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  1. Perfect offseason

    To solidify the team to win a few games in 2018. Free agent picks Carlos Hyde to replace crow, Free agent wide out. Anyone on FA list with decent hands. Get Landry or Robinson . Sign maccaron Best db available you can get. Draft Rosen Fitzpatrick BPA. At offensive tackle Wideout Outside Lb Cb Wr Offensive guard Inside linebacker RB AFTER THIS ALL THE WAY BEST PLAYER AVAILABLE. I listed the way we should address needs. And not fanboy picks in later rounds.
  2. Why no meetings?

    It's like Sheet get on it.
  3. Pryor Wants Back On Browns?

    If we get rid of Coleman, who do we have to step in on the roster? Higgins ? Don't see any free agents wanting to come here.
  4. Why no meetings?

    http://walterfootball.com/ProspectMeetings/ByTeam We only had one college player meetings? Seems other teams are doing their homework. Us not so much.
  5. Vontae Davis

    He won't sign here unless we throw a ton of money . If he does week 3 he is done with a groin injury .
  6. QB mike white

    Kindy sounds a solid pick in the second or third if we land a veteran in FA.
  7. Were Going To The Freaking Super Bowl

    Such a downer calfox
  8. Todd Haley

    So is it official? He is in board?
  9. New Special Teams Coach Named

    Those are good cookies.
  10. Alex smith

    Kiser and a pick for Smith
  11. QB mike white

    Trade Kiser and a 3rd pick for Smith and draft darnold and white. Clean out the current qb room.
  12. QB mike white

    Thoughts? I say pick him up later in the draft. Remove Hogan from the qb room and give this kid a shot. Decent college numbers.
  13. New Roster Additions

    This some activity . like it
  14. Annual Draft

    I used to watch all weekend. Then got married so I mostly watch the first day now. A lot of beer with wings and pizza. Usually bought from a local pizza joint.
  15. Biggest Draft Miss

    Trent Richardson. Anyone?