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  1. pl4tinum

    Things To Love, July Edition

    I dont know that this regime is the kind that would let a guy hang around just for having a relationship with another player.
  2. pl4tinum

    Greco Locked In

    Turner definitely wants to put a nasty line in front of Richardson, to give him the best opportunity to run free. I love it.
  3. pl4tinum

    Browns Fire Eric Mangini

    You guys sound like a bunch of kindergarteners.
  4. pl4tinum

    Eric Wright sucks

    Boldin is a top-10 WR in the league. Wright is not a top-10 corner in the league. There's your answer.
  5. pl4tinum

    Delhomme: High Ankle Sprain (speculated)

    I'd start Wallace again, and let him do more than sling it. Get some of the Flash type crap going with both Seneca and Cribbs back there. If we're gonna lose, let's at least do it excitingly.
  6. pl4tinum

    The Alex Smith Method

    It's still a reach, bro. Good theory, in theory...
  7. pl4tinum

    The Alex Smith Method

    Pretty sure the 49ers played him the year they drafted him. He threw 1 TD and 11 Picks and had a 0-7 record or something as a starter. The only reason he's still around is because the team invested a ton of money in him and they couldn't find anyone better. And now we're saying he's successful? Dude's stats after the first two games are 1 TD, 4 PICKS, a fumble, and a 65 passer rating. Color me unimpressed. Dude's a bust and always will be.
  8. pl4tinum

    Is 0-11 Possible??? Most Likely!

    Not sure why anyone thought we'd be competitive with Massoquai, Stuckey and Robiskie at WR. Three turds that wouldn't make #3 receiver on most teams.
  9. pl4tinum

    did you see at the game.

    im sure you were the only one in white
  10. pl4tinum


    Lol... for the same price, my first computer was a PC XT with 640k conventional memory and no hard drive... I ran everything off of two 365k floppy disks... talk about a crash course in disk space management...
  11. pl4tinum


    Shep's a great debater and brings up great points in his posts. He may talk about QBs a little too much but they are after all the most important position on the field in this game. I have no problem with anything he discusses.
  12. pl4tinum

    Here's a look at whats wrong with our offense

    Holy crap dude, that was an incredible post. Thank you, and I agree with you 10000%. This team will be shit forever with these Retards at the helm.
  13. pl4tinum

    Browns Revolution board

    Lumbergh left?
  14. pl4tinum


  15. pl4tinum

    Let's give up on these guys

    Why bother arguing with him, haven't you fvcktards learned he isn't going to use his brain now? He never has.