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  1. flyingfooldoug

    Terrelle Pryor

    Btw, Reid has the qweefs practice as much as allowed.
  2. flyingfooldoug

    Terrelle Pryor

    You don’t believe in practice? WOW!!!! Sounds silly as all get out. Just do it,....LOL🤪
  3. flyingfooldoug

    Terrelle Pryor

    Ever hear the phrase.... practice makes perfect? Every sport practices intensely. To do otherwise does teach stupid. Coach is just another word for teacher. Practice matters and shows. Work on weak areas and they get better. Like magic!
  4. flyingfooldoug

    Terrelle Pryor

    They’ve actually been practicing fundamentals and it shows. Less penalties, more points. Who sez practice doesn’t matter? Hue sez
  5. flyingfooldoug

    Bell done in Pittsburgh

    So he doesn’t play and doesn’t practice with a pro team. I doubt that he gets what he’s dreaming of. Most likely will end up a broke idiot
  6. flyingfooldoug

    Hueless to join Bungles

    I’m confused. Does he have a bullet in his pocket or a light bulb in his mouth??💡
  7. flyingfooldoug

    Terrelle Pryor

    I think we stand pat and go for the draft or FA. Unless we get hammered at the position with injuries.
  8. flyingfooldoug

    Hueless to join Bungles

    He’s good at passing the buck. Isn’t it Andy’s fault they’re losing? The weather? Injuries? Couldn’t be piss poor coaching
  9. flyingfooldoug

    Bell done in Pittsburgh

  10. flyingfooldoug

    Hueless to join Bungles

    He’s there to shift blame. That’s what he does best
  11. flyingfooldoug

    Hueless to join Bungles

    Right on! We know more about Huey than he knows about the Browns. If he’s in sinci next week..... I smell a real beat down of the 48-7 variety.
  12. flyingfooldoug

    Expectations next year?

    Next year???? My predictions. Andy and Ben marry in the very first gay nfl wedding. Wacco Flacco is the ring bearer. With Baker Mayfield playing hot, the Cleveland Browns sweep the division and make it to the afc championship game against the qweefs who we cannot quite beat. Regular season record of 12 - 4
  13. flyingfooldoug

    Bruce Arians

    I’ve heard Drennan saying that GW should definitely be considered for the HC job. His demeanor is spot on and he has the players believing in him. Pluto too. 92.3 seems to love controversy and plays it like a fiddle. They also give out wrong info. I listened to them the day we got free of hue. They had Saunders as our HC. 92.3 sucks and they don’t verify stories.
  14. flyingfooldoug

    Hueless to join Bungles

    I think he intentionally sabotaged us in order to make his butt buddy Marv look good. I mean can anyone really be as stupid as him?
  15. flyingfooldoug

    Baker shaded Haley hard after the game.....

    And with our current crop of characters, we can win that game. Both actually.