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  1. tml1138

    Updated Logos Announced Today!

    Funny about the shade of orange, whether it's fan made (like my avatar) or bootleg jerseys, or whatever, the colors always vary. I've seen this shade of orange on lots of Browns paraphernalia, and I've seen it a lot lighter too. So it's not really new to me. The Dawg...uh yeah. He might as well join my 3-year old son's favorite TV show (and use the Nickelodeon shade of orange):
  2. I'm still here and more positive about the Browns than I've ever been. And never thought once this team is dysfunctional. Mud posted earlier examples showing how all the teams deal with stupid bullshit. Browns are no different. They do have an uphill battle thanks to the media trying to put them in a negative light...but it's not there.
  3. tml1138

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    I think he's the only one still here!
  4. tml1138

    Josh McCown let go by the Bucs

    Sounds non-exciting and another textbook QB setup. Veteran FA to either compete or mentor the second-chance, first-round draft question mark, UDFA backup.
  5. tml1138

    OT - Have we seen the last of Tiger Woods?

    My cousin and friend want me to go to a golf outing this year. I can't recall how he explaned it to me, but it's a game where you don't really have to be good to win. I dunno, I went golfing one time in my life when I was in high school, over twenty years ago. I don't even know the correct form to make a swing let alone play at any type of golf outing. Just not my thing.
  6. More proof that the Browns might be going for Mariota?? http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2015/02/11/complaints-begin-about-browns-brazenly-exploiting-loophole/ And if you read the stupid comments, people are quick to call the Browns FO dirty for this.
  7. tml1138

    Rebuilding an offense... again

    This has been thrown around here for a little while now. Sounds like a good idea, and someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe he can be had for reasonable cost.
  8. Ah yes. I forgot about that. I didn't know until I heard it here, well after the fact. I thought we only tried for RG3. But there you go. They declined quickly on an offer of our entire draft. With two first round picks that year to boot.
  9. The only problem I see is, if you have a sure-thing QB like Luck, all 32 teams will clearly see that...if it's that solid. And in a situation like that, the first overall pick isn't going to give it up for anything, not if they need a QB. And this year, Tampa Bay is one of those teams. I don't think Indy would've given their spot up for Luck for anything. Actually, did anyone even try to deal with them on it?
  10. tml1138

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    I don't know if it's good PR. It's definitely damage control. What is also does is spell out that the Browns picked a guy in the first round of an NFL draft...who needs rehab. Ugh.
  11. tml1138

    So what does Cleveland do about Gordon?

    If he's out for a year in everything Browns, don't cut him yet. Costs nothing to hang onto him right now.
  12. tml1138

    Open Letter *from* Josh Gordon

    Small detail, but he's only been of "legal adult age" to take part in the only truly legal drug, alcohol, for two years.
  13. tml1138

    Season Ticket price increase

    Well I just found out my friends tickets, that were $60 last year, are now $80. That's a 33% increase.
  14. tml1138

    Season Ticket price increase

    Me too! I'm not sure what our tickets have increased yet. Haven't got any info yet. They were $45, then $50 after the 2007 year.
  15. tml1138

    The Drive and The Fumble

    I was 12/13 for The Drive/The Fumble. I remember it for sure. During the Drive, when Elway had to start back at the 2, I was like "no problem". But they kept moving the chains and I remember thinking "why can't they stop them??". It was a slo-mo train wreck. The Fumble I took harder. Who didn't, after dealing with the Drive just the year previous? I mean to lose like that two times in a row during AFC Championship game?? I think I pretty much sat back quietly in my bedroom for the rest of the day. I also remember afterwards hearing caused the fumble...Castille...and hating him with a passion. You can bet your ass I was bitterly happy when the Broncos lost all three Super Bowls, particularly those lopsided losses. I also wondered how the Browns would've done against those same teams. No doubt better than that to say the least. I hate Elway, I hate the Broncos, so Peyton would you just leave the team so I can hate them to 100% full capacity again?