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  1. jcam222

    Hue's Presser

    If what I bolded is true I would lean a little more your way. Not sure it is though. The one thing I will agree with everyone on Hue is that you don't air your dirty laundry in public. He has a terrible habit of doing that.
  2. My biggest takeway from the video is that Hochuli finally quit juicing
  3. jcam222

    Hue's Presser

    You are right on the clock management I’ll give you that. I’m not even saying he’s a good OC, simply not convinced Haley is better.
  4. This has nothing to do with whether or not its a QB, if he slid etc. It was clearly targeting. BS no call and will end up in an apology this week. fck the officials
  5. I hope the “soft rollout” costs them billions in court.
  6. jcam222

    Hue's Presser

    The thing is you MAY be right but don’t know that. Hues never called the offense for a roster that had talent in Cleveland.
  7. jcam222

    Hue's Presser

    I think we all knew Haley and Hue couldn’t coexist. It just a matter of when and which one is fired. Say what you will about Hue but imo Haley’s play calling sucks.
  8. jcam222

    Hue's Presser

    I’ve heard this about the Hyde trade a lot and I just don’t see it. If Dorsey was dead set Inc getting Chubb more time he could have forced the issue without trading Hyde. Just my opinion. Then again maybe I’m full of sh!t.
  9. jcam222

    Hue's Presser

    Wait until you find out Hue was calling the offense in the second half
  10. jcam222

    Who is BrownsDawgPound?

    It’s Ghoolie
  11. jcam222

    Tyrod to the Bills for Benjamin

    Do you know how many Shmucktard prima donnas there are in the NFL? I don’t care if he likes warming up alone in pink leotards if he can catch. That said I think the Browns are targeting Sanders perhaps.
  12. Speculating but after DA's performance I can see this one happening easily. Hell they both may have their bags packed already.
  13. jcam222

    Hyde traded

    Baker looked much better in the 2nd half. Give him one more receiving weapon and he will shred D's
  14. Scallops are my wife’s favorite and my go to for any special dinner
  15. I was going to smoke a couple huge packer briskets in my new smoker today but the weather sucked. Here is whats for gameday munchies in my house tomorrow. Yes I know, I have watched FAR to much Food Channel!! Its my wifes fault. Just wait till those Brisket vids are done! Adobe Spark Video (1).mp4