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  1. Camp Mayfield

    If he did that while beating anyone and on our team we would all love it. I like the kid. He has swagger. Likes to WIN.
  2. We also need an offensive coordinator
  3. Camp Mayfield

    I would not mind using the 1 pick on him.
  4. Camp Mayfield

    We need a kid with fire like this.
  5. Darnold vs rosen

    They are not coming out next year for the draft. You are dreaming of the girl that you can't get.
  6. So how do you feel about the opiod thing?
  7. Yes fire the manager hue. Keep the rest intact
  8. You can have a good set up let's say a McDonald's that you own and the manager of the place has bad clock managment and continuously burns the food. and you can't manage the workers (players) correctly like having the janitor work the cash register. That McDonald's will fail.
  9. Wide recievers

    We just resigned him to the practice squad today.
  10. Wide recievers

    What happened to the wide receiver we picked up after the Seahawks cut him. Williams?
  11. The 'who have you watched lately?' thread.

    What is this kids projection in the draft? Didn't Shelton have a lot of similar tape?
  12. Wide recievers

    We give prior 2 mill a year. 4 years. We offered him more money and he walked.
  13. Wide recievers

    So do scrap the receivers we drafted last couple of years? Who do you want to keep?
  14. Wide recievers

    With Coleman and Gordon coming back and with Britt catching the like last week, it does not look so bleak as 4 weeks ago. If they show promise for the rest of the year and stay healthy, we might not be in too bad shape for next year. So we draft a good slot receiver? We need someone with speed and good hands. What do we do with all the young receivers? Higgins Louis What about Coates? Are we just not using these guys correctly?