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  1. Betting odds on HC Firing

    Inspired from another thread...but I thought the subject deserved its own thread: WHO WILL BE THE FIRST NFL HEAD COACH FIRED IN 2017? Odds as of September 13 at Bovada Chuck Pagano -150 Marvin Lewis +1000 John Fox +1200 Todd Bowles +1200 Ben McAdoo +1200 Hue Jackson +1400 Jim Caldwell +1400 Bill O'Brien +1400 Mike Mularkey +1800 Sean Payton +2800 Jay Gruden +2800 Adam Gase +2800 Doug Pederson +2800 Ron Rivera +2800 Sean McDermott +2800 Doug Marrone +4000 Jason Garrett +4000 Bruce Arians +4000 Dan Quinn +5000 Mike Zimmer +5000 Dirk Koetter +6600 Kyle Shanahan +6600 Anthony Lynn +7500 Mike Tomlin +10000 Mike McCarthy +10000 Sean McVay +10000 Jack Del Rio +10000 John Harbaugh +10000 Vance Joseph +10000 Andy Reid +10000 Pete Carroll +10000 Bill Belichick +50000
  2. Looks like Texas A&M just gave the lead in the Heisman race to Josh Rosen of UCLA given that he came back from a 34 point deficit
  3. Survey Wednesday

    Here is This week's survey. Give your thoughts/opinions: 1. On a scale of 1-10 rate Hue Jackson's performance so far as HC of the Browns. 2. The next 4 games on the Browns schedule are the Colts, Bengals, Jets, and Texans. How many do they win? 3. Corey Coleman is out...again...with a broken hand. What, if any, bones have you ever broken? 4. A. Who is the best looking rookie QB you have ever seen on any team. B. Same for the Browns 5.A. Who was the most overmatched rookie QB you have ever seen on any team. B. Same for the Browns 6. Per a recent article I read, it questioned the existance of certain historical or mythical figures. Tell whether or not you think the following were actually real, or purely mythical: Robin Hood King Arthur Homer William Tell King Midas Confucius King David Moses John Henry Paul Bunyan Joan of Arc Betty Crocker The acutally 4 Musketeers: Porthos, Athos, Aramis, D'Artagnan Walter White
  4. I didn't think you lived in Ohio.
  5. Kizer

    It is a main reason that he is being questioned in his decision making. He got a year of grace last year because things were so bad. But with a few games last year....and both games this year his play calling can come in for some serious questioning. A parallel could be if Marty Schottenheimer had put in BK in his first game and started having him throw constant bombs as if he was Daryl Lamonica. That is NOT the way to groom a rookie QB. Hue is doing the opposite of Marty.
  6. Josh Gordon

    You too are entering Ghoolie Land with the "I told you they should have done blah blah blah, blah blah blah". If you are so goddamn prescient...why haven't you won one of the big lotteries and gone off and bought an island somewhere....far away from the rest of us?
  7. Betting odds on HC Firing

    Just stop. You are approaching Ghoolie Land with a post like this.
  8. Betting odds on HC Firing

    Its because he is just purposefuly being a cuntrarion. He says stupid shit that he doesn't believe in just to get a reaction. I consider it a form of mental illness.
  9. Garrett Hurt Already

    Boo, thats what 99% of the people here believe. Hoorta believes you can have clumsy fatasses block their way to the SB. Flugel is just concerned with saying In (insert asshole) We Trust, and Gipper is suffering with the effects of his mother dropping him on his head. I have never seen a bigger bunch of fucktards who believe you build a team first and then just plug in a QB. Well....guess which team did EXACTLY that: the team known as the fucking Pittsburgh Steelers did exactly that. They built up their entire team, defense, offensive line, run game...then plugged in BR. They went 15-1 his rookie season...then won the Super Bowl the next year. How can you be so dim on the history of the sport to not know this. Expecially since you have become a Steeler pole smoker.
  10. Browns @ Colts Practice Reports

    Probably true. But, overall I still think Pit is the better team. Talk about soft schedules...Baltimore's has been softer than Pitts...they played the Bengals. also.
  11. What was it: 5 turnovers against Baltimore? No defense can hardly stand up against that.
  12. Who are the championship contenders?

    Agree. Most Bowl games are meaningless. Incorporated into the tournament however...and that would be grand.
  13. Who are the championship contenders?

    Bad idea....until one of those schools pulls off a big upset....then it would be considered one of the greatest thing since sliced meatloaf. Just like in the NCAA basketball tournament when a David beats a Goliath. Awesome.
  14. Browns/Colts Trivia

