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  1. The Gipper

    Who should be king of the NFL

    Who should be king of the NFL? Considering that they made Brandon Stark the king of Westeros in Game of Thrones because he had the best story, what player ,coach, team etc. in the NFL has the best story for this coming season and ergo should be named the King of the NFL?
  2. The Gipper

    Apollo 11 Lunar Lander 50 years ago

    So you were drinking until 3 o’clock in the morning
  3. The Gipper

    Miserable city?

    You are right I am sure that this is just a complete pile of horseshit. And not likely having actually used any of the data that they had available to them.
  4. The Gipper

    Rutherford B. Hayes Week

    I have all kinds of presidential trivia if you want it
  5. The Gipper

    Apollo 11 Lunar Lander 50 years ago

    It happened at like 3 o’clock in the morning were you guys drinking all night? 🤢
  6. The Gipper

    not too shabby

    I am not sure that I can argue with any of the 53 choices made here... Only, possibly the backup DTs...Coley and Lawrence over Price and Davis...but who really knows. And maybe Hilliard stays insteadd of Charles. Maybe.
  7. The Gipper

    21st Century Pro Sports Cities Misery Index

    And now the worst....and guess who is on top: Cleveland Browns 18 Buffalo Bills 18 The following teams scored a 17: Seattle Mariners, San Diego Padres, Toronto Blue Jays The following teams scored a 16: Pirates, Orioles, Reds, Lions, Marlins, Jags, Brewers Note this however: all of these are either baseball or football teams. Because of the NBA and NHL systems of including many more playoff teams, those teams would not score as high here.
  8. The Gipper

    21st Century Pro Sports Cities Misery Index

    Here is a bit of a further breakdown...which you could say reflects the best teams of the 21st Century Here are the teams with the BEST scores using the above method: Patriots -12 Spurs -9 Lakers -6 Thunder -4 (but note....only over 11 years) Heat -3 Penguins -3 Yankees -2 Winnipeg Jets 0 (but only 5 year sample) And the following teams only scored a 1: Sharks, Red Sox, Celtics, Devils, St.L. Cardinals
  9. The Gipper

    21st Century Pro Sports Cities Misery Index

    Its really as simple as A-B-C-D =X Then add nX + Z? and divide by n. (number of teams) (where you also have to factor in Z. (loss or gain of a team) Or...maybe this will help: Jacksonville Jaguars 19 years....minus 3 playoffs equals 16. Jax is a one horse town, so their index is 16.
  10. The Gipper

    21st Century Pro Sports Cities Misery Index

    OK, one more since, after all....it is Shittsburgh. Penguins: 19 seasons minus 15 playoff years minus 4 title series appearance minus 3 titles Penguins pts: -3. Steelers: 19 seasons minus 12 playoffs, minus 3 SB games minus 2 titles. Steelers point: 2 Pirates: 19 seasons minus 3 playoff Pirates 16 pts. So: -3 + 2 + 16 15 pts divided by 3. 5.0 Pittsburgh sports misery index.
  11. The Gipper

    21st Century Pro Sports Cities Misery Index

    One last example, unless anyone wants the data for any particular city (I will just give the points and the math Los Angeles/Anaheim. 8 teams Kings: 19-10-2-2 Kings 5 pts Ducks: 19-12-2-1 Ducks 4 pts Clippers: 19-8 Clippers 11 pts Lakers: 19-13-7 finals -5 titles Lakers -6 pts Rams: 3 seasons - 2 -1 Rams 0 pts Chargers 2 seasons -1 Chargers 1 pts. Angels 19 - 7 - 1 -1 Angels 10 pts Dodgers 19-10 -2 Dodgers 7 pts So, LA : 5+4+11 -6 +0 + 1 +10 +7 total 32 pts....but also subtract 10 pts for Rams/Chargers moving in LA total pts: 22. Divided by 8 is 2.75. LA Sports misery Index
  12. The Gipper

    21st Century Pro Sports Cities Misery Index

    Looking at the opposite end of things: San Antonio Spurs: 19 seasons minus 19 pts for making playoffs; minus 5 pts for 5 Finals, then minus 4 pts for 5 titles Spurs total is -9 points And since SA is a one horse town....that -9 points gives them the lowest "misery index" of all 49 cities. And here is the highest of all 49: San Diego: Padres. 19 seasons, minus 2 for playoffs Padres points are 17 (no WS appearances) Chargers 17 season, minus 6 for playoffs Chargers points are 11 (no SB appearance) San Diego: 17 + 11....plus I add 5 points for losing the Chargers: 33 total points; Divided by two teams is 16.5 "Misery Index"
  13. The Gipper

