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  1. LBC mike

    And collusion is still bullshit

    We should investigate any elected official for a minimum of two years. We have the funds for that. 🙄If nothing comes up from the original investigation. Keep investigating. Stupid. Millions and millions that could have been spent on education, Healthcare, roads and stuff these clowns push for.
  2. LBC mike

    Browns sign Kareem Hunt

    Who hasn't given a hooker a love tap kick after she leaves? 🙄
  3. LBC mike

    Browns sign Kareem Hunt

    Nice pick up. Maybe..
  4. I find waiters annoying. They take too long and fuck up orders. Maybe I am not a people person. Waiters tend to let you wait.
  5. LikeThink they have automated cashier's and servers in japan for their fast food joints. Some restaurants here in the US have eliminated waiters. You order your food from a tablet at the table and a runner brings it out for you.
  6. https://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/talkingtech/2018/05/28/hamburger-making-robot-flippy-back-serving-300-burgers-day/649370002/
  7. LBC mike

    Baker Mayfield Thread

  8. LBC mike

    Baker Mayfield Thread

    He interviewed Patrick Mahones and mad so much fun at him. It was hilarious. I can't find it. It was during super bowl week.
  9. LBC mike

    ***Official Super Bowl LIII Game Thread***

    Pinky's up bitches!! As some say in these parts.
  10. LBC mike

    ***Official Super Bowl LIII Game Thread***

    I am excited because I am grilling ribs, making sausages in beer and having wings from legend's. Want the Rams to lose since I live in the LA area. 😁
  11. LBC mike


    A hat
  12. LBC mike

    cut predictions afc

    Old mentality of years past getting burned I guess.
  13. LBC mike

    AP Rookie of the Year

    I would not be surprised if Barkley got it. He plays for new York
  14. LBC mike

    Baker Recruiting Von Miller and OBJ

    Make up sex with the kicking net to say he his sorry?