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  1. jcam222

    Fantasy Football 2020

    If there is an open slot in any undrafted eague I’d be interested
  2. jcam222

    Fantasy Football 2020

    I’m mothballing the points league for this year. I haven’t had time to track down and fill the league and it’s also just going to be a weird year to manage with the virus. As I mentioned in an earlier post League V I’ll not have time for either. Hoping to be back to normal next year.
  3. jcam222

    Chubb evaluated for concussion

    I’m betting Njoku is on the move for a linebacker soon. I’d have Mark Barron in for a visit ASAP too.
  4. jcam222

    Fantasy Football 2020

    I will be happy to participate in a league but do not have the time to chase down people as commissioner of the head to head league this year. Is someone interested in taking over as commissioner. I will commission the points league if three is enough interest WELL in advance of draft days. Begging and constant emailing the last. Oriole years to fill leagues just gets old.
  5. jcam222


    I’d be in for this too. Preferable a style with a pocket for filters.
  6. jcam222

    Trent William's for a 3rd round pick...?

    Of you can get Trent Williams for a 3rd you do it. No brained
  7. I think ultimately this deal gets done and I will love it. There has been smoke about this guy coming here since Stefanski was announced.
  8. jcam222

    Berry Bashers?..GO TO HELL!!

    Hes knocking it out of the park. Love all the signings. Any team that got Hooper would have been at the highest paid TE level. Love Keenum to push Baker. Baker knows right now that he better excel or Keenum can start. Conklin awesome too.
  9. Nice move on his part. We all need to help each other, this will get worse before better.
  10. jcam222

    Coronavirus and the NFL

    If we actually were up to speed doing the testing as we should be there would be a LOT more reported cases, famous or not.
  11. What a shame. I’d be heartbroken losing one of mine , especially that young. RIP Swagger
  12. jcam222

    Should do a superbowl pool...

    I’d be in for it
  13. jcam222

    Browns hire Kevin Stefanski as HC

    I’m guessing if we know of three there are quite a few more behind the scenes.
  14. jcam222

    Browns targeting Rams DC Wade Phillips

    The fact they are still considering keeping Wilks blows my mind.
  15. jcam222

    Browns hire Kevin Stefanski as HC

    One of the best posts ever! I resemble those remarks