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  1. Alkid3

    Our Skill Players

    I just noticed a lot of 5'11 players.
  2. Alkid3

    OBJ tweet today

    Everyone needs that every now and then. Good for him.
  3. Alkid3

    Bengals fans taking OBJ trade well...

    Hahaha Dalton one of the greats??? Get the fuck outta here.
  4. I know there was a point in time when Duke was the only player we had that was good but Duke isnt that good. He fumbles. 🤷🏽‍♂️
  5. Alkid3

    Browns Win-Loss predictions

    10-6. Win the North
  6. Alkid3

    Richardson knock on effect

    No I think that line is legit. But BPA does sure
  7. Alkid3

    Where is ghoulie?

    This is probably the funniest you've ever been. I guess you're trending upward.
  8. Alkid3

    Where is ghoulie?

    I believe you. I'm sure theres a lot of people here you suspended just because someone didn't agree with you. I just want to come to a forum where people can talk Browns realistically not dick ride every week on how we are going to blow out every team. I would love for the Browns to go undefeated believe me. And I know you're no expert but c'mon be real.
  9. Alkid3

    Where is ghoulie?

    Struck a cord??? 😂😂😂 point proven.
  10. Alkid3

    Where is ghoulie?

    😂😂😂 says the guy sticking up for his man. Try again bro
  11. Alkid3

    Where is ghoulie?

    I wish there was a thread that said where is Zombo. That guy gets butt hurt real fast. Lol
  12. Alkid3

    You know what's really going to suck???

    Conner is nowhere near as good as Bell. And nobody knows how well the Bengals coach will do.
  13. Alkid3

    Jarvis Landry headed to pro bowl

    Colquitt Mayfield Chubb Zeitler Named as alternates too
  14. What does that make 5?