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  1. u know why peta is silent about this jabf? cause its nonsense thats why. "A number of speakers denounced rumors about the event, including false claims the prayer service would feature animal sacrifices." its open to the public, people of all faiths. Do u think they're going to wheel out the goats and start slittin throats? srsly, you'll post anything. This right here pretty much seals the deal on ur sources. These Q anon slurpers. They delibrrately post inflammatory bullsht and u nearly trip over urself running to post it here. are u going to admit now that ur being larped out of ur underoos by these people? They literally think so little of their followers intelligence....they know none of u will spend 5 seconds researching anything. It literally took me that long to see an article by a guy saying nobody sacrificing animals in a public event. And now im qyestioning whether animal sacrifice is even part of the eid celebration. But in any case, u fukkers know its about abraham right? and abraham was a fukking animal sacrificer right? Its all old test horsesht
  2. some of u fawkers really were around the last time the browns were champs.
  3. Clevfan4life

    Is this one of our members?

    its a troll u shitcunts.
  4. Maxine waters body of work < Alex Jone's 10 plus years of vile hate. Sending to people to dead kids parents houses is self explanatory.
  5. they booted him because for his body of work u babbling monkey. I posted the video, the "final straw" of u will....where he teeters on the line of calling for armed insurrection. U wont look at the video, i get it, if u did u'd have to acknowledge the false equivalency ur making to maxine waters. Its been explained to u now countless times. Does someone have to catch u outside and scream it into ur skull with a bullhorn? and u have the unmitigated gall to throw the word illiterate around when you've made a clean living here at the brownsboard misrepresenting one persons position after another. heres the final word, we'll revisit this topic in 10 years in which time maxine waters has started her own website and spent every day of those years expounding on her listebers to threaten, harrass, bully and pitentially take up arms against people she doesnt care for. Until she does that take ur false equivalencies and roll up real good n tight cause they're going right up ur a_sshole. enjoy
  6. go audit basic intro business courses at some online U then get back to me
  7. so is that same standard here ur applying on the colored boys also the same standard u apply to people who short yellow bus it from one end of the country to the other in order to protest some statues being moved?
  8. i dont understand how on one week u come in here positively triggered and spasmed over maxine waters yet can be shown like a decade worth of far far worse sht from alex jones and ur like now wait just a second boys! do u purport to be a decent man or not? cause to the man every center or left guy here was put off by waters. U guys give no fuks tho until someone u like is offended
  9. Clevfan4life

    Guard Play

    we could always put him opposite the d's best pass rusher so he can slap him after every play the dude beats him on. Become the most penalized o line in nfl history
  10. he's an awesome run stopping lb'er but can he grapple with a RT on every down? to me that doesnt seem to be his thing. Sure he xan bring alot of speed to power when he starts 5 yds off the los... but if a RT can get his hands on him right off the snap, u think he can be that every down LDE that has to deal with the RT who is usually the road grading run block type.....??
  11. Clevfan4life

    alex jones done as a folk song.....it's magnificent.

    I mean, that's just gotta be the greatest
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWd6XgBVIcg
  13. so ur doubling down on the stupid? Thank you for at least clarifying you understand what publically traded means. I have a newsflash for you, that CEO and board of directors..with the approval of investors...are the ones making the decisions that you don't agree with. That's why they're still a "private entity". Yes you can own stock in a private free market enterprise...that does not mean the govt owns and operates it. There are certain laws that the govt imposes that private enterprises cannot transgress. Obviously. The political leanings of a social media firm are not regulated. ANd you know what you are free to do? Not use Facebook, twitter etc, etc. You are free to start your own social media exp. As is Alex Jones.
  14. ill give u a minute to collect urself there canton, pls tell me u understand the diff between a "publically traded" company and a publically owned enterprise that would be run by the govt