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  1. flyingfooldoug

    Jamie Collins Released

    You just said what I said. He’s not good enough.
  2. flyingfooldoug

    Jamie Collins Released

    Lazy and self centered just doesn’t cut it in team sports. Took off plays. Not hard to figure out this one or see it coming
  3. flyingfooldoug

    Browns sign Kareem Hunt

    Local kid with a 2nd chance. I hope he makes the most of it. Reading the stool drool and hypocrites is funny. Go Browns
  4. flyingfooldoug

    Team of the Decade 2010s, after 2018

    Math teachers do. So your decade starts with a one and ends with a nine. Do you bill the same way?
  5. flyingfooldoug

    Team of the Decade 2010s, after 2018

    Decades end with a zero, not a nine. Basic math
  6. flyingfooldoug

    ***Official Super Bowl LIII Game Thread***

    AFC refs vs NFC refs. What excitement!
  7. It’s the week for KISS munchies. We’re throwing newspapers on the floor. Drawn butter and a steamer full of snow crab legs. That’s all
  8. flyingfooldoug

    The Missed Call in NFC Champ. Game

    Want better refs? Better training and pay would help a lot. No fix can be perfect. The refs would get better if shown how. Maybe add one as well. Expand replay and take it out of team hands. They shouldn’t get punished for a questionable call.
  9. flyingfooldoug

    Inside the Browns front office, ESPN

    So the Haslams are officially idiots because it came out on Espn. I’ve known that for years.
  10. flyingfooldoug

    Inside the Browns front office, ESPN

    It’s not amazing. People tune in and watch. They know if you watch too. Rating figures go down, they’re gone. Simple
  11. flyingfooldoug

    Mainstream media is wrong again

    Those were high school kids on a field trip. The adults should be charged with a hate crime
  12. flyingfooldoug

    Mainstream media is wrong again

    I see adult men and women harassing and insulting school children. Nothing more to it. Those are kids.
  13. flyingfooldoug

    Baker is simply legendary...

    And at least they actually talk to the players. But Grossi said he’d retire and his buddy said he’d eat poop if the Browns draft Mayfield. Both are liars. The national guys don’t even talk to the locker room. They just make it up as they go along. Hence you get a coward reporting
  14. flyingfooldoug

    Conference Finals live Chat room

    The nfl is taking some steps in making officiating better
  15. I hear using the shells imparts a lot of flavor too.