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  1. The Gipper

    Stupid Steeler fan jokes/memes

    Ass....is the word you are looking for. (but just let me say....that even if a Steeler fan's ass is not in the front...like this person, they still find a way to stick their head up it. See the two posts on here by their King. He is like that three headed dog from Harry Potter. He has one head up his ass in the back, and one up his ass in the front....and another he still is able to grunt and groan whatever he is trying to communicate with. Hell...maybe in fact he IS the person in that photo. You never know.
  2. The Gipper

    RIP Tim Conway

    She did have a hell of a body.
  3. The Gipper

    Cut Browns Find New Home Thread

    Room and board
  4. The Gipper

    Stupid Steeler fan jokes/memes

    How is it that her butt crack is in her front? Or are you saying that Steeler fans are simply double assholes.
  5. The Gipper

    Stupid Steeler fan jokes/memes

    Again, WTF makes you think that this has any fucking thing to do with you...other than the fact that you are among the hoard of stupid Steeler fans. Pretty much all Steeler fans are stupid. You must you feel that you are at the apex of that group if you think this is solely about you. So, I guess congratulations are in order: Congratulations on being at the head of the stupidest fan base in sports. You deserve the honor.
  6. The Gipper

    Darron Lee won't be wearing Brown

    Well....apparently he wasn't even worth that to 30 other teams, as that must have been the best offer he got for him
  7. The Gipper

    Personal Conduct

    Regarding the bold- too often this just devolves into back and forth mudslinging that no one else on the board has an interest in. "I'm right,no I'm right". This is a damn football forum, not a debate society platform. And if you noticed when we were discussing the merits of Greedy Williams with a Pittsburgh fan, it usually just turns into a circular argument. But that, at least, was about football.
  8. The Gipper

    RIP Tim Conway

    Too bad. But also Doris Day
  9. The Gipper

    Dyin' for Zion

    Here is there current roster...or at least the one from this past season. (some are out...some will be out): Here is the Cavaliers’ current roster, with position, age, height/weight and college in parentheses. Deng Adel, SF, age 22, 6-7/200 (Louisville) Jaron Blossomgame, SF, age 25, 6-8/220 (Clemson) Marquese Chriss, PF, age 21, 6-10/240 (Washington) Jordan Clarkson, PG, age 26, 6-5/194 (Missouri) Matthew Dellavedova, PG, age 28, 6-4/200 (Saint Mary's) Channing Frye, PF, age 35, 7-0/255 (Arizona) (I believe he has retired, no?) John Henson, F, age 28, 6-11/219 (North Carolina) Brandon Knight, PG, age 27, 6-3/195 (Kentucky) Kevin Love, PF, age 30, 6-10/251 (UCLA) Larry Nance Jr., PF, age 26, 6-9/230 (Wyoming) David Nwaba, SG, age 26, 6-4/219 (Cal Poly) Cedi Osman, SF, age 24, 6-8/215 (None) Collin Sexton, PG, age 20, 6-2/190 (Alabama) J.R. Smith, SG, age 33, 6-6/225 (None) did not play at all last year...unlikely to this year either Nik Stauskas, SG, age 25, 6-6/205 (Michigan) Tristan Thompson, C, age 28, 6-10/238 (Texas) Ante Zizic, C, age 22, 6-11/254 (None) To me...a Small Forward could be in order. Barrett likely gone, so Reddish or Hunter?
  10. The Gipper

    Dyin' for Zion

    RK PLAYER SCHOOL YEAR POS POS RK HT WT 1 Zion Williamson Duke Fr PF 1 6-7 285 2 Ja Morant Murray St. Soph PG 1 6-3 175 3 RJ Barrett Duke Fr SF 1 6-7 202 4 Jaxson Hayes Texas Fr PF 2 6-11 220 5 Darius Garland Vanderbilt Fr PG 2 6-2 175 6 Coby White N. Carolina Fr PG 3 6-5 185 7 Cam Reddish Duke Fr SF 2 6-8 218 8 Jarrett Culver Texas Tech Soph SG 1 6-6 195 9 De'Andre Hunter Virginia Soph SF 3 6-7 225 10 Sekou Doumbouya France - SF 4 6-9 209 11 PJ Washington Kentucky Soph PF 3 6-8 228 12 Brandon Clarke Gonzaga Jr PF 4 6-8 215 So, supposedly Sexton is PG...though I am not always sure he acts like one. Who would be the pick out of this Top Dozen.
  11. The Gipper

    Dyin' for Zion

    Pelicans #1, Memphis #2, Knicks #3, Lakers #4, Cavs #5. When I saw that both the Knicks and the Lakers were going to be in the Top 4.....I really thought that the conspiracy could have been in. I am just glad that the "small markets" New Orleans and Memphis got the Top 2 if the Cavs could not have gotten one of them. And at #5...they can still get a damned good player. Maybe that guy from Virginia. All he did was lead his team to a national Championship, which not even Zion could do. And I believe that it could happen that Anthony Davis could now stay in N.O. I think he would be stupid not to want to......unless, like LeBron, he has non-basketball reasons to want to go to LA. (But AD is a butt ugly dude with no personality...just game. He would have no business wanting the "Hollywood" lifestyle.
  12. The Gipper

    Stupid Steeler fan jokes/memes

    Vagitron....exhibit #1 for stupid Steeler fan. Notice I said nothing about either team either sucking nor being any good. It is just about how stupid Steeler fans are. And he epitomizes that fact. The other thing is that the idiot thinks for some reason that this post was directed toward him....when there is a whole mountain of stupid steeler fans out there. That is an example of the arrogance of ignorance at work.