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  1. flyingfooldoug

    ***Official Gameday Thread Browns at Ravens

    It’s all coaching and ownership. We had a coach that knew how to win but couldn’t wait to fire him and get back to our losing ways. The 21st century definition of suckage? The Cleveland Browns
  2. flyingfooldoug

    ***Official Gameday Thread Browns at Ravens

    Luck of the draw or just a fancy way of saying that we still can’t play with the big dogs? rats- 38 anal ytics- 6 now them are some numbers that matter—— pilgrim
  3. flyingfooldoug

    Cucking for Jesus

    That’s called heterophobia. It’s a form of hate and intolerance promoted by the 10% that aren’t normal.
  4. flyingfooldoug


    Good Democrats say “Ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country” That guy would certainly be republican now. Bad Democrats say things like... “just ask and the country should give”. Just old time communist bullshit
  5. flyingfooldoug

    The "Daily CoronaVirus Presser" Thread...

    I go by the cdc, Cleveland Clinic, UH Mike DeWine and President Trump. Ohio is the world leader in fighting this. National security issues??? you never heard of the navy? It is real you know. Military issues and covid aren’t national security how ??
  6. flyingfooldoug

    The "Daily CoronaVirus Presser" Thread...

    Better than the new world order of duct tape and plastic. Oh ya, it should be classified you dummy. This affects our national security in soo many ways. Too bad pinheads can’t see the truth
  7. flyingfooldoug

    The "Daily CoronaVirus Presser" Thread...

    Maybe wearing a mask will replace beer for ugly people to get laid?...lol My granddaughter is helping by making cloth masks and donating them to our Dr office. What a shame we sent our medical manufacturing to a communist country
  8. flyingfooldoug

    The "Daily CoronaVirus Presser" Thread...

    They need too be able to test and see who’s had it. That may be a stronger indicator of who is safe. I’m seeing up to 20% do not show symptoms and yet still contagious. That really throws the overall numbers way off.
  9. flyingfooldoug

    The "Daily CoronaVirus Presser" Thread...

    Wanna have a real read? Read what Johns Hopkins had to say about the USAs response to this virus. Best in the world! Reuter’s is real news. Not a peep of tours hype there either. OSU, Cleveland Clinic and University Hospital all agree with the CDC as does President Trump. Our governor has taken heat for following Trumps guidelines to a Tee. Two days ago Ohio sent a large fleet of ambulances to help NYC. The plan is working here. We started shutting the state down with the number two case of community spread. Way earlier than NY, PA, FLA, LA, Texas, Ca etc. Wexler OSU is right in it too. We are saving lives while the stupid play politics
  10. flyingfooldoug

    The "Daily CoronaVirus Presser" Thread...

    No, it’s all bullshit and it’s bad for you. You copy a lot of crap. I have listened to Trump and the Dr with my ears. They have been on the same page from day one. Just different words saying the same thing. You’re offended? Tough! That does not make you right. Ohio’s Dewine took those Presidential guidelines and ran with them. Now we are the toast of the world. Cuomo? Just another mass murderer. And those that say Trump is not your president, send those checks to good ole dementia Joe.
  11. flyingfooldoug

    The "Daily CoronaVirus Presser" Thread...

    Good April Fools joke.
  12. flyingfooldoug

    Communist Chinese - "stupid is as stupid does"

    Is there a recipe for that raw bat soup they seem to like?
  13. flyingfooldoug

    Meet Bidens replacement

    Thank God that we don’t have the Cuomos running Ohio!!
  14. flyingfooldoug

    Joe on thin ice?

    Rubber was already gone when Joe Biden gave his vote to end most of the rest of manufacturing in this country. We gave away national security so some CEOs could get out of paying fringe benefits and salary. Too bad we didn’t bring back some medical equipment manufacturing..... especially after the biological attacks(anthrax) shortly after 9/11. Remember Joe and company’s idea to keep us safe? Duct tape and plastic. Too bad we didn’t have a proper response plan then. Nor do we now. Thanks past elected leadership.