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  1. dont u love how touchy these old drunks get when one besmirches their choice of addiction......with uncomfortable factoids?
  2. its so adorable when someone ur age tries to use the word "pimping" in a sentence. As for that blatant west side strawman......pass. ☕
  3. Clevfan4life

    Josh Gordon reinstated again

    oh i agree jimmy.needs a "wtf" press conference dedicated specifically to this imbalance.
  4. oh really? https://lmgtfy.com/?q=dickish+cocksucking+asshole&p=1&iie=1
  5. he legitimately called out obama for supporting tge guevara regime in cuba......the stupidity of that cannot be calculated and it frankly mskes me uncomfortable to even think about. Theres people this dumb in my teams fanbase......
  6. Clevfan4life

    Josh Gordon reinstated again

    normally id agree but im a little miffed here as to the lack of severity in the punishment this time when the only variable is the jersey. Is goodell like well the "tuff love" approach didn't work so let's fondle his nuts maybe that'll teach him!! wtf? man this league is so dirty....
  7. Clevfan4life

    Some hope for Woody and Clevis

    j-ninja droppin some art of war shit in here now.
  8. and don't think I've forgotten how you thought the Obama admin colluded with Che Guevara. Uh huh. Right.
  9. ur a complete Retard. Just as you think, in ur own mind ofc, that you've finally got one on me...…...well...…………….not really.
  10. ur stupid gorka you just are. And I prove it literally almost daily. A simple internet check on so many things would save you so much embarrassement. Sure, Greenland could be bought...if Greenland decided to sell itself. The U.S could theoretically be bought too if we all agreed to the sale. Moron.
  11. "But Greenland’s population remained majority Inuit, and in 1979 they successfully obtained “home rule” from Denmark, meaning most domestic affairs were handled by the Greenland government rather than from Copenhagen. In 2009, Greenland’s voters approved the Self-Government Act, a transition plan to have all power except for foreign affairs and defense transferred to Greenland locally. "
  12. u tried to make the point that "green" land was once green and we all know it's a frozen wasteland....well....you thought so. Because you're a moron. An illiterate undereducated boob. There's nothing particularly noteworthy of the Vikings calling the land they decided to stay on, "Greenland". Because it's green where they were. It's actually quite stunning. I completely empathize with their politicians coming out the last few days and plainly stating they want no part of selling to the U.S.
  13. you really thought you had some kind of "gotcha" there earlier didn't you?
  14. so, yet again...it's back to the big board...are you not getting tired of this? Ah well...here we go. So those norse settlements, where were they? "From 986, Greenland's west coast was settled by Icelanders and Norwegians, through a contingent of 14 boats led by Erik the Red. They formed three settlements—known as the Eastern Settlement, the Western Settlement and the Middle Settlement—on fjords near the southwesternmost tip of the island" So the settled in the southwest? Hmmmm, I wonder fucking why? Could it be cause it's fucking beautiful? " outh Greenland The southern tip of the island gives Greenland its color, with lush green pastures and mountains surrounding cities such as Qaqortoq, Nanortalik, and Narsarsuaq, which as the northernmost of the region's major destinations sees temperatures nearing 60 degrees Fahrenheit (16 degrees Celsius) in July and only gets down to 12 F (11 below 0 C) in January. Climbing and kayaking, not to mention the green valleys, make summer a good time to visit South Greenland.
  15. cool story rosebud. Nothing to do with the ngr fgt talking about buying an autonomous province of Denmark.