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  1. Alkid3

    Why 49ers games is Browns to WIN OR LOSE

    I agree. 49ers haven't beat anyone special. Theres a lot of teams who got exposed for having an easy schedule... like the Cowboys. After all there is still 5 winless teams.
  2. Alkid3

    This Week in the AFC North

    Lol what is your record on these things I'm super curious.
  3. Alkid3

    Browns 49ers Trivia/survey...short list

    2. Garcia and Mccoy?
  4. Alkid3

    How bad do the Browns destroy 49ers?

    Baker understand that he has to be amped up for every game. 🥴
  5. Alkid3

    Anyone Else Going to The San Fran game?

    I wanted to go. But I think the bar here in the Fresno area should be fine.
  6. Alkid3

    Oh Noes, Garret and OBJ suck..

    Absolutely. Fuck it. Let them say we suck.
  7. Alkid3

    Baltimore Sucks

    I cosign this post. 😂😂😂
  8. I like the term ratfuckers lol and yes they lost so many pieces.
  9. Alkid3

    "I play better when I'm fired up"

    So many things go into why we won. You really gotta make a post about him being fired up this game and not the other ones? Smh enjoy the win man.
  10. Alkid3

    ***Ravens VS Browns Gameday Thread***

    Its time... "Finish them"
  11. Alkid3

    ***Ravens VS Browns Gameday Thread***

    How we looking can't watch it this week. 😔