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  1. LBC mike

    ***Browns VS Bengals Gameday Thread***

    we need the ground game now
  2. LBC mike

    Ravens Week

    I can't wait to watch our dual running back threat.
  3. LBC mike

    Vile and hurtful?

    what about separate bathrooms, eating establishments and dorms?
  4. LBC mike

    Jon Toth to join the Cleveland Browns

    damn red coat?
  5. LBC mike

    No riots not even a sound

    it only matters if there shooter is a cop and the victims are black. carry on nothing here to see.
  6. this blow our LB group.
  7. peaceful protests.
  8. LBC mike

    A great memory

    thought this was an Obama thread. sorry. lol
  9. there are pics of people. start arresting.
  10. LBC mike

    Fauci on protesting..not relevent.

    he is like a fish on a boat dock. flips all over the place from the beginning to the end.
  11. if you promise him he can sniff children's hair (with mask on) he will come.
  12. lol. it would be great if they did more peaceful and orderly protesting like we have seen. kinda disappointed with the "woke" protestors.
  13. what % of school teachers can teach physics?
  14. LBC mike

    Washington Redskins

    I like the tweeter sources and washington post as being very credible.