    From Wikipedia: By the late twenties, the Dayton Triangles were one of the league's doormats, winning just five of their 51 NFL contests from 1923–29. Only the revenues from playing on the road kept them afloat. Also around this time, the NFL began shaking off its roots in mid-sized midwestern cities. Although the Triangles were one of only three original NFL teams (along with the Bears and Cardinals) to survive the 1920s, it soon became apparent that Dayton was not big enough to support a team in the burgeoning league. Finally, on July 12, 1930, a Brooklyn-based syndicate headed by Bill Dwyer bought the Triangles; the franchise moved to Brooklyn and was renamed the Brooklyn Dodgers. Jack Deplerwas a co-owner and new coach of the Dodgers who had been a coach-player for the NFL's Orange Tornadoes. He took most of the members of the 1929 Tornadoes with him for the new Dodgers team. Lineage[edit] Due to numerous transactions over the years, the Triangles have a tenuous connection to the current NFL. The Dodgers merged with the Boston Yanks franchise for the 1945 season due to player shortages. In 1946, the Brooklyn half jumped to the AAFC and played as the New York Yankees. The Boston Yanks remained in the NFL, and in 1949 moved to New York and became the New York Bulldogs. Also in 1949, the AAFC Yankees merged with the Brooklyn Dodgers and played as the Brooklyn-New York Yankees. When the AAFC merged with the NFL, the Yankees players were divided between the New York Giants and the New York Bulldogs. A failure at the box office, the Bulldogs were "sold back" to the NFL in 1952 and awarded to a group from Texas, who moved it to Dallas for the 1952 season as the Dallas Texans. The Texans failed after one year and were again sold back to the NFL, who folded the Texans franchise. Its remains were awarded to an ownership group in Baltimore to form the Baltimore Colts. The Colts moved to Indianapolis in 1984 and are still playing as the Indianapolis Colts. The NFL currently does not consider the Colts to be a continuation of any of its past incarnations, including the Triangles.
  15. Browns/Colts Trivia

    Here is trivia all about the Browns vs. the Colts: 1. A. What is the all time regular season record, Browns vs. Colts? B. What is the post season record between the two? 2. What were the results the last time that the Browns and Colts met in the postseason? 3. What 2 teams have the Colts played the most in postseason play? 4. What was unusual about the Colts very first postseason game they played? 5. What 2 RBs that have led the Colts in rushing for a season also played for the Browns? 6. What WR that led the Colts in receiving a couple of times also played for the Browns? 7. Name the 3 Colts players in history that have made the most Pro Bowl appearances. 8. Name the two players who made the Pro Bowl for the Colts who also played for the Browns. 9. Name the 3 players who were Colts first round draft picks that played for the Browns. 10. What was the betting line in Super Bowl III Colts vs. Jets? 11. How much did Art Modell offer to pay the Colts to return that name to Baltimore when he was awarded a franchise there...and what were the results of that offer? 12. The Indianapolis Colts have won one Championship (not Baltimore)....what year was that? 13. Under a certain theory the Indianapolis Colts can trace their lineage back to one of the original teams of the NFL (APFA) that were in the league in the 1920 season. Which team was that?
  16. Browns/Colts Trivia

  17. What country do you live in?
  18. Survey Wednesday

  19. Who are the championship contenders?

    If you were to make it like the NCAA tournament (or...actually just like the FCS and D-II and D--III tournaments), you would take the winners of the 10 FBS conferences: AAC, ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, Conf.-USA, MAC, Mountain West, Sun Belt, Pac-12 and SEC....and put them all in the tournament. Then add 6 "Wild cards". That, to me would be ideal. But "OH MY GOD" what would it do to the Bowl games!! (Answer: who really gives a shit. They can still be played in like an NIT type situation...the only people paying attention are the fans of the schools in it now). But "OH MY GOD" what about taking the kids away from school...what about their test...their education!! (they do it now with FCS, D-II and D-III....why the fuck is the education of the FBS players more important than those of the lower divisions? It ain't)
  20. Who are the championship contenders?

    What "non-power" program has any sort of a chance now, with only 4 teams in it? Even the Big 12 has no chance now. Not really.
  21. Who are the championship contenders?

    I don't know about that. When Howard Schnellenberger and Bernie and Vinny there I think it was a good program. Others came in and made it a renegade.
  22. Garrett Hurt Already

    Well....that depends on how you interpret "in position". He put them "in position" by getting them within 3 pts. He COULD have perhaps won the game if the defense had done its job. And penalties are part of the game....the Steelers TD drives were helped out tremendously by a few penalties on the Browns. Should we not credit them with scoring because they were helped by penalties.? Their entire win was helped by turnovers. Should we say that they would not have won had it not been for the turnovers? As far as Kizer and blowjobs...I will defer to your expertise on fellatio. I have no expertise there. Mine tends more toware Colonel Angus.
  23. Betting odds on HC Firing

    I think that would only apply if he is the FIRST HC to be fired. I don't think those would be the odds of him being fired at any time during the season. Correct me if I am wrong. And yes, as MarkO said.....with the Bangles...his chances of getting fired during the season are probably about on par with Belichick's chances of getting fired.
  24. Garrett Hurt Already

    Oh no. no. no. no. no.....big nig mistake. Brisett has a far better QB management team behind him, and a much more successful and smarter HC. There is no argument here. Brisett was on his way to beating the Cardinals. Kizer has never been in a situation where he could win a game. Brisett will have a better game than Kizer. He will beat the Browns. Short memory....just two weeks ago Kizer very well may have been in a situation to win a game. He led the team to a TD vs. the Steelers, bringing them to within 3 pts. They were in a situation where the COULD win. Had the defense held the Steelers instead of giving up first downs, Kizer may have led them into position to win.