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  1. they had a bit on ESPN talking about how bad there ref's were yesterday. not just our game, almost across the board of games.
  2. what is all this stuff you guys speak of? I am not going to go through this whole thread. Cliff notes please.
  3. LBC mike

    Swagger is retiring

    we should get a blue blood instead of a mastiff for the next one.
  4. LBC mike

    Seahawks Fan Coming in Peace

    this is the nicest I have seen you guys v treat an outsider in a while. 🌈🌈🌠🦄🐨🐻. getting soft as we age I guess.
  5. LBC mike

    A few observations from Monday Night

    you are funny nickers
  6. LBC mike

    Bigger, far more serious trouble

    can't this loose version be used against the Dems or just toward Trump.
  7. I hope the browns players are reading when the Ravens are saying.
  8. LBC mike

    Genard Avery Inactive?

    I would think he would be more that a third stringer.
  9. LBC mike

    Genard Avery Inactive?

    any status on him?
  10. LBC mike

    I'm Convinced Freddie Is An IDIOT!!

    he will not have time to throw this year.
  11. lol. I will be trashed before then. love the NFL package.
  12. LBC mike

    Panic mode

    what I saw was a 5 win team.