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  1. flyingfooldoug

    All Time Browns Depth Chart

    With all the fanfare of the teams return Courtney Brown sure set the bar pretty low for suckage and bad luck
  2. flyingfooldoug

    Bengals fans taking OBJ trade well...

    It sucks driving through that shithole. The river sucks and the butthole bungles suck. Watch Dalton lead the league in ints
  3. flyingfooldoug

    Possible changes to NFL schedule

    Pissburg is already a neutral site so we’re good
  4. Hey, a day without gridiron haiku is like a day without orange juice
  5. I half agree with you
  6. And after losing the first two to the twinks, looks like the old race is back
  7. Running a fake punt without lining up a kicker. Brilliant!!!!!!
  8. Is that on his resume too? I hear he’s looking for a job. DQ is hiring
  9. flyingfooldoug

    Duke Dumps his Agent

    Farmer picked him. Ok so that answers why he’s manzeling us
  10. flyingfooldoug

    Duke Dumps his Agent

    Stosh picked a RB that doesn’t want competition to be a starter. Go figure
  11. flyingfooldoug

    Duke Dumps his Agent

    It’s a shame that Duke can’t use the signing of Hunt for inspiration. A challenge. A reason to make himself better. Instead he wants to run away. Maybe it would be best to dump him. He certainly does comes off as being 🐓
  12. flyingfooldoug

    Rumor Hunt was in a bar fight....

    If it should turn out that there is no hell or devil. I can tell ya that there is something just as mean at work here. And places just as horrible.
  13. flyingfooldoug

    Rumor Hunt was in a bar fight....

    Simple enough. It’s PC to be an idiot now. It wasn’t then.
  14. flyingfooldoug

    Rumor Hunt was in a bar fight....

    So did he yell for yah- wey before or after the punch? Hunt is God? Wtf is this thread? Running backs or Saviors?