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  1. The guy he punched is in critical condition.
  2. Toilet Cookie

    Milliner Wants Cleveland, Talking Playoffs

    I'm the only Browns fan in Joshua Tree.
  3. Toilet Cookie

    Ray Horton

    It's not like it was Cleveland putting up 58 against Arizona, it was the Seahawks. The same team also put up 42 against the 49'ers defense. They're kind of good, you know? Anyways, glad to see us making some steps in the right direction. Judging by some Twitter responses by our guys on defense they seem to be excited about working with Horton as well. A motivated team can take us far.
  4. Toilet Cookie

    Josh Cribbs

    Him being top five in punt and kick-off returns gives our offense a much needed boost towards the endzone considering the conservative play calling. He might not be the same scoring threat he was three years ago, but we most definitely would miss him. It just boggles my mind how a guy who is still a top five player in his specialty is being so talked down on. I mean, I get it; we as Browns' fans talk about Cribbs the same way fans of good teams talk about their star offensive playmakers, when he's a just special teams player. Maybe that's a little hokey and reflects on our losing culture, but so what? Cribbs still kills it out there. Would you want to get rid of a top five long snapper? A top five punter? A top five gunner (who, if they kept stats on that, Cribbs might be as well)?
  5. Toilet Cookie

    Owen Marecic Inactive

    Pisses me off to think we could've kept Vickers instead and had him lead blocking for Richardson. Vickers had a lot to do with Peyton Hillis' one solid year. It's fun to think about what Richardson could do with that extra blocker.
  6. Toilet Cookie

    Our Top Receiver Is Ranked Outside The Top 80?

    Going into the Giants game, Richardson was actually our top receiver. Gordon had a monster game though that let him overtake him by a few yards. Richardson is tied for first in the league for touchdowns though. The guy really is our best player already.
  7. Toilet Cookie

    Browns Defense

    Our defense is 6th in the league in points allowed. How is that not a solid defense? It's the their job to stop the other team from scoring and they're the SIXTH BEST TEAM AT DOING THAT!!!! That's astonishing considering how long the defense is on the field because the piece of shit offense can't do a fucking thing. Okay, so we're 30th against the run. That sucks, but where are all these points these teams are getting from running?
  8. Toilet Cookie

    Where Is Carlton Mitchell ?

    He dropped one pass on three targets; not the end of the world. He had two catches, and one was a really nice grab for a first down. I'd like to see more from him.
  9. Toilet Cookie

    A Reminder Of How Bad It Could Be

    At least with Anderson we'd lose in exciting fashion. The games now are just us losing as offensively boring as possible.
  10. Toilet Cookie

    Little = Edwards

    He pinned them inside the 10 five times on account of the Browns kicking from inside the 50 and Maynard not having the leg strength to kick over 40 yards (as illustrated by all his other shit kicks when the Browns were in their own territory). Maynard sucks.
  11. McCoy completed 40 passes to 11 different receivers today; don't say he can't get them the ball. He damn sure got EVERYONE the ball today, they just didn't do anything with it. Meanwhile, that bald homo Hasslebeck goes 10 for 20 and 3 TOUCHDOWNS! What more can McCoy do?
  12. Aim for the knees, Phil! Nice to see Browns' rookies jumping right into the rivalry.
  13. Toilet Cookie

    Let's Go Defensively with our First Pick

    Would people stop suggesting we trade down already? That's usually not even an option.
  14. Toilet Cookie

    Official Personal Blogs Thread

    My boss is a Kansas City Chiefs fan so I call them the Queefs so piss him off.
  15. Toilet Cookie

    Brown & Orange

    The Home video was shot in Switzerland. The only way Phil Collins was going to be in the video was if bone flew there, so they did. But yeah, for all the times Bone sported Cavs, Browns, and Indians gear in their videos one of them always had another out of town team for some reason. I remember on the E.99 album cover Bizzy had an Indians shirt and Layzie had a xxxxing Celtics shirt on. WTF man?