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  1. Flying J trial on hold until 1/8/18

    Reading the updates, it appears that flying J liked to Target minority owned carriers including Hispanics. If that's the truth... Wow! Is that haslam a sweetheart or what? Sheeesh
  2. 2018 Mock Drafts

    Draft talk started in September 2017 for the April 2018 draft. Pro football season lasts about 2 or 3 weeks around here anymore. Thanks Jimmy!
  3. Joe Thomas Says Haden Release "Demoralized" Team

    Other than being a pro bowl caliber player ....he sucked? And of course remember, it's the fans fault. .. shyt starts flowing down from the top.
  4. Brady Injured?

    In baseball, you can't put anything on a injured hand. In football, Brady will have that cut super glued with a stitch or two to keep it closed then some nuskin to protect it. He'll be fine.
  5. Sounds like a good day for some Chile con carne with some fresh warm bread n butter. Plentiful cold beverages and medicinal wax. Let the games begin!
  6. But it's very refreshingâť„
  7. 11? People around here chop holes in the ice and go swimming when it's 11 here...lol
  8. I'm pulling for the pats fans to all get a big gooey cream pie to eat this week!
  9. Why are we looking for an offensive coordinator?

    I had hopes when I first heard Dorsey's name. He has some pretty good bona fides in the football world. It's looking more and more like SSDD. Haslam wants to call all the shots and puts up the money so he can. 4 wins? Haven't seen that since pets first season. Two wins unless the hillbilly bows out.
  10. I'm thinking that catch they gave Harris credit for years back should be disallowed too. After all, this is the era of replay and getting it right. Immaculate? More like imaginary. And they complain about pats fans...lol
  11. There will be a candle light vigil Thursday evening for the stool fans that drank the koolaid
  12. The games deliver Ghoolie's lessons

    It's been said often enough that it's worth repeating. The best defense is a good offense.
  13. Pettine interviewing to be Packers DC

    So far, that's been pretty much the Haslam plan.
  14. Black Monday follows Bloody Sunday

    No, it's called problem solving. KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid Any seemingly large problem can be broken down into a series of smaller problems. These then have easier solutions. Sorry Stosh didn't work for ya. I don't see anyone lining up to hire a 2 time loser and I dam sure don't see any other teams trying out a total anal ytics program. BTW, GM is just the head scout. He should look at film. That was one of the criticisms of Stosh.
  15. Black Monday follows Bloody Sunday

    Or a guy that studies film along with a stat sheet. Isn't so arrogant that he can listen to others. First in, last out.... Yep simple is as simple does. Why make it complex? KISS?