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  1. brnfan16

    Cundiff sucks dick

    He is always a crap shoot when he comes on to kick. Always felt getting rid of Phil Dawson was not a sound move. How many chances have we had to win during a game if he made some kicks that a Pro is supposed to make. Looks like we're stuck with him...
  2. brnfan16

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    Why stop here, just think of all the great magazines he could be a cover boy to. Guns & Ammo, National Enquirer, Vogue and it goes on and on. The rough life of a backup Qb...
  3. Little was famous for dropped passes. So many games could have been won if he just hung on to the damn ball. So its personal, "BFD". If you even get on the field consider yourself lucky.
  4. brnfan16

    Bucs' Week 2014

    After the egg laid in Jackville, Stats are meaningless. Really the more they lay out losing stats the more dangerous a team can be. Playing for pride anybody can knock off anybody. This is a golden chance to win the games you're suppose to win. With the Bingles looming next week a win would be a huge momentum builder. Also improving to 5 wins is steady improvement for last years nightmare...
  5. brnfan16

    Raider Week...

    We just can't allow loseing to two O win teams in a row. This will be for win no.4 which equals all of last season. Then to the Tampax Bucks to get no.5 with plenty of season left and Gordon returning November who knows...
  6. brnfan16

    Josh Cribbs?

    Man I could'nt agree with you more. It would be great to see him suited up again in the Orange and Brown. He was always was exciting to watch and a threat to take to the house at anytime. Maybe he would sign for league mininum. He would surly catch punts better that what we got. Come on back "16"...
  7. brnfan16

    F Brian "Garbage" Hoyer

    You fair weather fans make us sick. Last week after he manhandled the Stealers, you were laughing, saying how good he was yadaa, yadaa. Now one bad game and its time to throw everything away and go with a green rookie. COM-ON-MAN! Your football knowledge is Garbage...
  8. brnfan16

    Hoyer played his worst game

    Man, that play really killed any prayer of staying in the game. That will be on NFL Follies films for years to come. The ball isn't over your head, to wide on either side. It hits you in the fuk-n head! What do you do in practice for crying out loud!! That was one of the many dumb mistakes. Tired of yelling at the TV yesterday...
  9. brnfan16

    Close enough again?

    To do what?... Hoyer is doing what we hoped he would. We had 2 great chances in the 4th to put the ratbirds away and we can't even make a field goal to pull out the win. All on the D for that goose egg. Hate this long 2 weeks...
  10. brnfan16

    Hoyer's story gets better and better

    You are right on the money, This is Hoyers team, and if he get all his weapons back who knows what he can do. Johnny, just sit and learn...
  11. brnfan16

    Game Impressions Week 2: Saints @ Browns

    Not only was that a statement of the new coaching, how about on the last gasp drive of game on a 4th and 6. Make it or game over, and then completing the drive to win the game! Gonna be exciting to see what Mike comes up with for the Ravons this Sunday...
  12. brnfan16

    Hoyer named starting QB

    Thats what Im banking on too. I mean last year he was clicking and Im saying where did this guy come from. Then knowing hes been around Tom Brady for years tells me he had to pickup alot of knownledge from him. Its a solid pick and our best chance to win. Sit down Johnny he will be out there this year regardless, Hoyer ain't going make all 16 games...
  13. brnfan16

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    Im buying everything your saying. Green rookie, so much growning to do. Bird fipping thats so High School. The whole NFL going to welcome him with baptisum by fire. Don't want to see his "fingers rubbing money" routine either. Shut up and learn Rookie!...
  14. brnfan16

    Weeden & McCoy have good exhibition.

    Well since our boy Dick is reporting on the past. Keep it rolling with wheres Ty Detmer hes got to be 4th string somewhere. How bout K. Holcomb, one year wonder, and the list goes on...
  15. brnfan16

    Josh Gordon Troubles

    A week or so ago I felt that Gordon was going to be shut down for a year. With the stiff penalties that the NFL will give out for pot will be without mercy. Be gone you evil person for smoking the devil's weed (6 games 10 games, a year). Now on the other hand if I knock the shit out of my future wife and drag her lifeless body out of a elevator laying on her face for all to see on film and ONLY get 2 games off. Do the math and there sould be a chance Gordon will play sometime this year. Lets see how this plays out for how many games who should deserve to miss...