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  1. Thanks. We shall see. The competition is beyond stiff The proceeds come from paid votes which are optional. Can vote once per day free. That’s what I encourage. I also love that mag as well as my new favorite Cooks Illustrated Quarterly. Also get Taste of Home.
  2. I was accepted into the Favorite Chef competition. It’s a mix of home cooks and professionals. Had to submit 3 dishes and an essay. If you guys get bored check out my entry and vote for me if you think it’s worthy. Scroll down and you will see all my entered food porn https://favchef.com/2021/jeff-campbell feel free to share it. You can vote once every 24 hours till the 25th for round 1
  3. I belong to a foodie group now that does a Chopped challenge monthly. In my first month in the group I was honored to win the monthly cover photo challenge. This is my first attempt at the Chopped challenge and I’m pumped to compete! This months “basket” is pork belly, instant grits, lemon lime soda and honey. Pondered Asian flavors but went southern. Pork belly burnt ends finished in a 7up BBQ sauce on a white cheddar and chive griddled grit cake with sweet and spicy fried green tomatoes and pickled red onion. Creamy grits inside the crispy cake with the rich melt in your mouth pork is decadent. The fried tomato and onions really complement the richness of the pork. To utilize my basket the pork belly was cubed and then marinated overnight in a diet 7up and soy with garlic solution. The bbq sauce is diet 7up based with sugar free ketchup, Worcestershire, Brown Swerve and spices including onion , garlic, red pepper , black pepper and a little allspice and ginger. Grit cake is instant grits with cheddar and chives stirred in. Refrigerated overnight in circular molds and then fried on the griddle until nice and crispy. Green tomatoes are breaded in instant grits mixed with red pepper and paprika, fried and brushed with honey. Lastly I quick pickled the red onion in vinegar , Swerve and some red pepper. Pretty tasty, I kept the belly keto so I can eat it. The rest goes to our daughter haha. The pork belly burnt ends and picked onion hit the spot watching the game tonight couldn’t help but think that we would have been there beating Buffalo had they called that hit on Higgins
  4. Lol it was fantastic. Most of my feedback on multiple cooking sites was positive on the plating as well. I’m always good with honest uncensored feedback though.
  5. Brunch before the game yesterday. Sous vide green Chile and adobo egg bites with ranchero sauce and crema. A griddled chorizo hash of sugar free chorizo, poblano, red bell pepper, daikon radish , onion, spinach and cilantro. Served with fried tomatillos topped in avocado. Crazy good and keto of course.
  6. Practicing for Cooks or Cons or some kinda show someday haha
  7. Im going to have to have lamb again this weekend since it worked so well for the Steelers game. A Morrocan style tomato Shlada salad with mint tahini dressing, parm crisp with olive tapenade , goat Brie and pine nuts. Main course Morrocan spiced lamb chops with a turnip and radish hash and a mint chermoula sauce.
  8. jcam222

    My Best Birthday Ever !!!

    Happy Birthday and Go Browns!!
  9. We will use up pork and kraut leftovers for the game. Cooked like a normal gathering but only two eating it lol. For Christmas I usually do a prime rib dinner for about 12 people. This year just my wife and I so scaled it down. Salad is butter lettuce , red onion, tomato bacon, capers and a homemade Danish bleu cheese dressing. Cast iron filet mignon on a bed of white truffle and Gruyere cauliflower mash drizzled with a morel cream sauce. Last up a keto version of sticky pudding with toffee sauce and candied pecans. This is a do again meal for sure.
  10. jcam222

    Higgins vs Hodge

    The guy always delivers when he’s in the field but made the doghouse with multiple staffs. Seems to me there must be an issue with work ethic or attitude?
  11. jcam222


    Great reason to rethink playoff selection.
  12. Tonight’s pregame meal. A nice antipasto salad with an Italian sausage sandwich. Antipasto was fresh mozzarella, red onion, old world pepperoni, kalamatta olives and grape tomatoes tossed in olive oil and a touch of white wine vinegar ,lemon juice and Italian seasoning. Served on some romaine , yellow bell pepper and Parmesan. Sandwich is garlic chaffles, fried onion and peppers, Italian sausage patties, lots of mozzarella and marinara. Garnished with a little red bell pepper , olive bruschetta and a hot Calabrian pepper.GO BROWNS!!
  13. No just a hobby. If I weren’t 58 and well into a career that forces me nuts I would be
  14. I fired up my griddle and did some seared Kalbi style Korean BBQ ribs with stir fry noodles and steamed broccoli. Made Crispy Enoki mushroom cakes with a Korean bbq aioli for an appetizer.
  15. I overall agree with the article. That’s not a dig on OBJ. Je is without a doubt an elite talent. It’s a dig on Baker who can’t view OBJ as just another target. He forces the ball to him and it causes issues.