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  1. 21 Draft targets

    Say right tackle and Ill agree as would most rating the OL talent in this draft.
  2. 21 Draft targets

    This draft has no real NFL quality left tackles.
  3. The "Eyes" Have It...

    And your eye study assessment conclusion is.......mine is Allan looks relaxed
  4. I don't want you I hear anyone bitch about Hue until after game 6 in the regular season. Put the pitchforks away. It should be a board moratorium.
  5. Cowboys Releasing Dez Bryant

    Dez would be just like Britt and Bowe, paid retirement gig. Hell no
  6. Never heard of it. Sure gets good reviews though, sort of a higher quality White Castle?
  7. Bug?

    The Bug has been terminated as of today
  8. Landry to sign extension

    We are a 1 - 23 football team. How in the hell can you not understand we will pay a premium for ANY decent player?
  9. Landry to sign extension

    Your article states that he averages 10 yard per catch. It complains that he catches most around the 5 yard range and only gets 5 yac. Now I don't pretend to comprehend high in math but what that says to me is he averages a first down per catch, you know 10 yards is a first down and all
  10. A McDouble w/ cheese is literally the perfect road sandwich and quite delicious to me.
  11. Agree. I'm simply saying if the guy they want is there at #4 charge them out the butt and take all those picks.
  12. I could see us making that trade for #4 but not for #1.
  13. Pluto this week

    I honestly want us to take shock and awe at 1 and 4 which to me is the best QB and then Barkley at 4. I have to say though you could build a case to take Nelson at 4 and push Bitonio to LT.
  14. Tarkenton coming to Cleveland

    I suspect you were getting aroused as you told this story
  15. Tarkenton coming to Cleveland

    This is what happens when people forget to take their meds. Ghoolie splinters into multiple personalities 😂 It's either that or he has an actual disciple! Honestly I'm not sure which scenario is scarier