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  1. Footbalfan1962


    I think this year is different but how many times over the years have we seen post like this only to have the Browns fall apart...lets take it one game at a time
  2. Footbalfan1962

    Long Time Coming

    You're a douche because I find this statement very offensive and it shows your mental incapacity. I am not getting into politics because this is not the place for it..the mods should of deleted your post..and I can assure you I am most likely more well read than you...so don't question my grammar skills....my original post was written in haste.
  3. Footbalfan1962

    Long Time Coming

    your a douche
  4. Footbalfan1962

    Gale Sayers R.I.P.

    Problem is, its hard to judge generationally. nothing against Brown or Sayers, they were great, but lets face it..in the 60's you had a bunch of slow white guys chasing you around versus todays game
  5. Footbalfan1962

    Bungle Week

    Houston has nothing but an overblown QB, I find it hard to believe they will cover
  6. Footbalfan1962

    The Great Zomboni's 2020 Predictions

    Somebody remind me not to bet the mortgage on ZB's picks
  7. Footbalfan1962

    Not a Brown...

    The Steelers honored his contract so he didnt retire, now the contract ended and obviously noone is signing him so he "retired"
  8. Footbalfan1962

    Ravens Week

    That was a front, if deal was approved he wasnt going to sign with the Browns,he was going to sign with Jacksonville and the Jags were trading him to the Ravens, Clowney wanted to be in Baltimore... the NFL will likely address this issue, essentially a team is signing a player and picking up part of the salary in exchange for another teams draft picks,, basically a back door way to buy draft picks which you can't do
  9. Footbalfan1962

    Ravens Week

    Well at least the NFL nixed the deal that would of sent Clowney to the Ravens, that would of been hard to swallow
  10. Footbalfan1962

    Why is Balt. good every year?

    so says the jealous steeler fan that cant stand the fact the ravens are the team of the future and the steelers are slowly dying
  11. Footbalfan1962

    My Family Tradition as Browns Fans

    My tradition started in 1996 when they became a top rate winning organization
  12. Footbalfan1962

    Hall of Fame game cancelled

    I hate this as much as anyone but lets face it boys....there isn't going to be football this year... I just don't see 22 guys wrestling around on a field in today's enviroment
  13. Footbalfan1962

    What if they cannot play this year...

    Did they put a press release out that they are competitive this year??
  14. Footbalfan1962

    Myles Garrett, 7 year 147$ million

    You said fat cats don't pay that much, obviously good accountants and a savvy financial plan can limit the damage but 37% is top end, and you have to figure in Ohio state taxes which I dont know what the rate is, I am not in Ohio
  15. Footbalfan1962

    Myles Garrett, 7 year 147$ million

    When did you become a tax preparer?? You obviously don't know what you are talking about....bet you are a democrat