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  1. LBC mike

    Now the Liberals hate Video Games too

    Like cows in India?
  2. LBC mike

    OBJ Continues to be OBJ

    People are acting like he killed their puppy. This will be long and forgotten when the season starts.
  3. LBC mike

    OBJ Continues to be OBJ

  4. LBC mike

    Browns hire Kevin Stefanski as HC

    So we can have training camp earlier than most?
  5. LBC mike

    HC/GM/Position Coach tracker

    That is one long show my friend.
  6. LBC mike

    Browns new Coach....

    Bill has probably seen every house in b Ohio by now. He has been looking for what a decade now?
  7. LBC mike

    HC/GM/Position Coach tracker

    Spanglish is okay.
  8. LBC mike

    Browns to interview McCarthy

    Don't worry he walked without taking an offer. He will be announced as the Giants HC soon.
  9. LBC mike

    Browns to interview Brian Daboll for HC

    Browns retreads. No thanks
  10. LBC mike

    Freddie fired

    We should run a hybrid front with our players.
  11. LBC mike

    Freddie fired

    Another year I will not buy a shirt or Jersey
  12. LBC mike

    Freddie fired

    The players had to know. 53 players to be have to assure be or one losingcoach up
  13. LBC mike

    Freddie fired

    Who will command the Titanic?
  14. LBC mike

    Freddie fired

    Lol. Cut throat business.