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  1. monday night football crew trolls....

    Watching Wentz tonight makes me throw up a little lol, He's the real friggin deal.
  2. Bring in martavias bryant

    I'm not sure I'd want him but honestly it's unlikely Pittsburgh is worried if they trade him to us LOL. I don't think we are perceived as much of a threat.
  3. Don't Kill me but.....Get you some McGloin!

    Mcgloin had some good games under Hue didn't he? I vaguely remember him being fantasy relevant at times.....
  4. 1st time in Cleveland

    Which game did you go to
  5. Can we please stop turning on every new coach...

    I think the losing has started to overwhelm Hue. I think the FO has hosed him on more than one occasion on talent. Desperation tocwin is setting in and it shows via gunslinger calls. Now all this stuff about penalties being a lack of discipline by the coaches? Nah don't buy it. Penalties are a by product of the youngest roster in the NFL. You can't beat that out of them lol. I'd also say that for every bone headed call there are a half dozen ridiculous executions of good play calls.
  6. Joe tore his tricep....

    I think he's overwhelmed with being injured. I believe his competitive spirit will drive him to return.
  7. You Decide Week 8

    Good thread PoeticG! Everything is pretty even aside from the Gordon landslide.
  8. Bring in martavias bryant

    Weed aside he wants out because he's competitive and wants to play.
  9. 1st time in Cleveland

    I am guessing at this point you should be able to
  10. Kessler back in

    And then if he try's to make anything other than a Sheet sandwich people complain he's not playing to the strengths lol
  11. Kizer partied Friday Night

    I disagree. If we can get Cousins via free agency our QB is solidified for years. With the draft assets we have left then we can make dramatic progress. Barkley for sure. WR has several good FA's (Robinson and Landry) or trade a pick for a stud. No more scratch offs, buy a known stud QB.
  12. 1st time in Cleveland

    The lower pound will be pretty rowdy. I have enjoyed it in the past by myself or with some of my friends. I did NOT enjoy it when my wife was there, some people are unable to draw the line. I would likely be comfortable taking a 14 yo son in the lower pound though but that depends on your values I think. If rowdy cussing and beering it up is something you want to shelter them from pass on the pound. By the time that game rolls around I suspect you can find some damn nice sets of lower sidelines from the 20 down to the goal line really cheap. I sit in 138 row 17 and love the game experience. Definitely don't miss the Science Museum and Rock Hall. There is also the casino if that is your thing, not something I enjoy.
  13. FIRE!!!! FIRE!! FIRE!!

    Id speculate its because Hue isnt on the roids like Thomlin
  14. Hue most likely gone now....

    If Hue staying or going was predicated on winning 4 games he would be gone already. It is and has been blatantly honest that wont happen. The question is does JH think the Sheet show is on the coach, the FO or both? If it is true that Hue wanted Wentz and then Watson and the FO went in a different direction you have to crucify the FO. I agree the declined penalty today was a head scratcher.
  15. I dont necessarily disagree but it makes me laugh hearing this all over now as last year it was all the rage to say the next draft was LOADED with can't miss QB's