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    I have been a fan of the Cleveland Browns and the Cleveland Indians since 1960. I am also a fan of the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Ohio State Buckeyes. I am married and have two kids and of course both are Browns fans. My wife and I were married on November 25, 1989 on Bernie Kosar's birthday. I even invited Kosar during training camp to the wedding reception in Kalida, Ohio. I am just a very passionate Cleveland sports fan and am 57 years old and Lord I hope one of my Cleveland teams wins a championship before I die!
  1. 86collins


    I sure hope he is the starter instead of Haag.
  2. 86collins

    Not A Surprise Here, I Guess?

    I find it amazing that Sheard and Mingo will compete for the job instead of Mingo since he was a 1st round pick getting the job. I hope he can beat out Sheard since Jabaal has never played there.
  3. 86collins

    We Turned Down Offer To Trade Down With Rams

    I would say Austin might be faster than Smith. He sure looked faster on the film I saw.
  4. 86collins


    Cave was an All-American at Notre Dame. Faulk was listed in the top 20 offensive tackles in the draft.
  5. 86collins

    We Turned Down Offer To Trade Down With Rams

    I get that but is Mingo worth a top 10 pick? I sure hope he is!
  6. 86collins

    We Turned Down Offer To Trade Down With Rams

    I sure hope so. Our luck Jarvis Jones will be defensive rookie of the year, lol.
  7. 86collins

    Plums And Prunes

    Steve Holden is the one I really remember from 1973. He was quoted as saying he would bring his surfboard to get out on Lake Erie. I remember that being reported after the draft. Holden was the highest rated WR in that draft and the Bengals drafted Issac Curtis. Advantage Bengals on those two picks.
  8. 86collins

    We Turned Down Offer To Trade Down With Rams

    Who takes a DE/OLB type that didn't have great stats as a college player? The answer of course is the Cleveland Browns. Now I hope Mingo works out but who knows? I would have rather they took Milliner the best cornerback in the draft. So settle down OK? We could have traded down too.
  9. 86collins

    We Turned Down Offer To Trade Down With Rams

    According to ESPN's "experts" Austin was the most exciting player on offense in the draft. He would have been a very nice addition to the Browns.
  10. 86collins


    I know we got the starting Notre Dame center but his name escapes me right now.
  11. 86collins

    Plums And Prunes

    Wow, I can remember Billy Corbett, Cleveland Crosby, and Lester Sims being terrible choices. How about Willis Adams, Quiny Morgan, Andre Davis, and of course David Vekune? We haven't drafted very well over the years.
  12. 86collins

    We Turned Down Offer To Trade Down With Rams

    I wonder what we could have gotten from the Rams? I would hope it would have been more than their 1st and their 2nd but I don't know. I just heard on Bruce Drennan's show "All Bets Are Off" is reporting that a St Louis Dispatch reporter is saying that the Rams offered their 1st, their 2nd, and just a 7th to move up. I would have liked a 4th or 5th instead of a 7th but they could have moved down and taken Jarvis Jones and that would have meant the Steelers wouldn't get Jones and that would have been OK with me.
  13. 86collins

    Browns Looking At At Trade With The Dolphins

    We have two veteran WR's in Jones and Bess and that isn't bad. I like the trade.
  14. 86collins

    Draft Thoughts 2013

    The Slaughter kid could be a good pick providing he is healthy. I do like the Mingo and McFadden picks though. I also like picking up Bess from Miami. I don't know anything about our last two picks.