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  1. We often stuff zucchini boats like this and grill them. So many different combos you can stuff with. These look great. My wife and I are 6 months into keto so these are a primo recipe for us.
  2. jcam222

    Landry / William's

    Haley seems to turn on pooper mode when it’s needed, Williams just seems to be a permanent pooper.
  3. jcam222

    Dez on his way ?

    So assuming Gordon returns we also have Landry, Callaway and Higgins. Exactly what role does Dez play?? He’s looking for a one year prove it deal. He’s not going to prove much a our number 4 or lower. That means by mid season he’s in full drama mode.
  4. jcam222

    Jackson trying to look stupid?

    Here come the torches and pitchforks again lol. If Tyrod went down in an early game perhaps he’d send in Stanton. If something happened more long term it’s definirely Baker who would get the gig. This is coach keeping the rookies expectations in check. Likely also managing media and fan expectations.
  5. jcam222

    RC Cola for the win!

    Browns dumped Pepsi and signed exclusive with RC / Dr Pepper. I do like me some diet RC Cola. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.clevescene.com/scene-and-heard/archives/2018/08/14/browns-sign-exclusive-pop-deal-with-rc-cola%3Fmedia%3DAMP%2BHTML
  6. jcam222

    OUR "Hard Knocks" Thread

    Hue made some dumb game time management calls for sure. Overall though the level of Hue hate is on par with the Salem witch hunts. We gave the guy a handful of sh1t and asked him to turn it into a magic brownie. Could another coach have pulled one win out of his butt? maybe but WTF difference would that make. I predict a lot of you will be firmly slobbering on his knob and eating crow by game 8.
  7. jcam222

    OUR "Hard Knocks" Thread

    The Coleman lead in was brilliant. Amazing he was stupid enough to demand a trade.
  8. jcam222

    OUR "Hard Knocks" Thread

    So far tonight I am loving the Hue I’m seeing in HK.Not sounding soft at all.
  9. jcam222

    Landry / William's

    There’s a fine line between ultra competitive and out of control. Have to keep this from causing injuries and also from spilling into game behavior.
  10. jcam222

    Big Ben Concussed Today

    Soft tissue injuries like that sure but a QB being concussed in practice?! Should never happen, someone is deep in the Sheet for that. He probably has just noticed how F'ing good we are going to be and paid one of his guys to knock his a$$ out LOL
  11. jcam222

    OUR "Hard Knocks" Thread

    bonus if its bread pudding or sticky pudding
  12. Updates above in huge red font. Suggestion to admin. I believe we get more attention for responses and even interaction during the season if we have a stickied thread for each individual league. Its much more apparent then when there is an updated message relative to the league(s) you participate in.
  13. jcam222

    Dez on his way ?

    Gordon is coming back and you can bank on that. Dez will be in on Thursday to work out, that you can bank on too Calloway will not get a 4 game suspension at least for his traffic stop etc that happened recently. This again you can bank on. Mike you have some banking to do!!
  14. jcam222

    Haley / Williams

    I’d take Haley in that bet all day long.