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  1. It's confirmed ... Sashi Sucked

    But,but, but he had jimmah's ear..lol
  2. It's confirmed ... Sashi Sucked

    You folks notice how quickly Stosh landed with another team? Not! He sucked big time!!!!! If there was the least inkling of talent, another team would have made him a offer. He destroyed the Jags and made the Browns worse. Just a horrible GM with a record 1-31 record.
  3. Logo?

    FYI, Paul Brown don't care. He's dead.
  4. The run game

    Ahem.... Carlos Hyde
  5. Youre not going to believe this Johnny Comeback

    A shot of tequila with cum backer
  6. Logo?

    Ok, so how about a grinning Paul Brown....shaped like a guitar?😁
  7. Logo?

    Love the Chief! A guitar with teeth?
  8. Logo?

    Gotta agree. If they do decide on some sort of logo though, I would suggest something more akin to Cleveland.... A guitar? Cleveland Rocks!
  9. The Worst Things in Sport

    I don't care who does what with whom. You seem to forget your legal background. Can you say DNA?
  10. The Worst Things in Sport

    I remember the east Germans trying to pass off guys posing as girls in the Olympics. You just can't change your sex...period. You can have cosmetic surgery to change appearance, but that's it. If you really don't like your junk....see a shrink.
  11. The Worst Things in Sport

    I have worked with and have known many gay men. And each one says the same thing. There is no such thing as trans Gender. It's a mental illness. And the international Olympics committee nor the US Olympics committee recognize " transgender" because there is no such thing. Just the facts Gip.
  12. The Worst Things in Sport

    I really don't care about gay or not gay. I also don't think an announcers sexual preference should be advertised.
  13. A true Italian sandwich is very popular in upstate NY... Binghamton area to be specific. Spiedies! Little marinated (Italian dressing) chunks of meat (any) grilled on a skewer and loaded onto a hunk of Italian bread. Absolutely delicious ! If you're an Italian in the Mahoning valley.....shame on you for not knowing. The best Italian restaurants in the world are here but none serve spiedies (speedys). Easy to Google, easy to make. And there is a whole 3 day Spiedies and Balloons festival each year.
  14. The Worst Things in Sport

    Speaking of Olympics coverage by nbc.... I wonder what the world thought about America when Jonny Weir..d was on air during the skating events.
  15. Everybody screws up, especially young. If you can learn from your mistakes, you can go far. If not....