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  1. Try this one on for size: Celebrity College Football. I will list the names of 20 celebrities, all of which everyone should more or less know. Thereafter, I will list 20 colleges. Match the celebrity with the School that he played College Football for. Alphabetically: Celebrities: B: John Belushi C: James Caan; Dean Cain; Terry Crews F. Gerald Ford G. Jim Gaffigan; John Goodman H. Mark Harmon J. Tommy Lee Jones M. Joel McHale N. Nick Nolte O. Ed O'Neill P. Dr. Phil R. Burt Reynolds; Phil Robertson; The Rock T. Mr. T W. John Wayne; Carl Weathers; Forrest Whittaker Schools: A. Arizona St. C. Cal Poly Pomona F. Florida State H. Harvard L. Louisiana Tech M. Miami Fla.; Michigan; Michigan St.; Missouri St. O. Ohio University P. Prairie View A&M; Princeton; Purdue S. San Diego St. T. Tulsa U. UCLA; USC W. Washington; Western Illinois; Western Michigan
  2. The Gipper

    Browns Board Draft Round Three

    School Breakdown after 3 rounds: LSU 9 Ohio St. 8 Alabama 8 Georgia 5 Auburn 4 TCU 4 Notre Dame 4 Washington 3 Wisconsin 3 Florida 3 Oklahoma 3 Clemson 3 Oregon 3 Two players from the following schools: Iowa, South Carolina, Penn St., Minnesota, USC, Michigan, Boise St., Utah, Missouri One each from the Following schools: Louisville, Houston, Utah St. Colorado, Virginia, Lenoir-Rhyne, Cal, Baylor, Texas A&M, Ariz. St., No. Illinois, Mississippi St., Fresno St., Tulsa, Dayton, Kentucky, Texas Tech, Nebraska, Connecticut, Texas, Louisiana, Florida Atlantic, Tennessee, Syracuse, Appalachian St., Temple, Arkansas.
  3. The Gipper

    Browns Board Draft Round Three

    Can now be merged with Rounds 1 and 2.
  4. The Gipper

    Browns Board Draft Finished Rounds

    Here is the per school count after Round 2: LSU 8 Alabama 7 Ohio St. 4 Georgia 4 Clemson 3 Auburn 3 Oklahoma 3 TCU 3 Notre Dame 3 Iowa 2 Florida 2 Penn St. 2 Wisconsin 2 Utah 2 Oregon, South Carolina, Houston, Utah st., Colorado, Lenoir-Rhyne, Virginia, Minnesota, USC, Cal, Baylor, Texas A&M, Arizona St. Michigan, Boise St. 1 each
  5. The Gipper

    Browns Board Draft Finished Rounds

    Some Notes: In the first round, the following schools had players drafted: Alabama 6 LSU 5 Clemson 3 Oklahoma 3 Ohio St. 2 Georgia 2 Oregon, Auburn, Iowa, South Carolina, Louisville, Florida, Houston, Utah St., Colorado, Penn St. TCU 1 each IF Alabama had 6 players taken in round One....it would tie the record for most players by one school taken in Round one held by Miami Fla. in 2004. And note this: Miami Fla. has not had a single player drafted so far midway through Round 4.
  6. The Gipper

    Browns Trade Mayfield and #10 to Cincinnati for #1

    Don't know. Maybe, maybe not. The big question for him is playing for the Bengals, if it goes that way. Of course, there are trade rumors out there.
  7. The Gipper

    Browns Board Mock Draft

    Top Ten available, per CBS Sport 94. Antonio Gandy-Golden WR LIberty 98. Van Jefferson WR Florida 101. Khalid Kareem Edge Notre Dame 104. Michael Ojemudia CB Iowa 110. Essang Bassey CB Wake Forest 112. Amik Robertson CB Louisiana Tech 114. K'von Wallace Safety Clemson 115. Ben Bredeson OL Michigan 117. Barney Holmes CB UCLA 121. Damien Lewis OL LSU 122. Brandon Jones S Texas
  8. The Gipper

    Browns Trade Mayfield and #10 to Cincinnati for #1

    Yes, I still think he far superior arm talent than Burrows, but has not mastered the mental elements of the game so far.
  9. The Gipper

    Best Browns New Uniform Ideas

    Yea, really, it does look like it could a basketball team logo.
  10. The Gipper

    Browns Trade Mayfield and #10 to Cincinnati for #1

    Nah.....I have a feeling that Burrows may be the new Mitch Trubisky.
  11. The Gipper

    Survey Monday March 30

    This is a survey thread....we could ask that question: Should the Indians have found a way to win the 2016 World Series after being ahead by 3 games to 1? Or, would it have been a "miracle" for them to pull it out because their pitchers were "banged up"?
  12. The Gipper

    Happy birthday Z