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  1. LBC mike

    WELL? What about CRACKERS ???

    would not be surprised. there is a master ranking in martial arts so those have to fucking change. I am so tired of these crying Democrats.
  2. LBC mike

    Latest polls in battleground states

    but they were so accurate.
  3. are they immune? they received the vaccine already? just curious.
  4. LBC mike

    Bubba Wallace

    yes. it's NASCAR
  5. LBC mike

    Bubba Wallace

    where is the white Jesus?
  6. LBC mike

    Football and coronavirus

    2023. till we get a vaccine.
  7. it's nice to have more than a few good options with this roster.
  8. LBC mike

    Eskimo Pie...raciss

    this is getting terrific!!!
  9. LBC mike

    She Loves Dominos Pizza

    they love to cry. it's like they went to the beach with no panties on and walked on their vagina for miles on the sand.
  10. LBC mike

    Alan Truelock

  11. LBC mike

    Sneaky DemocRATs

    I know these bastards have to pander to the corrupt money they receive. fuck socialist Bernie has three houses and never held a job in his life. Nancy eats ice cream that noon of constitutes can afford and brags about it.
  12. LBC mike

    Death of Downtowns?

    only 8% over here it's over 10%