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  1. Kenny Britt - Congrats!

    Hahaha. Kenny effen Britt going to be a super bowl champ.
  2. Should the Browns be looking at another TE?

    Not as a priority.
  3. Why not Minkah at #1

    Only if we get a get qb. Personally minkah over saquan.
  4. New WR Coach Hired

    really?! Haha wow. Good catch.
  5. New WR Coach Hired

    Kasen Williams is gone.
  6. Yes when it's the browns... yes.
  7. Tabor On The Move

    Shame to see him go. But special teams was cheeks this year.
  8. He played good. I don't think you can have another player miss so much time and get added to a sorry butt team with a sorry butt qb and still perform well. Obviously he had some rust and chemistry issues but by far was the best player on the field for us.
  9. Crowell

    We got nothing... we all know what we got... the answer is nothing. Let him walk he wants a New contract playing like that? Nah I'm good. Sign a 5th rounder rb and he'll be better.
  10. Crowell

    Trash... if he walks oh well. Duke is waaaaaay better.
  11. I thought Zane would be good. But you're right. Every time we set up for a kick I feel like he's going to miss...
  12. Kenny Britt

    finally. Kenny Britt was trash.
  13. Dorsey Hired

    This means Kevin Hogan will start. Hahahaha. Just kidding before the Hogan nut huggers think it's true
  14. 2017 BROWNS MOVIE - who is cast?

    Hahaha... Kevin Hogan can be played by the board member who won't let go of his sack...