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  1. Mad cuz lost? Do you need a safe space?
  2. When George Soros quits paying them money, maybe they can go get a job and become a productive member of society.
  3. Truth about Trump protests https://youtu.be/1d9lm-T87AQ
  4. letsgojackets

    Absolutely Effing Furious

    At this point I don't care how bad we shit the bed. We need to keep everyone together for 5 years. Seems dumb but we can absolutely not hit the reset button again.
  5. letsgojackets

    Why McCown for Kessler

    Forgive my stupidity but aren't the balls different? The ncaa ball is smaller right?
  6. letsgojackets

    Why McCown for Kessler

    Delete Delete Delete
  7. letsgojackets

    Why McCown for Kessler

    I'm starting to feel really bad guys...
  8. letsgojackets

    Friggin Hue Jackson

    Are we seriously shitting on Hue fucking 6 weeks in? You gotta think he has to think a little outside the box because we don't matchup well with anybody let alone zero depth everywhere.
  9. letsgojackets

    Haden Doubtful...

    I think he was very good at shutting down the other teams 1 albeit he's a tad overrated or atleast was but he's never on the field anymore and when he has a bad game he doesn't play the next week.
  10. letsgojackets

    No Rick Vaughn

    I'm not asking him to raise my kids just throw a pitch but anywho. Thome should obviously be the first great to throw. Who else? What about Belle, Baegra, Alomar Jr, Lofton's probably an easy one too.
  11. letsgojackets

    WE DID IT!

    I've got a disease called achalasia that I had surgery for and I can't really drink anymore because of dehydration. so when I drink it's usually liquor so I can try to catch up with water.
  12. letsgojackets

    No Rick Vaughn

    I think it's pretty shitty he wanted to do it and MLB said no. Can you imagine Wild thing hits and motherfuckin' Rick Vaughn comes out of the bullpen. I get goosebumps just thinking about it. What a missed opportunity.
  13. letsgojackets

    WE DID IT!

    Me too but we have enough negativity with the Browns. They're gonna do it boys.