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  1. How did the defense get so bad?
  2. The Gipper

    The Offensive Line

    They do have Chase Young now.
  3. The Gipper

    How did the Defense get so bad?

    What a pussy answer. you want it to be that simple but it fucking just isn’t. Part of my belief is that this general manager ,who you like to suck the dick of , has dropped the ball in talent acquisition on that side of things so Lick his scrotum if you must while the rest of us try to come up with answers.
  4. The Gipper

    Chubb / Hunt vs Byner / Mack

    Byner was such a great blocker which is why he was in the game at the same time as Mack.
  5. The Gipper

    ***Browns VS Bengals Gameday Thread***

    Sendejo led the team in tackles because the Bengals threw the ball 60 times down field. Who the hell else was going to do the tackling? The middle guard?
  6. The Gipper

    We Should of kept Schobert

    Isn’t clay Matthews the third still out there? I just don’t see why we can’t get someone of that caliber to play here when he was on the street. He had eight sacks last year. And I swear inexperience is part of our biggest problem.
  7. The Gipper

    Classic uniforms of the good old days

    Just no. The white pants are THE classic look.
  8. The Gipper

    Protest Thread

    Could this protest thread include a protest over the high cost of concessions at the stadium? Could it also be a protest over all the loud annoying rap and heavy-metal music they play between every play and that every stoppage such that you can’t hear yourself think?And adding to that all the advertising you’re bombarded with?
  9. The Gipper

    How did the Defense get so bad?

    Is it just that?
  10. The Gipper


    And I didn’t get a pic in before tonight’s game. I think I may be already out.
  11. The Gipper

    Protest Thread

  12. The Gipper

    OBJ trade whispers bubbling once again

    Someone pointed out that he showed up about the same time that OBJ did so it seems maybe that he is an OBJ stalker and if OBJ goes so will he and we will be free at last free at last thank God almighty will be free at last
  13. The Gipper

    OBJ trade whispers bubbling once again

    Better yet tell us how OBJ’s ass tastes. You seem to be all up in his crack.
  14. The Gipper

    OBJ trade whispers bubbling once again

    I don’t know you’re the expert on eating shit or on shit in general. Given your obsession with OBJ’s bowel movements. To quote Shaquille O’Neal. tell me how my ass tastes
  15. The Gipper


    Well it does not sound like he was the Michigan quarterback. He was apparently relegated to third string. Maybe he can find a job at Western eastern central northern whatever university.
  16. The Gipper

    We Should of kept Schobert

    But we have Malcolm in the middle now isn’t he supposed to be making up for the loss of Schobert?
  17. The Gipper

    OBJ trade whispers bubbling once again

    It’s not a non sequitur it’s an analogy. Analogy is that you come up with stupid bullshit rumors and so do they. You’re too dumb to see the similarity
  18. The Gipper

    OBJ trade whispers bubbling once again

    You must be one of those Q guys since you come up with so many bogus rumors and conspiracies.
  19. The Gipper

    MNF Musings...

    The rookie from Maryland will likely take over.
  20. The Gipper

    What would rather have?

    Stupid is as stupid does
  21. The Gipper

    What would rather have?

    I will tell you when you pay me.
  22. The Gipper

    What would rather have?

    That’s the way you use pinkThat’s the way you use pink
  23. The Gipper

    It is.. what it is.....

    Except that we have like an entirely new 53 man roster from five or 10 years ago and it hasn’t improved from then. So it’s not just experience. I don’t know can it really be just ownership? That’s the only thing that has been constant. New coaches new players new GM’s GM’s yet they all do the same lose badly? But the owner just puts the money up he doesn’t run things per se yet it seems that his stench remains throughout.
  24. The Gipper

    ***Official Gameday Thread Browns at Ravens

    I do see that that was my point that you’re pointing all the fingers at OBJ when the whole rest of the team sucked swamp water. I am not saying he didn’t suck too but people act like 38 to 6 loss was all on his shoulders
  25. The Gipper

    Seibert waived, Parkey elevated to 53 man roster

    Dorsey pick. I think Berry would like to get rid of as many as he can