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  1. LBC mike

    Best Browns New Uniform Ideas

    Second string DE signing not good enough 😀
  2. LBC mike

    Best Browns New Uniform Ideas

    We need some browns news. LoL
  3. LBC mike

    Best Browns New Uniform Ideas

    They just released the draft hat. Elf coming back in some way. https://www.dawgsbynature.com/2020/4/1/21202167/the-browns-2020-draft-hats-are-here-but-does-it-say-anything-about-the-uniform-logo
  4. LBC mike

    Meet Bidens replacement

    Who do you watch on MSNBC?
  5. Can you say avocados. Toast, ice cream, guacamole, salads, etc..
  6. LBC mike

    Can't wait

    I think it will happen. It's not even April.
  7. LBC mike

    Can't wait

    I usually around this time of year I start getting anxious for football to start. Usually I can ease my need for the Browns is with watching some playoff basketball and a sprinkle of other sports. But man this kinda rough. When ESPN talks about the Chinese virus. I would watch the WNBA right now.
  8. LBC mike

    Sean Payton Tests Positive

    Our office is remote from our main office. We have 13 people total only three are in the office now. Two of the three are can work from home the other is a principle in the company. I have been working from home since last Wednesday. Daughter does not go back to school till May. People just need to stay home and away right now so things can go back to normal sooner.
  9. LBC mike

    Browns Sign OL and rework another

    Do you really think a rookie will be a stud in the first year?
  10. My wife is a chef. No money coming in from her. I am working from home and she is home and driving my up the Wall. Want them to open things up soon!!!!!! I care about that more than money. For my sanity.
  11. LBC mike

    Mock Drafts Thread

    How about trading up to the #1 pick? Trade our 10 and Baker for Bengals first round 2nd and 3rd.
  12. LBC mike

    Sean Payton Tests Positive

    Thought there was good news about Payton...... No it's just you guys bickering.
  13. LBC mike

    Meet our new FB...

    Two fullbacks?
  14. LBC mike

    No Other Sports Going On

    Combat sports in Cali are cancelled.
  15. I just installed a smoke box to my bbq rig. I will update on my favorite when done testing. 🙂