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  1. 9 -7 can put you in the playoffs. You also neglected to include his rushing TD's at about 5 per year. Guys that can consistently put up 4200+ yards 30 TD's and a better than 2/1 TD/INT ratio get paid, a lot as a FA. I'm not convinced his contract will be highest paid but it will be hefty and should be.
  2. Todd Haley

    Come on man, if we'd have hired Haley last year you'd have jizzed. They had a bad game and now he's a terrible OC? He has consistently had top tier offenses and will get the weapons to do so here.
  3. Todd Haley

    The Hue hate is on par with the national political hate scene lol. Look I think Hues made some silly calls and mistakes. Let's not forget he did go 8-8 as the HC of the Raiders.
  4. Todd Haley

    Kizer will be 2nd or 3rd string. Crow will be upgraded. Gordon's n is a beast. This team for 2018 is all upside.
  5. The First-pick Draft game thread

    So which of his picks do you find to be such a stretch. Also note it's a thread about the first pick simulator and not meant to reflect reality in many cases. It's simply a fun exercise and tool to explore prospects.
  6. Todd Haley

    IF Hue, Williams and Haley can stay in their own lane sky's the limit. With the influx of talent we are about to get they will be contenders.
  7. Todd Haley

    Haley is a done deal. I think it's a good hire. He might be an butt but he's always had high powered offenses. Hell Williams is an butt and players love him.
  8. Time machine Foles

    Composed and dropping dimes
  9. We are also a team fo him to simply go to, get paid a ton of money and be surrounded by weapons and a team that I believe will get the biggest infusion of talent we have seen since the return. Our use of free agency and the draft is about to be shock and awe.
  10. Time machine Foles

    He is looking very much like 2013 Foles today. Did not expect this at all in tonight's game. He's looked awful but has really hit stride in this game.
  11. I like Smith a lot too and wouldn't mind at all if we pick him up. He gives a very short window though to hit on and groom a good QB rookie. Relative to why the Skins didn't lock up Cousins, most things I've read consider that a complete failure on the skins part. They are in a bad place now for QB. It's my belief that you give Cousins a fleet of weapons like Gordon, Jarvis Landry, Saquon Barkley , Duke and Njoku and he leads you deep into the playoffs and further for the next 7 years or more.
  12. Todd Haley

    Crow to Bell is like comparing a used Honda Civic to a Ferrari. Having said that he's a joint away from suspension and a head case
  13. Not sure I understand your point....... Bottom line he turns in top 10 QB stats on a team lacking weapons. He's going to get paid
  14. Bradley Chubb #1

    I think plenty of us are gunshy and not convinced there's a QB in this draft who's a lock stud. I'm way more into buying Cousins and going BPA or getting Alex Smith and taking a QB who slips.
  15. Drafting a RB in the Top 10 is...

    If he's a game changing talent and a need you do it. The "you can find one later in the draft thing" is way overused hindsight logic.