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  1. The 'who have you watched lately?' thread.

    Darnold=Matt Leinert.
  2. Jaguar Trivia

  3. Then why bother to watch it??
  4. RIP Jack Conrad

    You mean where the night becomes the day, and the day becomes the night? So...did you break on through to the other side?
  5. The Wine Bar...

    No, I don't really consider myself a wine conniseur. Its just that I like wine better than beer. But Wolf Creek is the best of the few around here. Red Horse is pretty much swill in comparison (but my sister and Bob Golic like it.)
  6. He was hanging out.....but he was wearing his monk's robes while doing it.
  7. Rumors. Harbaugh, others to Browns??

    Too "stream of concsiousness?
  8. Analytics Videos

    This is ancient history in a sense. We are interested in the next draft.
  9. Analytics Videos

    I note from ESPN Stats that he appears to have been a starter for 2 years. But this video only lists one year for him.. Not sure why that is. Here are his numbers from 2016 and so far in 2017: SEASON CMP ATT YDS CMP% YPA LNG TD INT SACK RAT RAW QBR ADJ QBR 2017 212 334 2588 63.5 7.75 70 12 4 32 138.0 57.2 62.6 2016 197 311 2329 63.3 7.49 71 12 9 34 133.2 48.7 47.8 2015 0 0 0 0.0 0.00 0 0 0 0 0.0 - - The only real difference from this year from last year is that it seems he has reduced his interceptions....which is obviously good. Others stats show slight improvement. Not sure why both years are not analyzed using this guys method. (He may in fact have "multiple" years with 90+ scores...or close to it.
  10. In case you didn't all figure it out, one of these properties is LeBron James's home in Bath Twp. I am pretty sure it is the one entitled under Rachael Investments......given that that one is appraised for almost 10 million dollars.
  11. Perhaps the way to get around the auto correct is to just call him an arseling.......as in "something that has dropped out of an arse.
  12. What a 6th Grader Thinks About The Browns

    Well....I mean.....yes there is a difference between quality and quantity. I assume for an area to be listed in the "Top Ten Wine producing areas" that there would have to be a bit of both. What is your view on the "quality" issue amongst wine growing regions?
  13. The 'who have you watched lately?' thread.

    I didn't watch anything in the way of game tape....but I have seen a few guys on live TV lately. Mason Rudolph vs. Iowa St. looked pretty good. I saw big chunks of that game. Saw some of the shootout with him and Mayfield. But in watching both....I kept thinking: How much can you trust this....since it is a Big 12 game, and the scores were like 62-52 or 49-42 etc. It is why despite both players being highly touted, I am still skeptical.
  14. This Week in the AFC North

    He said that YTD is "Year to Date". If you want to know where that term is primarily used.....look on your pay stub.