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  1. The Gipper

    Antonio Brown

    He thinks because the team was good in the past that means they will always be good. Then shouldn’t it be the fact that if a team is always bad it will always be bad in the future. Maybe he should’ve consulted Chuck Noll all about that because if that was the case he would not of bothered to of taken the Steelers job back in 1969.
  2. The Gipper

    Antonio Brown

    The Steelers offensive line was one of the best in the league because they had like Munchak coaching it which they no longer have so that best in the league is out the windows
  3. The Gipper

    Antonio Brown

    Are you still on here menstruating?
  4. The Gipper

    Baker Mayfield PFWA ROY

    Is that the "official" ROTY award, or is there another.....like AP or something.
  5. The Gipper

    Antonio Brown

    Well.....unlike you, we know how to read between the lines: "this was all about a family decision....wink, wink, nudge, nudge" So, he gets to kill two birds with one stone.....go be with his family....and get away from what has become a toxic environment. Maybe its only a side benefit to get away from the soap opera...but it is a benefit. To him...and a loss to Pittsburgh.
  6. The Gipper

    The Gipper's Guide to America

    I would have told you to go to AAA for your rental car the first thing. I nearly always just do it that way. And VRBO is good. Alternately look at AirBnB. I am looking at doing something like that in New York City later this year. You can rent whole houses on either one. Edit.....I did a search on VRBO for you....for May, near Yellowstone. There look to be a number of good choices for May (still offseason). A number that sleep 6-8.
  7. The Gipper


  8. The Gipper

    The Gipper's Guide to America

    Cal, do you plan to do some camping? Or is roughing it to you called "Super 8" (it is to me at this point)
  9. The Gipper

    More Playoff Trivia

    Well...I don't know.....but from the same article you linked this was in there: On July 8, 1933, the NFL was divided into two divisions for the first time and the winners of each division were to play a championship game to determine the league champion. On Dec. 17, 1933, the Bears defeated the New York Giants, 23-21 in the first official NFL championship game. So...its one of those things. If in fact the 1932 game WAS used to determine the league championship....why then was it not "official"? It may be like the NFL not recognizing the AAFC, even though they merged with that league. (the reason for that action was simple: Bert Bell who served as both the owners of the Eagles and as NFL Commissioner was jealous and bitter over the fact that the Browns came into the league and wiped the defending NFL champion Eagles asses....and went on to win the title in their first year in the league...and to dominate the league. It is mere pettiness.
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    And THE original:
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    Even more old school