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  1. Betting odds on HC Firing

    Man, ghoolie....how can u be rooting for browns players to get hurt? I loathed brandon weeden more than any player thats ever played for the browns. But not "personally" loathed him where i wanted to see him hurt....just wanted him benched than cut at earliest convenience. You take shit too far dude even when u have a point. I agree that the browns arent gonna hammer the colts or anyone for that matter.
  2. Dude in seattle wearing swastika gets "rocked"

    U make an awful lot of poignant observations from your archie recliner. ☕️
  3. The Welfare State's Legacy

    So a internet website that is a proponent of the gun industry which has spent hundreds of millions of dollars over many years to keep gunshow rules lax, which is the main funnel of arms into the inner city.....is going to lecture on this particular social issue? Righhhttt. Not 3-4 days ago i learned an acquaintance i knew through some friends who are right wing gun owners, got arrested by the ATF for selling guns to gang members in cleveland. fucking amazing. Its not even a secret that the gun makers get their guns into gangs and drug dealers through gun show purchases.
  4. Haha, trump trolls kim hard at the u.n

    haha kim called him a Dotard. This is getting good.
  5. I thought this was funny

    cal you'd be flaming hot too if some random tart was coming through ur ear piece talking about omg where are we going to go out tonight and be drunken whores...
  6. http://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/espn-host-mocks-sports-analytics-in-epic-rant-about-giants-o-line/ar-AAsiVL7?li=BBnba9I Not sure how the Pythagoram theorem got thrown in there cause it has no relation to sports analytics, but yeah..this is generally how I felt for the last few years listening to cool stories of PFF proficiency from our O line.
  7. http://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/celebrity/kathy-griffin-gets-restraining-order-against-neighbor-jeffrey-mezger-ceo-of-kb-homes/ar-AAsjGT4?li=BBnb2gh she called the cops on young children playing in a pool on a sat night at 8pm. I understand why this dude went off
  8. Dude in seattle wearing swastika gets "rocked"

    Its the last vice i have, i know its wrong....but.......🤥
  9. Dude in seattle wearing swastika gets "rocked"

    Im sure if u threw a pizza at an italian he'd beat ur fucking ass cause........he had pizza all over his armani suit. Then he goes gets his shine box and we dont have to hear from diehard ever again
  10. I thought this was funny

    Omg....felt bad for the dude cause he was legit being fucked with, but omg lmfao. I wonder if he was being trolled?
  11. Dude in seattle wearing swastika gets "rocked"

    Dude welcome to the primate enclosure, pick a spot and camp that shit
  12. Dude in seattle wearing swastika gets "rocked"

    No, it isnt on the way. Nobody thinks eating a banana is racist, throwing a banana at black people is racist. It happens all the time in euro soccer league accompanied by racial epithets
  13. Haha, trump trolls kim hard at the u.n

    Anybody that thinks kellys prolonged body language was because he was tired or annoyed with someone in the silent crowd, is an idiot
  14. Dude in seattle wearing swastika gets "rocked"

    1) You and ur boys here have no leg to stand on when it comes to sources. You dumbfucks will cite ammoland on climate change articles sooooo....yeah. 2) if you processed information like normal people, you'd have caught this sentence...."According to Seattle alt-weekly The Stranger"
  15. Garrett Hurt Already

    How is it his fault when an OL stepped on his ankle? I had a 350lb fat fuck step on my foot twice in a row when i played and i coyldnt feel my foot for a week, it felt broke. And these guys are playing at a far higher level putting far more wear and tear on their bodies. It just happens. The same pansies talking about garretts ankle were here last year chirping bosa and how his pussy hamstrings will never cut it in the nfl. We saw how that panned out so this means nothing.