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  1. The Gipper


    Are you being facetious or obtuse or what? Mason Rudolph does not wear Brown and Orange....ergo he can now eat Shite and die (especially NOW since he is in Pisstown). And all I ever said about him is that he had as good a chance to be as an NFL QB as the other 5 guys talked about. Certainly, hopefully, now that is not the case. Ain't but one of them now that I care about having any success; our own boy Beaver.
  2. The Gipper


    Not sure I meant to be funny. But I did mean to bust your balls over the fact that you still have a hard on for a guy that does NOT play for the Browns. So....take a cold shower....and assess your loyalties...and you will be fine hopefulyl after that reflection
  3. The Gipper

    Survey, Memorial Day

    That "friend" Joe didn't happen to be Joe Kennedy Jr.? What you describe sounds just like what his fate was.
  4. The Gipper

    AFI's Top 100 movie location trivia

    Nobody know anything, apparently.
  5. The Gipper

    Survey, Memorial Day

  6. The Gipper

    Survey, Memorial Day

  7. The Gipper

    Delete This Account

    This is actually completely hilarious.
  8. The Gipper

    Delete This Account

    Sounds a bit like the whole Cal jumping on Allen's knob, and hating on Rosen...and the Rosen knob gobblers hating on Cal. Except to a more extreme degree....because those guys Quinn/DA were actually Browns, not just prospects. Me? I just want us to get a guy that can win. Hopefully between TT and BM we got that now. If not....we can make like Heidi Klum and say aufwiedersehen to them as well.
  9. The Gipper

    Survey, Memorial Day

    Here is this week's Survey. Give your opinions or answers: 1. How big of a puss do you think Hue Jackson will come out looking at his "Jump in the Lake" event? 2. I hear rumors that Rob Gronkowski could get traded to the Chargers. What do you think about that? 3. A. NHL Finals between Washington Capitols and Las Vegas Golden Knights. Who wins? B. Who ultimately wins the NBA Finals 4. The World Cup begins in a couple of weeks. Would you rather watch that or have to smell a cabbage fart? 5. This is Memorial Day weekend here in the USA. Have you ever had a relative or friend killed or injured in war? Feel free to make whatever tribute you choose.
  10. The Gipper

    Delete This Account

  11. The Gipper


    Are you going to leave this board for the Bills Board? May as well. Personally... as far as I am concerned any QB that does not wear Brown and Orange can eat shite and die. Allen, Rosen, Jackson...Brady, Rodgers, etc.
  12. The Gipper

    Chad Pennington mentoring Mayfield.

    Pennington was a pretty good QB...even through the injuries.