    21st Century Pro Sports Cities Misery Index

    Another example: the spoiled brats of Boston: Boston: 4 teams: Bruins: 19 seasons, minus 13 pts for 13 playoff seasons, minus 3 pts for 3 title series appearances, minus 1 pts for a title: Bruins total 2 pts. Celtics: 19 season, minus15 playoff pts, minus 2 pts for Finals, minus 1 pt for their 1 title: Celtics 1 Pt. Red Sox: 19 seasons, minus 10 playoff pts, minus 4 WS appearance points, minus 4 title points. Red Sox 1 Pt. Patriots: 19 seasons, minus 16 playoff pts, minus 9 SB appearance pts, minus 6 title pts. Pats -12 Pts. 1 pt. + 1 pt + 2 pts - 12 pts is -8 total pts. Divided by 4 is -2 pts for Boston
  14. The Gipper

    21st Century Pro Sports Cities Misery Index

    OK, here, basically is the methodology used: A. I counted the number of seasons that each team played in city, and assigned that number to that team. Example, most teams got the number 19, as that is the number of seasons most teams have played in the 21st century in that town. Some, obviously can be less, e/g Oklahoma City Thunder has only been in that town for 11 years, so they are only assigned the number 11. The Chargers have been in LA for only 2 years, so they get two. B. Then I deduct from that number a point for each time a team made the playoffs. I further deduct 1 point if a team played and lost a title game/series. And then I deduct another point if that team has won a championship. Then: C. I add 5 points to a city's total if they have had a team leave town....as that obviously should increase that cities sports misery. Likewise, I subtract 5 points if a city has had a team move in there, or has received an expansion franchise. D. Then I total the points of all the teams in that particular city.....and last, I divide that total of points by the number of teams that play in a city. So, here are a couple of examples to illustrate things. Start with Cleveland: Cleveland: Cavaliers 19 seasons ...minus 9 for the number of years they made playoffs....minus another 5 for the times they appeared in the Finals...and minus another one point for their Championship. Final Cavs number: 4 Indians: 19 seasons - 6 playoffs - 1 for World Series appearance. Indians number: 12 Browns: 19 seasons - 1 playoff. Browns number 18 Cleveland total number: 4+12+18 =34 divided by 3 = 11.33 So, 11.33 is Cleveland's Misery Index.
  15. Here is something that I spent quite a bit of time on: A Sports Misery Index for each City that has a Professional team in the 4 major sports....but just counting the 21st Century. I will give this in order of each of the 49 cities in the US and Canada that have a professional sports team. I will provide my methodology in a subsequent post, but for now I will just give the Final Result. "Least Miserable" (or, if you will....most "Spoiled" cities listed first) I also give the number of Pro Sports franchised that are currently in each town...which may have some relevance. # means that a team has moved into that town..or has received an expansion team @ means a team has move out. San Antonio -9 ......1 team Las Vegas -6 .....1 team # Oklahoma City -4.....1 team # Boston -2 ......4 teams Winnipeg 0 .....1 team # Indianapolis 2.5......2 teams Los Angeles/Anaheim 2.75 .....8 teams # Memphis 3.....1 team # Green Bay 4......1 team Ottawa 5.....1 team Pittsburgh 5.....3 teams Portland 6.....1 team Philadelphia 6.5 ....4 teams St. Louis 7 .....2 teams @ Utah 7 .....1 team Vancouver 7.5 .....1 team @ The Bay Area 7.66 ..... 6 teams New York 7.777 .....9 teams Chicago 8.....5 teams Columbus 8 .....1 team # Houston 8 .....3 teams # Detroit 8 .....4 teams Dallas 8.25......4 teams Denver 8.75.....4 teams Montreal 9.0.....1 team@ Orlando 9.0.....1 team Nashville 9.5.....2 teams # Washington DC 9.75.....4 teams New Orleans 10.....2 teams # Baltimore 10.....2 teams Calgary 10 .....1 team Minnesota 10.25.....4 teams # Seattle 10.33 .....2 teams @ Atlanta 10.75 .....3 teams @ Raleigh 11.0 .....1 team Miami 11.0 .....4 teams Charlotte 11.0 .....2 teams Tampa Bay 11.0 .....3 teams Cleveland 11.33 .....3 teams Milwaukee 12.0 .....2 teams Sacramento 12.0.....1 team Kansas City 12.5 .....2 teams Phoenix 12.75.....4 teams Edmonton 13.0.....1 team Toronto 13.5.....2 teams Cincinnati 14.0.....2 teams Buffalo 15.5.....2 teams Jacksonville 16.0.....1 team San Diego 16.5.....1 team @