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  1. LBC mike

    Dorsey's hit rate !

    He has been good. Scouting has been good with the draft selection. I can see free agents wanting to come here. That helps .
  2. LBC mike

    Kelvin Benjamin

    Aren't those guys dead?
  3. LBC mike

    Kelvin Benjamin

    Report he is signing with chiefs.
  4. LBC mike


    He probably thought he was home with his wife/cousin.
  5. LBC mike

    The Browns Path to the Playoffs

    I can see the top teams in the wild card race losing this week.. the Panthers are down Olsen but have McCaffrey. We have a shot at this week.
  6. LBC mike

    Browns at Texans gameday thread

    We are listed in the hunt column for the wild card spot officialy now?
  7. LBC mike

    This is a funny thing.

    He came in as an intern couch. Didn't he ?
  8. LBC mike

    This is a funny thing.

    There has been allot less complaining on this board since the hue Exodus. Even ghoulie has been posting positive comments. WTF. Lol. We have something positive to build on fellas.
  9. LBC mike

    Where are our weaknesses now?

    I think Dorsey will solidify the d in free agency next year. There are young FA on d. http://nfltraderumors.co/top-25-2019-nfl-free-agents-list/
  10. LBC mike

    The Browns Path to the Playoffs

    Hope those chips fall nicely.
  11. LBC mike

    possible coaches

  12. LBC mike

    Running the table.

    With the road games it will be tough but this team has a moxie or swagger to it now. Baker effect. Kitchens doing the play calling...... Don't know but these last games will be fun to watch. Book it danno
  13. LBC mike

    Will Harbaugh want the Browns job now

    I like Williams decepline. Would rather him get the shot. Jon maybe?
  14. LBC mike

    How come this isn't on main stream media?

    That can't be real.