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  1. Maybe the period button is broke on her keyboard.
  2. Bug?

    With all the wide receivers sitting to make the active roster for the fourth stop. I am rooting for the bug man to step up.
  3. Bug?

    Kid looks the part to be a red zone threat. Can our coaching get him past the practice squad? 6'-4" 221 lbs good hands in college. Just a little slow
  4. Pluto this week

    Who ever we take our glaring hole is left tackle. Good point mentioned in the article.
  5. Kevin Hogan Traded

    Lol. 2020 7th round conditional?
  6. Carlos Hyde is a Brown

    Chud pick one Allen pick 4 penny 1st pick in the second
  7. Today's Thought...

    One defeanat thought this FO is in to win. We gained 3 starters traded away two. Swapped 4th and fith rounders with GB. In the end all for 3 draft picks. And I thought it was going to be a slow off season and it hasn't officially started. When did they start getting all this set up? We will have a new roster next year and I am kinda excited.
  8. Shelton traded to the Patriots

    They must have their eyes on someone.
  9. Shelton traded to the Patriots

    Poe? Coming soon
  10. Today's Thought...

    We look better to free agents now for sure. 😁
  11. Joe thomas weighing in on browns

    It's the off season and am getting impatient. Wish he comes back of course.
  12. Joe thomas weighing in on browns

    Please retire. So we can move on to a new beginning. So you can go to the patriots and us browns fans can't hang on an of offensive lineman being our best player the last 10years. Pathetic
  13. Combine

    Liking Kirk at wr
  14. Combine

    Just saying.