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  1. flyingfooldoug

    Stupid Steeler fan jokes/memes

  2. flyingfooldoug

    Stupid Steeler fan jokes/memes

    Yep, sure is. Too bad it’s so little and broken.
  3. flyingfooldoug

    Stupid Steeler fan jokes/memes

    Dropped 300 lbs
  4. flyingfooldoug

    Stupid Steeler fan jokes/memes

    Most entertaining page on the board! Awards should be given
  5. flyingfooldoug

    Stupid Steeler fan jokes/memes

    3 fans, Browns, Lions and stealers are walking to a bar to watch MNF. They round a corner and there lies a dead woman without clothes. The Browns fan takes his cap and places it over her right breast and says “let’s get a cop”. The Lions fan says “I’m with you” and places his cap on her left breast. The token stealer fan put his hat on her crotch but is too damn stooopid to talk. The three find a cop and return. The cop picks up the Browns and Lions caps off the poor girl and returns them. Then he picked up that piece of shit stealer hat, looks puzzled and puts it back down. The Browns fan had to ask what’s wrong covering for stealer stupidity. The cop stated that each time he ever saw a stealer hat before that it was on top of a asshole. Vag hat?
  6. flyingfooldoug

    Stupid Steeler fan jokes/memes

    The difference between a lady stealer fan and a catfish? One has whiskers and smells funny. The other is a fish.
  7. flyingfooldoug

    Stupid Steeler fan jokes/memes

    Steeler fans......living proof that anal sex can result in pregnancy
  8. flyingfooldoug

    Mack The Knife

    But, but, but , that’s not analytics
  9. flyingfooldoug

    Mack The Knife

    If you have two players with the same numbers or very similar numbers..... how do you choose one? Dice?
  10. flyingfooldoug

    Mack The Knife

    Every team does. Can’t judge “heart” by numbers. Read Pluto. He explains it so even you could understand
  11. flyingfooldoug

    Mack The Knife

    Sounds like the exact opposite of “analytics”
  12. flyingfooldoug

    Greedy Williams

  13. flyingfooldoug

    Sione Takitaki

    I simply wished to point out a local connection for our LDS player. I wish him well and hope that he can tear off BRs head a few times.
  14. flyingfooldoug

    Sione Takitaki

    Good question. Wasn’t me