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  1. Clevfan4life

    So much winning...

    click the link lazy boy....
  2. btw if the gonzakez case happened today repu licans would be all about sending the kid back. this is all hyper partisan horsesht
  3. want that kid being taken back to their legal guardian? one of the parents back in cuba filed a grievance that the other parent took the child illegally and snuck into the u.s. its not quite the same kind of situation
  4. Clevfan4life

    anyone own a 10mm semi auto?

    yeah ive already settled on the g40 but i have to find a place to shoot it first. or at least the g20 which should feel very similiar
  5. Clevfan4life

    anyone own a 10mm semi auto?

    i wish they made a 10mm american. love that gun.
  6. Clevfan4life

    So much winning...

    now theres a mother fukker that knows what the fuk is up with both parties in washington
  7. Clevfan4life

    So much winning...

    "President Trump’s planned 25 percent tariff on steel imports and 10 percent tariff on aluminum imports may provide a temporary boost for those industries, but the tariffs will do tremendous long-term damage to the American and global economies. Tariffs raise the price of, and reduce demand for, imported goods. Tariffs ensure the preferences of politicians, instead of the preferences of consumers, to determine how resources are allocated. This reduces economic efficiency and living standards. Some justify these economic inefficiencies as being worth it to save American jobs. This ignores how tariffs increase costs of production for industries reliant on imported materials to produce their products. These increased costs lead to job losses in those industries. For example, President Trump’s proposed steel tariff could cost nearly 40,000 jobs in the steel-dependent auto manufacturing industry. Tariffs also cause job losses in industries reliant on exports. This is especially true if — as is likely to be the case — other countries respond to President Trump’s actions by increasing tariffs on US products. Many of President Trump’s critics do not themselves support true free trade, which is the voluntary exchange of goods and services across borders. Instead, they support the managed (by government) trade of NAFTA and the World Trade Organization (WTO). NAFTA and the WTO promote world government and crony capitalism, not free markets. Any libertarian or free-market conservative who thinks the WTO promotes economic liberty should remember that the WTO once ordered Congress to raise taxes! Foreign manufacturers may make convenient scapegoats for the problems facing US industry. However, the truth is that most of the problems plaguing American businesses stem from the US government. American businesses are burdened by thousands of federal regulations controlling every aspect of their operations. The tax system also burdens businesses. Until last year’s tax reform bill, the US had the highest corporate tax rates in the developed world. The tax reform bill lowered corporate taxes, but the US corporate tax rate is still higher than that of many other developed countries. The United States not only spends more on military weapons than the combined budgets of the next eight biggest spending countries, but also spends billions subsidizing the defense of developed counties like Germany, Japan, and South Korea. Bringing US troops home from these countries is an excellent place to start reducing spending on militarism. The biggest cause of our economic problems is the Federal Reserve. America’s experiment with fiat currency has enabled a system based on private and public debt. This makes trade imbalances inevitable as the US government needs foreign investors to purchase its debt. Foreign investors get the money to purchase the US government’s debt by selling products to American consumers. A trade war could cause foreign investors to stop buying US debt instruments and could end the dollar’s world reserves currency status. This would cause a major economic crisis — but at least it would stop our shores from being flooded with “cheap foreign goods.” President Trump’s claim that trade wars can be easily won is as credible as the neoconservative claim that the Iraq War would be a cakewalk. A trade war would likely push the global economy into a recession or worse. Instead of imposing costs on American businesses and consumers and putting those whose livelihoods depend on imports out of s job, President Trump should address the real causes of our economic problems: the welfare-warfare state, the IRS, and the Federal Reserve."
  8. Clevfan4life

    So much winning...

    so heres a guy who factually and demonstrably knows more about the economy and trade than trump...and this is not a liberal. http://www.ronpaulinstitute.org/archives/featured-articles/2018/march/12/tariffs-are-not-the-answer/
  9. Clevfan4life

    So much winning...

    no ur right, which is why i preceded with "im no expert" and i fully acknowledge i dont know the overall plan. but i do know a bit more than the basucs vecause it was part of my degree. agaon, not an expert. heres the problem though, i have close personal friebds in economics and finance....who are not liberals so there goes ur first objection. second, what we've seen from the trump administration so far is a revolving door. he assured us from the beginning that he's got all the best people in place and all the best people wanna come work for him. yet he gets rid of these people at a pace never seen before and their replacements then get replaced, when is it going to end? that famous picture now of trump with merkle, who's next to trump but bolton....who's trumps national security adviser not his econ guy which is kudlow. why bton was there and not kudlow...u got me. i know enough to smell a guy who's "wingin it"
  10. Clevfan4life

    So much winning...

    no offense because this stuff aint common knowledge, but i dont think u undetstand nearly enough about this to fully grasp the consequences. like it or not we've laid a bed rock to our economy on these trade deals. i dont like alot of em, i agree "in theory" with alot of what trump says about our trade structure. ive said this numerous times that its about fukking time a president deals with this. i was all onboard with playing hardball with china.....but what i would consider sheer unadulterated madness is starting ww3 in trade. u deal with one trade block at a time. i cant conceive of a beneficial outcome to starting a trade war with every single trading partner we have. we'll lose our leverage. china is going to see the tariffs that canada, mexico, the entire EU, the mars colony's etc,etc....put on us and they'll say to themselves we can wait the u.s out because they're going to get hammered by everyone else. does that make sense? and in the meantime short term what this insterstellar trade war is going to do to us might cause massive perturbations in our standard of living. if those countries band together and threaten the u.s dollar as the reserve what u think u have saved up in the bank right now will get hit like the hindenberg. prices will not immediately adjust. u ready to go a few days without food steve? u dont look like a guy kin to missing too many meals know what i mean?
  11. Clevfan4life

    So much winning...

    "careful" is a minor aspect to a plan that could potentially affect over a 100m people? what?🤨
  12. Clevfan4life

    So much winning...

    yes, "strategic" tariffs. not sure they were ever for an all out trade war like trump is fixin for. im no expert but it seems the time for such a war was decades ago when we had more leverage. with burgeoning consumer markets in parts asia,india and perhaps russia....alot of these countries could potentially say fuk u donald and dump their products elsrwhere. the world doesnt "need" the u.s economy quite like it used to. if he's not careful he could blow us up harder than any russian nuke
  13. ooohhhkkkkaayyyy now we're getting somewhere. theres "allegedly" slamdunk info that conclusively and decisevly links hillaey and huma to sex crimes against children. awesome....tgat means she'll be in jail shortly. ill be watching this one jabf. at some point, if this endless train of bullsht continues...someones gonna turn this over to the fbi and they'll know pretty quick if ur a rooskie trollfarmer
  14. Clevfan4life

    Trump's North Korean "Deal"

    well technically hillary was right IF the object was to get what we want out of the deal. if thw object was to give kim jong a long sloppy blohjob on global tv....than no, tweets are sufficient
  15. 5 years for voting. i get it, they dont allow felons to vote. fine. if this was her 2nd or third strike id be like whatever. that we have one state tgat will throw the mother fcking book at a black woman for voting and another state gave a white trump voter (im just assuming that but it really doesnt matter who she voted for) a $750 fine for voting twice......i mean this has to be fake news. i simply dont do not live in such a shtstain of a country. this isnt some sub 3rd world shthole this must be bullsht