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  1. The Gipper

    Browns records Trivia

    👎 nope
  2. The Gipper

    Bell done in Pittsburgh

    Or you could be completely wrong about everything. Or maybe not
  3. The Gipper

    Mayfield or Mahomes

    What kind of a **MASK** are you
  4. The Gipper

    RIP Stan "Atenears" Aten

    I know that I need to shed a minimum of like 50 pounds
  5. The Gipper

    Bell done in Pittsburgh

    Hootie and the Blowfish had the best advice regarding Bell: Let her go.
  6. The Gipper

    This is just crazy. . .

    I don't think it will be a WR.....I think a stud on defense would be more on the Radar. But if they do go WR, there may be some out there. Last year was the year to get a QB.....and a RB. This next year seems to fit into the Browns needs: WR/defense across the board. Top Prospects per CBS: 1Nick BosaOhio St.JrDE16-4263 2Ed OliverHoustonJrDT16-3292 3Rashan GaryMichiganJrDT26-5283 4Clelin FerrellClemsonJrDE26-4265 5Deandre BakerGeorgiaSrCB15-11185 6A.J. BrownOle MissJrWR16-1230 7Dexter LawrenceClemsonJrDT36-4350 8Greedy WilliamsLSUSophCB26-2182 9Dre'Mont JonesOhio St.JrDT46-3286 10Ryan FinleyNC StateSrQB16-4212 11Anthony JohnsonBuffaloSrWR26-2210 12David MontgomeryIowa St.JrRB15-11216 13Raekwon DavisAlabamaJrDT56-7316 14Brian BurnsFlorida St.JrDE36-5235 15Te'von ConeyNotre DameSrILB16-1240 16Jonah WilliamsAlabamaJrOT16-5301 17Drew LockMissouriSrQB26-4225 18Justice HillOklahoma St.JrRB25-10190 19Noah FantIowaJrTE16-5241 20Zach AllenBoston CollegeSrDE46-5285 21Justin HerbertOregonJrQB36-6233 22Bryce LoveStanfordSrRB35-10202 23N'Keal HarryArizona St.JrWR36-4213 24Devin WhiteLSUJrILB26-1240 5Damien HarrisAlabamaSrRB45-11215 26T.J. EdwardsWisconsinSrILB36-1242 27Dalton RisnerKansas St.SrOT26-5308 28Julian LoveNotre DameJrCB35-11193 29Anfernee JenningsAlabamaJrILB46-3266 30Jerry TilleryNotre DameSrDT66-7305 31Trey AdamsWashingtonSrOT36-8316 32Lukas DenisBoston CollegeSrFS15-11185 33Ahmmon RichardsMiami (Fla.)JrWR46-1190 34Kendall JosephClemsonSrILB56-0235 35Greg LittleOle MissJrOT46-6325 36Joe JacksonMiami (Fla.)JrDE56-5258 37Jeffery SimmonsMiss. StateJrDT76-4300 38Caleb WilsonUCLAJrTE26-4235 39Ross PierschbacherAlabamaSrOG16-4309 40David EdwardsWisconsinJrOT56-7315 41Montez SweatMiss. StateSrOLB16-6245 42Christian WilkinsClemsonSrDT86-4315 43Deebo SamuelSouth CarolinaSrWR56-0210 44Josh AllenKentuckySrOLB26-5260 45Mitch HyattClemsonSrOT66-5310 46Beau BenzschawelWisconsinSrOG26-6315 47Chase WinovichMichiganSrDE66-3255 48Jarrett StidhamAuburnJrQB46-3215 49JJ Arcega-WhitesideStanfordSrWR66-3225 50Rodney AndersonOklahomaJrRB56-1220 51Marquise CopelandCincinnatiSrDT96-2287 52Devin BushMichiganJrOLB35-11233 53Marquise BrownOklahomaJrWR75-10168 54Myles GaskinWashingtonSrRB65-10193 55Kaden SmithStanfordJrTE36-5252 56Bobby EvansOklahomaJrOT76-5301 57Bryan EdwardsSouth CarolinaJrWR86-3220 58Michael DeiterWisconsinSrOG36-6310 59Stanley Morgan Jr.NebraskaSrWR96-1200 60Jake BrowningWashingtonSrQB56-2210 61Connor McGovernPenn St.JrOG46-5326 62Juwan JohnsonPenn St.JrWR106-4231 63Sutton SmithN. IllinoisJrOLB46-1237 64Prince Tega WanoghoAuburnJrOT86-7307
  7. The Gipper

    Bell done in Pittsburgh

    Of those, the one that I think could be the biggest player would be the Colts. Luck is rounding back into form.....their OL is also beginning to come into shape. Maybe a good RB is a prime need for them. But then, who truly gives a shite where this egesta ends up.
  8. The Gipper

    RIP Stan "Atenears" Aten

    Did you really have hair that looked like that? Oy Vey.
  9. The Gipper

    Bell done in Pittsburgh

    Well.....a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush. He signs right now....he collects 14 mill...THIS year. So, instead, he sits out...and completely loses that money.....thinking "I am so good and will be in such demand that I am going to get a contract that will more than make up that 14 million. Only problem: NO RB in history has ever been given a contract that could make up that 14 mill.....AND...I think it possible that he has been exposed as merely a system RB.....given that his replacement in Pisstown is doing just as well or better than him. Every team in the NFL may think: "If Pittsburg can get the same production out of a 2d or 3rd round rookie QB as they got out of him.....we should be able to do the same.....so why vastly overpay for something we can get much less expensively." Now, maybe there is that ONE team out there that thinks he is the second coming.....but I am skeptical. Which teams do all y'all think would be bidders for this guys services....at the kind of money he would want? Packers? Seahawks? Broncos? Ravens? Anyone? Anyone Beuhler? Beuhler?
  10. The Gipper

    Hueless to join Bungles

    You mean ever? Why would they? They are an unreliable team. They get bounced like a basketball by N.O.....but they will probably bounce back to beat the Ratfuhuckers.
  11. The Gipper

    Hue with Raiders

    Honestly....I don't give a shite about Uncle Fester or his time with the Raiders. If his name does not darken these corridors any more that is perfectly alright with me.
  12. The Gipper

    Terrelle Pryor

    Those other parts can certainly be along the OL.....and at each level of the defense. 4 picks in rounds 1,2,3. Wouldn't surprise me if they go OL, DB, LB, DL (not necessarily in that order) WR may be only like 5th priority. Remember....Dorsey took Corbett high in round 2. I am sure that he still wants to see what this guy can do.
  13. The Gipper

    Terrelle Pryor

    Most likely, I agree. Especially now with Higgins back and playing......and with an OC who seems like he wants to spread the ball around.
  14. The Gipper

    Survey Tuesday 11/13

    5. What other social media message boards do you frequent, if any? (Including non sports) Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn I guess I just never thought of these as message boards...like this one.... but I guess they certainly are.
  15. The Gipper

    Browns records Trivia

    6. Who holds the Browns record for having thrown the most interceptions in a season? Thom Darden You must have misunderstood the question.....I am looking for the QB who threw the most Ints in a season. Whole Thom Darden holds the Browns career record for most Ints, I am not sure he holds it for most in a season. Would have to check. I know that Anthony Henry had 10 one year. 7. The longest pass completion from scrimmage is (and can ever only be) 99 yards. It has been done 14 times in NFL history. Two Browns QBs are among the 14 who have done it. Name them Otto Graham, Jeff Garcia Check 12. See question #7. Who were the two Browns WRs who caught those 99 yard passes. Mac Speedie, Andra Davis Check