greenbeg's meeting with Stone. 12. Trump associate Erik Prince met with Russian state banker Kirill Dmitriev during a controversial January 2017 trip to the Seychelles. Prince told Congress that they discussed business. 13. White House official Avi Berkowitz, who has served as Kushner's personal assistant, met with Kislyak during the Trump transition. 14. Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen was in touch with at least two Russian companies during the campaign that wanted to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. He had a 20-minute phone call with someone from the office of Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov about the project, according to court filings. And he spoke to a Russian man who claimed to have influential connections and offered "political synergy" with the Trump campaign, according to court filings. 15. White House senior adviser Ivanka Trump was in contact with the wife of the Russian who offered "synergy" to Cohen. Her spokesman confirmed that she received an email and passed it along to Cohen. 16. Trump business associate Felix Sater, who previously worked with Trump on real estate deals, was in touch with Russians as he worked with Cohen on the Trump Tower Moscow project.
  10. pointing out corruption isn't being "offended"...it's pointing out corruption.
  11. nope....https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/president-trump-defends-payments-to-women-as-private-transaction/ar-BBQKEQi?li=BBnb7Kz it's always a private matter when one of their people is hoowerrr lovin, lovin the hooweerrss
  12. didn't they also prove one the OJ cops had some racist shit in his history? Did that fact change what we all know?
  13. one violation is an accounting error, still an error tho……...and the other is...…….hooore hush money.
  14. "The major sticking point for the FEC appeared to be a series of missing 48-hour notices for nearly 1,300 contributions totaling more than $1.8 million — an issue that lawyers familiar with the commission’s work say the FEC takes seriously. The notices must be filed on contributions of $1,000 or more that are received within the 20-day window of Election Day." yup, that's totally the same thing as using campaign funds to pay off hoores. You take yourself seriously mate?